Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Victor Returns from Lavish Vacay

Victor:  "I really just want a bath and some flan from the Buenos Dias.  It's good to be home."

Afternoon my dear readers! I actually totally forgot I needed to blog! Ah! Anyway, I saw I have some comments and I will at least try and answer the people who asked questions. Hopefully I can do that by tomorrow.  Maybe while I'm at the airport.  And remember after today, I'm going to test blogging every TWO days. Just a reminder.  Ok...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

     Ok...not that Tea needed to lose ANY weight at all but she looks thinner! She looks soooo thin!

     I love Vicki and Dorian so much that I could watch them read the phone book so just to watch them go at it is fabulous.  And Vicki is right...to be a junior senator how in God's name did Dorian end up on the intelligence committee?  I haven't read any spoilers as to who is setting Dorian up.  Have y'all? I'm going to be very interested to see how this plays out.  I love that Dorian's outfits are back, i.e., I have REALLY missed those hats! No one sports a hat like her.

     Thank God we have this doctor and not that terrible smurf doctor with ZERO bedside manner that handled Matthew's brain injury.  Small favor, I'll take it.

     I didn't believe that nurse for one minute when she said to TSJ "Sir you have to get out of here."  A little more authority, darlin'.  Please let TSJ have some dialogue today. Helen Keller would have at least uttered something at this point...

     The opening...again.  Ok so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dancing, especially Bo and Nora. I think my main thing is that I am just taking a REALLY long time to warm up to the music WITH the dancing...if that makes sense. This is just totally different from anything else I have seen and like most things they take a while to get used to. I used to hate brussels sprouts and now I love them. I love Dorian's fiesta looking outfit.  I like the Blair and Todd part too but I am not a fan of the Dan-YELLA and Tea part.  I can't explain why I just don't like it.

     I think Dorian is totally telling the truth about handing the documents to the right people. When is the last time Vicki was actually taking charge on a news story? Like, for real? I honestly can't remember.  I love this!!!

     Yes Cutter, don't let the patrons leave.  False imprisonment civil suit!!! LOL. No one sues for that these days.  That vodka looks cheap as hell and I bet it is nasty to shoot.  But when you are that age and someone says "Free shots!" you will drink rubbing alcohol if they told you it was vodka...from experience.

     Yeah, ok Dorian has 100% convinced me. I totally believed she did the right thing. Gosh, what happened to Dorian's big send off and she and Vicki having a heart to heart? LOL.

     Yes Tea, Matthew is going to tell you that Dan-YELLA is taking Oxy. What kind of stupid question is that?  I mean that's like if someone lost her virginity and then the friend went and told the mom "Such and such cashed in her v-card!" Ummm no.  WHAT?!?!  Dammit to hell!!!!! I thought Tea was supposed to say "I don't want any f*cking water, Blair!"  I was waiting on the first f-bomb! Aren't they allowed one per show? Le sigh...it was obviously cut. Aaaand Todd just called Tea a shitty parent. Those are fighting words and I love it.

     Clint watching the tiff from afar. Cute.

     A Port Charles reference. I have no idea what or who Todd does in Port Charles so if any GH fans want to dish please feel free.  Eh, and I hate to say it but Todd's right. From the looks of it Tea is being a shitty parent to Dan-YELLA but only because she is wholly consumed with grief.  He just wastes no time telling it like it is.  I still don't care for NuJack. If someone is a REALLY staunch advocate of him, you are more than welcome to try and sway my opinion with three positive things about him. WHOA!!!! So this is how they are gonna let Victor enter? Slamming Todd up against the wall and now everyone sees  him? Hmm ok. LOL at Jeffrey videoing this shiz. That's what everyone does these days unfortunately.  What a night, huh?!  Dan-YELLA od's and now Tea has Victor back. This is a lot to effing process! And it's Victor's bday right? Everyone should take the party back to Shelter and have free shots on Cutter and just leave Dan-YELLA in the hospital room. LOL. I kid.  And he speaks!  I'm very eager to know where Victor has been all this time.  Has he been squatting in the Buchanan mansion since apparently it's abandoned? LOL. I mean Renee might be there but she lives in the attic so I can't imagine they would have ever crossed paths. It's a thought.

