Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ambien or Something Like It...

Confused by my title? I would be, as well, so you aren't alone. I lovingly gave the post this title since basically, this episode was like taking an Ambien...with a glass of wine. I was asleep from the beginning. I'm gonna try to make some lemonade out of the lemons that were thrown on my screen today. Basically, the only scenes worth watching were the ones in the last segment (minus the teens of course). So, lemme try and tweak out a decent post here. It's taking me a full glass of cabernet to get through it...

Ok, so maybe I was too excited about the Jolie shotgun wedding. I know I bashed shotgun weddings but I love John and Natalie so I was pretty pumped about it. And, I was waiting on Marty to storm the courtroom and stop the damn thing. (SIDENOTE: Did anyone notice that Marty hardly talked the whole episode? So bizarre! I mean, of course, she had a dialogue with herself and other inantimate objects at Llanfair and Capricorn but she really didn't utter a word to another living, breathing human being until the very end when she said "Stop the Wedding!" She just stared at people the whole hour. I found that odd.) Anyway...I just found all the dialogue between John and Brody kinda boring. I will say that it was very touching that Jessica gave Natalie the necklace Asa gave her for sweet sixteen. Very sentimental. Additionally, I am upset Nat's family isn't there. I'm sorry, this bothers me. I mean, really? Vicki can't attend? Neither can Clint? Roxy? Rex? Let's all get real. Oh, and so Natalie just had that God awful ugly dress in her closet? It looked like something Vicki wore to one of her previous weddings. It was hideous. Of course, Natalie looked beautiful because she just is that gorgeous, but the dress! OMG. It's like a marshmallow just melted all over her, solidified, and then some cheap-ass designer decided to call it a dress, and of course the wardrobe department at OLTL snagged it off the rack. Anyway, I hope Monday is better. I definitely think it will be since there is a Marty/Natalie confrontation so I am def beside myself with excitement.

Again, anything decent happened in the last segment in case I haven't beaten that horse to death. That being said: I think Cutter is super attractive in that "you know he is a dirty, bad guy but he could show you a good time" kind of way. I can't wait for him to stir things up. Damn, Aubrey attacks a man when she kisses him right? She did the same thing to Joey at the airport. I'm still confused as to what she and Cutter are up to. I guess maybe they are conspiring to get ahold of the Buchanan fortune? Hell, maybe Clint isn't that paranoid after all. I may be inserting my foot in my mouth soon since I have just rambled on and on about how worried Clint is about protecting all things Buch. We shall see.

I felt sorry for Joey and Kelly today. They are both so cute...BUT, Joey should have known better. Yes, Aubrey shouldn't be cheating on him but come on? You hardly know this blonde Barbie that you met while galavanting through Europe. What do you expect? Maybe I'm a hard ass but at the end of the day, Joey did this to himself. Otherwise, regarding this episode, not too much happened with these two at Capricorn.

I think more is gonna happen with Christian and Blair Monday so I'll discuss them then.

Oh, are you wondering why I haven't discussed the teen scene? It's because I can't. If so, I'll get physically ill. I'll break out into hives and start convulsing. Seriously, I have an excuse from my doctor. Grrrrrr...Ok, I promised to make some lemonade if possible. Ummm...the James/Starr kiss was sweet? That's all I got. The thing is (before people get offended or upset why I don't discuss them) is just that they were shoved down our throats for months! Literally. And, the dialogue is just HORRENDOUS! I mean, Lang and Starr at LaBoulle (eh...don't know how to spell it) are so effing boring. I'd rather gouge my eyes out a la Oedipus Rex (for all those Sophocles and Greek tragedy fans out there). It's disgraceful and a shame because OLTL has the BEST vet scene on all soaps and they were hardly used most of the year. Thankfully, the vets have been utilized lately. Maybe I'm still on a Bo/Nora high from Monday and Tuesday but if you are gonna pull them or some of their peers from the next episode that's fine but it just needs some balance. Put some of them on the show for crying out loud! Not just a show with all teens that could be featured on ABC Family. I mean, where is Dorian? Vicki? Charlie? Echo? Clint? Renee? (Hey! Clint was going to the Palace to wish Renee a Happy New Year the other day so we know she is alive! Thank God!) Look, I'm just saying I can't watch a show filled with practically all teens and there are no scenes with vets...any of them. Wait, I know Kassie DePaiva counts but she didn't do much this episode. Anyway, the shows that have the highest ratings don't display teens predominantly. That's my two cents on that.

Sorry if I was somewhat of a Debbie Downer on this post, but that is how the episode made me feel. The whole thing was just a filler episode and everything that I needed to get out of today's show was given to me in the last segment (or some of yesterday's show). Granted this happens every now and then with ALL soaps, so it's no big deal at all. Still, it's just a bummer when it happens. I'm looking forward to next week and am optimistic and hopeful for what the New Year will bring for my all time fav soap! Oh, and ummmm Vickers returns Tuesday bitches! Whoop Whoop! One of my wishes already granted!

I may write another post this week about my hopes and wishes for OLTL in 2011, but I just need to see if I have time. I will def let you know. Nevertheless, I wish EVERYONE a safe, happy, and fun-filled New Year!

Cheers friends! I'm toasting you with a glass of wine now! Until next time...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Role Reversal...10 Years in the Making

Obviously, this whole episode pretty much centered around my favorite couple so I'll save that discussion for the finale. That's what the entitled quote is all about so more of that later...

How Are We Gonna Get That Little Gold Digger, Aubrey, Out of Joey's Life? Go get her Clint! Have at it. I haven't trusted Aubrey for one damn minute. Is Clint super creepy paranoid about all things Buchanan related lately? Hell yes. But this is one philly he is right about! I'll discuss Aubrey's sneaky ass in a second.
I'm glad Clint asked Vicki for help with his scheme. No, I don't think it's some novel idea, but I just like JVD and ES onscreen together. And, now that I'm venturing off topic I'll just go on and jump off the cliff, I want them to get together. That's right, I'm done with Charlie Banks. Finished! Ciao! Au revoir! He has overdosed on the stupidity kool-aid and I'm fine with him and Echo hooking up. I don't want them to leave the screen (although those are the rumors circulating) but those together would be fine. Vicki would be pissed and so would Dorian and then Vicki and Clint can test their waters. Not to mention, if Echo and Charlie remained onscreen, then tons of drama. Everyone would win. But, like I've said before, if Clint and Vicki do hook-up then Clint will have to be redeemed before all this happens. Or, Vicki could start to have feelings for him since he may help her with her Charlie situation and then shiz will hit the fan when she finds out about all his contriving things all shades of evil. However, she may want to help him and redeem him. Whew! I'm exhausted from that tangent.

