Sunday, November 27, 2011

Everything Has To Come To An End Sometime, Right?

Nora: "I can't believe Mary-Ella is ending her blog. This is so upsetting."

Omigod I am sad, sad, sad as I write this. And, I am also very, very torn about it. However, I know it is the right decision. I am ending the blog. :( I have been doing this blog for a year or so now. Some of you have been with me from the very beginning and some have joined me only recently. It has been an absolute pleasure blogging for all of you...truly. I have become friends with some of you and some of you have become lifelong friends! This blog has been a blessing.

However, I have been thinking about ending it the past few weeks. Between work, commitments after work, social events and traveling...being a newlywed, etc. I just don't have the time to blog to my best ability anymore. This upcoming week alone is jam-packed already. It would be unfair to all of you for me to just half ass blog just to say I blogged. I truly just don't have the time anymore. Plus, I would also just like to enjoy the show for what it is with what little time we have left. :(

I hope all of you understand. I really am sorry. My friend said that it may actually be better if I ended the blog now instead of when the show ends since that would be two things ending at once for a lot of you! Some of you talk to me on twitter or email and others are great lifelong friends that I chat with on the phone or visit. But, please if you want to discuss the show or ask questions...y'all know where to find me! I can always respond via email, twitter or facebook. I still want to discuss the show! I just can't do a full blog and respond to comments AND have a life...too much. But I don't want to stop talking to some of you who always post on here...that would be so sad. has been an absolute pleasure everyone. Thank you for all of your comments and feedback and HILARIOUS commentary! Some of y'all are soooo witty! And all of y'all are so encouraging (except for an occasional complaint or two I have received about cursing...ha!) and upbeat. But, above all that I consider y'all my friends and I thank you very much for taking the time to read this little blog about OLTL. It has been a lovely year with all of you.

Don't be stangers. I'd hate it. I am actually shedding a tear now! Good grief! I'm so sad for me and all of you. :(

Love y'all and most definitely, definitely meaning it!!!
Your friend,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too Bad You Fired The Only Cop In The Room, Huh?

Bo: "It's okay guys. Nora and I are going to St. Blaizes for a few weeks and by the time we get back the mayor will want me back. I'll see you soon."

Morning!!!!! How are y'all on this Turkey Day Eve?! If any of you are traveling, then I wish you safe travels today. Ok let me go on and blog. Ross is taking me to work this morning so I have a little extra time but I slept late. ;)

Tuesday, November 22nd--No One is Blogging Since Everyone Is Depressed Bo Lost His Job. Everyone in Llanview Is Running A Muck

Dammit Blair still has on the sweater. I need it off.

Wait...I'm kinda confused. So Todd is trying to blame Tomas for all this to get him out of town (mainly so Todd can be with Blair)...ok. Tomas has to know that Todd is the one that really killed Victor. However, I'm now wondering if Todd REALLY did kill Victor. I mean...I would really prefer it if he wasn't the killer but...c'est la vie. I'm just gonna see where this all goes because I haven't read spoilers on it and I am just not sure. Hmmm.

LOL! I love the cheese fry being used as a mustache for Kathleen. Hilar. Ok I know I may be in the minority here but I love the mayor. Hell no...she is NO Dorian...that's for damn sure. No one can replace Dorian. But, I liked WM on Guiding Light and she plays the snide, bitchy role very well and I think she has done well with her role here on the show. So I think she is just doing a good job...lemme put it that way. Ooooh Kathleeen is jealous! It is patently obvious. BN are adorbs today...ah!

Again, who in their right mind goes to Rio to get plastic surgery?!

Dammit to hell. I'm fine with Dan-YELLA but NQS being on the show. I mean...this is just wrong. WRONG!

I mean I flippin' blinked and that Tea and Blair scene was long over. Good God that was quick! Tomas has a gun. Could there be a shootout at Warehouse 22?! I feel like I'm watching an old western.

Dear God...I hate this porn shit...or jail bait shit whatever you want to call it. Skanky Starr...I do like that. It has a ring to it. Is this story for real? NOOOO!!!!! They did NOT just split the screen four ways to say "Rick Powers!" Are you kidding me?! I quit...

I mean....the thought of ALL these people from Llanview being in Rio is ABSURD. ABSURD. Oh and Aubs should just knock that bitchy receptionist out cold. I must say I love that Aubs is going right along with the plan and saying she wants and upgrade. She is quite the team player. ;)

OMG this mayor is bitter! I love how Bo said the mayor had a point (about PDA) and then he kisses her. Bo is so adorable with all of this smirking. Wait...Kathleeen has fired Bo like 40 times. She is so wishy washy. However, it will be permanent this time.

These Blair and Tea scenes are too short. I can't even get a damn sentence down.

Y'all I am so confused with Todd and Tomas. And...I'm actually enjoying these scenes today. LOL! Yes! And these scenes just got a lot better now that Baker entered...laugh factor...check.
hahahaha! Did Alex just call Cutter "hot butter?" I love it.

Yeah Aubs and Rex are way better than Rex and Gigi. LOL...Alex is like a damn mummy in all that gauze!

Kathleen is such a snide little bitch! Loves it. What I love more is that Bo is smiling the whole time. These scenes are cracking me up. There should be more investigating going on and less goosing...haha! I love that Kathleen asked if B/N were investigating the "case of a missing heart attack!" I'm like peeing on myself over here. OMG....Bo just ate the damn cheese fry that was on the paper! I.LOVE.HIM. LOVE HIM. This is like old school 1990's BN today...fabulous.

UGH....I hate that damn fence behind Baker. It is on every warehouse scene.

Ok let's let these Blair and Tea scenes be longer than two seconds. Oh I love Tea's necklace by the way. Tea is no fool. Bitch knows Blair still loves Todd. I wonder how she is gonna react when Blair heads back to Todd.

LOL...Baker is capable of putting a bullet in anyone's back at any time. That's right y'all...Baker is THAT good! Thanks for reminding us Tomas! WHAT?! Baker just pistol whipped Tomas?! What in the hell is going on?

The only thing I have to say about Rick Powers is that I'm sorry Ross isn't here to see this. Y'all know he has this undying love for him. Ross' fav characters on this show are ridic. I'll have to list them one day. Let's just say Rick and Hannah are at the top...God help me.

I love that Tea is listing all the positive things about Blair and says "you look great in leggings." FABULOUS! Blair is lying through her damn teeth about loving Tomas and she infuriates me so damn much because all her decisions with men are so f*@king terrible! It is hard for me to feel sorry for people like this! Tea looks gorg by the way.

ha! Baker is such comedic relief. I just love him. I really do. Not all the time...but every now and then he is great. Tomas is kind of a badass this episode! Yes?! I mean...he has more ammo to use against Todd and I think Todd was genuinely surprised. This may be where Tomas FINALLY shows us all his CIA tactics.

Bo is so adorable I can't deal with it. Kathleen's quotes today are PHENOMENAL! "Your lead detective walked off the job. Your other stellar officer assaulted a butler and kidnapped an infant but we're not gonna see a conviction in that will we?" LOL. Awe...Bo defending still my heart. hahaha! Couldn't secure a guilty verdict against Osama Bin Laden! Hilar! Damn...I wished Nora would have said "vengeful, uptight, lonely bitch" instead of "woman." Snap! They just slapped each other! I.LOVE.THIS.TODAY. Nora should have clocked her back like Phylicia did her. I love how Bo smirked...adorbs.

hahaha! I'm cracking up this episode. Cutter telling Aubs she is getting the girls the lift they always needed. I love it. Let's all remember that Dr. Fascinella's office is really a hotel room in Seattle. Just in case y'all forgot. HAHA!!! I love how they tried to make Alex's hair look like Gigi's! I think I just peed on myself! I think Rex is kinda confused at the moment. Alex is right though...if anyone should be going after the Buchanan money it should be her. ;) I mean...I love that they swooped her hair to the side. LOVES it!

What?! Kathleen just said she can't believe Nora hit her?! WTF? Yes I just peed when Kathleen said she should have Nora arrested and her response was "Well it's too bad you fired the only cop in the room huh?" I mean this shit is hysterical. Bo isn't even mad! I mean he is smiling. Jesus....I mean I cannot handle how adorable these two are today! High fives, kissing and then Bo saying how much he loves her...this is like too much for me to mentally absorb in one morning.

Tea...just flat out tell Blair that she is totally full of shit. LOL...strained metaphor! Nice Tea. What?! Blair, you REALLY mean to tell me that you took your time and really got to know Tomas before you started a relationship with him. BULLSHIT. God, you are so stupid sometimes! I just want to shake your little ass!

I am literally LOL'ing when Baker talks. I can't help it. These scenes are enjoyable to the point that I am watching and not really blogging...

"My music doesn't need drama. It can sell on it's own, Rick." f*@king joke I have ever heard. Thanks, Starr.

I mean I love Alex...always have, always will. Damn...I don't even watch "AMC" but I did hear about the two Erika Canes thing. I still don't buy for a minute that Dr. Fascinella is any good. Speaking of...are they ever going to show him?