     So is Rama like the manager? The bartender? Has that been disclosed and I missed that?

     LMAO..."That sow! That cow! That bitch!"  I'm gonna say all three of those things at some point today. I just need to find someone to yell at! "Anything but the Huffington Post!"  This is hysterical.

     I love watching Clint and Vicki enter a scene together. I'm such a dork.

     I don't understand why people do Oxy (or meth, or X, etc.).  Anything with weird shit in it that makes you itch or you don't know what's in it...don't do it.  Matthew is at least smart enough to know better and to stop using.  Eh...Matthew does treat Destiny like shit.  My verdict is still out on her.

   May I just say that so far I'm actually liking this episode BETTER than yesterday. Even though my favs aren't on I like how the show is focused on three main scenes/stories. The characters are on long enough as opposed to back in the day when I felt there were too many scenes crammed into one show. This is great!

     I was hoping for a Clint and Matt scene.  I love their relationship.  I by no means want Clint to be a father figure to Matt but I like their bond.

     Poor Tea.  Poor Victor. Her year has been hell and he basically missed a year of his life.  Talk about a vortex of hell.

   Wait...so when Tea and Victor walk back in the waiting room from the hallway I feel that people should have been more shocked to see Victor? I feel that everyone is like "Oh Victor's here.  I'm not surprised."  I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired and not watching correctly which could be it.  My heart didn't warm with the NuJack and Victor hug so obviously I'm a frigid bitch.

     I love the sets, p.s. I know I said that yesterday but good job, Prospect Park!

     Love that Jeffrey calls Vicki "boss."  LMAO..."the L word?"  Ok so when Jeffrey said "shit" in front of Vicki part of me was like "No!!!! You can't utter such words in Queen V's presence!"  I'm sure ES probably hasn't had many young people say that in front of her.

     I think I discovered my problem with new Desinty...I can't understand or hear half of the words coming out of her mouth. I think that's one of my main issues.  It's too quick.  LMAO... Bo the sugar daddy is sending checks (God knows he hasn't spent his money on decent real estate) and Nora babysits! Matthew needs to step the f*ck up!!!! He was raised better. Bo and Nora need to beat his ass! See, I can actually believe that this Matthew and this Destiny would have hooked up.  Now, the old Matt and Des...no, that was not believable. It's still not. It never will be. That is the root of my problem with this whole thing...the whole Matt/Des thing was just a joke.

     LOL..."And two wrongs don't make a right. Thanks, teach."  Todd's sharp tongue is fantastic!!!  Ok, TnB fans! They are having a sit down convo ALONE!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Blair called Todd an ASSHOLE! Think of all the times she should have had the right to call him that...or worse.  Little things like this make my day.  How do you TnB'ers put up with all of this angst!?  It would drive me crazy!!! LOL.

     WHAT? Ok Cutter when you are closing a club you need to at least let people watch the 2 a.m. show!  You know when they turn on the lights and finish playing the last song and you finish your drinks and you watch who everyone pairs off with to go home together that night. That's a fun pasttime!  Ok is Vimal on the show or not?  I think he is?  Why don't I know this?  I'm getting some chemistry between Rama and Cutter.

     LMAO....When Dorian pointed up to the sky David thought God and I thought she meant Jesus. But she meant the president. I love it!  Speaking of Dorian being the only female medical doctor serving in the Senate when is the last time she practiced medicine? OMIGOD...it is STILL a problem at Dorian's and God knows it will be a problem at Vicki's!  Why in God's name don't these people have fences for their backyard!  I hope that Vicki AT LEAST started locking her door!  Last time she left it open Allison Perkins surfaced! I do love that crazy bitch.

