Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Needs to Happen: Gigi's Pic Removed and Clint and Victoria Loving. Word.

Rex: "Gigi...too many hair stylists have written into the show complaining about your mop. Soooooo looks like we are gonna have to take your picture down and replace it with Asa's."

Goooooood morning! How is everyone this morning?! My sincerest apologies...I know I was supposed to blog last night. However, we stayed up super late talking, laughing, and catching up. So, here I am up and at 'em to blog quickly before we set out for our full day of activities. I have one comment about Tuesday and then I'll do a full blog of Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 11th--Hope Refuses to Blog Since She Is Insulted by This Gigi/Stacy Story. Makes Mr. Froggy Blog for Her Instead.

Granted, I could comment on some stuff but I have just decided to quickly address this shitty Gigi/Stacy story. Omigod this storyline burns me up!!!! Dammit! I mean...granted, I despise Mestiny being pregnant...loathe seeing Starr in a jail cell day after day etc. However, I am so damn infuriated with this whole Gigi/Stacy thing I mean if you flippin' want to keep Farah Fath on the show then why in the hell didn't you just keep her as Gigi?! Good God! Having Stacy morph into Gigi is dumb. Sure, Stacy would be that desperate to look like Gigi just so she could have Rex but....WHO GIVES A F*@K!!!??? I mean SERIOUSLY! Who really gives a damn if Stacy changed herself to look like Gigi so she could try and nab Rex. This is beyond flippin' dumb and I am pissed I'm blogging about this. I cannot deal! I mean...killing off Gigi has done nothing but f*@k up this show! Who knew that would happen?! Maybe this is what I get for bad mouthing her character for so long. Sure, I heard she would be on the show for a bit but I just thought it would be the occasional ghost to Rex etc but this is so f*@king stupid...I'm sorry but it is. I mean Kimmy is sassy and I like her but she ain't worth bringing back Stacy/Gigi. I mean this story isn't even 10% believable. Not to mention, Gigi's character became uber likeable her last week or two on the show and her death (as terrible as it was) was executed perfectly. NO NEED TO BRING HER (really Stacy....or whatever the hell) BACK! If that was the plan then she should have never left! Bottomline: I'm mad as hell that OLTL is doing this (amongst other things) to us with such little time left on the show. So when I see Stacy/Gigi lying in that bed I just want to scream.

Whew! Ok I'm sorry about that...

Wednesday, October 12th--Hope Resurfaces to Take Matters Into Her Own Hands. Totally Fed-Up But She Is Excited About Clint and Vicki Watching Movies. Dying to Join and Eat Popcorn with Them

Cue the Aerosmith music. Gosh, I keeping singing "Shane has got a gun." I'm such a douche...

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Praise God! I mean I NEEDED these two adorable kids on in order for me to get through this damn blog! Mercy! Oh and I need them to just make-out...k, thanks!

UGH!!!!!! Dammit to hell! I am so effing tired of this shit. I mean maybe I would be less bitter if someone told me the airline Kim uses to fly to and from Llanview...UBER fast! Omigod now Kimmie wantst to leave again and go BACK to see Clint?! Snap...nevermind thanks to Cutter's grand entrance.

Praise God! Bo is on again. I mean...granted, I would prefer him in some decent scenes but I will take him when I can. Word on that.

AHHHHH!!!!!! Laura...finally! Clint and Vicki are talking about their relationship! This is fan-flippin'-tastic! I would like Clint to take me to a nice dinner, p.s. Actually Bo can take me to dinner and Clint can take me the next night...hehe.

Where did Aubrey get that outfit? Is it new? I thought she was poor? Fail.

I still can't get used to Rex being in the Buchanan mansion.

OMG...doors at Llanfair are closed. I just passed out. Yeah, I mean I'm enjoying seeing Clint and Vicki talking but I NEED a make-out. Yeppers. Need it.