Oh damn....TEAR! Bo taking down his real Vietnam pics...can't handle it. "I guess it all comes to an end sooner or later." Y'all I could cry. THIS SHOW REALLY IS ENDING! God bless. I mean...between Bo saying that he never wants to be alone and Nora saying she will walk with him anywhere...well just kill me. My heart can't take this adorableness any longer. A salute?!?! OLTL, are you trying to kill me this morning?! I just had a tear slide down my cheek!

This Rick shit is ridic. With all those weapons they are holding it is like a damn game of "Clue."
So that's it? Alex just gave Cutter her info and that's it?! I don't buy it.

OMG...Bo's gun and badge just hanging there. So sad. Now Drew?! Very nice they are showing that picture. Sadness. Le tear.

I HATE THAT OTTOMAN!!!! Remove it Tea! Now! Seriously if Blair laid across that ottoman right now it would be even more of a disaster...all that black and white!!!

Hmmm...listen to Tomas, Todd! Listen. He is preaching the truth!!!

Ah...great episode. I'm officially running late! I'm gonna respond to my other comments today...PROMISE! I might be able to do it after I get dressed quickly.

Love y'all...mean it!

Gobble gobble,

Monday, November 21, 2011

After I Finish Sobbing, I'll Take a Zoloft...Or Whatever You Got

Brody: "I know. You're right, Liam. I can't believe I paid off Nadine's house note either. That was a poor decision...just look at her place. What was I thinking?"

Hi! Hello! Good evening! Happy Monday! How are y'all? Things are quite busy around here. To be honest, I don't have time to watch Friday's episode (doing a summary from, I heard Friday kinda sucked?) let alone blog about it. Sooooo I am picking up with today's episode. Ok lemme blog quickly before I cook dinner...

Monday, November 21st--Only One Available to Blog Is LDV. Everyone Else Is Sobbing Over Brody.

It's official...I can't deal with Liam's adorableness anymore. He is just too damn cute. I love that he constantly has a binky in his mouth. Oh I love John and his matter-of-fact I take care of business don't mess with me attitude. Fabulous.

Oh and how did I not mention this on Thursday or whatever day it was last week--I LOVE that Dr. Fascinella's office is the Seattle hotel room...the Las Vegas hotel get the drift.

You can choke Alex, Cutter, but if you do then retrieve her coat. K, thanks.

I don't like blair's outfit. The white neck and cuffs remind me of...I dunno...I don't like it. Oh damn...Starr had to enter the room.

I'd love to know how much leather is in Tomas' closet. I'm assuming he has a huge closet wherever he is staying. I'd also love to know when Todd went shopping. No one will tell me.

Hmmm what set is being used for Nadine's house? Is it just a new one? OMG...Liam is a little actor already! He genuinely looks terrified as Brody points that gun at John and Natalie. Could this child be any more perf? I think not.

Yeah...I'm so over Rex trying to find Gigi. Just hook up with Aubs. I'm okay with it.

Is it sad I laughed when they flashed to Cutter choking Alex?!

LOL! Dan-YELLA "Dad just died and you've been seeing someone!" hahaha!

Yeah...if I were Starr I'd be pissed with Blair, too. I mean...Blair's decision making when it comes to testosterone is just piss poor and there is nothing else to add. Yeah that's pretty much it.

I mean I know Tomas made a promise to Tea yada yada yada but Todd is right...Tomas just wants Blair.

I can't deal with Blair saying that it is none of Todd's business etc. Technically that is true but I'm biased and think Todd should know about Blair's decision. ;)

Tea/ mother daughter combo ever.

I keep thinking of the Seattle and Vegas hotel rooms and it is hard for me to concentrate on the Rex/Aubs dialogue.

I need someone to put a necklace on with Gigi's outfit. Thank God...Alex lives.

Finally...back to the good stuff. I'm really only interested in the Jolie/Brody/Liam stuff today. Besides this (and Alex) the show is boring today. Woof. UGH...these scenes are too f*@king short!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't win. This is DEF a typical Monday.

Thank God...back to the baby fiasco. Wow...Brody is telling the truth...every damn bit of it. Aaaand the scene is over. Kill me.

UGH...Blair is driving me nuts this episode. "Sweetheart he [Tomas] was just doing his job." I can she be with Tomas when Tomas is the reason Todd left...I.Just.Don't.Get.It. So infuriating!!! God, I don't even really care about Blair that much as a character and THIS is driving me nuts! That's how bad it is...

Tea can cry like nobody's business. I'll give her that.

So...supposedly Cutter is gonna be...wait for it...Asa's kid and Kim is gonna be Carlo's. God help us all.

If we really all stop and think about this...we should all be insulted by this plastic surgery Gigi/Stacy storyline. Y'all realize that huh?

I love that Alex is worried about her make-up. At least she hasn't changed. The sign to Dr. Fascinella's office is UBER shitty and if that is ANY sign of his plastic surgery skills then everyone should flippin' run. I mean...who goes to Rio for plastic surgery. FAIL.

Please let these baby Liam scenes be longer than two seconds. God Bless America. I HATE how Brody's life is one ball of sadness. Yes, he lied and that was awful (but Natty did too) and poor thing just wants a family. That is all he has ever wanted...poor baby. OMG...I think I might cry. I really might. Now Brody is asking about Nigel and saying he is the nicest guy in the world...can't handle it y'all!!!!

I pray to God I have at least one child that is as well behaved as Liam. Praying.

NO! Alex you would NOT be Mrs. Bo Buchanan...hush it. Hello? By the way, Bo still never confessed to making out with Alex. Woof.

I despise Blair's sweater! Dammit! Remove it! Oh Blair...poor decision making...poor decision making. Wardrobe and men wise.

Y'all Dan-YELLA and Tea are too fabulous together. I can't deal.

I love that Tomas keeps asking Todd if he is gonna shoot him. LOL. He has said it like 5 times!

I'm sorry but Brody is still a good guy (in my biased blue eyes...sorry). No John! You didn't make a mess of your life when you boozed! You did have those couple of months with Kelly and I LURVED it!!! Majority opinions be damned! I nice are John and Natalie being to Brody?! You can tell that they are just so sad this is all a big mess. Le tear.

UGH. Blair. You are driving me CRAY-ZAY!!! LOL..."You didn't give up James when Hope didn't like him." Did I really just listen to Blair say that shit? REALLY?!

Jesus...I'm so tired of Todd and Tomas at what...warehouse 22? Is that what that shithole of a place is called? Nice...Todd is telling Tomas that Tomas killed Victor...touche

Alex.Is.So.Vain. Please don't change, Alex. Never. I love it. Makes me feel better about myself.

Aaaaand I could cry. Yes, Brody is losing his mind but DAMMIT...this man has lost 3 flippin' kids!!! THREE CHILDREN! I mean...this is sadness overload. SADNESS OVERLOAD. OMG OMG OMG...I AM CRYING!!!! I really feel HORRIBLE for Brody. I do!!!!!!!!

I will now watch something funny to perk me up. That was uber depressing.

Lordy. Ok...y'all have a great night. I can respond to comments from here on out. Yay! I will make time!

Love y'all on this cold (and now sad) Monday!

Let's Hook Up Tonight

Firstly, my apologies. I had every intention of blogging this morning but it didn't work out. We have had company in town all weekend so things have been hectic. Anyway, I PROMISE I'm blogging this evening. I don't know if I am just gonna do Monday or try and do Friday as well. Regardless, I will be able to blog for all the episodes through Wednesday!

I'm sorry! I mean...on the bright side, none of y'all would want to read this blog if all I did was watch this show constantly and blog about every little thing and be some crazy fan so...that's a good thing right? ;) I'm reaching for anything at this point...I'm sorry!

See y'all this evening!


Let's Hook Up Tonight

Firstly, my apologies. I had every intention of blogging this morning but it didn't work out. We have had company in town all weekend so things have been hectic. Anyway, I PROMISE I'm blogging this evening. I don't know if I am just gonna do Monday or try and do Friday as well. Regardless, I will be able to blog for all the episodes through Wednesday!

I'm sorry! I mean...on the bright side, none of y'all would want to read this blog if all I did was watch this show constantly and blog about every little thing and be some crazy fan so...that's a good thing right? ;) I'm reaching for anything at this point...I'm sorry!

See y'all this evening!


Friday, November 18, 2011

I Feel Hungover From The Blair/Tomas and Jess/Ford Sex. Need Advil.

Victoria: "Jessi, you know we love you but we can't let you stay here if you are going to wear that coat. If you want to keep wearing it then I suggest you go back to Mr. Ford's."

Woo hoo it's Friday! Sorry...I've been MIA. We have just been really busy this week. Ok, I am gonna have to do two drive-bys this morning in order for me to fit in both episodes (sorry! But I got up an hour earlier to do it if that is any consolation!). I will try and respond to all comments over the weekend. I have a full evening tonight so I won't be back around until tomorrow at least. Oh, I miss the days I could get on this blog while at work...le sigh.