    You know, if McBain and his perfectly groomed coif were on the case he would have Dorian's problem solved, name the mystery man Victor killed, etc.  And speaking of hair, I kinda miss not making Gigi hair comments. Le sigh.

     And Dan-YELLA will be fine.  We can now all sleep peacefully tonight.

Off to pack! I'll be back later!

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Kashi Cereal Has NEVER Tasted So Good!!!

Natty:  "Should I just wear this in the new opening? Maybe McBain will see me in next to nothing and want to come back.  This could work."

Monday, April 29, 2013

     And we meet again! It took over a year but miraculously we have our show back and this blog. So...let's get right to this. Again, ASSUMING I still know how to blog (and that is IF I even knew how to blog in the first place).  This post will be longer since it is the first episode. Not all will be like this...

     Does everyone just feel warm and cheery seeing Vicki in this opening scene?  Like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music...it just gives me a good feeling. Also, I see not much has changed. Vicki has on black pants with a solid shirt that is asymetrical at the bottom (sometimes the top).  I'll be shocked if I see her in any form of a print once. But hey, if it ain't broke.  Clint looks snazzy and dapper.  And soooo thrilled The Banner is back on the front burner. I swear on the old OLTL you wouldn't even know that Vicki ran a paper because they never discussed it.

     Did Barney the dinosaur throw up in Dorian's living room? That is a lot of purple going on...like a lot. Well, it's not really purple but I can't think of another analogy at the moment that deals with something in the purple family vomiting.  May I just take a moment to say that I love David Vickers. He is sooooo absurd, self-absorbed, clueless, and over the top but I find him so endearing and entertaining.  I literally laugh at loud at some of the nonsense he spouts off.  Enter Dorian...AND she has on a bomb ass wig! I absolutely love it.  Not many people can pull off bangs.  Do you have any idea how many people are running arond this country with bangs like that and they have no idea that they look like something from a horror film?! Bangs like this are only for a small population...just like skinny jeans. 

     Well hello, Natalie! Gratuitous boob shot. She looks gorgeous. I think I saw that dress at Bloomingdale's a couple of months ago. Oh my sweet lord...a SORAS'd Liam! Ah! How did I not know this was happening?!  He is adorable...do NOT get me wrong but I LOVED baby Liam. That was literally like the CUTEST baby of all time...for realzies. Get over it, Mary-Ella.  So Natty's new apt...nice. Are they going to address where Jessica is? Just curious. Surely at some point.

     I didn't see Tea's baby die on GH but I hate that it happened. I do.  Especially since Victor "died" then she was pregnant then the baby dies? Eh...too much for me. On another note, I love that stuffed giraffe and need it for any of my future children's rooms.  Ahhhh....so Tea is going to be so wrapped up in her own grief that she will ignore Dan-YELLA (yeah I'm not dropping that name just yet) and then Mija will lash out by taking drugs, partying etc. Got it.  The singing in the rocking chair to the stuffed animal reminds me of something I have seen on a Lifetime movie...

     My dog and I literally just jumped when Bo screamed "Where are you going?!"  Damn that was loud.  Holy Shit...the garret looks exactly the same almost. Good deal!  Nora...be still my heart. My favorite. Looks like she is dressed cute.  Oh wow...Oxycontin huh? Serious drug talk within the first 5 minutes.  This stuff is actually no joke.  More on new Matthew when I see him have some dialogue, etc.

     What a horrible tattoo on the stranger running through the street.  Someone should beat his ass just for having that...

     Nigel at Llanfair! I LOVE THIS!!! For some reason I didn't know if Nigel would be on the show. Why did I not know this?  Jeffrey King...hmmm.

     Oh a cheesy nightclub opening...love it.  I think Shelter is a pretty good name. Better than Capricorn. Oh....this new Destiny. I dunno. Now granted, you could have replaced the old Destiny with a Flat Stanley (y'all know what that is, right?) and I would have been happy but I dunno about this chick. Aesthetically she is GORGEOUS. But this Destiny seems like a game changer. And who dressed her? A streetwalker?   Love that they are all 21 now.  Girl, don't break out those dance moves just yet! Get a drink first for crying out loud! Nobody breaks out those moves until after a cocktail!

