Monday, October 31, 2011

"Wait a Second! I Know Those Nipples!"

YEAH! No shitty teens on this episode! Everyone take a shot!

BOO!!!! Hope y'all are having a Happy Halloween!!! It is business as usual around our house. I have a lot to do before I go out of town Thursday so I want to go on and blog tonight. So let's do the damn thing...

Monday, October 31st--Cutter's Nipples Are Blogging. Everyone Else Is Partying at Nat and Brody's Atrosh Party.

hahaha...."La Ghoul-ay." I love it. OMG...Sam is a little shark and Blair is the lifeguard. UH-DORBS!!!

Even more adorable? This Clint and Vicki banter. God they are fabulous. DAYUM...Bree is growing up fast. She's like a damn weed.

Lord...those shots look AWFUL! Like orange Triaminic from back in the day before they made medicine taste good (except Ceclor --the pink stuff--tasted awesome. ok I am getting off base here). Did y'all ever take that medicine as a child? WOOF.

I prefer Gigi/Stacy in the mask/hood ensemble. K, that's it.

All the sexual references with Blair and Todd. I love it. Todd is trying to be there for sweets...that's for sure. OMIGOD how effing cute is Sam waving to Scarface. I mean...Todd you can't be mad at that presh nugget. He is so cute! I can't stand it!

How flippin' cute is Clint digging into the candy bag? In other news: WHO IS EFFING TIRED OF THIS PATERNITY SHIT!? OMG someone shoot me!!!

Natty will no doubt make a comment about Joey. No way she is being this nice to Aubs. Aaaaand she did. Good for her. Aubs deserved that.

I mean Tina and Cord flippin' crack my shit up! And I also can't help but laugh at them in their western get-up.

Raise your hand if you give a flying f*@k about Gigi/Stacy/Cutter/Rex? Don't be scared...if you want to raise your hand then do it. I won't be upset.

Times...the Tivo describes this episode as "Cutty lays out the deal's terms for Rex." CUTTY? hehe. Kinda cute.

OMIGOD! Little Sam I am begging you to come hang out with me. I'm desperate. I'm on my hands and knees...please! I love that they haven't even gone to the southside of Llanview to get candy yet and that Blair is taking Sam back out later.

YES...Tina insists upon Cord being best man. Loves her.

Aaaand Ford will try and converse with Silver Fox and will no doubt get shut down...

Jessica's belt is heinous. On another note, OLTL uses the word "detente" relatively often. Hmmm.

OMG OMG OMG...."Wait a second! I know those nipples!" I mean...I would y'all hear me? KILL to be at a party where something like that gets said. Loves it!

Jesus H. Christ. If I am going to see the Buchanan stables, I want to see a damn BUCH in there! Good Lord! I am not interested in seeing Stacy/Gigi run to the stables. Just no.

Ah! Roxy just said Dorian's name! Whannnn! Miss her. I'm taking a sip of wine now for Dorian.

An unscrupulous dog led around by his hormones. Nice. Oh boo, Ford. Sticks and stones? Think of something better.

Sam is too presh. Wow...poor thing is gonna need to go to therapy later in life. Marcie and Michael called him Tommy and now he doesn't have Victor. Poor thing.

Is it really bitchy of me to be miffed with Clint that he is now being tolerant to Ford? Maybe my mind will change. OF COURSE...the damn letter fell in the trick-or-treat bag. OF COURSE.

Did Roxy change camisoles? that her lingerie? I'm confused. Tina just said "magnanimous" and Vicki used it last segment. I just doubt that word would be used twice today...especially by Tina. Just sayin'.

Jesus I wish Aubs would take out Cutter and Gigi/Stacy. Please!!! Do us a favor, dammit! You owe us, Aubs! It is the least you could do...

Ok so I kinda want Tina's cowgirl outfit to just wear around the house. ;)

I hate Natalie's nail polish.

How flippin' cute are Sam and Todd with the pumpkins!?

I love that Todd is really trying for Blair. He is being adorbs.

Ok Clint and Vicki alone...I NEEDED THIS!!!!!! Do y'all hear me?! I needed this! I mean...I can't have Bo and Nora alone so at least give me this. Longer than two seconds, too...please. Peeing...a cook-out with Carlo Hesser! Nice one, Victoria. AH! I mean...Clint just whispered into Vicki's hear and asked her when she is going to take chances?! I'm DYING!!!! I LOVE THESE TWO!!!!!!!!

