Monday, October 17, 2011

The Most Exciting Thing This Episode...Blair's Jacket

Todd: "Oh, no I didn't say anything. I'm just staring into bored this episode."

Oh my word! Good morning! I am DRAAAAAAAGING ass this morning...ah! Anyway, lemme go on and get this going with Friday's episode. Praying it is good and exciting! I need something to wake my ass up since I have only had one sip of coffee so far. Okie dokie. Shall we??

Friday, October 14th--Mary-Ella Can't Even Think of a Title.

I mean...Blair has on ANOTHER cute adorbs leather jacket. Fabulous.

And now Bo is on...he will be the bright spot for me this episode...FACT.

Well, I do love the Buchanan study so I love they showed this room today. On another note I want to throw Gigi's picture across the room and then I'm going to fall out from shock that Kim Zimmer doesn't have on some shade of blue with that outfit.

I would love to know where Kim keeps her spare clothes in Anchorage. Otherwise that is it and I totally don't care about all this Spotted Pony foolishness.

UGH!!! I am so outraged! I mean...yes, Bo is on and believe me...I'm thrilled! But where are Vicki and Clint and Nora...and Dorian?! This is egregious and just pisses me off beyond belief.

Obviously I will have a bad day today...NQS just HAAAAAAAAD to surface didn't he? I mean....kill me.

Aaaaaand Tea's sweater is PRESH! I mean...I'm assuming when she took Todd the prescription she toted a bag of extra clothes because I do not believe that Blair and Tea were boring Vicki's clothes she keeps at the cabin. ha!

I have to say...I'm bored this episode. And...I'm like 15 minutes in.

Rama's coat is absolutely gorgeous. haha! I love that in order to make Cutter look younger they shaved his beard.

Ok so I am so bored that I will now just make random comments here and there. I have too much to do this morning than to blog about nothing. Oh, and let's remember that this is a Friday episode...we should be on the edge of our seats! Yeah, I'm not feeling it. I mean I would rather watch LDV and Liam shoot the bull...

Blair and Bo kinda match. I'm sorry but Blair doesn't give a flying f*@k about Starr being in jail. She is just concerned about Todd...hell, and Tomas. Oh, and I'm not even gonna bring up poor Hope. I mean that poor child will be so self sufficient by the time she is a teenager. I bet Addie and Renee are busy playing cards so Hope is then again left by herself. Poor thing...

Dan-YELLA's outfit is cute. WHAT NQS?! Excuse me, Buster Ridge? God, shut up! Yes, people do forget their birthdays when they have a lot going know, like when someone dies? selfish little weasel! You suck!!!!

I mean...where is RH getting HIS clothes from? By the way, his facial expressions are fabulous.

Peeing...Bo just told Blair to wait out in the squadroom. He should have told her to also feel free to destry it when she felt like it...already destroyed the desk the other day and all. Why not?

Did Rama take a pic of the dead guy with that cell phone? Or was that a camera? That was so NOT believable. And, when in the hell did all this take place?

Why can't Nate just die? Just someone answer me.

I apologize for an awful blog. I mean...I don't even have decent commentary for this episode. I'm about to pass out. I may not be able to finish this post!

Dan-YELLA needs to be shot for even talking to Nate. Thanks for making all girls look like dipshits.

Bo talked to Nora on the phone? Please.

I'm passing out. I think I may just stop typing...

Ugh...I'm trying to keep going! Ok, so I will thank God for small favors...Kim Zimmer's hair looks a LITTLE fuller and teased today but it is still flat as hell.

Is anyone else going to be pissed when Gigi starts talking? I know my ass will...

Blair's jacket is the best and most exciting thing this episode. Obviously, I adore Bo as well but he is just propping people. Tear...they showed Matthew. I mean...I am ready for his ass to wake up. Good grief.

There is a lot of tv watching going on NQS and Dan-YELLA.

Tea's coat is UH-DORBS.

Great...Gigi/Stacy woke up. Happy Monday to me. I quit...

Lord I was bored this episode. I assure you my shower I am about to take will be more exciting.

Okie dokie! I'll meet y'all back here later! Hope y'all have a grand day!



  1. I betcha little Hope killed Victor Jr. Wouldn't be the first time a relative killed a Victor Lord, and that kid's gotta have issues being in the attic and all, her mom AND dad in jail, her grandpa on the run and her grandma busy winning the Indy 500. Wouldn't surprise me a bit (and sadly, MORE believable than Stacy/Kim/Cutter)! LOL

  2. hahahahaha GREAT photo and caption!!