     I love Todd and I love Roger Howarth and I'm so glad he is on. He is such a badass.

     Glad the guy with the tattoo died. He was doing nothing for me...LOL.

     Oh my. This opening. Oh dear God. This opening.  First of all, seeing Bo and Nora first and DANCING...be still my heart. I'm so thrilled to see my favorites and that makes me so happy and I WANT to be happy abou it...but, I just do not like this opening.  AH. I hate to say this!!!! Really.  Time out...what the f*ck is NuJack (same name) wearing in this opening?!  Take that shit off immediately!  Anyway, ugh I just don't think I like the opening. :-(  Maybe it will grow on me?  Eh, no I doubt it. It's ok. I mean it's just the opening. I care more about the show and so far it's great. But the opening is kinda cheesy. Yes, it's just a little cheesy. I think I saw someone said it kind of reminded them of The Cosby Show opening and I couldn't agree more. I mean obviously you can't please me because I wanted a new opening to this show for forever and now we have one and I don't care for it. I need to hush.

     A REAL Vogue magazine! Love it! No fake shit on this show this time around. Awesomeness!  I love that David is directing Dorian for the reality show and she is obeying. Wait...nevermind she just lashed out. Dorian's outfit blends in COMPLETELY with that chair she was sitting on.  I love Dorian's hair. I won't let it go.

   Nice placement of the Macbook Pro.  OMG...Llanfair got a makeover! Praise God!!!!!! I have never been so excited about something in my life. Not really but this is pretty effing awesome.  I've never wanted to personally go redecorate a room so much in my life than I did that room at Llanfair.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Vicki is pursuing the story on Dorian. I need their fued to be front and center. So far this is fabulousness and how it is SUPPOSED to be!  I think I REALLY like this Jeffrey King guy, p.s.  He is so damn likeable it seems.

     Ok I really like the new Matthew. Don't get me wrong...I love and adore Eddie Alderson. But this is a new Matthew all together and this Matthew is just in a different place in his life...translation:  he is being a punk with an attitude.  But this guy is doing really well with Bob and Hillary. Great so far. I love the pink on Hillary. Matthew: "Don't wait up?"  Please someone tell me how they all sleep in this house?! Where is the room?!  Whannn these Bo and Nora scenes are too short for me.  Ahhhh...."shit" just got dropped. Lurve it. Ok so Jeffrey is friends with Matthew...check that.

     Rama looks like a hot tamale. *Sizzle*  And I'm finding Cutter attractive this go around.

     Blair's boobs in that dress. Oh my.  Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Blair Cramer did NOT just go hit on THAT GUY!!! REALLY?!  Give me an effing break! Of ALL the people at this club she is ging to go hit on this wimpy dude that is not even cute. Please.  And he isn't into cougars?  He should be lucky she is even talking to him. *eye roll*

     Ok so this dude in the hoodie has to be TSJ because we all know he is on the show and they haven't shown him.

     Ugh...so the tattoo was on that paper Todd had. I can't escape that symbol obviously. Le sigh.

     Man this is a REALLY different Matthew all together!  LOL...that's exactly how I walk into night clubs.  I check out the scene and shake my head and rub my hands together. Ha.  Eh...I'm not feeling new Destiny but I'm gonna give her a couple of weeks.  I'm not ready for crazy Marty Saybrooke to return and throw her off a roof or something but let's see.  I just need to be thankful the old one isn't back. I swear that purple pleather jacket of hers is going to surface any day now and give me nightmares. I am JUST now getting over that.

     I love David's obsession with reality tv.  Hmmm...so who is this constituent that called Dorian? Curious as to who is behind all this. LOL...Dorian is JUST now putting it together about The Banner? Love it.  An Alex Olanov shout out!!!!

