Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Way to Keep Little David Vickers on the Show AND for Nora to Become a Defense Attorney Again? Appoint LDV as D.A.! We ALL Win, Folks!

Todd: "Your honor, even I agree that Nora should become a defense attorney again. No one wants her as the D.A. anymore. Let's change this pronto before ME has a breakdown. Let's get Little David Vickers to be the new D.A."

Oh good evening. Hope y'all are doing well. I am sick...le woof. I think this trip got the best of me and I brought back a cold! I need to get better since I am going BACK out of town next Thursday to NYC and if I am not better I'll kill someone. Anyway, I am going to blog about Monday and then try and go on and do today's since I would like to sleep later in the morning. Yes, I am being lazy. Sorry...it rarely happens and when it does I feel super guilty.

Oh and I am going to respond to blog comments starting with yesterday's post. I'm sorry! I read every single one! It is just that my time is precious (so is y'all's...I know believe me), but sometimes responding to comments can take almost an hour since I like being thoughtful. Anyway, I am just doing this to get caught up. Hate doing it but only do it when I am in a pinch. But keep commenting...I will respond! Enough of my yapping...

Monday, October 24th--Little Hope Is Starting a Petition to Get Nora to Become a Defense Attorney Again...Before Mary-Ella Has a Nervous Breakdown. Marty Is Filling in Tonight.

I mean seriously...how out of place does Rex look running in Clint's office.

I'm telling you right now that I do NOT want to discuss Gigi unless I just feel compelled to do so. I don't feel that way at the moment. I'll let you know...

Sweet! Clint! Aaaaand Victoria! Perf! Times...how many plain colored tops with the aysmetrical bottoms does Vicki own? Seriously.

AHH!!!! YAY! Bo and Nora. I am feeling a tad better already. Eh...I'm lying about feeling better but glad they are on though. I think Nora looks pretty but I have to say that I despise those damn striped shirts they make her wear under her suits! Jesus H. Please dispose of those!

Wow...I don't know if I said this before but Irene's blood looks UBER fake. I mean...it could easily be jelly roll filling. Easily. On another note: I need Tomas out of that orange jump suit. So atrosh...

How effing cute are Bo and Nora? I can't deal. They both miss Dorian as mayor?! haha! Lord...so do I!!! Bring back Dorian! LOL...I was wondering when Bo was going to tell Nora he was fired...

I turn my head every damn time they show Tomas. That orange is horrifying! These courtroom scenes are hella boring, too.

NO! Vicki do not watch another movie with Clint! You happen to have the most uncomfortable couch to television set-up I have ever scene and just the thought of y'all watching a movie gives ME a crick in my neck! Ok cool...V, said "no" to movie. Oh and can we just point out that Clint says the word "gall" entirely too much. K, thanks. How adorbs are Clint and Vicki?! That is right...where has the good Clint been? Regardless...glad he is surfacing because it is flippin' precious. Laura, did you get to watch that November/December Clint stuff??? Hoping you did!

This whole Cutter and Rex shit...not feelin' it. Why? Because it pertains to Gigi/Stacy and both should have been left dead. Yes, I'm a frigid bitch...

I love that Nora is hell bent on finding evidence to convict Todd.

OH EM GEE these courtroom scenes are boring the hell out of me. I wonder if Blair will utter one word this episode...

Oh boo, Nora. Don't answer your cell phone. Ok so we all know I am on Team Nora in any circumstance but good God...she has NO BUSINESS prosecuting Todd! Poor thing has been wanting to get his ass since 1994. I mean...she is so biased...adorable and my favorite...but too biased for this case. Please...put someone else on it. This is why people think she is a hypocrite and self-righteous. Just sayin'...

This Clint and Vicki conversation is faaaaaabulous! Let's bottle this shit...more please.

Rex if you sign everything over to Cutter then...well, I will cut you. That's all.

Oh look at Blair talking almost halfway through episode. Cool. GET.TOMAS.OUT.OF.THAT.ORANGE.ROMPER! Good God! Y'all why is this bothering me so much!?

Oh now Clint are you jealous of Bo? I mean really?!

Oh God...now Rex saw the Gigi pic. Kill me. KILL ME. This shit is dripping in shit!!!!!!! Reeking!!!!! DISGUSTING! I HATE THIS!

Oh, and Bo is so cute. In case y'all forgot. Times...so the wedding picture of Bo and Nora surfaced. Who keeps moving it? Or do they only show it when Nora is on the show because if they just showed the wedding picture on a day Nora wasn't on that means they would still have to pay Hillary Smith? I am so confused. I do know that people in Llanview move around their pictures way too damn much. Fact.

On another note: I need Nora to be a defense attorney again. Ok so all of this shit she is spouting off against Todd...see the paragraph above where I said Nora needs to be removed from this case. I cannot flippin' deal. Yeah...I can't handle this.

Of course, Bo breaks up the fight between the munchkins.

Ok so this Todd and Nora thing is hysterical. I need more banter between these two. Nora honey...drop the case. And while you're at it, please get someone to handle all future shit against him. Ok word...she dropped the charges. Oh and Tea needs a damn hug. Poor thing doesn't have a clue Todd killed Victor...if he did. Ugh...

OMG my heart just fluttered! Victoria: "You are the man I married. Today I saw the man I fell in love with all those years ago." Be still my heart. Heavens!

Bo is such a great guy. On another note, he never had convos like this with Matthew so fail on that one.

It is soooooo insulting that OLTL expects us to think that effing Cutter is back in Anchorage right now!!!!!!! I mean...WHAT THE F*@K?! Cutter's wounds are still fresh!

Wow...that Blair/Tomas scene was so stupid and I felt nothing watching it.

Oh, now I do love Tea and Nora going back in forth. Tea is right...sorry. Nora does want Todd in jail so badly that she can't see clearly. SNAP! However, Nora def just gave Tea some food for thought! Second guess yourself Tea. It is for your own good girlfriend.

Lord I am pooped. I might just have to blog about today's in the morning. Maybe I'll get a second wind and do it later.

LOVE Y'ALL! Gosh, we only (possibly) have about 3 more months together on this blog! Whannnn!!!!

Tearful (and congested) Mija


  1. OMG, I think we need to create a campaign to get Nora out of the DA office! It just makes me cringe when she is in court anymore. But Nora and Todd going at each other, almost made it worth this time, but not really.

    I am beyond tired of Tea ALWAYS winning. Can she please just lose once? Nora doesn't have to be the one to beat her, but I get annoyed with Tea the super lawyer. Maybe even her being conflicted with what she has to do to win or something like that.

    Bo and Nora, it has been so wonderful to see them not only together, but happy and cute. Not depressed all the time, we need to see them like this more often.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. @Mojomiller Well, I have been missing you! OMG...stop! We have GOT to get Nora the hell out of the D.A.'s office before this show ends!!! Please! For my damn sanity! Oh...the Nora/Todd banter--fabu as always. I am tired of Tea winning too. however, the D.A. is just not supposed to win on soap operas. I am just tired of Nora losing (and being DA) since she is so damn smart and was the best defense attorny to ever hit Llanview. Oh and Bo and Nora being cute and loveable together?! No discussing matthew's illness...NEED THAT SHIZ! NEEDED IT!!!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes gorgeous!!!