Wednesday, November 16th--McBain's Busy. Addie Cramer Was The Only Volunteer for Today.

1. Jesus, I haven't had my fist sip of coffee yet (too hot) but I have to be subjected to Llanview's own Olympic gymnast, Blair Cramer, after her tumbling session. I'm not gonna lie--hate that she slept with ToeMass (awesome nickname courtesy of cri*cri aka young boots...thanks doll). Between this awful, slow motion sex and Jess and Ford's equally atrosh love making session I feel that it is only fair if Rick the Porn Guy comes in and gives them a tutorial on how to do this right. Seriously. Times...there is drool or some other substand on Tomas' pillowcase. To the right of his head...eww. Oh Blair...that robe. Just no. LOL is that wine the same kind Tomas drank in Paris!? I also need for Tomas to blow out those candles.
2. This fireman isn't convincing. Sorry.
3. WORD. Y'all missed Baker? I have...can't lie. Baker=worst agent of all time. And I love that he is a bad agent. Oh and RH looks handsome...haven't said that today. Just in case y'all forgot.
4. I think that Nigel should go and get his head checked out. I mean...if we can learn anything from Natasha Richardson or Matthew Buchanan it is to not take head injuries lightly. May I just give Nigel a hug...and some milk and cookies? He deserves them. Sweet thing.
5. I love that Brody picked Sydney, Australia. Niiiice. What is it with people in Llanview carrying around all this cash?! Between the wad that Brody just pulled out and the $100 in Nora's cleavage at the wedding...well I'm just confused.
6. ALEXANDRA!!!!! Cool. Alex Olanov will be Cutter and Kim's mom. Doesn't she come back soon?
7. Before this show ends, I'd like someone to explain to me how the Llanview docks work. I know there is the Llantano River but where does it feed into etc.? I just wanna know a little geography. That's all.
8. John McBain will without a doubt get Liam back and I'm gonna believe that he will do it in the most badass way.
9. Rex has been a spazoid all episode. Oh and I haven't discussed Vimal & Co. Sorry 'bout that. hehe.
10. I think that this has been the longest day in Llanview history...I swear to God.

Thursday, November 17th--Alex's Leopard Jacket...That's All.

1. FINALLY! It's a new day! Praise God! WHAT IS JESSICA WEARING?! Remove it immediately.'s "keep things between you and me" not "you and I." UGH. I hate the way Ford holds his fork to cut food. And, Jessica's coat is hella trashy and she needs to remove that shit immediately. It looks cheap.
2. PEEING! Did John McBain raid Clint's closet while he was at Llanfair?! I've never seen John wear a shirt like that? Next stop, Brooks Brothers. I if Bo wouldn't be around to help John. I was hoping they would show Brody today. I want to see Liam dammit! That's right, Natty, John is gonna bring Liam back home because he is like the biggest badass Llanview has ever seen!!! Ok so I need this kidnapping thing to pick up again...feel it is kinda dying down.
3. Oh be still my heart...Clint and Vicki and too increase the adorableness factor Vicki is toting Ryder. Cannot handle this preciousness. I love that Vicki said Inez was babysitting Ryder and Clint's like "was she?" Ok so the Clint of a year ago would be like a damn ninja at this point and doing anything he could to find Brody and Liam. Yes, I am aware Clint's on house arrest but I'm just sayin'. Clint's little speech to Nigel was so sweet...he's part of the family. Tear. Seriously if Nigel dies I'll lose it! How adorbs are Roxanne and Victoria?! Discussing the good qualities Natty has from each of them. I LOVE THIS.
4. And, I want to just go on and get ready for work...REALLY?! Mestiny today?! Jesus H. Christ. Small's Friday. Ok so just to be fair to everyone I can't discuss Mes. I will just say mean things and I just don't feel like going down that road today. I'll just have to talk about someone else instead. ;)
5. Roxy do NOT call Marty a whack job! I love that Roxy said that Nigel was on the front line defending Liam. LOL!!!! Nigel said his numchucks weren't handy. Adorbs! Nigel needs his head checked out! DAMMIT!!! Ummmm NO! All this mess about Nigel's life flashing before his eyes. UGH. I swear if he is the one that dies next Wednesday I'll lose my shit!
6. Oh damn...I love Stacy/Gigi's shirt. Would be so cute with black skinny jeans and some boots. Le sigh. She needs a necklace though.
7. I just have to say it...I hate the effing Llanview airport because I hate the walls! That glassy shit is like a bad bathroom.
8. Snap...does anyone watch "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?" Ok so the chick who works for Dr. Fasinella (sp?) looks just like Mohammed's (Lisa's rich friend) young European girlfriend.
9. SNAP!!!!!! It's Alex!!!!!!!!!! Her outfit is so sass. Oh I have missed her. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! Please let her return not be botched like the last one.
10. Jesus...hands down the best part of the show was Roxy telling Victoria and Clint (who is delicious by the case y'all forgot) that Jessica was doing the walk of shame. I LOVE IT!!!! Oh and my heart skipped a beat when Vicki lovingly looked at Clint as he talked to Shane.
11. AS IF Aubs made it through security and to the airport that quickly. AS IF!!!!

Ah! I have to go asap! I'll see y'all soon! Have a fun-filled Friday!!!!

infinite xo,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Need To Learn How To Get Through Airport Security Like Natalie...AMAZING

Natty: "John, I had to tell the guy at airport security that you would help him get his hair shiny. It was the ONLY way he would let me through. I figured you wouldn't mind...I'm sorry."

Happy Hump Day! Let me go on and begin so I have time to go pick out a cute outfit. I didn't do that last night and if I'm not careful that will take up like 30 minutes this morning...ugh.

Tuesday, November 15th--One of Marty Saybrooke's Multiple Clones Is Blogging. Having Too Much Fun.

Yeppers...Jess and Ford are going to get it on. If I were Jess I would prefer to have sex at Llanfair instead of Ford's but that's just me.

I have a feeling that I'm going to like today's show...even if it's about John and Natalie. I'm into this for some reason...maybe because Tuesday's show moved so beautifully? better go get John! How is she going to get past airport security?

Again, I need to find out where Gigi got that passport photo. It's the shit.

Roxy is such a cheerleader and I love her for it.

Poor Liam has been in the dark for three episodes now. Damn he is going to town with that milk!!! Okay so this will be twice within a year this baby has been kidnapped...this is worse than Starr Manning...when we compare what has happened at the less than one year old mark.

So where did Gigi/Stacy get cute clothes and all that make-up? Cutter must provide. This would also explain Aubrey's nice duds for being on a budget. Cleary Cutter has a future in styling...

Melissa Archer is such a good crier. Good girl. I mean...GO to the airport.

I mean Brody if you are going to kidnap Liam you should have gone by now instead of just walking around and having a one on one. It's hard for me to see since there isnt' a lot of light in that bedroom but I think I just saw Marty in Brody's left eye. She stuck her tongue out at me!!! Bitch!

Jess...say that you demand to have sex at the Minuteman. It's the only way.

LURVE that Victoria calls Roxy "Roxanne" EVERY single time. Fabu. Good thinking, Bo! John will need proof. That would have been super dumb to leave without those test results.

Jesus...John is about to board the plane and we are supposed to believe that she will make it to the airport on time AND somehow go through airport security and get to John's gate? Horseshit but's a soap opera. OMG...thank you OLTL for showing the clip where John says "I know I'm not famous for my conversational skills." That quote just made my day. Gosh, was I blogging when that clip aired? No, I wasn't.

hahahahahaha!!!!! Vivian: "That lab is giving the hospital such a black eye." Oh I love it. Yes, it is. Aaaaand how adorbs does LDV look nestled in Shaun's strong arms. Can I trade places with LDV? Looks quite comfy. Ross isn't that big. that I think about it...what are these two doing at the wedding? She is Natalie's OBGYN so she gets an invite? Just curious.

I love all the vets standing around discussing this mess. Lordy...Clint says "all the while" entirely too much. Between that phrase and "gall" it is overkill. Calm down Clint I don't need you having another heart attack! I think I'd die! Nora's sash has changed positions in EACH scene she has been in so far. OMG...Cord's tie is so ugly. Wedding color or not. Oh lord...the parallels are starting. Tina is now discussing lying about paternity. Nora will no doubt make a mention as well. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I feel that Clint is too nice for his own good right now...

I'm not believing this Ford and Jess sex thing until one of them demands the Minutemen. I'm sticking to that...

I've never seen a child suck on a binky so hard as Little Liam on this episode...WHOA! He is a little machine!!! I have to say the gratuitious "Poor Brody." Yes...he lied to Natalie and that makes him suck but before that he was a great guy. Now he is some form of Marty...God help us. Marty is now leaping in the background behind Brody...playing peek-a-boo!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tina! Did I mention I love Tina? She is so fabulous! I love that she also turns all this into "I put all this hard work into this wedding and no one is going to see the flowers" stuff. Fantastic.

So Bo and Nora are just observing on the side? LOL. OF COURSE...they are gonna stay around if there is food. I would expect nothing less. I agree with Roxanne...everyone just go to the reception. I mean why not? Times...does Clint have a curfew? I appears as if he is a free man. I know he's not but I just get that feeling.

