Monday, October 10, 2011

I Need to Learn How to Travel Like Blair and Kim Do...

Kim: "Stace, you really think I just say I am going to Llanview and then hide in the hall for a few minutes and return?! AS IF! I have a jet, bitch."

Evening! I wanted to go on and try and get this blog out tonight. I don't know how the show is today so I have no clue if this blog will be super short or super long...or boring...or exciting. We shall see!

Monday, October 10th--Hope Continues to Blog. Begs to Be Saved from Attic. Addie Has Gone Completely Mad from Not Getting Enough Sunlight.

It's never a good sign for me when Rex is talking to Gigi's grave in the opening scene. This will probably be a short blog.

Hells yes...this blog WILL be short. The nail in the coffin was scene #2 with Kim talking to Stacy/Gigi/Who Gives a Shit. This is fine...I need to cook dinner anyway. The less typing the better.

Roxy's whole outfit is one big f*@king disaster. The jacket, shirt, and skirt clash to hell and back...even for Roxy! On another note: I'm again infuriated by seeing Jack Manning's name in the byline.

Knew it...Tea would interrupt Blair and Todd. No surprise.

Woof! Looks like no Clint and Vicki talk today, huh Laura? We can't win!!! Boo!

I am guessing today's highlights will be the Blair/Todd/Tea stuff.

Why do they ALWAYS have to put blue/teal/turquoise on Echo? I would just like someone to tell me.

Yeah I don't want to discuss the Rex and Delphina stuff. I am probably in the minority but I am not the biggest Delphina fan. She bores me a bit. I guess I'm just a Bitter Betsey because it has been WEEKS since my favorite character has been on and if that isn't bad enough I can't even see the other 3 or 4 people I like and I am bored as hell right now.

LOL...Todd telling Blair she gets "all Southern." KDP can't get rid of that accent and I love it! Keep it, darling! I'm gonna keep mine up here, too!

I wish that cop WOULD get the commisioner. I would to see Bo.

So now Blair is just leaving? Tea's suit is just too cute.

Oh em gee I loathe Roxy's outfit. ARE YOU F*@KING KIDDING ME?! Kim is now back in Llanview from Achorage?! Jesus. This bitch has GOT to hook me up with her airline. Really OLTL. This is insulting and ridiculous and the viewers aren't that stupid. On a vain note: Kim's coat is faaaaaabulous! Oh, and I need Gigi's picture off that mantle. So tired of that glaring insult.

Sweet Jesus! I mean...between Kim flying from Kentucky to Pennsylvania in 5 minutes and then Blair's ass gunning it down Llantano Mountain to make it to Starr's jail cell. ABSURD!!!!
hahahaha! Blair FINALLY remembered Starr's in jail and then Starr asks where Hope is...PUH-LEASE!!! Blair, you did NOT talk to Addie. Both of you bitches are lying. Oh and rac I agree with you. I'm now incredibly curious as to how the bathroom situation works with Tomas and Starr.

I wish Delphina could tell us when the show is gonna get good. I'd really consider her a psychic if she could...

I couldn't help but laugh when Todd said Blair removed his bullet with one of Vicki's melon-ballers. ha!

Starr's make-up in jail is so unbelievable.

I'm passing out from boredom...

ha! Todd can't make up his mind if Vicki's cabin is shabby chic or country kitch! I think I just wet my pants.

Jesus I am so thankful Blair isn't my mother. I mean...if I were Starr I'd be like "OMG why oh why is she my mom?! Hope is better off then this!" Ok that was a stretch about Hope. But Blair used to be a cool character and now she is written in such a shitty fashion. I can't stand it.

Awe...I kinda did laugh when Tomas said "We'll always have Paris."

Tea going on and on is kinda sad. Lawd...a raping Marty reference. I still miss that crazy gal.

OH WOOOOOOOOF! Why all the Gigi and Rex flashbacks?! May I just say that Gigi looked much better as a blonde...ok that's it.

YES!!!! I'm on the last segment! Y'all this blog should NOT feel like a chore and the past few weeks it has!

Yes, I'm convinced Starr and Tomas just do not go to the bathroom. And somehow Starr has her make-up handy. If not her eye primer is THE shit and her pink/purple eye shadow is still going strong!

LOL...Blair has gone from Llantano Mountain to the LPD jail to the cemetery in like 5 minutes.

Snap! Look at Tea callin' out Rex. Yeah, I mean I don't care by what means but I need Rex & Co. out of the Buch manse and I need Gigi's picture gone.

Aaaaaand Kim is now back in Anchorage. Jesus my head is spinning. I mean...really OLTL?! This is sooooooooo dumb!

So Gigi's tombstone now has her dying in the year 2011.

OH JUST BOOOOOOOO! I don't need to see Gigi/Stacy etc. in that hospital bed.

