Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Somebody Put Me Out of My Misery!

Blair: "Starr, I don't know how to tell yout his but your demo tape killed everyone in Llanview. They couldn't handle it. Everyone's ears exploded. I'm sorry."

Well, Happy Hump Day! I can't lie...the show wasn't my fav on Tuesday so I'm gonna make this post a short one. Y'all the show has got to pick up! AH! I'm losing my mind. I mean...granted some of the Todd stuff is interesting (but I think the show has turned into THE Todd show again. I mean I love him but it's all we are seeing) but otherwise I'm so damn bored and NEED this paternity storyline to end. Speaking of boredom...the commenting has taken a nosedive! Are people not really watching the show? Not interested? Or are my posts THAT boring (more than likely this one)? it a combo of everything? Just curious. Anyway, I'm just doing a mini drive-by. The Todd stuff was ok and McBain was fabu and Tea and Blair were kinda hilar but I was still bored as hell...sorry. =(

Tuesday, October 4th--Everyone Refused to Blog Since They Were So Bored. Little Liam Stepped Up...What a Guy.

1. Natty's neck injury healed in a hot minute. I mean REALLY?! Now only if this damn paternity storyline could end that quickly...dammit!
2. There is no other way to put it...McBain needs to do stand-up comedy (he does in real life!). His reactions to Irene dying were hilar. John wants the CSU involved at the crime scene? If the LPD has any sense they will put their top CSU on all Natty!!!!! STAT! If you have any hopes of solving this crime, then by God call Natty! She is so smart.
3. I'm very disappointed in Vicki's cabin...have been for years. I mean she has a shit-ton of money so I expect better. Yes, I know it is a cabin and not a 5 star resort but it could be a little fancier...just sayin'.
4. This Jess/Nat shit is uber lame. However, you know what isn't lame? LIAM! I mean...Jessica (just like Brody) is spilling her guts to Liam and asking for advice! This kid is a mini Buddha! Lord have mercy! Poor kid has heard more "real" shit in his life than anyone else in the world at that age. Heavy stuff!
5. Please ask me if I give a damn about Starr and James. The only time my ears perked up was when James offered to play the music Baz and Starr made. I mean someone shoot this kid immediately. I will gladly do it and go to jail for the rest of my life knowing my deed was for the greater good.
6. Again, it is really hard for me to wrap my mind around the exact purpose Tomas serves on this show.
7. I'm not even sure I can write down ten things about this episode. Even I am bored typing this damn blog! Y'all I can't take it!!!! Bludgeon me now! Paper cut me to death with the paternity results! I don't care! I just can't take this!
8. I think Tea and Blair make quite the couple. stuff. Sassiness overload...loves it.
9. Well, I don't know about y'all but now I can rest easy and actually stop hyperventilating. Natty made it to the crime scene so now I know that this story will wrap up quickly. My ass...
10. I just need James to get a life. Natty to solve this murder mystery. The paternity storyline never be mentioned again. A bomb go off and kill Mes and NQS (or the sound of Baz and Starr's demo tape could be played on repeat and proceed to kill these two slowly). Tomas to have a purpose on the show. Clint and Vicki to get together. Bo and what's her name? Nora...yes, Nora...actually be seen on the show together because I forgot they were married. UGH! Also, Liam needs to tell all these ass clown writers what is up.

I'm so sorry this post was awful! Jesus I had NOTHING to work with this episode!!!

PRAYING today's episode is good. Good grief!



  1. Good Job with the Blog ME, The show has been lame, not much to say.....Right they need to finish the paternity thing, my eyes are bleeding over here.....In my head I guess I am enjoying the show less and less because they seem to be wasting time while the sand in the hourglass runs out...makes me mad. It is a treat seeing Tina and Cord...hope they bring more people back, some f'n thing !!!!! XO Krisi

  2. I have still be reading your blogs and loving them. But, the show hasn't been good, I've actually stopped watching for the most part. Many times waiting to see what the recaps say before I make decision on if I should watch. I just have no interest in 90% of the show at the moment, it is dull. There is no Nora, no Dorian, Bo is left with doing stupid stuff, and Clint and Viki are propping their annoying brats. That is pretty much why I haven't commented, along with being super busy at work for the past few months.

  3. ditto to the above--there is nothing to say because nothing is moving, nothing at all!

    If Starr was as smart as the keep telling us she is she would have figured out that it was right after big mouth sean told her what was on the phone WHILE NUJACK WAS IN TE OTHER ROOM--that NJ ran to the police and repeated it--that should have been the end of that.

    And there was no reason to bring back Stacy with Kim, (and how did she get that gun down to Kentucky without being arrested at the airport??)

    seems i actually have alot to say LOL--it's so frustrating knowing we are 3 mos from the end.

    PS Have you seen Dirty Soaps on the E network--Farah Fath is a major biatch and just keeps complainging about everything including being a ghost! John Paul needs to dump her whiney butt!

  4. Hola Mija,

    New to this, but I love your updates...I don't have cable so I watch online & always a day behind. If you post early enough & the show sounds dullsville, I skip it. Thanks, so much you do such a great job!!

  5. AH! Comments! Joy! :)

    @Krisi First and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day has been as grand as you are! You are so right...precious time is just wasting! (Oh, every time I see the word "hour glass" I don't think of Days of Our Lives but I think about the wicked witch's castle in "The Wizard of Oz" ha!). Anyway, I want to gouge my eyes out with this paternity mess. But, like you I'm enjoying the show less and less. Woof. Oh and agreed...Tina and Cord...pretty fabulous. Ah! At least we got that! xx

    @mojomiller Been missing you on here darling! Ummm yeah, so I don't want to watch either but...errrr I have a blog? Yes...that is the only reason why. Times...please oh please tell me you have seen the effing spoiler about Bo for the week of October 17th!! I'll let you wait and read it but you will be outraged. I've already come to terms with the fact that B/N ain't going to PP (which no surprise...fine). But, I'd like the show to end on a good note! I IS the Todd show right now. Jesus...can't catch a break here!

    @rac hahahaha! So you DO have a lot to say! Times...I FIRST have to respond to "Dirty Soap." Ok so "no" I don't watch. However, I did half ass watch the first episode and FARAH FATH IS AN EFFING BITCH! Sweet Jesus! I mean...I was like "OMG is that really how FF acts?!" I was shocked, horrified, and disappointed. Oh and JPL needs to grow a pair and not put up with her shit. UGH. I mean I can't get over it...agree with you! She was also mean to Nadia...that was kinda petty. Ummm thank you! This Starr mess could have been ended like flippin' last week! Good God! Agreed! Oh, and the Kim and Stacy point? Yes exactly. OLTL isn't balanced so I flippin' forget where we are with the Kim shit...and I don't care.

    @Anonymous Well THANK YOU! Aren't you so sweet!? So you are a day behind? Gosh, I WISH I was a day behind with this show sometimes. ;) Anyway, glad I sometimes am of some assistance! Well, that is if you agree with my assessments since Lord knows some people don't...ha! Do you watch on youtube or on Thanks again for the compliments and thanks for the comment deary!

  6. Six days On & love the old 80's stuff on Youtube. I totally agree w/ all your assessments, well so far anyway. Tee-hee!


  7. @Ang Well so glad you agree thus far but if you don't then that is fine too! I totally do NOT expect for everyone to agree with my mindless commentary. ;) Oh old youtube stuff is wonderful but I just never have time for! I would love to have a day to sit, watch and reminisce! Nice to have you!

  8. Awwww, thanks....nice to be here!!