LOL...So Natty got through airport security and somehow John is still going to be standing at the gate. Eh...bullshit but whatevs. It is cute. " Jooooohhhhhhnnnnn! Wait!" far Jolie isn't getting on my words...and Natty has spoken one phrase already and I'm not bothered. This will be a positive sign. I have a feeling I am going to be mushy (no surprise) and like Jolie for a couple of weeks and I will no doubt dislike them again by the end of the show. This is just my guess. I can't really gauge my emotions about them. Again, I'm just hoping Natty doesn't suck the life out of John this go around. For this blog's sake, I hope that is the case.

NO NO NO NOT discuss Nora helping Mes with her apps or this baby! Dammit! I can't deal with this shit. Hmmm I don't know if I have heard someone say "Destiny's child" until today...that just sounds weird.

Well, I must say that I love this Cord and Tina stuff. YAY!!! I think I'm beaming.

I LOVE the random ass destinations for Llantano Airlines--Newark, Denver, Raleigh (WTF?), Seattle, Atlanta, Cancun (LOL), Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Orlando and London. hahaha! I think I am peeing on myself. Those poor people trying to get to Cancun...flight is 15 minutes late.

Ugh...I need Rex to just go on and see Stacy/Gigi. I'm miffed about all this mess.

YAY! I am so glad about Cord and Tina! Seriously...that's the spirit...why let everything go to waste?! Times...don't they need a marriage license? I love that LDV is there for all this. How adorbs. AH! I knew it! They have to get the license first!

I'm tired of Jess wearing clothes that were stolen from Olivia Newton-John's closet. She is better than this. She really is. Otherwise I'm not discussing the rest of this....

Hmmm does Brody have Liam a little coat? It is November in Pennsylvania. YES! Nigel! Y'all I know someone dies next week and if it is Nigel I will die! DIE!

YES! Now that is what I'm talking about! Halfway into the show and Natty has already spilled the beans to John! I NEED the show to keep up this pace! NEED IT!

Ugh...I need to hurry. Ross isn't taking me to work this morning so I'm pressed for time. UGH.

Dammit Jess! I said you needed to demand the Minuteman! FAIL!!!!

I love that Tina is pissed about the government butting in. Ah ha!!! Victoria is going to ask Dorian for ANOTHER favor! UGH...I'm tired of hearing Dorian's name and seeing no Dorian! FAIL.

That dog is adorbs. I think I just peed. Did Nora really just pull a $100 bill out of her cleavage? REALLY? The best part was Bo's reaction. That was so random!

Yes...Vicki is cashing in a lot of favors today. Damn.

Rex's outfit makes him look like a limo driver. I love that Cutter and Gigi essentially have NO BAGGAGE for this trip.

I mean...this is beautiful. Natalie is telling John EVERYTHING in one segment. This shit has been going on for months and I've been pissed but at least the revelation is quick. I love it. Oh poor Dr. Buhari.

Poor Nigel! You're in danger you loyal little thing!

Awe...okay so the John and Natalie hug was very sweet. It was. Now I just need them to stay like this. Rather adorbs.

Yeah Rex def looks like a limo driver.

Vicki and Clint are edible. I love their banter. Oh and I LOVE that Vicki told Clint "He better find a smile when that marriage license comes through." FABU.

Say what? Some messenger just brought over the marriage license and gave it to Roxy? LOL. Ok so my heart melted a little bit when Vicki agreed to be Tina's maid of honor...same thing for Clint. Awe...Clint telling Cord not to waste another minute without Tina if he loves her...TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE!!! Dammit!

Yes, Nora's sash has changed positions again. Le sigh...I get sad when I think about all the time B/N spent apart. Oh well they are still adorbs in every way. Be still my heart.

Ok so John and Natalie are being adorable. YES, I JUST SAID THAT! I can't believe it myself. But they are being cute...and I have to admit I feel happy for them. What in the hell is wrong with me?!

NO NO NO...are you effing kidding me?! WHO...I repeat WHO has sex like that?! NO ONE! That looks terrible. Soooooooo dramatic. OLTL pulled this shit with Blair and Tomas last week...WTF?!

Awe...John saw Liam tonight Natty. How presh. Aaaand the manhunt for Brody will begin shortly. On another note, we should all take bets on when John is gonna tell Natty "You look pretty." Wonder when he will spout off those magic words...

Oh I am going to be so upset with Brody for knocking out Nigel. Yes, I feel bad for Brody right now but knocking out Nigel crosses the line.

I just kinda teared up thanks to Tina's vows. Oh Mary-Ella get a grip! I can't help it. I believe that Tina REALLY is gonna make Cord proud and I just want to cheer them on...good grief. Oh and Cord is just so fabulous. Oh I wouldn't want to borrow Natty and Brody's rings. Cursed?

"DON'T GIVE UP!" I mean...let's all get a life, shall we?

Look at Nora making a quick buck. Vivian despondent because she feels bad about them being present for that sweet marriage after that discussion her and Shaun had at Ultra Violent or is she upset Shaun just lost a bet to Nora? I'm confused.

That little wedding was sweet. I mean...Roxy may be the trashiest characters on the show but she has the sweetest heart and I just love her for it. Sweet thing.

Oh good grief...FINALLY Rex sees Stacy/Gigi.

Colossal? Hmmm. That is not the first adjective I would think of to describe sex but I'm sure it's fine. Kind of random but fine.

DAMMIT...I hate seeing Nigel knocked out cold. Aaaaand it's official...Liam has been kidnapped twice within a year. Very nice.

Okay I must run! Happy Hump Day!

Love y'all,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Don't Care If He's Tom Jones...The Truth Needs to Come Out

Brody: "Liam I hate that every wedding in Llanview requires formal attire. I can't take it anymore!!!"

Morning! No time for small talk. Let me go on and do this while I have time this morning.

Monday, November 14th--McBain's Locks Are Crying So LDV Steps In to Blog Despite Her Busy Schedule

Ok so for fairness I will try and get into this whole paternity thing.

I just need Natalie out of that dress. My eyes are burning.

LOL...did y'all see Gigi/Stacy's passport photo?! It's like a damn glamour shot! I have to find out where Stacy got that pic taken. Wal-greens? This actress working for the airlines is horrible.

I'm assuming that this furniture was already in John's apartment when he initially moved in so that is why he is leaving it there OR he is sending movers for his stuff OR he just doesn't give a shit.

YES...Tina. Always knows how to make my day. Now Nigel? Be still my heart. I love that Nigel said that BDV was in Washington with Senator Lord Vickers Buchanan. haha! That name is priceless.

OMG!!!! It's November sweeps and Liam and LDV are the ones who are carrying the show! This is whack...adorable...but whack.

Ok let's think about this for a minute...when is the last wedding that went smoothly? Dorian and David the 2nd time around? The double wedding in February was atrosh and lasted weeks. Dorian's wedding in August was a disaster. What else? I'm going with her second wedding being the only other one without a hitch.

UGH...who gives a shit that Stacy/Gigi needs to go to Rio to see this doctor? I just don't care. As I'm looking at the walls of the Llanview Airport it makes me think of Irene Manning's office. Maybe she will pop out and kill Cutter and Stacy/Gigi for me. Early Christmas gift? Please. Actually, no. If she is going to kill anyone, please make it Mes.

I mean how long is John just gonna stand there and let that phone ring?

LOL...Jessica: "He's not answering." Ford: "Jessica you did everything you could." ha! YES! Just by making that one phone call Jess did everything she could. hahaha...I'm sorry but I had to laugh when Ford said that no one was home except Liam and Nigel.

I love that Michael Easton is the voice to baby Liam. haha...I love that Liam and LDV are saying that Tina is a piece of work. Hilar.

I mean how regal and chic do Clint and Vicki look just sitting on the front row? They all look good. Bo and Nora look beautiful!

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Finally! LDV has the test. Now, I NEED Tina to actually take it from him this time. I love that Tina is having this in depth conversation about the wedding with these two. OH EM GEE...Liam is drooling ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Praise God...Tina has the test results. LOL..."Oh no, and I promised Cord I was going to turn over a new leaf which means I have to tell him the truth." Oh, I love Tina.

Yeah, there are too many flashbacks from the last few weeks in this episode. Brody's eyes have little Marty Saybrooke's dancing around in them! I swear I just saw a few little Marty's jumping around in there. CRAY-CRAY.

Whoa...Ryder is with Inez. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I forgot about her.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I want to hug Rex during this whole wedding ceremony. He really does look awful. YAY!!!!!!!! Tina bust up with the dog!!!! I'm so excited! I'm so excited! It is good I'm excited because normally I don't care about Jolie but I love this wedding drama.

And my heart may explode from this cuteness that is Liam and McBain...just know it.

WHOA...I JUST saw the promo for "The Revolution" aka OLTL's replacement. Surely you are f*@king kidding me. Surely?!

I love that Tina is being truthful and doing the right thing!!!! Yes...I just saw two Marty's sprint across Brody's blue eyes after Natalie read the test results.