I'm done and am off to cook. Beyond frustrated with this show right now. Le woof.

Have a lovely night sweethearts!


  1. glad to see the recap, show was preempted in NY because of the Columbus Day Parade --looks like I didn't miss much!

    they really need to wind up a few stories and just finish up with some great stuff

  2. OMG, Show Writers! You could just have Clint and Viki eating breakfast and talking about the weather for a minute at the start of the show. At this point, I'll take anything!

    I've started watching You Tube clips again to see my OTP. I'm off to watch a bit of Viki becoming Niki at Harry O'Neill's murder trial.

    We'll try again today, Mary-Ella!


  3. Laura, you are on to something. I would be completely happy with Vicki/Clint and Bo/Nora sitting around their breakfast nooks talking about old times and filling us in on the current events. They can use the flashbacks we're all digging and sum up those crappy stories right quick.

    Vicki - 'NuJack lied about Todd, Starr uncovered the truth, yadda yadda yadda, and NuJack is now serving life in prison offscreen.'

    Nora - 'Brody lied about the DNA test, John uncovered the truth, yadda yadda yadda, and Brody is now serving life in prison offscreen.'


  4. @rac omg be thankful you didn't watch! I am praying the show gets interrupted for me nowadays unless it picks up...whannn! Ummm if they don't finish with great stuff I am going to pull all my hair out which would be unfortunate since I really like my hair. UGH.

    @Laura UGH. I had all limbs crossed for a Clicki convo today. Dammit. I haven't watched today's show but I doubt they will be on either. Balls! OMG...I would watch Clint, Vicki, Nora, and Bo watch paint dry, read the phonebook, do long get the idea. Word on those youtube videos! Jesus I would kill to see Vicki or Jean right now! Hoping we get some good stuff too but I'm not holding my breath.

    @JJ like I just told Laura above...those 4 could sit around watching paint dry. I mean....I'd be happy as a damn clam! LOL...I love the summary of the Vicki/Nora convo. I mean...that is all we need. Flashbacks and wrap these stories up hella quick. I LOVE the idea. Love love love it! ;)

  5. WTH is this Rex nonsense on? I cannot believe that Asa's legacy has come down to this assclown. What is even worse is the Bo/Clint defense of said assclown. Please just tell me Shane killed Victor so the whole lot of them will just leave. I want to remove Rex from Asa's house yesterday. That pic of Gigi on the mantle is downright insulting.

  6. My money is on Starr having an eye makeup tattoo. Seeing as how she is a busy, single teen mom it would be most convenient for her! LOL at Blair's accent. I never notice mine unless I am away from the south. Oh, and when I am drunk it gets thicker but that is another story.

  7. I so hear ya over Rex & his ghostly gal or whatever, Llandview jail (still thinking about the whole potty thing)and don't get me started on Baby Liam and his Baby Daddys....UGH! Well, spoilers say Viki & Clint scene & Bo, tomorrow so woo-hoo...I am in for sure!


  8. I'm so exhausted I know this won't make sense...

    @Andrea stop it with the Rex shit...totally agree! I'm over it! Bo and Clint are barely on and when they are they as of late they are propping peeps like Rex. Le barf. Omigod yes...please get this who shot Victor thing over with now. Or will we just never know the whole story like with Eddie Ford...just no. The picture on the mantle is just a middle finger and I have nothing more to add. I just need the good peeps on. Forgot what they look like!

    @katie how sad is it that I know women with permanent eyeliner and what not? Good grief. I mean no one at this point gives a damn about Hope! Talk about a hard knock life! hahahaha! My accent is never going away. It is such an advantage to have one in this city. I feel it has gotten better since I moved but if I visit home, get drunk, or am watching something country on tv, etc. then it REALLY comes out. I'll even use "damn near _____" and "over yonder" etc. It is bad enough I say "ratha" etc. Most people don't notice it until they leave the South. Make sure yours stay strong!

  9. disclaimer--i have not read any boards or spoilers yet so this is my own conjecture: what if Stacy as Gigi already replaced Gigi and was the one who died--and somehow the real Gigi ended up in the bed as Stacey??? SO that Kim thinks she is keeping stacey alive but it's really Gigi?? Happy ending for Rex, and off he goes into the sunset

  10. @rac oy! My head is spinning! But, you're right...I think that would be a good idea. I'm fine with Rex getting a happy ending but I'd like this mess to go on and wrap up since we are gonna look up and it will be November. I'm still kinda confused with the Stacy/Gigi thing but granted I only half paid attention last night during those scenes. Woofity.

  11. @JJ & @Mary-Ella, I LOVE the idea of having the big four talk about the boring stuff to wrap it up! And as a bonus, maybe they can be the center of their own new stories at the same time. Only in a perfect world... ;)