2 things about this upcoming Jolie wedding that gives me the red ass: 1. $5 says Roxy isn't invited and I'm gonna be pissed!!!!!! Ugh. She raised Nat for God's sake. Tell her! 2. I don't know how I feel about a shotgun wedding. Maybe cause I'm from a small town in north Louisiana and I try and steer away from those...I dunno. That's my 2 cents. Oh, let's talk John. It's like within the past two weeks John decided that he was going to do a 180 for the first time ever since his tenure on the show and decide to be a spontaneous, loving, caring, romantic man. I'm all about a lovely man (thankfully I'm engaged to one...shout-out cause he reads this, but seriously he is), but this is just strange. It's as if all of a sudden I'm starting to find Dear angels in heaven...did I just type that? No, I don't like long hair on a man but he is all of a sudden attractive to me...when did this madness begin? Do y'all know my answer to this? Mercury is in retrograde until December 30th. So peeps, I'm betting that my strange attraction to John McBain will dwindle after the New Year. I mean, let's be serious, how can the same girl (me) find both Bo Buchanan (yes, in an older attractive way and he's sweet) and John handsome? That just doesn't happen. Damn, lemme get back on track, sorry. Anyway, I'm not gonna lie I kinda wanted a big ole Texas Buchanan affair for John and Natalie but c'est la vie. At least we have....drum roll please...

Marty "ain't gonna be tardy for the party" Saybrooke! Ah! I even enjoyed her creepy eavesdropping. Again, her dialogue with the elevator buttons is more entertaining than any Starr/Lang dialogue. Writers: when in doubt, Martyr conversing with inantimate objects is more appealling than the teens...believe me! This is my humble cry! I'm gonna love Marty trying to crash that wedding...bring it on! I will say this though, poor thing does receive bad tidings all the time. I mean, John comes up to her and asks how she's doing and she is like well Cole made it through his first Christmas in prison....then John's like "oh, I'm marrying Natalie." This bitch can't catch a break...dayum!

Kelly has got a hot little body on her. You know, both she and Joey are two incredibly attractive people...seriously. However, does anyone else feel they are both monumentally awkward? I'm talking awkwardness of epic proportions here. They def have chemistry though and I hope it goes somewhere. I do. They haven't had any intense dialogue yet, though. Most of their discussions have revolved around Kelly's mishaps. So, I'm gonna wait and discuss them once they have talked more. All I will say is, yes I believe they still have that "spark."

Poor, poor, poor Christian. Tears. Do they just not know what to do with him? And, please dear God do NOT tell me that he and Layla broke up today over the phone cause of her pic in the French mag. (Sidenote: I'm so effing sure Llanview carries that French mag at the palace hotel) I'm gonna wait until tomorrow for more about this cause I know he and Blair makeout and all. But, seriously. Chris and Layla were an established loving couple and for them to break up over the telephone, or at least like this, is insulting to the characters and the story. Just sad.

Ok, is it me or does Rex ALWAYS have to snoop at the Palace Hotel and does he ALWAYS wind up under the bed hiding once the person arrives? Really? I do love Rex (WITHOUT Gigi). I do. I know some don't but he is funny and loveable and he has substance. I want him to dig up more on Aubrey though. Speaking of Aubrey, ok what is this pic about? Someone on a message board mentioned something about nude pics, but they showed her in the mag and she was dressed and holding on to someone....Cutter perhaps??? Which, I'm 100% convinced that Cutter is def the person she keeps talking to. However, I don't understand what kinda deal they got going on...hmmm

Grand's rare, very rare, when a couple or a moment on tv can make me physically hurt with pain. Thanks Bo and did it today. Am I in 9th grade again????? Is this 1999???? Thankfully, there was no Woman of the Year ceremony in this episode. Bo actually gets to take a walk in Nora's shoes...About. Dayum. Time. My chest literally tightened and my eyes watered today. Gosh, if I didn't know they were gonna get back together I'd have been drowing in tears. Dayum. (As if their first break up wasn't bad enough, I STILL can't watch that) Back to the story, this whole thing played out completely differently than I anticipated. I was expecting a screaming match! An, "I've been telling you she wanted to get you into bed" tirade with a bunch of "I told you so's." But, it was even flippin better. Everything was subtle and I loved it. Nora is still in total shock and who can blame her (hell, she was kidnapped, molested and in a car wreck...enough for a lifetime). I'll give it to HBS, she did phenomenal. I felt like I had been cheated on...good lord! For some reason, she looked more pitiful during the whole thing since she was in her bathrobe. The biggest thing she pointed out, and biggest obstacle they will have to face, is that he ONLY told her because he got caught. I know he didn't sleep with Inez, yada yada yada, but he THINKS he did and he decided NOT to tell her. Big mistake, Bo, courtesy of your big bro but shame on you, commish, you know better! So, even when Nora finds out the truth she should still bring this up and this should be an issue. Let's see if the writers have their chops. I'll say quote of the whole thing was "How long did it take you to forgive me, Bo? A decade? It took you ten years to forgive me. How long is it supposed to take for me to forgive you? I don’t know." BOOM! I love you, Bo, but this is so deserved from this angle...sorry.

Bo, Bo, Bo. Bo has been getting a lot of flack for not being "guilty" enough but I disagree. I think he feels incredibly guilty. You can tell it is absolutely killing him to discuss this with Nora. But at the end of the day, I think he just honestly doesn't know what in the hell is goin on and how all these events happened and now his life is out of control! And, I think he is just terrified that Nora won't forgive him. Hell, I'd be scared, too. I just think he is just so confused by all of it and trying to piece some of it together because, like he said today, "none of this makes sense." That's right! It doesn't make sense at all. My biggest issue with their scenes today, otherwise they were PERF, was that he didn't even try and say "hey look I know I did this but I really don't remember" instead it came across that he went over there with the intention to smush with Inez and he got drunk and did. That could have been explained a little better.

Another great thing about their scenes, Nora seemed to agree with everything Bo said. From "I love you" to "I'm sorry" to "I'm not gonna give up on us" she continually nodded her head. You can tell they genuinely love each other and are just shocked by the whold situation. AND....he continued to call her "Red" throughout the whole damn fallout. If this were back in the 90's, I feel she would have said for him to not call her that...since she has done it before. But, they are older and wiser now. Anyway, they did superbly as always and I'm just thankful that the rest of their scenes will be on the upswing since this was the worst of it. Ready for the downfall of evil Clint! Then I want Bo and Nora to kick his ass!

See you tomorrow!!!

So You Gonna Replace Me With Another Kid? Just Like You Replaced Mom With Another Woman...

Merry Christmas and My Apologies!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! It is so out of character for me to not post in a timely fashion. Well, let me rephrase that, I'd at least let you know if I was going to be delayed. However, the holidays came and what can I say? It's my first time to have a blog. However, I vow to not do that again. I'll be timely...don't fret! Again, mea culpa...please!

Well, thankfully, last Tuesday and Wednesday were not the greatest episodes. Wait...I loved all the Echo, Dorian, Vicki banter. But, I've said it once and I'll say it thirty more times, I'm so damn tired of the teens. I don't give a damn if Starr, mother of the year that she is, took Hope to see the tree in Angel Square. Her New Year's resolution should be to try and be a better mom, but that's neither here nor there.

So, that being said, I'll discuss some things from yesterday. My post for today's episode (Tuesday) will be up in a bit.