I mean I love that Todd talked to the pumpkin! How presh!? HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irene just scared the shit out of me!!!!! Oh yes...she did! I know tons of people are witches on Halloween but she looks PHENOM!!!!!! Bitch is scary!!!! Well played, OLTL, well played. I LOVE this bitch! Love her! I mean...I like her surfacing every now and then. Please keep her.

I mean...Clint has Vicki backed up against the wall. I love it. Awe...all these Joe references...sha. Be still my heart!!!! Clint said he is "still on the job" taking care of Vicki. I love them!!!!

"Hey this isn't a treat. Someone tricked me!" That's right, Bree, you've been had. I can't believe everyoe has been telling you that your mother is the most exciting character on the show. You WERE tricked!

Man, Natty and Brody's engagement party is so flippin' lame. I need a hippo to fall through the roof and make shit happen. OF COURSE...the letter NOW dropped outside of the Buch mansion. Please, bitches.

Man, this Gigi story is so f*@king cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


YES! Tina and Cord in the stables...THAT is what I am talking about. Oh, I think I did pee a bit. Tina said the stables smelled like a petting zoo. YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Tina and Cord are making out. Word!!! I LOVE that Tina calls Cord buy his full name.

Wait...Ford looks funny with a baseball cap on.

Yeah something is def the matter with me because I kinda got sad looking at Rex when he looked at Gigi's picture. Fail, Mary-Ella. Total fail. What I think is a fail even more is that they are having all this hoopla for Nat and Brody when we know she is getting back with John and I'll then not like anymore. Great.

No...I want these Vicki/Clint scenes to never end.

Aaaaand Cutter found the letter. OF FLIPPIN' COURSE.

Yay! We got to see Irene one more time! ;)

Ooookay! Off to do stuff. Oh and I'll respond to comments later! Laura I know I have to get back to you! ;) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!



  1. And NATURALLY OLTL serves up some classic Todd and Blair especially for Halloween. Now THAT is what I am TALKING ABOUT! I nearly passed out at the sugar in the bowl references. AND when he almost started to make out with the pumpkin stand-in for Blair? LOL!!!

    Good LORD did that wolf costume suit Todd or WHAT?

    Okay - I know there were other parts of the show that I loved, but I am having a hard time remembering them at the moment as I am all in a swoon over the total cuteness of Todd/Blair/Sam. These scenes made up for a lot.

    I am just sick that the spoilers say Blair is gonna get her groove on with Tomas. YUK. And WTF Blair, really? When, clearly, the hottie of your life is flirting his ever lovin' ass off with you?? OLTL did NOT build up the Tomas/Blair thing nearly enough to have this make any sense whatsoever.

    But keeping to the present . . . really fabulous show. Felt like a gift.

    Young Swooning Boots

  2. I heard the line about the nipples and specifically came to check out your blog to tell you that it should be the title of this post. Guess great minds think alike! ;-)

  3. @Young Swooning Boots Here let me fan you! Don't want you to faint, dah-ling! I knew you would all this Todd and Blair stuff. I am actually glad I have a commentor who appreciates them all honesty...I don't nearly as much as you. Sooo I find your comments about them refreshing and fabulous. That wolf costume did suit Todd and the sugar comments...did love 'em. Can't lie. I understand you suffered a cuteness overload with all the Todd/Blair/Sam scenes so it is totally okay that you missed the other. Vicki and Clint were fabulous. Only other scenes worth remembering. Ooookkkkaaaaayyy so I have been so damn busy and haven't ready ANY spoilers and did NOT know about Blair and Tomas....LAWD. Glad you prepared my ass for that one! I had no clue! I mean...I don't understand why at this stage in the game they would have them sleep together...not now that Todd is back. Boo. I'm so glad you got some good Todd and Blair moments. :)

    @Desi hahaha! Great minds DO think alike! I mean...I LURVED that comment. I literally laughed out loud! Best line of the show by far...

  4. Okay, I may be shipping Todd/Pumpkin now. Seriously, Todd rocked the pumpkin scenes. :)

    Oh and SQUEE for Clint & Viki! I'm ready for some kissing. Ready, ready, ready!


  5. This episode was filled with so many little sweets thoughout. I had to hop on the blog before I finished the episode to see about the nipples reference! I LOVED IT! I usually wait until after I watch the show, unless I am behind.
    Mary-Ella make sure you come back to blog after your much deserved break, we love it! And enjoy!