Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little David Vickers Will Blog for Me This Evening

Morning! I'll be back late this evening to post. Sorry I was up late. I have my stunningly beautiful best friend from LSU coming in today and I'm so excited! I had to get stuff ready for her arrival but my plan is to blog tonight. I have a feeling I won't same much about Tuesday's show. I tried to play it while I cleaned up last night but once I saw that Bo and Aubrey had scenes and then there was more Kim/Gigi/Stacy shit...well, I just said to hell with it. Le woof. Regardless, I can't just stop blogging cause the show sucks. I will see this through until the end dammit...even if it kills me!

See y'all this evening. Sorry for the delay!

Love you darlings,

I can't respond to blog comments at work anymore...or get on Facebook, email, text, etc. UGH.


  1. Thanks for blogging, and I hope you have a terrific visit with your friend!


  2. @Laura You are so welcome! My friend and I had the BEST visit! About to respond to blog comments now. Thanks dear! ;)