Monday, 12/27/10
As if this is a big surprise, I'm going to begin with my favorite branch of the Buchanan family tree (who by the way all acted perfectly in their scenes). I know Matthew is being a smart alec bastard, but put yourself in his shoes. He ADORES his parents. All his life he wanted them back together. Then, his father who preaches being honest and doing the right thing, cheats on his mother (who he is incredibly close with since it was just the two of them for awhile) with Inez, the mother of the boy he hates more than life right now. So, I don't blame him for being an ass and blabbing to Nora. He is just watching her back and he will always side with her.
Now, the wreck business is a whole other story. I'm not totally sure but I think Matthew will eventually come clean about possibly running Rex and Nora off the road. I dunno. The more this goes on the more I think he may have killed Eddie and maybe Nora saw??? Far-fetched but still.
Bo looks like he hasn't slept in days and he just looks like he wants to cry. He has looked the same way since he left Inez's apartment! Ah! I think this expression has somehow become permanent...ah! He looked devastated when Matt blurted out the news and he looked even worse when he was just looking at Nora nattering on...
Of course, Nora KNEW Bo had cheated when he didn't say anything. Her rambling on in typical Nora fashion was just a way to fill the void until Bo said something and for her to try and think it wasn't real. Ah...heartbreaking.

Clint/Destiny?! OMG...have they ever had a scene together? That was actually my first thought. I thought it was great. Wish they would have more together. I almost feel like Destiny was playing into Clint's conscience a bit. She is always a voice of reason which I love. Eh...Clint/Inez scenes are the same over and over. They usually evolve around Clint saying "Inez, this is what I'll do to you if you don't keep your end of the bargain." Then Inez will say "You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't do something so horrible." REALLY, Whinez?! Really??? I mean after all the shiz he has done to you, you just can't wrap your dense mind around the fact he would do something evil. You're an idiot. I can't wait for you to be slapped next week and hopefully with the good Lord willing you will get some sense knocked into you.

Since everyone is in Angel Square on this fine Monday morning, I'll move on and discuss Darren and Destiny. Poor Darren was trying to do the right thing, but Des just ain't having it. Hell, I don't blame her. My family is dysfunctional and if my boyfriend did that to me then I'd be mad, too. LOVE that she slapped him. So glad OLTL is throwing around the slaps! Sidenote: cannot freakin WAIT until Nora slaps Inez next Wednesday. I'm salivating at the thought. I love pissed off Nora. Back to Destiny, I love her relationship with Matthew. They have the best friendship and they really do "get" each other which is what a true friend does. I don't know if I want them going down a romantic road but their friendship is great.

How hilarious are the lamaze scenes?! haha. John was soooo awkward! I keep asking myself if Michael Easton has ever had to do this in real life with his own family but I just can't imagine it. And, he described a jail cell!!!! LMAO! I love it. Too bad he is gonna want to put Brody's ass in one pretty soon....

I'll discuss Aubrey's sketchiness and Kelly and Rex in the Tuesday discussion. No teens on this episode, except Matthew and Destiny (the only 2 I care about)?! My Christmas miracle! No Starr? Lang? Thank you sweet Lord! And, no Gigi! Ah!!!!! I'm overjoyed and want to go shout from my rooftop (I'll refrain from rooftop cries since it's effing cold in Chicago this evening...ugh). Overall, great episode with all the people I love. Even better is that Tuesday has the same people but with....dum dum dum....MARTY! Woo hoo!

SIDENOTE: Ok, so I love how the writers think we are so stupid when it comes to time in Llanview. Remember last week the doctor's told Nora "oh we are only gonna keep you for a couple more hours" and that was Christmas Eve. Then, she gets discharged from the hospital in this episode and it's NYE already?! WTF? I just don't get this shiz.

My next post will be up tonight...

Monday, December 20, 2010

"You Know I Would Never Give Up On This Marriage. And, I Know You Would Never Sleep With Inez."

Spoilers Mentioned.

Ok, for 3 episodes in a row now Bo looks like he is about to vomit all over the place like a 12 year old that had too much candy and then rode the teacups at Disney 3 times in a row. And, it looks like he never wanted a barf bag more than after Nora said the entitled quote. He has guilt written all over his face! Too bad Nora kicks him to the curb on Tuesday so that doesn't say much about her quote...for the time being, but I know in the end they come together and work to kick the person's ass who is behind all this...CLINT! OMG...he is playing them like fiddles! Clint did ask how Rex was and if he was going to be okay and all but I felt no emotion or genuine concern from him when he said it. Anyway... really Bo?! I mean really? You are going to tell Clint of all effing people that you cheated on Nora? The man who pulled a shotgun on you twice in the past year? (sidenote: how hilarious was the mini potted plant with that stiff balloon Clint strolled in with) I know they have to do this to Bo since it is a plot point but Bo would never be this naive. Oh, and Clint did NOT have a torrid love affair with Echo. It was like a one time thing. What was that about? Speaking of plot points, Jesus, they are making Nora look stupid. This character that is the smartest woman on the show (literally) would NEVER act like this. OMG...where is the Nora from the 90's?! She and Bo are just like "oh, I wonder who would want to break us up?" I want to just jump through the tv at them and shake them. On a positive note, I will say that the writing is clever in the sense that Bo is in the EXACT same position Nora was in in 1998 right down to the hospital bedside setting. Role reversal at its finest. I'm glad because now I feel that Bo and Nora will finally address their problems head-on once they get back together...about time. Their reunion was too quick! Enough of this tirade...

I love that Marty talks to herself out loud. Her conversations with herself are far more entertaining than any Ford/Land dialogue and any Starr/James discussion (which Starr/James please leave the canvas. Oh, and it's obvious James is gay. That's fine...peachy. But he needs to tell Starr and go hook up with someone else). Back to Marty and her Shakespearean-esque soliloquies. She is unraveling more and more each episode and I'm sure that the two people she wanted to see at her doorstep today were both Natalie and Todd....LOL. Eh...Todd going to Marty's was stupid. Granted she loathes Todd but he is trying to think of ANYONE who could have planted those cufflinks...Marty being his first instinct. But let's be serious, it sure as hell wasn't Marty the martyr. I do love him making fun of her, though. Oh, and how awesome is it that whenever Natalie shows up at Marty's office or house she always barges in and demands like a little diva that Martyr's guest or patient get out?! Haha. She kicked Inez out of Martyr's office and now Todd out of her house...lurve this shiz. Keep it up. Yes, I'm calling Marty just "Martyr" now...that wasn't a typo. ;)

Ooohh....Hello Officer Price. I'd like to catch you under the mistletoe. Nice to have you back.

Who is this John?!?! He just pretended to talk like a gingerbread man while talking to Natalie. And, he was affectionate with her! Obviously this behavior can be explained since, remember folks, Mercury is still in retrograde. I kid, I kid. The sad thing is...I think John sincerely LOVES Natalie. This is the first time since John "I have so much emotion I'm going to explode" McBain has told anyone anything remotely romantic. He didn't even do this with Evangeline. Now, as soon as he finally loves someone it's gonna get ruined since Natalie has been a dipshit and lied to him. Ah...this drives me crazy. Thankfully, I'm not a diehard Jolie fan like a lot of people are but it is unfair to the fanbase. Not to mention, they have hardly gotten any alone time to be happy and have serious conversations. I haven't read to many spoilers about when Martyr drops the bomb. Hopefully John and Natalie can work through all this mess.