    Yes, they sure do always have Blair dressed and accessorized as cute as can be - I wish they could fix that shag haircut. She looks so much better/younger with her hair not covering most of her face - it is such a relief when she sticks it behind her ears - at least it has gotten long enough for her to do that. That old pixie cut she had early 00's would be MUCH preferable.

    Okay, I'm ranting about flipping hair styles - this WAS a dullsville epi.

    Young Yawning Boots

  3. I don't really have any comments about the show right now, so I'll comment on your last comment to my comment. :)

    You mentioned that if Bo and Nora don't go online, you’re not going to watch the show any more. Is that for realz? If so, I'm sad. I only just found you. But I do understand. Even with my favs Viki and Clint, I don't know how long I'll be able to stick with it if they are only on once a week.

    Since the show has hit a bit of a lull for me, maybe I will go back and watch the evil Clint story from 2010 per your suggestion. I just hate the idea that things went as far as they did with Eddie Ford (from what I've heard). I love Clint so much, I don't want him to be a heartless evil bastard, you know? I mean this is my loveable, trustworthy and honest Clint from ye olden days... But I'm one of those types that loved the 1888 old west storyline, so there you go. Maybe I should remove my rose-colored glasses every once in a while and enjoy some character development.

    Regarding Viki's couch and TV placement, I would not be having family movie night in that room. Looks seriously uncomfortable. That room is too fancy for a TV anyways. Isn't that, like, the parlor or the sitting room, or something? Shouldn't movie night be in the den? My house doesn't have so many rooms with fancy names and specific purposes, so I'm not quite sure...

    P.S. I agree with you, Liam is the best baby. Everyone in Llanview could learn a thing or two from him.


  4. Oh no can't stand this anymore--just watched Monday's episode---just get a 9mm gun and shoot me now

  5. Evening all!

    @richmondchandler I just said this to you on Facebook but...MISSED you, dah-ling! Hope you had a great time out of the country! Jesus, you are so right. I mean it is totally a helluva lot more plausible for Hope to be the killer. Sadly, I'd be totally okay with it if it would END THIS DAMN STORY! Ah...I also need the paternity shit to end. Can you tell that I am dripping in bitterness here? Le woof.

    @young yawning boots Thanks about photo and caption! I mean...the truth is the way to go! Todd is even bored and now aptathetic and Blair's jacket CLEARLY carried the show on its back. Damn! What a cross to bear! Yes, they accessorize and dress Blair to a "T." Wait you don't like her shaggy haircut? I'm ducking...I kinda do? I think I just wanted a change from her old do. I will admit that I do like it longer like it is now and prefer it behind the ears. Yes...dullsville...we are discussing hairstyles and Blair's damn jacket was the title! I mean...KILL ME! Seriously. We are both yawning and I am about to take a nap until January if this shit doesn't pick up! Lordy!

    Ok lemme post this and then do another commenting round...xx

  6. @Laura Yeah...nothing to comment on nowadays. How sad, right?! Ah! Is it true I won't watch if Bo and Nora don't go online? Sadly, yes. I mean I started watching OLTL forever ago when Nora was just coming to the show and I watched the whole Bo and Nora love story and was just hooked ever since...even with a 10 year separation, character assasination, etc. I mean...during the times I haven't wanted to watch the show I kept watching because of them. Don't get me wrong...I lurve Clint and Vicki...and god rest his soul, I adored Asa. But the show has changed in a big way than it used to be. I'd love to see Clint and Vicki but if BN don't go then it seems like the perfect time to stop watching and blogging. Oh, I will most definitely miss it. And you and your comments! you are so refreshing and fun!
    Look, yes Clint was EVIL but obviously I still adore him and he tried to break up my favorite couple. His acting during that time was phenomenal and I think OLTL had done a good job with this Clint redemption. I mean when I look at him (especially when he is with Vicki) I don't think of all his machinations. I only think about it when I see him in a room with Bo and Nora. Yeah, I didn't like the old west storyline. Sorry! I do suggest removing the glasses. Again, I STILL adore the Silver Fox. So there you go!
    Ah...Vicki's couch placement and tv. I atrosh! No, there should be no tv in there. She should have a more relaxed den for them to watch a movie...and to NOT get cricks in their necks. Good God! Oh and Liam is hands down the most adorable, well-behaved child ever. I just want him to be my friend...whannn! =(

    @rac Lord. I will now prepare myself. I mean I haven't watched yet...just great. PERFECT! UGH. There is no way I will make it to January at this rate...just no way. Thank you for the warning. AH!