Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stay Tuned, You're About to Enter the Teen-Free Zone!

Coach Victoria: Clint, if you can't make it all the way up the steps by the end of the week, I'm letting the teens take over the show again.

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

TGIF!! I hope you all are doing well on this Fabulous Friday! Just to keep you updated: ME is safe and sound in NOLA! I will be with her fabu self this weekend for round two of her wedding festivities and LSU football!! Like she said, we will try and post a video and/or some photos if we can! Be afraid! Just kidding... but not really.

Show has been good overall the past few days, right?! Hopefully today continues that trend. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and this is a disclaimer that the formatting will, no doubt, be all ate up with freak for this post since Blogger hates my computer. Apologies for this and, as always, any and all typos!

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Hope and Marty are fighting over who will blog. John McBain's hair is trying to break up the fight. While they are distracted, Rene and Addie escaped the attic and took control of the blog.

Sweet angels of heaven, Clint and Queen V! This episode will be fab for this reason alone. They are adorbs. Sidenote: Clint looks great in that purple sweater, but I'm not digging Vicki's shirt. Peeeeing!! As if Vicki wasn't fabulous enough, she will now add personal trainer to her resume. Love this!! I could quote from their first segment all day long.

Oh Roxy, if only Rex would have to give everything back to Clint. If that happens, the first thing I want to see is GiGi's photo removed from the mantle at the Buch manse and Asa's put back. K thanks.

FYI: I refuse to discuss these Cutter and co scenes. This storyline is stupid. Period.

Ok, so Llanfair is now a gym in addition to a refugee camp and correctional center. Lord have mercy. This is hysterical.

Well, not much to say about the Bo/Mayor Finn scene. Bo is adorable, and I just want to cuddle with him. That is all.

So, Todd really did kill Victor? I'll be honest, I haven't been watching the show on a regular basis, so somebody please inform me if I'm missing something.

Tea looks fabulous, and that's all I have to say about that scene. Thomas remains on this show and was asked to be on PP's OLTL why? Exactly.

I need Nora to arrive in the courtroom in the next segment, not a random ADA. K thanks.

Bo remains awesome, and I don't know what else to say. I want to know why he and Nora's wedding photo is no longer on his desk. This bothers me.

Oh really, ABC? REALLY? Ok, Moammar Gadhafi's death is a pretty big deal, so I'll let the interruption for a presidential news conference slide this time. I don't think we missed too many segments anyway.

Blair looks so chic. Love her outfit and jewelry matches perfectly!

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus, Nora is prosecuting and has now been on three days in a row. Hell has frozen over. Times, I was really hoping that I would never have to see that ensemble on her ever again. I hate it, especially the shirt. Sorry but I do. Oh well, at least the writers are letting homegirl do her job!

Has this judge been on before? If so, I don't remember him.

Starr, shut up and talk to Nora's hand. You broke the law, and you know it. Ya'll, let's be serious, we all know that neither Todd nor Starr are going to jail.

Not much to say about that Rex/Roxy scene...

I love that Vicki does not use contractions when she speaks! She is so prim and proper. Yet another reason to love her! Lord, there are just no words for how fabulous these Vicki/Clint scenes are. Seriously, they are adorable together, and I need them officially reunited, prontito! Time out, whose computer is on the desk, and why in the Sam hell is Cutter's mug the desktop wallpaper?!

Rex, you are no match for Clint, so just haul your ass over to the Llanfair Gym and see what your father wants. Don't forget to pack your tennis shoes!

Vicki: "I thought you were calling Cutter." Clint: "I couldn't." Vicki: "Why not?" Clint: "You asked me not to." LE SIGH. I mean, no words.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I LOVE Bo Buchanan. He is awesome, and Kathleen Finn needs to just accept this fact and leave him alone. Sidenote: Kathleen's ensemble is atrosh. Oh lawd, she just fired Bo, Donald Trump/The Apprentice style. I mean, how many times does Bo need to be fired? Enough already.

Nora and Tea's courtroom sparring is always a pleasure to watch. That is all.

Damn, that prison jumpsuit Thomas has on is bright, and I might have to put on my sunglasses. Lord have mercy, Thomas loves Blair. Ok.

Aaaaand, Nora will now, no doubt, get bashed to hell and back for withdrawing the deal.

Woah, Rex, giving everything back to Clint? Renee just took a break from blogging and put Asa's photo back on the mantle her damn self! I'm happy that Rex finally came to the realization that money will not bring GiGi back, and I commend him for for his honesty with Clint! I now need him to stop being the focus of the Buchanan legacy. K thanks.

Ooooh, Mayor Finn, Bo Buchanan just put you in your place. I mean, Bo's tone was so threateningly sultry in that scene, and I now want to make out with him. Mercy.

I'm liking this judge. No partucluar reason, but I like him more than the other clowns that have presided over Llaiview's District courtroom since Judge Fitzwater left.

Seriously ya'll, is there a point to Blair and Thomas? How can they be so boring?

Uumm, we went through all of those court proceedings and Starr and co just waltzed out saying they plead guilty and got suspended sentences? Did I miss something? I surely didn't expect that after their last segment. Why didn't we get to see the end of the hearing? Fail.

I love having Bo on the show and all, but what in the hell was the point of these scenes with Mayor Finn firing him? She fires him and then takes it back two seconds later. Bitches please. Oh, and, Kathleen, only Nora is allowed to call Bo "Buchanan." Word.

Clint is going to let Rex be his house-sitter. Ok. I will just say that I would much prefer Bo and Nora to be the house-sitters since they live in a shoe box at the moment, but whatevs. Awe, Vicki was so touched that she hugged Clint. Le sigh! Can they just make out already?

Vicki is making me cry. Aaaaand, just like that she made me pee on myself by whipping out her whistle! Thanks for the bipolar moment, Queen V!

Cable spazzed out for a sec, but I think Rex was packing things he brought into Clint's office? Someone feel free to tell me if this scene was something important.

Ugh, I mean, Kathleen needs to get over Bo's rejection and move the hell on. She and John McBain would make a great couple. I would lurve to see that pairing, and I think it would be fabulous. McBain has better hair, though, sorry Kathleen.

Yay, no one is going to jail. Raise your hand if you are surprised. I would pay money to see Todd and Starr picking up trash on the side of the road! Please let them also be wearing bright orange jumpsuits like Thomas. K thanks.

Oohh, Blair and Todd scenes!! Those are always good! Looking forward to those on tomorrow's episode.

Overall, the show was great today. All four vets were on, and the only teen in sight was Starr. That is a win in my book. This can't happen on a regular basis because? Exactly.

K, must go pack for the weekend. Please pray that I don't forget anything. As always, thank you all for reading and putting up with me while ME is away. Hopefully, we will have some entertainment for ya'll this weekend.

XO to the Infinite Power,

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  1. Great episode - I was having the EXACT same thought - I NEED to see scenes of Todd and Starr picking up trash out on the Interstate LOL!!!!

    Friday was good too and am looking fwd to today's epi as well - how much longer can we hold off the atrocious teen brigade?? YEARS I hope!!!! Maybe Mestiny can just slip the writer's collective minds now with all this other compelling stuff going on - PULEEZE?? If only . . . .

    Young Boots