Ok, I'm convinced Vicki is the only person at Llanfair that has a brain. God knows Natalie, Jess (she hardly had all her marbles to begin with), and Joey don't have one and certainly Charlie doesn't. Again saying Vicki is the ONLY one with a brain is saying a lot since, ummm I dunno, Vicki has DID and this damn fiasco is going to bring Nicki Smith or one of her other alters back into full effect if she isn't careful. She needs to get rid of Charlie's ass! Ugh, I'm so tired of him being there for Echo. Every time Vicki turns a corner in her own damn house, Echo and Charlie are in an embrace. This story is so messed up cause it is patently obvious that no woman in her right mind would allow this to happen! Vicki is smarter than that and it's an insult to her character. Thank God Dorian is on tomorrow. She needs to zap some bitchiness into Vicki ASAP. I'll say this that I do love Vicki in that purple top. Looks pretty on her. Oh, and by the way. I love how all the Christmas decorations are up and on Wednesday it will be Christmas Eve in Llanview...REALLY?!?! I mean, technically it's only the Saturday night/evening after Thanksgiving on the show. Think about it, Nora went to Vicki's on Black Friday and got saved by Rex late that night and then the wreck happened and she was saved mid-morning on Saturday. Yet Christmas Eve is this Wednesday...supposedly, according to spoilers. Absurd, I tell you!

So, Ford was NOT at the hospital the whole time?! Gosh, I give up. I am kinda confused about all this. I need the flashbacks to become more elaborate. I'll wait until this week is over and then discuss my suspect list...again. le sigh. HOWEVER, I still think that Matthew maybe prime suspect number one. I'm telling you...this is Georgie Phillips 2.0. I feel it.

Oh, and I didn't discuss James and Starr because you know why? They have had the same conversation for a week now and the horse has just been beaten to hell and back. Enough!

Until tomorrow!

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Even When You're Mad It Would Take a Lot More Than a Few Texts to Goad You Into the Arms of Another Woman. That's Why I Love You So Much."

Spoilers mentioned...

Well, I'm crying and my heart is breaking. I love nothing more than a Bo and Nora reunion and I enjoyed all their hugging and kissing but these hospital scenes are breaking my heart! Thanks Hillary Smith and Bob Woods for making me weepy during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year...flippin' Christmas! Ah! I just can't take it...maybe because I know this heartfelt reunion is short lived and Bo begs her for forgiveness but she sadly kicks him to the curb on Tuesday 12/28. She should...shoe is on the other foot this time and he deserves it cause Nora called exactly "what happened" between Bo and Inez. I know they get back together, but I hope they get back together BEFORE they figure out what Inez did. So they can trust each other, etc. cause Bo now knows how Nora felt for, I dunno, over 10 years. We shall see. Not to mention, I want him to practically be crawling and begging and crying to get back with her since that is exactly what she did years ago and he was just like "ummm no." Moving forward, when the time comes they are happy again and get back together I have one simple request: Can they please move out of the damn garrett and back into their old house, the Barn?!?! Please TPTB? I beg of you. The garrett is smaller than my college dorm room. It's ridiculous. I mean, does Matthew sleep in the room with them? How in the world are you supposed to have sex (cause you know they do. That's ALL they did back in the 90's...geez)? Get the barn back for their reunion...please! By V-day if you can...

Besides the awesome B/N reunion, the rest of the show was kinda dull and ended with John McBain and his list of suspects. So, I think I'll discuss the Eddie Ford suspects and what I think about each. Hell, I am confused...not gonna lie. But let's take each person and discuss them, shall we? This will be fun.

List of Those Who Possibly Made Eddie Deadie

1. James--Eh, he didn't do it. McBain is even convinced since he crossed his name off the suspect list. Don't get me wrong, James has been getting his ass beat by his father since day one and I don't condone child abuse and James has every right to want to put Eddie 6 feet under. But...James is too sweet. Come on, the boy cries every other episode. He didn't do it...plain and simple. And it was just too obvious...

2. Nate--he is one at the top of my list. Ok, so we know that he was at the motel room and was standing over Eddie's body, etc. I have a couple of wild thoughts on this. Ok, so we know that Nate called Inez after the fight and said he had to go drop off Daniella. What if when he dropped her off, he went and got something of Todd Manning's (i.e., the cufflinks). Then Nate goes and kills Eddie and plants the cufflinks at the motel room so he can frame Todd? I know it's nuts but I'm trying to think outside the box. I don't think he would want to hurt Dani by setting up her dad but Todd doesn't have the best reputation so it could work. Then, getting rid of Todd would be one less thing Nate has to deal with when it comes to Dani.

Or what about this: Nate could have dropped off Dani and returned back to Inez's apartment and then sees Bo's gun on the chair and takes it and THEN goes and kills Eddie. Somehow he returns it after. Maybe? That's all I got right now. But, for some reason I do believe that Bo's gun is indeed the murder weapon. Just a sneaking suspicion.

3. Inez--She is at the top of my list, too. I mean, hello, they keep showing the damn flashback of her looking at Bo's gun. (Oh, and Jessica Leccia is not on contract. She is only a recurring character so she could easily be written off.) While Bo is enjoying his ambien-like induced coma, Inez could have taken the gun and shot Eddie and come back and put the gun back in the holster. Then you have to think, how did Inez know Eddie was at the Minuteman? I dunno, maybe that is something that hasn't been shown yet. Maybe James or Nate told her? Maybe Inez somehow knew Eddie's number and called him? Or, maybe James or Nate killed Eddie and then called Inez out of panic. I have no idea. I'm confused since Inez thought Clint didn't hold up his end of the bargain but then again this bitch could be lying. These flashbacks need to become a little better. They keep showing the same damn ones...grrr.

4. Clint--Hell, he is at the top, too. I'm sure he is pissed that Eddie didn't get Nora to Inez's apartment to see her and Bo get it on. So, maybe he went to the motel to straighten out Eddie and just ended up killing him? If you would have asked me this years ago, I would have said hell no but this Clint is evil. Also, Eddie is a lowlife and is expendable. If Clint found out from Eddie that he was rough housing Nora then Clint might have just gotten rid of him. I don't know why Clint would have gone to the Minuteman and spoken with the police (that's what he told Inez). So maybe he killed him and then went back later. Or...he could have gotten Mr. Black and Mr. Blue to come with him and one of them killed Eddie. Far fetched? Hells yes but I'm reaching here. And this is a soap opera, anything can happen.

5. Nora--She may be many things, but she is no killer. Yes, she pushed Colin McIver down the stairs back in the day but that was an accident. They are only making her not have any memory after the accident just to add to the suspect list. I just can't see her leaving the car and walking to the motel and getting a gun and killing Eddie. Maybe she tried to walk to the motel to get help but I just don't think so. Granted, she had every reason to blow him to kingdom come but just no.

6. Marty--I know, what the hell? But, I've heard her name getting thrown around. Do I think But she is bat shit crazy, so at this rate let's just add her to the endless names of Llanview peeps to kill EF. I could see her crazy ass pointing a gun at Eddie saying "Cole is in prison because of you! Rot in hell!" I kid, I kid. But, seriously she is nuts...

7. Todd--I just don't think so. How many times can he be charged with murdering someone? PLEASE! Ugh. I think he is def being set up and the only reason he will be a suspect besides the cufflinks is because he doesn't like abusive fathers since his dad was one, yada yada yada. I don't buy this. Another red herring.