     Does poor Natalie have ANY friends?! Ok...not gonna lie, I miss McBain. He needs to be on here. I'm not going to go on and on about it but I just wish he were here but nothing I can do.

     I literally groaned out loud when I saw NuJack.  I know, I'm a bitch and I need to give him the benefit of the doubt this second go around but it's just so hard. Plus he is dressing like a douchebag which doesn't help.  But, I did LURVE "Why do you look like shit?"  LMFAO. I love it. If he keeps using phrases like this then I'll probably like him soon!  Dan-YELLA's shorts are AMAZING and I want them!!!  Like now! I need to find out where she got those.  OMFG!!!!!!!  Someone is getting a bj at the club! LOL.  That stuff happens in places like that but kinda surprised they showed that. Racy...I like it.   Yes, Dan-YELLA go drink a random sweet martini from the bar. Hygenic. They are making her look incredibly desperate.

     Not sure how I feel about Cutter's dance moves. Actually I think I know how I feel because I'm laughing.  Besides Rama, Natalie and Cutter are the only people left of the same age right? So, of course, they have to pair them together...

     And they are drinking LEGIT beer and no Hounds! Even better than the Vogue magazine!  Did Matthew just say "Baby Mama?"  No...that is NEVER OK! I hate that phrase! Do not say it, Matthew!  Like ever again. You're already being a jackass and I don't need this shitty phrase thrown in as well!  But I do like new Matthew, too, despite his shitty attitude but that is what is character is supposed to be doing and he is doing it well. Ok, I love the Jeffrey guy. He is so likeable and cute and I like him.    LMFAO...Dan-YELLA:  "You're dad does oxy?"

     Ok so why did I just legitimately feel sorry for David when he was rejected from getting in the club? I have got to get a life.

     Blair and Tea are BY FAR the oldest people there. That is a shitty feeling. It's like going to your old college bar when you are 23 and everyone is 18 and you're like "WTF we are old now? When did this happen?"

    LMFAO....Todd "made it rain" at the club before he even got in there. Throwing $100 bills in there air like a boss. Hysterical.  All TnB fans rejoice...they are reunited!!!!  And Blair's furious...shocker.

     Poor Bo and Nora.  Can they catch a break? Please tell me they do soon. Last time they were dealing with the Eddie Ford thing (we are all assuming that magically got resolved) and now Matthew is being a prick and obviously not taking care of his kid. They need some FUN! My heart can't take them being stressed. AHHHH....these 3 all in a room together. I love it.  Get Clint a drink? Can that heart transplant recipient drink? Hmmm.  June wedding? Obviously don't make it June 1st.  Ok...I think I could cry I'm so happy Clint asked Bo to be his best man. I literally grinned from ear to ear. Made my day. LOVE IT!  Love these 3 all getting along.  And love that we are getting a Vicki and Clint wedding soon!

     LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!!  Natalie!   That is EXACTLY how I undress after a night at the club!!!!!!  And that is EXACTLY where I sleep! Kidding...well, if I'm drunk then I will do that but AT LEAST take the heels off! Plus, I have no children in the other room. These shots are so gratuitous...LOL.  Liam has seen more ass in this episode than a 21 year old, I swear!

     FINALLY!  Dorian and Vicki. All is right in the world.  Dorian:  "You can start by taking your well manicured claws out of my back."  Ah....things feel good around here.

     Dan-YELLA is a hot f*cking mess!!!!  So she has OD'd.  I feel this is a typical scenario for a nightclub opening.  Are they going to try and make her the new Starr and make her front and center?  I think so.  Speaking of Starr, did y'all miss her?  Eh, I really didn't and ONLY because I feel the show ruined her the last two years.

     And there he is!!!! TSJ!  The worst kept surprise EVER! LOL but I am so glad to see him. I really like him and I loev him with Tea. Plus, Tea is gonna need somebody.