Ninja Liam? Y'all I can't deal with this cuteness. I's cute if John and Natalie get together so they can all be a family etc. For everyone's sake (and especially for this blog's sake) I hope that John and Natalie are an exciting couple and don't suck ass like they have eery other time. Liam is cute and John and Natalie are both good looking. I just need both of these, particularly John, to NOT suck once they get back together. I'm praying that is the case because it would make this blog so much better. LOL...Nigel's weapon! I think this just made my day.

Hmmmm....the Cutter and Gigi scenes were just interrupted because of possible tornadoes in Indiana. Sorry. Seriously, no joke.

Timeout...Clint is being waaaaay too nice for me. Now he is being apologetic to Brody about switching the results. Clint literally went from a badass to a softie overnight. I was hoping for a slower transition. Yes, I want C and V together but I do miss him being a badass from this time last year. Come on, y'all know y'all miss it too!!! Poor Brody. I really do feel for him. His whole life is crashing down at this very moment and he knows do the little Marty Saybrooke's dancing around in his eyes. I love the random comments from Vicki, Clint, Bo and Nora. SNAP!!!! Natalie knows that Brody knew the whole time! YES! I love that all of this is coming out in one episode as opposed to about 2 weeks worth of shit like the last wedding. Nice...Natty putting her CSU skills to good work and piecing together that Brody knew the whole time. Smarty pants!

I mean...the reason we don't see Nigel more is because? Exactly. I love that the baby cried as soon as Nigel bragged about how good the baby is. I heart is breaking with John talking to Liam. Seriously. I can't deal with men being sweet with children...heart melts instantly. Le sigh. McBain's locks were crying...saw tears.

These airport scenes are painful. Otherwise this episode is good.

Aaaand Ford will be sweet and tell Jess how fabulous and strong she is and Jess will be like "Oh Ford you're so sweet and you are the only person I can talk to...let's have sex." UGH. This is just me summarizing how I think this will go down. Who the hell knows...

There are now ten, I repeat ten, Marty Saybrooke's jumping around in Brody's eyes. Natalie is getting it. know now that I think about it why didn't Natalie just have Liam tested a while ago? SNAP...Brody even went on and confessed to knowing the truth about the results! I am loving this episode! Shit is moving fast!!! Natalie should beat the shit out of him right now...I mean, I would. I love the crowd's reactions to Brody's confession. Soap opera reveals are so priceless...

RIP Dr. Buhari...RIP. Damn so is Brody going to reveal everything this episode? I believe this bastard is! Good girl Melissa Archer...crying on cue. Oh Rex looks downright despondent. Poor thing. DAMN...Brody IS going to tell the truth. I'm sorry but I kinda laughed when Brody said he erased the tape. You know...Bo could arrest Brody for tampering with evidence. I'm sure he won't though since that wouldn't be good soap opera.

The Brody and Natalie scenes are so good and then I'm forced to watch this airport shit. FAIL.

Yep...Jess and Ford are just gonna be like "Oh now I think you are so great. Thanks for being there." Then they have sex...

If I were Clint and Vicki I'd be like "Jesus are our girls THAT big of sluts that they can't have a wedding without paternity test drama. How many people are they sleeping with?!" I find myself looking at LDV every chance I get in these scenes. Lordy...Brody is grasping at straws here and poor thing is trying to convince Natalie like no other. I do feel bad for him. Eh...Natalie...kinda. I mean I know she wants John but bitch shouldn't have lied to begin with! BUT...that being said...she has paid enough for her mistake so she might as well get to have who she wants. I'll give her that much. YES...there are now twenty-one (21) Marty Saybrooke's leaping around in Brody's eyes! She has multiplied!!!!

Well at least Natalie said she hoped they learned from their mistakes last year. Ok so this was like the best reveal ever. All done in one episode! THAT is what I'm talking about. Yeppers...there are now fifty Marty Saybrooke's dancing around in Brody's eyes and about half of them are playing with fire. Brody is officially gone...mentally. Soooo I am assuming that Bo isn't arresting Brody right now. I'm fine with that. Natalie what are you waiting for? Go after John!

I can now sleep at night...Cutter has agreed to go to Rio with Gigi/Stacy. I was going to be so worried about her if she went alone.

Robert Ford is not a great human being but I find him incredibly attractive. I'm sorry...I just do. David Gregory is just gorgeous. soon between these two.

Oh many times can Liam be kidnapped within a year? I mean seriously. He's gonna be like Starr Manning 2.0.

I love it...Llantano Airlines. Hell, you better go Natty! Llantano Airlines always departs on time (from what I have heard) so you better go catch John!

Okie dokie. Off to get dressed for work and make Ross pumpking muffins. I'll respond to comments later on.

Love y'all and mean it on this Tuesday,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vets for Veterans Day...YAY!

Nora: "You know Vicki you really ought to start locking your doors. It was barely shut. Even a little puppy could waltz right in."

Why hello there! I must say...Muffy's exhausted (Ross has always called me "Muffy." Fun fact of the day!). Ugh. We have been going, going, going all weekend! Anyway, ummm show was good on Friday. Surely I was watching a different show from Thursday. Because I have to admit that I'm still a tad hungover from Thursday's OLTL...I am. Sooo thank God for Friday. Lordy. Ok...let's begin. Hopefully this makes sense...tad out of it here.

Friday, November 11th--McBain's Mane Is Super Pumped to Blog Since Show Was Grand. Even More Pumped About Roxy's Get-Up for the Wedding.

Natty looks super pumped to get married! Awe...Tina looks faaaaaaabulous!

Even more fabulous? Bo in a tux. Jesus this man is adorable. I mean...just when I think this man can't get better he does!!! Asking God to help Matthew so Nora can get her life back. I mean...I could cry. How sweet. Oh Nora looks so pretty! I'm so thrilled to see her! Oh, I met her last week and she is very pretty in person! And so lovely, funny, and gracious...FYI.

AH!!!! Vivian looks gorgeous, too. I lurve her dress!

What is up with Jessica wearing those shirts that expose her shoulder and shit? I don't understand. She wears a lot of stuff like that.

Do NOT call LDV "stupid" Brody! I will beat you!

I flippin' presh is LDV?! Chewing on Natty's shoe...LOL. Natty doesn't give a flying f*@k. She looks miserable! Any other bride would be going postal if a dog was anywhere NEAR her wedding shoes!

OH EM GEE...what in the HELL does Roxy have on?! Trashtastic but I love it for her. McBain's locks are shocked that Roxy is dressed so horribly. I don't know why they are so surprised. ;)

Jesus I don't know if I can handle Bo and Nora alone...been awhile. I think I just peed when Nora said she logged time at the synagogue! Ooookay so for some reason as I'm watching these Bo and Nora scenes I am reaaaaaalllllyyyy starting to feel like the show is ending. Do not ask me why. This makes me sad. =( Whannn. Anyway, Bo cursing in church...hilar. UGH...I feel so sorry for these two. They have to deal with so much shit. But they are still so adorbs.

Ok so Ultra Violent does NOT seem like a cool place to go. It just doesn't. Poor Shaun!!!! I feel horrible for him. He is like this sweet, adorable teddy bear and I want to just hug him. Dammit Vivian.

OMG Clint and Vicki today, too. I am so pumped! How flippin' nice is Clint being to Rex? Ummm hello let's rewind to this time last year...Clint hated everybody!!! Lord have mercy! And Queen Victoria saved the day, no doubt. She is THAT fabulous.

I'm ducking...granted, I don't want Ford hogging my screen but I find myself...liking him? Jesus what is happening.

Cord is the shit. In case y'all forgot I'm here to remind you. He is so presh. Jesus Brody looks CRAY-ZAY!!!! Those baby blues of his are scaring me!

God, I need Lola to take lessons from LDV. That dog is so damn well behaved. Yes....I love how Tina said Natty's eyes are puffy and she needs cucumbers. Oh no...don't put on that dress Natty. It is bad enough I have to see that shit hanging up. Spare me!

PEEEEING! Normally Roxy's stupidity doesn't humor me but when she said "all intrusive resorts" I literally laughed out loud. Also, I'd like to know if John's locks have decided to stay in Llanview or not. This is important to me.

I am closing my eyes and just listening to the Tina and Natty scenes because I can't look at that dress. Seriously, if I stare at it for too long I will die. Just drop dead...just like that. Jesus...WHY OH WHY can't I care about John and Natalie?! It would make this blogging so much easier. Dammit to hell! I have to say...I do love that Tina is all up in this mix. She is the saving grace for me.

ABC is promoting the hell out of this Gabby Giffords interview and I have to say I'm looking forward to it. Woman is amazing! What a role model. Anyway...

I love this Bo and Nora conversation...really do. I could just listen to them talk like this for weeks! Weeks! Awe...Bo is just edible. Of course Nora is gonna be happy she married you. Y'all are too sweet I can't handle it. UGH...these scenes are two seconds. I mean really?!

I do think it is adorable that Roxy is thinking of EVERYTHING she can to try and get John to stay.