8. Ford--Isn't he supposed to be in the hospital with Langston's horny ass straddling him in the bed while he recovers from being beaten by his dad at that creepy ass gym? How he would be the killer is beyond me and I just don't see it. Maybe I need to wait until next week to know a little more since I know Lang lies to the police...

9. Matthew--Again you're thinking, WTF? But lemme throw you my wild scenario: Ok, he was headed in the direction of the motel since we know he was the oncoming car that ran Rex and Nora off the road. AND...remember, Clint made Matt call Nora's cell phone and Eddie answered and mentioned the Minuteman. I mean, why else would Matt be driving all the way out there. So since James says he just "dropped the gun" at the motel and left Eddie there. Matt could have gone there to confront Eddie and his mom and just found Eddie there and then who knows what could have happened. I'm just saying. Yes, it's bizarre but oh well. I actually hope it isn't Matt since, hello, Rachel Gannon?! Ring a bell?? Nora has already had one child kill someone for her so let's not have another.

10. Bo--No, no way. But he will have to have an alibi, and I think a LOT of interesting things are gonna come out when he has to give up his story. Same thing goes for Inez. He will only be considered a suspect cause Eddie tortured his wife...that's it.

Unanswered Questions
I want to take time to discuss a few things that I just am curious about. Where in the hell is Eddie's bag? I mean it had Nora's cell in it and a shitload of cash.
Where is the gun that James left?
Where is all the tape and stuff and rope that was used to tie up Nora?
Where is Nora's gorgeous black and white plaid wrap she had? (you can tell I'm upset cause I loved it and want it found! Ah!) Where is her huge emerald cut rock? I know her wedding ring was found but where is the engagement ring? Oh, and where is her car? Her purse? She had a black purse with her...hmmm.

I have a feeling this whodunit is gonna be dragged out. I'd love a good murder trial. I felt OLTL hasn't had an awesome trial like that since Dorian on trial for Victor Lord's murder...that was AWESOME!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy last minute shopping!

"I'm Sorry Inez and Her Whole Family Ever Came to This Town."--Matthew

Sweet Jesus! A truer quote has never been spoken in all my life. I agree Matthew, I'm sorry they came to town, too. I must say, I love that Matt repeated the "whore, bitch and homewrecker" quip but he even added slut to the list today...oh hells yes! And, welcome back Destiny. You and your voice of reason have been missed. Ok, so does Nate look like a 30 year old? He is def showing off those muscles while puny Matthew wears his little Hanes white tee. Then when I think of Nate's age and look at Daniella who is like 12 I get a bit disgusted and wish I would have eaten lunch after the show. Kinda reminds me of "To Catch a Predator" on NBC with Chris Hanson where they bust the creepy child molesters. Ok, enough with that...

Ah, I called it yesterday without reading any spoilers! I KNEW they were going to let Charlie and Echo bond over this alcoholism thing. You know, at this rate I hope Vicki kicks Charlie to the curb. I love him, but he is being a bonehead and let's face it, Vicki needs someone better. She's just super fabulous and needs a dashing man to live in the sprawling mansion of hers. I'm over Charlie playing her like a fiddle. And, you know Echo is going to use this alcoholism thing for all it's worth so she can get in Charlie's pants...ewww And Charlie needs to watch it. Vicki is his little cash cow and Llanfair is HER HOUSE...not his. Be nice to the hand that feeds you!

Regardless, I FLOVE Dorian and Vicki teaming up. Btw, I love Dorian's kitchen. Anyway, Vicki and Dorian are the best frenemies ever. I love how they sealed their "take that bitch down" pact with a handshake. I can't wait for the awesomeness that is about to unfold. Also, I am like Vicki in the sense that I question Dorian's motives. Yes, she thinks Echo is trash and Dorian is fond of Charlie and thinks he is nice and feels bad for shoving alcohol down his throat months ago but still...what's in it for her? Not sure if I buy the whole "I don't want you to get hurt like David hurt me thing." Hmmm....something to think about.

Clint is a flippin' BADASS! It's official. Is he being a malicious bastard? Absolutely. But do I care? No. When he asked Inez on a scale of 1 to 10 how was Bo in bed...YES! He is awesome and then he walks to her fridge and takes out a bottle of water! Not as awesome as when he had Black and Blue beat up Ford and he made a sandwich and drank a beer, but I'll take it! Also, I'm ok with evil Clint since I know that Bo figures this out and he and Nora stay together. I tell you though, Clint is awesome. So I'm curious as to when he went to the Minuteman. He said that the police told him that Eddie was dead but I think Clint went there and saw either Nate or James and then who knows. Maybe Clint killed him since Eddie effed up the plans and Nora didn't see Bo and Inez. I'm honestly so confused at this point with this Eddie shiz...grrr. I mean, everybody and their damn long lost mother has a flashback to the motel room.

It's about damn time! Bo FINALLY found out about Nora. Thankfully, he looks nauseous and you can tell he feels like shit...GOOD! I worship you Bo but you need to go through some guilt. Not gonna lie, I teared up with the nice things he said. I did. Can't help it. I am a sucker for romance and especially their awesome love story. And, I knew it! I just had a feeling they were going to show Nora at the end. I could watch that hug over and over. Made my day. Wait, where is her cute black and white plaid wrap she had??!!! Go find it! I loved it! Don't lose it...the dry cleaners can get any stains out. And that pretty white jacket. Dry clean that shiz, too! Don't fret.

Unbearable and Unbelievable!!!!!!! That's how I feel about the Starr and James scenes. They have been having the same effing discussion all effing week!!! Ah! Stop the insanity! I can't handle this shiz. It's so bad that I'm not discussing it.

I just don't know how Todd's cufflinks ended up at the motel. I don't and for the life of me can't figure out how. I'm so confused. I haven't read any spoilers about it either. I love Tea and Blair together, I do. They are both sexy and sassy and know Todd like a damn book. Lurve it. If Todd and Tea don't work out, then maybe Blair and Tea could become lesbians. I know people have already been toying with the idea of Aubrey and Kelly being lesbians but I think I like Tea and Blair. =)

For Friday's recap I'm gonna do a little discussing of the whodunit cause I'm getting confused.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tequila for Breakfast

Spoilers mentioned...

Ah, I knew they were going to go down the alcoholic route with Echo. I have a feeling that this is just yet another way, besides "sharing" a son, that Charlie and Echo can bond--alcoholism. Eh...not so sure I'm into it. I don't think I want Charlie and Vicki to split. However, if they are going to have Charlie and Vicki split then I need Clint to be redeemed so Jerry ver Dorn and Erika Slezak can get together. We still don't know if they have what it takes to be a great couple. Granted, we know she and the old, sweet Clint, Clint Ritchie, had chemistry. But, I'm not opposed to Clint and Vicki...bring it. So...that is my Echo/Charlie/Vicki/Clint dream scenario if they break "Chicki" up. Oh...and tequila?! Really? I love a good margarita just as much as the next girl but I think she could have thrown some vodka in there with that orange juice for a good screwdriver. It's breakfast for God's sake. Hell, even gin for a slow screw but tequila? Odd choice...maybe that is the only liquor she could jack from Llanfair's open bar without being noticed. Everyone there, when they drink, seem to be bourbon people.