What I DON'T need is Bo devoting 100% of his time to helping Balsom when his son...remember him? Matthew Hanen Buchanan. Yeah, when his son is basically in a coma in Philadelphia. Oh snap...I did LOL when Bo said "A gun fell out of Morris?" ha!

Wait...Echo's hair looks...different? just looks flat as a damn pancake. Jesus hair people...tease that shit a bit will ya?

Hmmm...I wonder how they do the effects of rain in a studio. Just a thought.

Roxy's outfit is just not flattering. It is very Roxy-ish but just not flattering...

Victoria's facial expressions to her being sorry for Clint not having seen her...perfection. AH!!!! OMG OMG OMG....Clint and Vicki are flirting! I'll take it! hehe...time to get back on the horse. I love it Clint. Of course my mind is totally in the gutter about that comment...

Face it Bo...Balsom and his fam are not perfect.

Omigod why oh why am I JUST NOW ranting about Kim Zimmer's hair-do!? I mean...what happened to the cute little flipped out look she had going on?! Bring it back!!!!

Notice I haven't been commenting on NuJack or Shane. I just don't care. I just need NuJack to disappear and be an Abercrombie model or some shit. Game over...

OMG I love Bo Buchanan and I just had to make that gratuitous announcement. My God the man is fabulous.

AH! Clint and Vicki are faaaaaaabulous! Peeing...back on the market "like a cow!" Oh and as if Vicki would hang out at a bar or go online Clint. I mean...this dialogue is just flippin' perfect! Vicki: "Oh don't pay any attention to the man in the ankle bracelet. He's just my felonious ex-husband who lives with me." I mean perfection. OH...dammit! Clint and Vicki just have sex already! You can cut this damn tension with a knife! hahaha! Vicki's right...Cord is kinda delusional. I mean anyone who is with Tina at some point has to be delusional. OMG Vicki is so hot and bothered she doesn't even know what to do with herself.

UGH!!!!!!!! See I can't even appreciate Shane being upset about his mom being dead and doing excellent work in these scenes since Gigi's ass is really in flippin' Anchorage, KY. I mean at least in my mind she is.

Yes! Rex, Roxy, Echo...all of y'all RUN like cattle out of Asa's house to go find Shane and please don't ever come back! Stay out of the mansion! Dammit to hell!

WHAT?! Shaun just surfaced 40 minutes into the show?! I mean...for what flippin' point?! I swear I feel like I'm going to see Christian Vega surface in the last segment! hahaha! Christian is back Aubrey! He is claiming his bartending job again! hahaha!

Wow...I have never seen Vicki use her tv! Or have I? Is it just me or can y'all not picture Victoria hanging out, eating popcorn, and watching DVDs.

Ugh...I can't get into this Kim/Cutter dialogue! Why? I mean obvious reasons that I want to see the vets but I dunno. I mean I do love Kim's sassy ass but not feelin' it...

Ahh! Bo at the Buch mansion! Bo...dammit just go in and say "Hey Nora, Matthew and I are moving in to Pa's house. Sorry Balsom. You are free to visit whenever." I can dream. UGH! Rex do not yell at Bo!!!! I can't deal. Be nice dammit!

Ah! I mean...C/V are killing it today. And Clint is making pretty eyes at Vicki. I can't stand it.

I would love for Aubrey and Christian to have a bartending throw-down! OMG...MUST SEE TV!!!!!! Just boo...

Oh Cutter I don't need you saying "How come you don't this isn't really Gigi Morasco?" Jesus, Marty, and Joseph...can't mentally handle this shit. I just can't.

Rex asking Bo what to do if Shane killed Victor Lord Jr.? Jesus...would Bo even know? I mean after everything that happened with Matthew and what not.

Jesus I wish Shane would just shoot NuJack...seriously. One down...then just Mes. I would just ask for Mes to be eradicated...that's it. Thanks.

AH! Off to conquer Michigan Avenue with my bestie! See y'all this evening or tomorrow! I'll respond to comments when I can. Sorry...just busy busy!

Love y'all and mean it!