     HOW SWEET!  They thanked the fans at the end.  Touching message!

OVERALL:   I LOVED the show.  It's edgy...love that! Did I like the opening?  No.  And the more I think about it, I really don't like it.  Did I miss McBain?  Yes, but I need to get over that because there is nothing I can do about it.  Was a lot of the show focused on the young people and the club?  Yes.  But I think for this first episode that is how it HAD to be to get some more young, new people to watch and I think the vets will be weaved in the further we go.  I'm just glad we have the vets and it seems their storylines are going to be really good and true to character.  So, at this stage in the game:  Quality over quantity.  I'll take it.  I'm pumped. Ready for tomorrow. So happy the show is back and so happy to blog with all of you!

Now, I'm off to review my lines for a film I'm shooting tonight.  More later!!! Glad to be back!



Sunday, April 28, 2013


Vicki:  "You think I'm showing a lot of leg in this pic? You won't believe what I show Clint Buchanan." ;)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

     Hello! Is everyone as excited as I am about our show returning?! Can y'all believe this? God knows I still can't but I'll take it.  Ok so here is how this blog is gonna go down this second time around.  Despite the fact I don't have a full time job anymore, I've been busy with my acting schedule. Yes, I've always wanted to be an actress so I took it up a year and a half ago.  It's going well and I love it. Chicago is a great place to get your feet wet. I know, *yawn*. Mary-Ella get to the point.  

     ANYWAY, my plan is to blog every TWO episodes. Also, I hope to respond to as many comments as I can. I'm just trying this. Now, who knows, it might be easier on me to blog daily since the show is only 30 minutes but I know that my answering comments will fall by the wayside. So this will just all be kind of experimental for the first few weeks. However, since tomorrow is such a BIG DAY I am going to at least blog for the first episode and second one and then the 3rd and 4th episodes will probably start the every two episode blogging. Everyone got it?

     Also a few things to discuss before we start our journey together...

     1.  Commenting--I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your comments and I read every single one. I won't be able to respond to all of them. Please don't take it personally, but I honestly just don't have the time. One day I might respond to every single one and the next week nothing...so I'm sorry!  But, all of you are very intelligent, witty and just down right hilarious. I swear I want to go have cocktails with you all. Also (I'm only bringing this up because of things I have seen on Twitter and message boards, etc.), I am totally cool with some good heated debate or discussion within the comments. So if y'all want to discuss whatever or whomever amongst this blog that is fine BUT no name calling or nothing nasty etc. We can keep it fun without getting too mean. So, for example, if someone says something nasty about your favorite character then you probably shouldn't say "Oh you don't like ______?! Well, he is my fav character so I don't like you, you f*@king bitch!"  That's uncalled for and out of line.  I hate to sound like your 3rd grade teacher wearing a terrible Christmas sweater but no name calling at the Christmas party. Just eat your rice krispie treat (assuming you don't have a peanut allergy).  
     2.  Social Media--obviously if you want to follow me on twitter then please do so. There is a link for that at the top right of the page.  For Facebook, if you are a reader then you are more than welcome to friend me.  I have had several people do that and it's lovely. However, if you add me on Facebook and I don't respond then you need to let me know "hey, I read your blog." because I don't respond to all random friendship requests on FB. I keep it more private on Facebook than I do on Twitter.  You can find me under "Mary-Ella Green Aymami" on FB.  And obviously feel free to share this blog with whomever if you like. I don't do advertisements etc. since I just do this for fun. 
     3.  Email--You can also email me with questions, comments, or complaints, etc.  If I can improve the blog for everyone and you have a suggestion then just let me know.  The email address for the blog is:  thellanviewledger@gmail.com


     OKAY...I think that is it. I pray to the lord above I still remember how to blog. I'm really not sure if I know how...for real. How disappointing would that be? Feel free to bash me to hell and back if that's the case. :)

I'll see y'all at some point tomorrow, friends! More then.
(I THINK I'm dropping mija...we shall see)