Kelly Kelly Kelly. First she bumps heads with Joey to kiss him and then she gets lemon in her eye! Poor thing can't catch a break. I do think she and NuJoey have some chemistry. And, I'm just gonna go on and make a definitive answer: Aubrey has to be talking to "Cutter" on the phone. I know she has a connection to him and he is debuting soon...only thing that makes sense. How awkward is the Joey/Kelly/Aubrey thing? #2 and Gigi was tolerable. Is it strange for me to say this? Absolutely. Thankfully, I have found the reason why....ah ha! Mercury is in retrograde, folks. No wonder! I knew something was just a bit..."off." There is no other explanation. I am not gonna elaborate further on Gigi since I was able to bear her and her hair today.

Mrs. McBain?! Really John? First you say "I love you" now you are calling Nat "Mrs. McBain!?" I dunno what's going on. Oh, that's right Mercury is in retrograde. (I'm telling you people...look this shit up if you aren't familiar!) However, I know I may be in the minority here but I love John McBain in full detective mode. Him showing up at Todd's house saying "a murderer, know one?" Hells yes. I love John and Todd together...they sizzle. Bring this shit.

Oh, hello there Helen the Cramer housekeeper! Welcome aboard. Where the hell did you come from? She was rather witty. Hope to see her again. I'm rather eager to see what is in the damn box, but they need to get on with it. She has had the box for what? A couple of weeks now. I'm intrigued! Open that shit already Blair. We know it's not a severed head, like Todd said.

I just can't get into Nattie being a CSU. I just can't. She needs to go back and work at B.E. Oh, now that makes me think about Jared...tear. :'( Certainly, Nat found red hair at the crime scene. So now, Nora not only will be disoriented but her hair is at the scene. Damn, the suspect list is going to be OOC!!! Switching gears...

Bo darling. I know you feel bad, I believe you. It's written all over your face. I just want to hug you. Hopefully, he will get his ass in gear tomorrow and find Nora and I want him to feel monumentally guilty for awhile. Hell, Nora was guilt ridden for 10 years...he can do a few weeks.

Starr and James. Why does Starr have to be shoved down our throats every single day. Those scenes were a waste and I should have washed dishes or something while they were on. Again, we know James hated his dad...move on please.

Overall, I was not that into today's show. I guess since the show has been on fire lately that any day the show is "just ok" then I'm kinda let down. But, I'm so thankful cause today's episode was sooooo much better than anything since February. I'd rather jump from the roof of my apartment building then have to relive a February 2010 episode with the Morasco fiasco and Llantano mountain. I'll know I'm in purgatory and didn't make it to heaven when God says "Mary-Ella you have to watch all of the February 2010 OLTL episodes on repeat." I went to mass tonight so that counts for something...hopefully.

I'll say this...nothing makes me happier when the word "bitch" comes out of Dorian's mouth! Soooo looking forward to watching her and Vicki tomorrow and am ready for Bo to go search for Red. Thursdays are always good so hopefully tomorrow won't let me down!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Did We Sleep Together Last Night?"

Le' sigh. I've actually said this quote (head is now lowered in shame) but thankfully it has always been to a boyfriend or now my fiance and it has been after a night of too much cabernet or martinis...or bourbon. I'm only 26, so I still act like I'm in undergrad from time to time...sue me. Hopefully, I have now made some of you feel better about any drunken antics. It happens. On to the show...

My chest tightened and my heart broke into about a million damn pieces when Bo realized that he and Inez "slept together." Then I teared up when he left her apartment and fiddled with his band and said he was sorry and then they showed Nora's ring....whannnnnn! I want to squal like a baby and then have my mother come and hug me. Unfortunately, I'm in Chicago and she is down south. But I tell ya, I can't take this anymore and I will be thankful if Bo and Inez don't share another scene again...although, we all know that's not gonna happen. I'd settle for the end of the week at this rate. I'm too devastated to discuss this further. Switching to Nora....

I guess she just wandered off??? I know she had her seatbelt on and there appears to be not much window damage so I'm assuming she wasn't thrown. I doubt someone pulled her from the wreckage a la Colin McIver after the train wreck in 2000. So, I'm gonna stick with her wandering off to go get help. I know that was her wedding band on the ground, but I hope she saved the engagement was at least 3 carats. Yes, that is inconsiderate but I don't care. It's a nice piece of bling...anyway, I missed her on the show today since I've gotten so used to seeing her. =(

Rex didn't say much so I won't discuss him. Ok...I'm biting my tongue as I say this and these words have never left my mouth before. I'm gonna count to 3...1,2,3: Gigi was...tolerable today. Dammit, she was. Ugh. I hate that she was decent cause I would love nothing more to go off on a Gigi tangent but I can't...damn her. She seemed genuinely upset about Rex. Oh, and I don't buy for one damn minute that she was studying for finals last night like she told Brody. I mean really? My ass. All we have seen her do is go to art class. Oh wait, excuse me, she was teaching the effing class last Tuesday with the nude model. Enough about this.

I was glad to see Jessica back. She has the best lines..."yeah, I spent all last spring being a teenager." haha. And she says it so nonchalantly. I love it. Thankfully, even Jessica is questioning Joey's sudden engagement to Aubrey. Afterall he has only known Aubrey "of course she rides" Wentworth for a short while, so someone needs to talk some sense into his damn head quickly. I def think Aubrey has a shitload of crazy bottled up in that cute little body of hers and I'm just waiting for her to unleash it...probably on Kelly...loves it.

Also, the Kelly/Blair bitchiness is fab. (Sidenote: How great does Blair look in her little robe? And Kelly? Hell, Dorian even looked great. They were the prettiest women I have seen in the morning and they were all in one room.) All I know is that Kelly needs to straighten all this shit out quickly because I cannot stand that she told Joey she was getting back with Kevin. UGH! I will take up for Kevin Buchanan always (because I adore him and he is incredibly charming) and Kelly is the love of his life and finding out all this would hurt him terribly. Hello, he just proposed to her a few months ago and was rejected like a bad credit card. Embarassing! So, she needs to set the record straight with Joey ASAP so the Joey/Aubrey/Kelly triangle can be in full effect.

Well, I honestly don't know who killed Father Dearest. I am still betting on Nate (I still think James is too obvious) but now I think Nate may have had help??? Hell, I dunno at this rate. I swear I saw Eddie's mouth move, by the way. Oooooh, just like yesterday there was someone lurking around in the background at the gym, if you missed it and have it on your DVR or Tivo then go look! I love nothing more than a good whodunit and I'm hoping the writers deliver. This could be as awesome as the "who killed Georgie Phillips" story that got featured on a Friday night on ABC...those were the days, man!

Hope you all enjoy the post! Stay warm!

Monday, December 13, 2010

"She's a Whore, a Bitch, and a Homewrecker!"

As opposed to yesterday, I actually have said the titled quote. However, I've never said, no yelled it, while driving eratically after finding my father kissing his assistant. I've only said it among girlfriends while gossiping about some slut...come on, you know you have, too. If you haven't you should do it over cocktails with great friends...good times.

I know I have discussed that I loathe Matt's new "American Psycho" persona, but I FLOVE him now. Him finding Bo and Inez is awesome and I can't wait for the drama to unfold and how he will use it, if he does, against Bo. P.S. When did Matthew get his license? I never saw him at driver's ed with Darren, Destiny, and the rest when they had those God awful outdoor scenes in the parking lot a couple of months ago. And, where is Matt driving to?