  1. Mary-Ella! We got some terrific Viki/Clint scenes! I'm so happy!

    Okay, I have so many thoughts. Bear with me... so I love watching Viki fall in love, and I think JVD and ES can totally pull off a great love story no matter what crappy dialogue the writers throw at them (ie. talking about everyone else all the time), but I want the falling in love part to last a little while. Lots of scenes of course, but not rushing into a relationship just because they are both available and living in the same house. They have a lot of history to work through that could make for some great drama, and I NEED them to have a GOOD love story, darn it! There should be some drama specific to them. "Who's the father of my grandchild?" does NOT count. I'm not too hung up on Clint being redeemed because I wasn't watching much when Clint did all that crappy stuff to Bo & Nora, and I never went back to watch it because it sounds just awful. I've been meaning to ask you, since Bo & Nora are some of your favs, did that business turn you off of Clint for a while? Or did you, like me, just pretend it didn't happen?

    I am so rambling. I'm really sorry. None of my friends watch OLTL, so I have all of these pent up thoughts with no outlet!

    One more thought, I have never seen Viki's TV either. Think the fans of that TV are pissed that it was brought it in just to prop Clint/Viki movie night? LOL!


  2. As Vicki pointed out, Clint can't go out so you'll have to go to dinner with Bo. Or you can stay in with Clint and I'll go out with Bo. I'm happy to help out.


  3. i agree with every word you said about the Gigi/Stacey story--there was no reason for it

  4. Yo Mija!

    I have been out of the country (well, Nova Scotia - but that counts) since the start of the month and had a hellava time getting home (24 hours in dominoing delays.) SO . . I spent my coma-like recovery yesterday catching up with our favorite Pennsylvanian borough. Despite being forced into a high level of FFing - there certainly were some standouts for me. Mainly, Liam's eyelashes come to mind.

    Oh yeah - and Todd and Blair finally having some real face-time. No doubt they are pros with terrific chemistry going on - but somehow it was just so, well, different from their previous dynamic that it was not WHOLLY satisfying for me. But, hey - I WILL take it. Loved seeing those old flashbacks in hi-def!! But I SWEAR I would have written that reminiscing SO much better. It was quite cute, but again - different dynamic. Personally, I think RH is channeling at lot of his previous ATWT character these days.

    I imagine we are all going to feel teased nearly to DEATH with the requisite reuniting of our faves. Every attempted clinch will be rudely interrupted in the most predictable fashion that none of us will have any hairs left on our collective heads.

    Agreed on the insulting atrociousness of the whole Stacy/Gigi mess. Just AWFUL. So glad to hear Matthew is making a comeback FINALLY.
    When the HELL is Nora coming back? Okay I know HBS is busy on Broadway or something but the timing is unfortunate.

    Am also elated that "Clint is making pretty eyes at Vicki." That is priceless ME!!! They were having whatcha call GREAT dialogue and they are delicious little flirty-flirts!!

    Well - can't wait to hear your thoughts on Thursday's show. Brings to mind something Todd said to Blair over a decade ago: "I don't think you need help . . . so much as better aim!" LOL

    Young Boots

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  6. LOL had to pass along this shoutout to Blair from Twitterland: "who can touch your hair with one finger and change the axis your world spins on."

    Paraphrasing the words of the great ME: le SIGH deluxious!

    Young Melting Boots

  7. Hola,

    Still in awe or awwwwww of the Viki & Clint work....luv em!

    Agree on the hate'n the Gigi/Stacey stuff...blagh!

    As usual great job, critiquing this episode. Hope you had a great visit w/ your friend.


