Monday, October 24, 2011

Aubs' Shops at H&M. Remains a Liar.

Aubs: "Oh Rex, I'm sorry I can't help but embarrassed. This dress isn't a designer frock from Neiman's. I went shopping with Mary-Ella at H&M and bought it. Please don't be mad."

Oh my word...HELLOOOOO! I mean I feel I have been gone for years. Ok lie...Ross and I have done NOTHING but party, eat and drink all weekend. I mean I even had two glasses of wine during my layover today and had vodka on the yes we enjoyed ourselves until we came back! However, I must say I am totally exhausted! I will do a snippy, shorty, quippy drive-by of Friday. Oh and I know I haven't responded to comments!!! I will try and do that tomorrow! behind!!!!

Friday, October 21st--Mary-Ella's Cocktail Party Is Going On So Only Little David Vickers Is Around to Blog

1. I mean I am having a hard time believing the paparazzi are THAT hard core in Llanview. And, sadly I am glad one of the paps took Starr's keys. I love that James is being all authoritative and answering the damn door at Laboulaie.
2. Jesus, orange is NOT...I repeat, NOT a good look on Tomas! Good God almighty! On another note: the court reporter does NOT look intelligent. Sorry. She MIGHT have her GED. "Might" being the operative word here. I am doubting that though...
3. The Cutter/Gigi shit is heinous...HEINOUS!
4. I love that Todd said that Asa and Blair have "history" and that Marty Saybrooke could come and testify on Todd's behalf and Nora would still throw him in jail! Peeing! AH! LOVES IT! Also, I love Todd and Nora...bring it. I know I am in the minority but I totally love how she never gives Todd a chance. The absurdity of it all is hilarious.
5. I'm gonna go with Aubrey purchasing that black dress from H&M since I just purchased one very similar last week. It was inexpensive. Otherwise, I don't see how Aubs' affords shit. So I am thinking she shops at H&M.
6. As if Starr gives two shits about seeing Hope. Also, isn't James sexually frustrated?! I mean when is the last time he and and Starr had sex?! Jesus, Rick the porn guy. Fabu. I don't give two shits about him anymore. Ross is snoozing and not around for all this...
7. I can't believe after all these years Blair and Todd are arguing about Tomas. Oh well. Oh, I do love Blair's dress. I have to say that...
8. I cannot discuss the Tomas shit anymore because it is painful--he looks THAT bad in orange.
9. I know I could be interested in Rex and Aubrey if we had time left. But I'm not since there is no time left. Moving on from this waste of time...
10. Yeah....RH is bringing a whole different dynamic to Todd this go around. Young Boots...I am agreeing with you that it is a bit more Paul from "As the Word Turns." I can agree since I did watch it. I mean it just isn't the same...
11. WOW. What I will discuss...that Cutter ACTUALLY books flights to and from Anchorage! I mean...Jesus, Marty and Joseph! Kim just comes and goes as she pleases...uber absurd. I least they are showing Cutter booking the flight.
12. Oh good grief. Natty's engagement party is on Halloween night? Kill me.
13. I LOOOOOOOVE that Irene keeps surfacing. Why?! Because I LURVE Irene!!!! AHHH!!!! Little bitch is evil...yet kinda looking out for Todd? Who knows....
14. I mean AS IF Tomas is gonna go to jail for 20 years.
15. Does anyone think that at any waking moment Hope is going to explode and kill everyone in Llanview?! Aaaaaaaaaand, I can't help it...despite Rick's trashiness and the ZERO need for him on this show right now...yeah, I can't help but laugh at him. He just made Brit-Brit comments. I am sorry but I chuckled...
16. May I just say that I hate that Gigi/Stacy is alive! I mean...suck my big toe. Like right now.
17. OMIGOD!!!!!!! I NEED....YES NEEEEEEED...for someone to tell me how long it takes from Anchorage, KY, to Llanview, PA. Please. I mean this Cutter thing was so absurd and insulting.
18. Oh, I haven't said this but I LURRRRRVVVEEEEE Rick's "The Sun" t-shirt! Faaaaaaaabulous. I mean...did Rick really just say that Starr would be pushing Hope's stroller?! Lemme rewind....hmmmm....he did. Yeah, he is dumb. I would kill to know the last time Starr pushed Hope in a stroller. Yeah, I forgot that I did like Rick. Well, maybe not totally...but there is so much potential.
19. Whoa...that last Starr and James scene was super weird and had really f*@ked up editing. I mean...made no sense.
20. I NEEEEDDDD someone to tell me what airline Cutter flies. Effing rapid speed!
21. I mean...y'all please tell me you feel that OLTL is screaming "F*@k you, fans" through this Gigi/Stacy storyline. If not, that is okay. It is just me. I'm not surprised...
22. I also NEEEEEEDDDDD Todd to really NOT be the killer of Victor Jr. I mean...I need that to happen. Just let it be Brody at this rate. K, thanks!

Ooooookay! I am passing out and will blog tomorrow (about Monday) and hopefully catch up...operative word is "hopefully." UGH.

Love y'all and mean it MUCHO!


  1. I'm so bored by the show lately i didn't even bother to watch yesterday-still sitting on the DVR--sorry but i can't take Nora seriously as the DA she should have resigned when she let it slide her son was a murderer--I get not turning him in but don't go after others it makes you look like an a-s.

    I can only watch starr with Todd, that's it.
    And what was the point of Baz??

  2. @rac Well, I am pretty bored too. The only reason I have been excited this past week is to SEE Bo and Nora. Oh darling...I have NEVER been a fan of Nora being the D.A. NOT EVER! Agreed about Matthew and also...she is so biased against Todd. So I understand. What has ever been the point of Baz? I haven't the faintest clue.