Praise God for the Nora and Rex scenes cause they were effin great. I felt Nora's pain when Rex tried to untie her...poor thing is traumatized!!!! Rex was so sweet with her, too. (After he FINALLY opened the damn door...was interrupted like 30 times). But, when he helped her button her jacket that just pulled at my heart strings. Ah...and all Nora wants to do is get to Bo. I don't blame you, dear, I'd want that too. I love them and can't wait for them to reunite soon! I wanted to cry with her in that car when she told Rex to hurry cause she needs to see Bo. =( Oh, and of course, she had to look for the french fries in the back seat! Love it.

Ok, so it's obvious that Marty wrote a prescription to Inez for effing LSD!!!! Geez Louise! I mean, Bo STILL thinks he is freakin talkin to Nora. What kinda pills are those?!?! Man, you can tell he really feels terrible and he said the nicest damn things to "Nora." I sure hope he gets to say some of that when he actually sees her by the end of this week. This is killing me! I'm crying as I type...can't discuss further...moving along

Hmmm....the gym scenes. Again, this is my third time to talk about the terribleness that is the Angel Square Gym, or whatever the hell it is. Everyone there is getting on my nerves and I am so sick and tired of James handling the damn gun like a freakin 3 year old. Sadly, Robert Ford is now my fav of the brothers. Langston needs to just leave the show and at this rate, take Starr with her. Oh, where is Hope? Hopefully they got her a new babysitter since the last one was killed. Maybe she is with Addie in the attic...where in the HELL is she?! Anyway, back to the gym, I'm glad today was the last day of them. I'd rather put my hand in an effing blender and then pour salt in my open wound than watch that shit again. I never want to see that damn gym again.

I can't believe Natalie just left John during the proposal. Actually, I can since she is a ball of nerves right now but PLEASE for the love of God don't come back and say that you left cause you are pregnant and have to go to the bathroom a lot! There were a shitload of excuses to use but that was just dumb. I thought the proposal was a bit off, but oh well. And, I've NEVER heard John "I have no emotion" McBain say he loves someone. It just sounded weird coming out of his mouth.

Nice cliffhanger with the car wreck and then the several hours later Eddie's dead thing. Ok, I'm gonna say that James did NOT kill Eddie cause that is just way to damn obvious. Inez won't be the killer either I don't think. The close up shot of her eying Bo's gun at the end of the show is just a red herring. I may go with Nate on this one. Or, at least that is what I'm saying today.

I can honestly say that I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode. Oh wait...Gigi's on tomorrow, so I'm not as excited. Thank you previews for being a Debbie Downer. Oh well, hopefully her hair will be tame and she will be bearable. Rex is so great when he is in scenes with the vets, yet he isn't that great with Gigi. Hopefully they won't speak to each other tomorrow. Also, I'm interested to see if Nora just walks away from the crash site or is thrown from the car (but she is wearing her seatbelt)....hmmm. I'll have a glass of wine and think about it.

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Slap Me Once, Shame on You. You Slap Me Twice and I Will Kick Your Ass, Marty...

Spoilers Mentioned...

I'm dying to start using this quote at some point in my life! Although that would require someone slapping me which would suck but I think I'd be willing to take a beating just so I can spout that off. Ok, I am LOVING this Marty/Natalie confrontation. Marty is about 10 kinds of crazy right now and it doesn't get much better. She doesn't give a damn about her career or anything at this point...except getting revenge on Natalie. I cannot wait for all this shit to hit the fan. However, I know there are a LOT of John/Natalie fans out there so I hope John and Natalie can work this out when Marty spills the beans...cause she will. How can Marty be redeemed after this? OMG, how about we bring back Patrick Thornhart?!?! God knows he could steer her back to sanity. Thorston Kaye is out at AMC and I'm dying for him to comeback! Hey, Marty needs someone to come and live in her awesome house (I still can't believe they gave her a nice house like that...). I am keeping my fingers crossed. Back to Natalie, bless her heart. She is FINALLY about to come clean to John and then he proposes...ah! I mean, you would think by now someone at Llanfair would have heard the truth about the baby at this point since she speaks aloud about the paternity of the baby in the foyer, living room, etc. of Llanfair. She says it does Brody for that matter. Brody is hanging out at the gym right now so thankfully he isn't at Vicki's discussing the paternity either...

The gym scenes are PAINFUL!!! Jesus...what filler scenes. I can't watch the Fords tap dancing around while each threatens that they will do anything for Eddie to leave. Writers, we get it....the Ford bros want their daddy gone. Please stop shoving it down our throats. Also, Langston's horniness is out of control! Don't fight your dad, Ford, I'll sleep with you. REALLY? REALLY? I can't take this...

Ok...Clint's actions today were the straw that broke the camel's back with me. This whole time, I haven't bought the "Asa would do this" rationale. That's a whole other tangent I could go off on...yes, Asa would protect the company but kidnapping Nora and trying to break her and Bo up and now...Matthew! Asa would NEVER do that! The only reason I can watch all this is because I know that Bo FINALLY pieces it together that Clint is behind all this crazy shit. I cannot wait for a good Bo/Clint showdown. I was hoping that would have happened this time last year when Clint pulled the shotgun on Bo and Nora but this is gonna be good if the writers really put some thought into it.

It was tough for me to watch the Bo/Inez scenes. Actually, it was mainly just Inez staring at pictures of Nate, her 25 year old son who she had at the age of 8, and contemplating what to do. And...Bo drank his beer like he was taking a shot! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Wouldn't you think it would taste a little funny with 2 pills in the drink? Like a powdery taste or something? least he thought he was kissing Nora, thankfully. I'm also glad they aren't going to sleep together. Now, Matthew seeing them is a whole other story. Oh, and how did Matt know where Nate lived??? It's not like they are friends. Unless he creepily stalked Daniella (mi hija or whatever Tea calls her) there to spy on her and Nate...wouldn't put it past him. How awesome was the upcoming scene of Matt calling Nate's mom a bitch, whore, and homewrecker...oh hells yes! Can't wait for that and the car wreck drama...

So poor Nora is still at the Minuteman and she has no idea she is gonna get in a car wreck later...le sigh. The Eddie scenes were creeepy with a capital C. JWS is doing a GREAT job of being disturbing and HBS is knockin her stuff out of the park, too. Sooo glad he didn't rape her although he was damn near close. I was glad when those scenes were over...gave me the chills. I will say this, I hope I have that kind of cleavage when I'm 53 years old. I have to give credit where credit is due. And Rex will you just open the damn door already?!?! Ah! I'm eager to see how this car wreck thing plays out and how Bo is only going to find her ring on Thursday. Also, she has no memory of the accident?! Yes! Can we please have Susannah Hanen fly in from Switzerland to help her sister with her memory? That would be awesome yet it won't happen. God knows Marty will be in no condition to help Nora with her memory...bring back Susannah!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, December 10, 2010

"I know Exactly What You're Up To You Little Bitch!!!"--Natalie Banks


I love nothing more than paranoid Natalie and psychotic Marty going after it (actually, I love a good Lindsay/Nora catfight but looks like Catherine Hickland isn't coming back anytime soon although I WISH she would. Miss her!)! I think Marty's slap to Natalie at the police station was better than Natalie's but I loved it regardless. And how hilarious is Marty asking if Natalie is gonna call the cops?! LMAO! Should we call John? Or wait...should we call Brody. Regardless, poor Natalie. She has dug herself in such a deep fuckin' hole and the spoilers indicate Marty is supposed to let all of Llanview know the secret soon so who knows. Speaking of Marty...