I mean...OLTL has tried like hell to redeem Ford. I mean...he raped Jessica. But based on today's episode, you'd never know it. Lordy. I am so tired of everyone bashing David Vickers the Dog! Dammit!

Natty would have dropped Brody so damn fast if John came to you and said he loved you. That dog is the ONLY one with any sense, I swear. I love the voice. That is Andrea Evans talking isn't it? It sounds like that is her voice...

What the hell?! What are all those tvs about in Ultra Violent? So random. That club looks horrible! HORRIBLE!!!! Ok so the ONLY reason I would go to Ultra Violent would be to give Shaun a hug because that poor baby needs one. Oh and if Snoop Dog performed again I'd go...for shizzle. No no no...don't talk about Mestiny and the baby. For a moment there I forgot about it...whannn.

OMIGOD!!!! I cannot deal with Bo continuing to be the most fabulous man on the planet (after Ross, of course). He is still a lucky husband and wants to dance...presh. Oh no...he did not just call Nora "granny." Ewww. I don't like that. It was funny though. No words for how spectacular Bo is. Could a flashback of them going down the aisle in 1995 been too much to ask for? Jesus. These two are so great. I'm so glad Nora said she would kill Bo if he called her "granny" again...way to go! I mean...his response is "that's my girl." I can't handle his fabulousness today. Just can't.

Now Vicki and Clint...fabulousness overload between these two and Bo and Nora today. I love it. does Vicki have a smart phone so she can instantly see when she gets emails? Or did she just know to check her email? I love it. I love the "official seal" on the paper. haha! How flippn' fabulous do Clint and Vicki look? How many times can I say "fabulous" in this blog? I have GOT to stop. Clint go after Vicki pronto! Bitch worked it out so you can go to Natty's wedding and your tux just came from the cleaners! I can't let her go! OMG then Clint proceeds to stare at Vicki as he goes up the stairs. I love it.

God...Jessica and Ford following those C/V and B/N chance they could ever measure up! "How could he hurt you like that?" Please Ford...please.

Brody's tie is nothing short of shitty. How cute is Cord giving all this advice to Brody? Love it. Oh and on another note...I love that all weddings in Llanview require formal attire. Please. Omigod...Vicki is so flippin' wonderful. What kind words to Brody. Aaaaand Brody still has that crazy twinkle. Ugh...I hate this for him. I really do. Meaning...I hate that his character is going off the deep end like this.

I mean...I feel bad for John with all this stuff but I still don't want him with Natalie...does that make sense? I hate that he is upset but I just wish it wasn't about her.

LDV is too cute for her own good. I LOOOOVE how Tina talks to the dog. Hilar. This dog is a better actress than some people on this show! Little thing is on cue EVERY damn time!

Ok so I do love the Roxy and John scenes. STFU!!!! There is a lot of participation there [in Seattle]. That means rain...I LOOOOOVE it!

OF FLIPPIN' COURSE...Rex has to interrupt Bo and Nora. Le woof. I must say I bet Rex is quite upset.

Clint DOES look handsome in a tux. How sensational do these two look together?! Damn...Clint is out of breath during this whole scene...ha! Worked up over how great Vicki looks? ;) They get along so beautifully that I feel they have been together forever.

Roxy really is so sweet. I love how much she loves John.

Jesus...even Natalie's hair thing is UGH-TROSH! I HATE what she is wearing. This is such a fail. Tina looks stunning in purple. Natty wants to puke. Like at any moment I think she might...

Yeppers...Jess will call John and his locks by the end of this episode. Thanks to Ford...what a guy.

Vicki called Roxy "Roxanne." Lurve it. Victoria is proper with EVERYONE! Bitch is awesome. I love that Bo's tie matches Nora's dress. Daughter-in-law...I think I pee on myself everytime I think about Dorian being Bo and Nora's daughter in law. What is wrong with this picture?! How is EVERYONE all of a sudden getting along?! Bo caught the sweet eyes between Vicki and Clint...nice.

Awkward...way to go Roxy. Shaun looks like he wants to just go in the corner and cry.

I feel that all weddings in Llanview are just thrown together. Brody and Cord just ran into the church and Cord's like "Oh they will be here any minute." Geez I'd hope so...

Wait just a damn minute...John isn't taking the slot machine with him to Seattle?! Bullshit. Eh...cute flashback I guess. My ONLY compliment I'm giving to these two.

Natalie just called Vicki "mommy." Does that normally happen?

I love that Tina goes out on the balcony to talk to David Vickers to tell her to come back. Hilar.

OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LDV made it to Llanfair?! How cute is she when she claws on the door?! This dog is a flippin' superhero I swear...

Thank you, Cord! Tina needs to get LDV a leash! Damn. Tina's ditziness was made up for because she and Cord exchanged "I love yous." Le sigh. I'd feel the same way Tina. If Lola was missing I'd feel the same way.

Vicki's security is SHIT! I mean...the pup barely pawed on the door and the front door to Llanfair just opened...I mean...REALLY?! REALLY?!

At least Roxy is asking Natty the right questions! Good for her! She really does have the best intentions. LOL...who is Nora smirking at off camera? Surely she didn't know that was being filmed....

Ugh...Jessica either call or don't call. Dammit.

HOLY HELL!!!! Brody looks UBER creepy!!! Those eyes! Oh and from the back the minister looks like Mitch Lawrence, p.s. Brody is creeping me out...can't deal.

John what about your couch?! Your phone?! The slot machine? Are you sending movers?

Ooookay! I have to run. I'll see y'all back here tomorrow. Praying for a good episode! How great was it to see the Vets on Veterans Day huh?! Loved it.

And I love y'all! Ciao!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I KNOW OLTL Didn't Show Me a Teen Music Video Today...

Tomas: "Blair, the only reason I am still on the show is because I am getting paid to take this ugly jacket off of you. It is so horrible. You cannot ever wear it again."

Oh goodness...hi all. I must confess I'm a tad nervous. I've heard the WORST things about today's episode. I'm so curious now. I have NO CLUE what happens today but everyone is like "OMG" about this episode! I was going to wait until morning but curiosity got the best of me. Since it is Thursday I've had let's see...I'm on my 4th glass of wine now....yes, 4th. Ross and I have had a leisurely evening (I even taught him "The Hustle" for all you people who like 70's line dances) of dancing and goofing off. He is now taking a nap so...guess I'll blog? I guess it is good for y'all that I might be a tad more obnoxious since I'm a little loose thanks to this cabernet that sweet Ross stocked up on. Ok let me shut up and blog...

Thursday, November 10th--McBain's Locks Blog WHILE Doing Apartment Hunting in Seattle. Can This Mane Multi-Task or What?!

HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!! Is someone at OLTL trying to make me have a damn stroke?! THIS has got to be one of the reasons people were pissed about today...A F*@KING MUSIC VIDEO?! STFU! Sat it ain't so, OLTL, say it ain't so! Why oh why must you do this shit to your loyal viewers...and to bloggers!? I'm taking a quick time-out to pour my 5th glass of wine...this ought to be good. Ugh...thank God it is a Thursday night and I got off work somewhat early tomorrow.

Automatically this will chalk up to be one of the cheesiest OLTL episodes ever. HOW AM I BLOGGING ABOUT THIS?! Someone PLEASE tell me how?! Wine no doubt. That's it. Rick will no doubt save these shit scenes. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Dan-YELLA you are such an UBER dipshit for being with NQS and at this rate...I hope the bastard cheats on you and you walk in on it and then cry. You are dumb. Shit example to females. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick is right!!!!! Biggest piece of crap I have ever seen...word!

Jessica is crawling on the floor. Yeah, this episode will be epic.

Aaaaaaand NuJack is gonna torch "The Sun" while the Patels are inside. Good God.

The insults Neela is still hanging in the pool house. How did this turn into the Patel Show overnight?!

GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!! The one and ONLY reason I need Tomas and Blair to have sex this instant is because I need someone in flippin' Llanview to take that coat off of Blair! That shit is burning my eyes!!!!!! ATROSH!!!!!

I'm fuming and we are just now at the opening credits. This can't be good.

OMG...a Rebecca Black reference? Really, Rick?! Now why can't NuJack's stupid ass lock in these clowns and set the building on fire? Seriously, I'd prefer it if the teen scene was taken out in one swoop. not just yet...we have to add Mestiny to the mix. Nevermind...remove all gasoline. Woof.

WHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! This is the beginning of Jolie and I hate it! I could cry. CRY! I mean...I am indifferent to Natalie but I simply cannot handle John with Natalie. It's a good thing this show is ending for me in January because I can't take these two. Atrosh. Yes, I know...everyone kill me because I don't like them and everyone does.

Ummmm yeah Young Boots, I want to give RH a hug, too. I can't handle him being sad with this Blair and Tomas thing. Wait...I LOVE how Blair is apologizing to Tomas for not effing him the moment she met him. LOL. I'm sorry but Tomas and Blair haven't even really dated and he is all like "why did you decide now [to have sex]?" Good God.

