Friday, October 28, 2011

Leopard Skin Is The Fabric of Desperation

Tina: "Omigod made me a toy for Halloween?! That is so sweet of you. In return, I promise you that Natalie's wedding will be the best this town has seen!"

Oookay! I FINALLY responded to comments. I haven't blogged about this damn show since Wednesday...oy! So let me attempt to do Wednesday QUICKLY. Then I will get caught up by today or in the morning I swear...I HATE being behind! Drives me nuts!!! Again, thanks for patience.

Wednesday, October 26th--Vicki's Little Wooden Toys She Widdles For Halloween Take Over the Blog

Oh and I will TRY and not take Todd's entitled quote personally! I mean...leopard skin is IN this season. I mean I just wore leopard pumps yesterday for crying out loud! Watch it RH!

Again, I love that Tina is answering the door at Llanfair for all the damn strangers...

Am NOT talking about the Gigi/Cutter/Rex/Aubs shit. No time this morning...thank God.

I love that Vicki is making little Halloween bags...ADORBS!!!! Todd: "You're the one that widdles little wooden toys for kids at Halloween." I love it. The apples for Christmas line was great, too.

Ugh...Blair looks hot in that dress. I'll give her that. I love that Blair still referred to it as Dorian's kitchen. Very nice.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Why oh why does he have to be on today!? I am going to get sick again...just when I start to feel better. Dammit to hell!!!!

Don't bash hyphenated names, Cutter and Tina. Ok good. For a minute there I thought they were. I would take this personally. OH EM GEE...Tina is so ditzy and I love it.

I wish I was slapping Gigi instead of her just slapping herself. WHAT? NuJack just saw Gigi?! NO! Just NO! You know, I gave myself a papercut yesterday from a packet of oatmeal (don't ask) and I can assure you I would rather cut myself all day long than watch this Gigi/Stacy shit. I CANNOT FLIPPIN' HANDLE IT!

Clearly, the Vicki/Todd scenes and anything with Tina will save this show. PEEING...Todd just asked about gluten. Love it.

When is this damn engagement party going to take place? I keep hearing about it. UGH!!!!! Gigi's pic is back on the damn mantle! Kill me. I cannot deal with everyone playing musical pictures in this down. Things are constantly getting switched around.

Ugh...the ONLY thing I will say about this Gigi shit is that, surprisingly, it doesn't look like there is an animal on her head. Her hair looks nice. You know if I hadn't seen half of the first episode of "Dirty Soap" maybe I would be more inclined to be nice about Gigi but not so much. FF was mean on that show!

I mean...Tomas' purpose on this show? I have been asking this damn question for months!!!! Someone effing explain this to me! I mean...sure he is super cute (I used to be so into him since I thought his character would be good...could have been) but that doesn't mean I want him to stay on the show. Ugh. Le woof.

I mean I just need Vicki, Todd and Tina on this episode for the whole hour...that is it. I mean besides watching these fine people I have to say I am bored as hell. I'm in a hurry anyway...

I'm ducking and running...I do think Aubrey would be a good match for Rex and I think those two and Shane look adorbs together. Seriously...they do.

I AM PEEEEEEING!!!!!!!!!! Todd is spouting off about fruit of the poisonous tree and Vicki's like "No, that's rules of evidence." YOU HAVE A CASE OF THE STUPIDS?! This is like the best shit ever! These 3 together are FAAAAAABULOUS!

Who are the VanEtten's, Blair? Tell me. Are they your neighbors. I am intrigued. Hell, watch OLTL add this as new damn characters to the show right before January. Fail.

Ok so the Shane/Rex sword fighting thing was cute. Ugh...I hate when I think stuff like that is cute.

What is not cute...these Gigi/Cutter scenes.

There was so much potential for Blair and Tomas and there is absolutely zero at this stage in the least to me.

I LOVE that Vicki wouldn't let Todd crack the beer top on the counter. I mean...that leopard quote is faaaabulous! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Todd said he wants Blair back! Nice!!!!!!

Ugh...I am not buying the Blair/Tomas kiss. Plus, it was a lame kiss. They just pressed their lips together. What a surprise...Blair has two men in love with her.

This last segment is hella boring. Where is the Lord family?

Yay! Todd and Vicki. hahaha! I love the comment about Vicki's sofa at the cabin.

That's it? Huge Boo!!!! I need to get ready for work anyway. is 10 'til 8! Thank God Ross is taking me to work so I can put make-up on while I am in the car!

See y'all later...I promise I'll catch up!

Oh and for those who haven't seen Lola discussing she is.

Love y'all mucho,
On the mend Mija

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  1. Okay, for your own health, I strongly recommend that you skip Thursday's show. I know I said that I rely on you to blog the crappy stuff so that I can like it better, but as I watched Thursday’s show I became increasingly worried about your health, and I think you should put your own needs above mine. :)


    The Lord Siblings in the Llanfair kitchen however, total gold! I've already watched it three times. :)

    Hoping for Vets today!!!

    - Laura

    P.S. Oh wait, there was a VERY cute costumed kid on the Thursday show. Definitely worth catching that part. That will perk you up.