  8. Happy Sunday y'all! Ok I might have to break up my response into two posts but maybe not...we shall see.

    @Laura I mean...NEEDED those Vicki and Clint scenes! Thank God! Ok so I know I keep saying "I need Clint and Vicki to make out, have sex, etc." I am being dramatic of course. I agree I need them to start working stuff out and SLOWLY become romantically involved. I'm just getting a bit anxious. So I totally agree with you. Oh, and JVD and ES haven't been romantically involved since he came onto the show and I absolutely without a doubt see chemistry with these two so thank God for that! I would like them to start sorting through some stuff really soon just because we don't have too much time left until the show goes online. Plus, if Bo and Nora don't go online I'm gonna stop watching/blogging. Oh, and speaking of Clint and Vicki sorting through a ton of history and what not...let us remember that (yes the Bo and Nora reunion in 2009 was beyond fabulous) Bo basically forgave Nora for Sam in ONE conversation in London and that was it. Boom! Done! Then they were back together. I can see OLTL cheating us like they did with Bo and Nora and just kinda...I dunno...throw Vicki and Clint back together. It wouldn't surprise me. As far as Clint and all the evil shit he pulled on Bo and Nora...I hated it but at the same time it was the first time JVD has been interesting since he came onto the show. Plus, I knew Bo and Nora weren't going to break up because of Clint and I also enjoyed the screen time. Oh, and yes I just ignored Clint's evil ways and still loved him. However, when push comes to shove...I would of course pull for Bo and Nora. I think you SHOULD go back and watch all his evil was EXCELLENT story. I suggest darling...seriously! November and December of 2010...lots of it! Never apologize for rambling! None of my friends watch OLTL either...understand! I mean...Vicki's tv...good grief. How uncomfortable did C and V look watching it? I mean their necks will be hurting by the end of the show. ah!

    @Christie Compromise...we will both go to dinner with Bo and then come home and have another course with Clint. I feel we can't leave him out. If you want alone time with Bo, then we can take one night and me the next. I can work with this... ;)

    @rac I mean seriously...Gigi's character was so likeable at the time of her death and it was done perfectly! I mean why in the world would you ruin that?! AH! I mean they should have just kept her on the damn show! My blood pressure is rising..stopping now.

    OOOKAY. Gonna post this then do another one...

  9. @Young Boots Been missing you darling!!!! So glad you are back in the US of A and back to commenting! So sorry it took you forever to get home! Damn the airlines! hahaha Liam's eyelashes...def a standout! Ok so I have read a few things here and there and you are not the first person saying how Todd and Blair's dynamic is different this go around. I can see it. However...not as much as someone like you can since you are really invested in them...where as I am not. However, I WILL say that there is MOST DEF some Paul Ryan being portrayed on our screen! I told Ross that actually the other day since I did watch the last 6 months of ATWT (stopped watching years ago but felt I had to watch the end) and Paul was front burner until the end and RH is def channeling him a bit. See it. I enjoyed the flashbacks and also...I WISH you could have written the reminiscing dialogue! NO DOUBT you would have done a beautiful job! No doubt darling! As far as reunions go...I think the Clint and Vicki one will happen at the 11th hour and then it will be time to watch online which it looks like I probably won't be doing. =( UGH...Gigi/Stacy...I mean why finally make Gigi likeable and then kill her in a great way and then bring up back in such a shitty fashion?! WOOF! Oh Nora returns Tuesday! Thank you Jesus! Her off b'way show ends the beginning of November. Agreed...timing is hella unfortunate and frankly I'm having withdrawals from her being on the show. At least I get Bo. I LURVE the Vicki and Clint flirting...pretty eyes...sweet smiles...bring that shit! I LOVE IT! I am excited to watch Thursday's show, too! Hoping to do that in a few minutes but might have to wait until tonight. NIIIIIICE quote, YB! Le sigh deluxious huh?! I LOVE that! However, I think I love "young melting boots" more...hilar!

    @Ang I mean it is about damn time we see some Clint and Vicki flirting! They are faaaabulous! Perfection! The Gigi/Stacy stuff makes my blood pressure rise and I get so infuriated since we could be seeing the vets (talk about NOTHING for all I care) instead of Kim talk to Stacy/Gigi in a hospital bed. Just woof. Thanks for the compliments! I love critiquing! My friend and I had a faaaabulous time and I miss her already but I'll see her next weekend when I fly to Louisiana. ;)