Hmmm...the fire at "The Sun" looks decent. Not as good as Nora's house fire. Oh, and NOTHING is as good as Beth and Jim's house fire on "Guiding Light" and I bet like maybe two people know what I'm talking about with that...anyway.

Yeah...eff the teens this episode.

LOL...I LOOOOOOVE that McBain still has a damn old school boom box on his file cabinet! Please...pack it! Don't leave that cool shit behind!

Hmmm...ok so the fire at the sun is improving. Very nice.

OMG OMG...I just want Todd to go run in and take Blair from Tomas (or Toe Mass as "Young Boots" likes to call him). AHHHHHHH!!!!!! An Irene appearance! And may I say, the dame looks rather gorgeous. She really does.

Sooo Baz is just gone? Very nice. Jesus, why can't they do that with all the damn teens?! Aaaaand my heart kinda sank when Rick said "Or 'One Life to Live' is cancelled!!!" WHANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Eh...Jessica is so boring and Brody is sadly about to lose his damn mind.

If I cared about John and Natalie then there exchange about how she wanted the baby to be his and the Seattle weather talk would be fabulous...but I don't care. I know...I'm sorry.

LOL....I love that this fire is burning rather slowly between segments compared to the time Kim and Cutter go to and from Anchorage, KY, to Llanview, PA, and back...ha! Sorry...had to say it.

Ummm yeah I just need someone...any random stranger at this take off Blair's coat. Right now. I'm sorry but I do NOT buy this Blair being super into Tomas shit and all this "YOU are the man that I love" crap. Totally unfair and effed up.

Niiiiiice. So hell obviously has a hair stylist or two since clearly Irene got a haircut. Good to know.

When Blair has sex she always has to have someone slam her up against a door. I understand...a time or two is okay but EVERY time?! Lord.

Ewwww Starr's hair is up in a clip.

I love that Brody...the already dressed for the wedding and Natalie isnt' even close.

TODD AND IRENE ARE FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS! I LOOOOVE THEM!!!! Oh and Irene's haircut is presh. Ewwwww so this whole Irene working her hands up RH is kinda disturbing. Note to self--there are also manicurists in hell. Irene's nails look fabulous.

Aaaaand this fire is taking so long. I this rate Kim has been from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and then back to one episode!

OMG this is so sad with Rama and Vimal. Whannn. Wait what?! NuJack just saved them? THAT WAS ENTIRELY TOO FAST! Jesus...the writers, directors, and producers at OLTL have no concept at time.

Oh Brody don't do all this borderline delusional shit with Jessica. You're being a prick! And I don't even care for Jessica.

Does anyone care about these teen scenes?! This porn shit is RIDIC.

Irene is stunning and I find myself just staring at her. She really is GORG!

Wow...hi Blair and Tomas. I hate this becuase of RH but at least you got that damn jacket off. UGH.

This porn this is such a fat middle finger. I'm sorry.

I genuinely wished I cared about John and Natalie together...I do. This whole storyline and these scenes would have such greater depth.

Aaaand Jessica's jacket has GOT to be from the same store where Mes got her fuschia pleather jacket. Disgusting. I'm betting the jacket is from Rainbow.

Oh UGH!!!!!!! NO NEED in Tomas and Blair having sex! I just needed him to remove her jacket and then Blair can change her mind and be like "oh no, I'm not ready." UGH!!!!! RH dammit!!! Take control of this situation like the badass you really are!

OH EM GEE....this episode was dripping in cow shit!!!!!!! How atrosh!!!!!!!!!!! UGH. I am forgetting I saw it. FACT.

Lord I'm exhausted! See y'all tomorrow...maybe. I'll def respond to blog comments though. I THINK my beloved BN are on tomorrow but not sure. I still won't blog until Saturday or Sunday though I'm sure.

Love y'all and soooo meaning it!

I Can't Handle Clint...Too Dapper For Me To Handle On This Thursday Morning

Clint: "I don't have time for these phone calls. Yes, I already know Vicki wants me. So unless you have anything new to tell me, I must be going now."

Hello Hello Hello!!!! Gosh ALMOST Friday! I'm dying! I've been busy all week and haven't seen Ross in practically a week...ready for the weekend and some good old fashion fun, i.e drinks, dinner, good friends, and Ross. Oh and if OLTL is good for the rest of the week...even better. ;)

Wednesday, November 9th--John Refuses to Blog. Pissed His Man Didn't Get a Box To Pack Up Personal Items

Well hello there National EAS Test! Your interruptions are always pleasant...feel free to come back any time.

Oh hello V and C! Dammit that's it! I missed the scene!? UGH EAS Test!

Natty looks MIZ! Who doesn't? The most adorable baby in the U.S....little Liam.

I just don't have discuss this Neela shit.

Tomas' old iPhone is better than any iPhone I ever had. I'm miffed and won't let this go. On another note, I can't bear to look at Blair's ugly ass jacket anymore. It's burning my damn eyes!!!

Thank God Clint and Victoria are on because otherwise I have a feeling I'm going to be bored. DAMMIT TO HELL David Vickers! Did you just HAVE to interrupt the almost kiss? Boo.

Jesus's not your house.

I love that John told Vimal to sit because he's making him nervous. LOL. Aaaaand John has on jeans. I can't think of the last time of have seen this man in denim. I kinda like it. I wonder if his man approves of this new fashion choice.

Why oh why is OLTL doing this to us?! Do they expect us to give a flying f*@k about Neela when we have 2 months of this show left?!

On a sad note, I only have about 2 more months with you people...whannnn!!!!! =( How sad.

OMG...Vimal is genuinely upset that McBain is leaving. See?! This is affecting everyone.

I couldn't pay attention to Natty and Brody because I was staring at Liam.

I love all these messages from Dorian via David. LOL...he is a funny little messenger.

Idea--how about we just have Clint and Vicki on for the entire episode?

God, if I were RH I'd beat the shit out of NuJack. It's a good thing I'm not RH. He is more tolerant than me.

Liam has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!!!! Aaaaand Brody has crazy eyes again. Very nice.

LOL...Clint: "Aren't you ever gonna let that go?" ha. I'm sure BDV will Clint. Sending someone away to Morocco to an underground prison is just small potatoes. OMG....LDV is just sitting there ON the paternity test and Clint doesn't even really care! No one gives to shits about this dog!!!!

When does Brody go crazy? I kinda stopped reading spoilers but for months now I have been hearing he was going off the deep end. On another note, Brody will no doubt have a conversation with Liam about all this paternity foolishness and he will also ask Liam for advice. Everyone else does that...Liam is a baby buddha.

LOL..."Vimal! Get a hold of yourself, man." See these are the kinda comments I love...McBain you can't leave!!!

I need someone to sneak up behind NuJack and throw him in that fire.

This Blair/Tomas convo is so effing boring and pointless. Good God...I feel insulted. Whew...thank God Todd just surfaced. I need someone to liven this shit up.

Vimal and Neela look like they are on a cruise ship.

UGH...I can't believe Todd and Blair are arguing about Tomas. I MEAN...REALLY?!

hahahahaha! Vicki is looking at Clint like a lamb to slaughter. Ugh...these scenes are too short!!!

LOL...Clint just called LDV "a little mutt" twice and said he would ship her off to Morocco! haha! Oh God bless...he just lets the dog runaway with the test results! No one pays attention!!!

The word "crud" leaving Natty's mouth sounded weird.

Does anyone have the exact month count of how long this insulting paternity storyline has been going on? No big deal if you don't know. I'm just trying to calculate how many minutes, hours and days of my life that have been totally wasted.

I love how disgusted/upset BDV is with Vicki. These two really are so cute together and I love their friendship. Ewww....BDV just told Vicki that he and Dorian have Skype sex 10 times a day. haha!

I cannot stress enough how much I hate Blair's coat. It's like that fuschia pleather jacket of Mestiny's. My eyes will not recover from this shit. I just know it. Damn you, Blair. In other news, Todd is in badass mode and I love it.

On a random note, I think I need to put out an APB for Bo and Nora. God when was the last time they were on together?! Don't even bring up Matthew...sad sad.

Obviously everyone who works at "The Sun" has an IQ of 2 if they are going to beleive that stupid ass phone call from NuJack. Stupidity overload. Fail.

LOL..."If he hurts you, I'll have Dorian deport him." Awe...I love BDV and Vicki. How sweet. Aaand I can't handle all these looks Clint is giving Vicki. AH. Be still my heart!

Hey...John's mane needs a box for personal items, too! Snap...I like Natty in that white shirt. Very nice.

Brody is in crazy mode. Full out.

God...NuJack you are so dumb. It just infuriates me.

Oh no...I am NOT into this Tomas and Blair thing and was over it months ago. RH please end this now...for all of us. Just somehow make Tomas go away. You can do it. I know you can.

Ooookay! Off to get ready...stylist is here.

Love y'all on this Thursday! Have a great one!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clint/Vicki--The Adorableness Continues

Vicki/Nicki: "I can't wait to wear this outfit for Clint. He will love it."

Evening everyone! No comments on my last post. I don't blame y' was a totally shitty post and that is really all there is to say about it. I actually have Ross next to me tonight as I blog so maybe he will provide some useful commentary. He will only pay attention to about 10% of the show. For y'all's sake, I hope this post is better.

Tuesday, November 8th--John McBain Volunteers to Blog Since Clint and Vicki Are So Adorbs. McBain Just HAS to Gush About Them.

Wait...I have to take a time out and say that I can't believe I didn't comment on Natty's wedding dress. Dear effing awful! Ross said the following "It looks like some shit 'The Little Mermaid' would wear." The man has a point. Anyway, I had to say something about the dress. Whoever designed it got a little crazy with the damn bedazzler.

Ugh...Blair's coat is effing atrosh and needs to be removed immediately.

Lordy...Baker on the cover of "The Sun." Poor bastard can't catch a break. Now...Tea has on a gorg coat. Blair needs to take lessons. If the hair and make-up peeps are trying to give Tea that I'm pregs and glowing/healthy look then consider it a success. She looks fabulous in that all white.

"You have 27 missed calls from Vimal." Gosh, the day I wake up and see that on my phone remind me to kill myself.

Jesus...where in holy hell is that pic of Natalie from?! That backdrop looks like one of those TERRIBLE junior high spring time pictures that you had to take. UGH. OMG OMG's Clint!!!! Looking ever so dapper! AHHHH!!!! Enter Victoria! Thank you Jesus! Laura, I know you are so happy right now. I love how they always dress Vicki in bold solid tops and a long necklace. Hey, if it ain't broke? I'm sorry...but I hate that Clint is on house arrest. HATE IT!!!! Oooohhhh so is Vicki trying to get Clint special permission to go to the wedding?!

Omigod...someone burn Blair's coat. I can't deal with this fugly thing. AHHHHHH!!!!!! BDV (big David Vickers) is surfacing?! I had no idea!

Awe...look at C and V flirting!!! Clint likes Vicki calling him out on his shit...and other things. I LOVE IT!!! He is smitten! That cute little grin...can't deal. OMG that sweet little V got Clint's tux dry cleaned...adorbs.

I'm not into Neela shit. I'm sorry. I mean she is a pretty girl but I'm not interested. I feel like I'm watching some show on Disney or ABC Family. UGH. These two are too mcuh. On another note, the Mumbai airport looks shotty at best.

Good God will someone please ship me Tea's coat?! PLEASE!

Oh woof...I'm over this French man and Tomas at this point. Seriously.

I love that Dorian sent David to ask Blair if she voted! WORD on that!!!

Vicki is a terrible liar. LOL. Wait...Clint and Cord are the same size. That's a lie. OMG...regardless if Clint can go to the wedding or not you can tell Clint is touched. Sweet thing.

I'm just not commenting on this Vimal/Neela foolishness.

I hope that Blair and BDV chewed gum or had a breath mint before that scene. I mean they were nose to nose. OMG...flashback to that Halloween adorableness that was Todd/Blair/Sam.
I mean...this Vicki and Clint adorableness is more than I can handle.

Again...not discussing this Neela shit.

LOL...I love Todd's facial expressions when Tea said that Blair had turned herself trying to get over Todd. That bastard is confident and knows Blair still wants him...I love it.

I have to say that I do find these Blair and BDV scenes are quite funny and entertaining!

Is Tea's hair a different color? It looked like it was when she exited "The Sun."

Gosh I'm so excited about these Tomas scenes!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm smiling so wide right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The judge turned down the request!? Boo! Huge effing boo.

Wait...Tomas is off chasing his _____ little tail? I can't understand what Todd just said.

Ugh..Ross just fell asleep so he is offering ZERO comments. ZERO.

I mean...can we just all give Vicki a group hug!? I think she wanted to cry when she told Tea that Clint was writing his toast. OMG and now I could cry seeing Tea and Vicki hug. Adorbs.

I'm sorry but I think Todd/Victor makes/made enough money from "The Sun" that he can afford a better damn desk. Get some big mahogany thing why don't you? I mean there are ZERO drawers on that damn thing.

I would KILL to hear Dorian's voice! Why can't BDV answer and put Dorian on speakerphone?! WHY NOT?!

Tomas is a sneaky bastard huh? I'd like for all those years with the CIA or FBI or whatever the hell he did to be shown. As far as Tomas goes, at this point I just know that his painting is just ok...he doesn't like to shave (or bathe for that matter) and that he appears to be a pretty bad liar.

I mean...this Tea and Vicki stuff is hilar.

Shouldn't BDV be leaving to go have sex with Dorian? It's been 3 to her!

NOOOO!!!!!!!!! Poor Clint! I mean...I will console you sweetheart. Just let Mary-Ella come and take care of you...poor thing!

Oh boo on Blair going to tell Tomas she loves him...huge boo.

Ooookay so I don't think my iPhone does all that shit Tomas' does. PLUS...that looked like a 3G or 3GS iPhone and not a 4 or 4S...yet it scanning shit and what not. I need to get better with my apps.

Oooookay! I'm going to have a glass of wine and go to bed! Have a great night!

Love y'all and mean it oh so much!

And This Is What I Come Back To?

Rama: "Oh Vimal it's okay. This whole Natalie/John paternity storyline will be over with soon. Don't try and harm yourself because of it. It's almost over!"

Oh goodness...good morning! How is everyone?! Glad to be back. Ummm somehow I am running late this a.m.? Anyway, I have to make this a fast post. I'll be back to comment this evening. Hope y'all had a great week last week! Oh, and I haven't watched the episodes I missed last week so this post oughta be interesting. Ok dearies...

Monday, November 7th--John Wants to Leave Town Because He Is So Over the Lack of Renee Divine's Screentime

Oh wow. So this is my first day seeing Vimal's sister. Just awesome. She is exactly who I wanted to see in the first scene.

The decor of Foxy Roxy's kinda makes me dizzy. Very bright.

Awe...yay! Bo Buchanan is on to no doubt make my day. Seriously that is the only reason he is on...I'm please me only. ;) Ugh...I guess I can accept McBain leaving but his hair has to stay in Llanview...that's an order.

Oh good God...Louie? Clearly he is not dead like I thought he might be.

Ok so I don't feel like discussing Vimal's sister because, frankly, I don't have time this morning and I just don't care.

Nice place to hide the pregs test, Tea. Sam is clearly the best child on this show. I mean...please be friends with me.

Again, as long as John's lucsious locks stay in Llanview then I guess I'm ok with him leaving. ;) Ugh...John you need to stay here and help Bo find Victor's murderer!

Oh boo. I was hoping that I would see these Jessica and Natalie scenes and somehow magically care about this storyline but I don't! Dammit! Why can't I be magical at times?! I mean...I really feel I should care about all this but I don't.

I love that Bo called John out on his bullshit excuse to leave Llanview.

Vindictive spiteful bitch...very nice, Natty. Otherwise...I couldn't care less.

I'd love it if Tea would let me come inside and decorate her house. How flippin' sweet is little Sam?!?! I children need to be like him. Hmmm I wonder if Sam will start playing with the pregs test thinking it is a toy...

Hmmmm y'all I'm kinda bored. Sorry...

Jesus...why can't Jessica just show Natty the flippin' test?! Where is LDV when you need her?

Clearly the only lovely thing about this episode for me is that Bo Buchanan is on being fabulous and adorable as usual. Otherwise...I'm about pull my hair out.

NuJack's acting is still horrible. I'm sorry.

Oh...lemme say that RH looks pretty yumm-o in that outfit. Y'all I NEED this episode to get better!!!! I'm so f*@king bored. I mean...this show ends in two months and I'm bored. HATE that!

hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE! Little Sam is waving around the pregs test! I knew it!!!!!

I love that Jess said she got the paternity test from David Vickers...because that's not misleading or anything. Oh so Jess can't whip out the paper because LDV took it back. This dog does whatever the hell she wants! No discipline...none!!!

Let me think...I'm pressed for time and this show is boring so I'll just sum up this show.

I don't give a damn about Jess and Natty. Why? Is it because they aren't intersting characters? No. They aren't lovely to look at? No. It is because this story has gone on for so f*@king long that I lost interest months ago.

The Tea being pregs thing is a good idea and I like it. What I like even better? Sam using the pregs stick as a sword.

Vimal's sister...I mean why should I even care about this.

Todd is great looking in these new clothes.

John's luscious locks AND his actual body need to stay in Llanview. I know I said just the mane could stay but now I'm being greedy and need both.

Bo was clearly the best part of the show for me today.

I'm also praying Tuesday's episode is better!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ciao Bellas

Oh...I hate to do this. I am being forced to stop this blog...just for the rest of the week. ;) I have too much going on and then I leave for NYC on Thursday. MH is actually meeting me there so I have decided to just take this week off. I don't want to just give y'all half-ass posts. So, next week I'll be back full force. Feel free to comment as you wish! I'd love it!

See y'all next week! I'll respond to comments when I can!

love y'all...mean it! So sorry for the hiatus!
Overscheduled Mija