Jesus. Has this bitch been under a rock for the past month or two?!?! Could Inez not have been ANYMORE OBVIOUS about who she is dating and what she is about to do? Lord have mercy! Than, as Inez is walking out the door Marty just scribbles down a quick prescription?! Does she even know anything about Inez? Someone yank this bitch's medical license!!! Please!

Moving on to Angel ugly is that gym?!?! Heinous! Again, it's like a prison. I know, I haven't shut up about it. I am not asking for the place to be featured in Architectural Digest but it could look a little better. And, do the writers just not know what in the world to do with Christian? Especially now that Layla is gone, but then again I don't think they knew what to do with him then. I miss Antonio, p.s. Anyway, Christian is an attractive guy and I know he has something coming up with the Kourtney Kardashian cameo but still. They need to figure out what to do with him. Otherwise, I don't want to discuss the gym stuff much because it basically consisted of Langston being hot and bothered and making inappropriate comments. Not to mention, she looked like she was dressed up to work the corner...ugh.

Oh Clint, Clint, Clint. I actually watched some old clips of when CR used to be Clint and that Clint was sooooo nice. JVD is doing a great job but it's just hard for me to watch him telling Matthew that Bo is cheating on Nora...especially since he knows that for all of Matthew's life the poor thing as just wanted his parents together. But, by telling Matthew it is gonna cause a lot of drama next week with Rex and Nora so bring it on.

Eddie Ford...officially disgust me. JWS is doing a phenomenal job playing crazy, abusive Eddie but I just hope he doesn't rape Nora. As if she hasn't gone through enough since she has been on the show! I'll refrain on commenting until I see today's episode cause I know she gets saved next week.

Oh Bo. I want to blame you but I can't cause I know that you really think Nora is sending you those texts. I do however look forward to your grief and remorse that will play out at least through January. It's time that he suffer like he made Nora did all that time ago. But, I do love Bo...he's precious. on the count of three can we all say in unison "Poor Charlie!" Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! He is such a flippin' nice guy and I hate that he thinks Rex is his son. Why does this bother me so much? Just because he went through enough with Jared. If Charlie was a real SOB I wouldn't care but he is so sweet...

That's it for now. I'll post after today's episode. I can't wait until 1 o'clock...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Or We could just get Vimal to fake it for me..."--Matthew

All aboard the Matthew train. Hell yes! Despite the fact that I have hated his new attitude (which I swear he is channeling Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho." If you haven't seen the movie, then look at a pic of Christian Bale...that hair! anyway...), at least he is making some kind of sense. Lord! Bo has drunk some kool-aid which has made his brain completely useless. I was so thankful for what Matthew was saying when talking to Bo. So, I say that's suspicious as to what is going on cause it is hard as hell for me to watch this madness! "Have you tried to go look for her? So you and mom get into a fight and so you're cozying up with Nate's mom? Nice." Thank you...praise the good Lord! I have a feeling that Matthew is going to be the one that pieces all this crazy shit together with Clint, Nora, Inez and Bo and I can't wait. I also want Matthew to be pissed at Bo for what happens to Nora. Bo needs to be punished for a bit.

Oh, and I love the interactions between Matt and Clint..."coffee? really? this is bull." haha. Speaking of Clint. Does he treat Vimal like a ragdoll or what? I just want Vimal to gain a little should I put this? Manliness? Balls? Or just to grow a pair in general since he obviously has none. He is such a nervous poon!

Ok so...the gym looks like a cell Thankfully, Bo did mention that the gym is in Angel Square which is supposedly not the best area of town so it makes a little sense why the gym looks so carceral but still. Also...thank God Langston didn't have much dialogue this episode. Disclaimer: she is NOT my favorite...understatement. I got so used to not seeing much of her and now when I see her once I cringe. But, I'm thankful for how seldom she has been on recently. Oh, and Proud of him for stepping up...I'll give him that. His defending James made me like him more today. I have loathed the Ford brothers since they entered town but now Ford is growing on me and, dare I say, I like him. Wow. Oh, and James "Bobby I'm willing to do anything. I just want him gone." Foreshadowing much? I love that EVERYONE and their mom has threatened that they will do ANYTHING to get Eddie out of town. Not to mention, you can throw in Bo and Nora as suspects since there will be major fallout from the kidnapping. I can't wait for the Eddie whodunit!!!! Can y'all?

Oh Kelly...poor baby. "Awesome!" Spoken in her best valley girl voice. I genuinely felt bad for her today. Poor thing has made mistake after mistake ever since she came to town. Oh, and the fake grass at the that from Sam Rappaport's house circa 1998? Sure looks like it. Anyway, back to Aubrey/Kelly/Joey, I still can't figure out Aubrey. I didn't like the way Aubrey talked to Kelly though...that's for sure. And I also can't believe Aubrey got the "vicki banks seal of approval over the phone." Just not believable. I haven't read too many spoilers about Aubrey so hopefully I can figure her out soon. Regardless, I think Terri Conn is doing a great job. Actually like her better in this role than on ATWT.

Bo and Inez....I could just scream or lash out. I don't condone violence, so I will not discuss their dialoge today. I will say that I will just relish in the guilt/remorse/anguish that Bo will feel after the Nora business. So I will endure the Bo/Inez thing since I know it will provide great story later for Bo and Nora. Back to Inez... She whines more than a child with colic!!! OMG. I'm over her! I do love Jessica Leccia, but this character is too much. (BTW....JL, HBS, and GT are on Venice the Series and are phenomenal. Y'all should subscribe to it. GREAT show.) Oh and, not to mention, Inez is so similar to Natalia on "Guiding Light" JL's previous role. I will also not discuss Bo going to check on the Ford Brothers instead of wondering where the love of your life is. Le sigh...

Clever Nora! Way to use that well-educated brain of yours! You should have practice after being held captive for months after the train wreck! Colin McIver anyone? (swoon, btw. gosh, he was attractive.) Oh, and her toes are painted a lovely color....OPI Cajun Shrimp? Like a woman that takes care of her feet. Gosh, I cringed during the flashback of Eddie reading Nora the text and hearing the name Sam Rappaport. I've tried to forget all about Cabanas and have refused to enter one ever since 1999. Anyway, why didn't the manager just use the master key and enter the motel room? Oh, because this is a soap opera.

Gosh, I miss Dorian lurking in the background and seeing something interesting! I love her snoopiness! Hopefully she will be on tomorrow causing trouble.

John, God bless him, he is trying. Natalie "I'll be a lot worse than a drunken sailor." LOL. I wonder if John will act worse than a drunken sailor when crazy-ass Marty spills the baby beans to all of Llanview?!

Speaking of the Buchanan baby mix-up...get this: So, if you go to Wikipedia and type in "Buchanan Family" at the bottom of the page after the descriptions of each character, etc. there is a family tree. Go check it out and look at Jessica Brennan and Natalie Banks...tell me what you see with the fathers and soon to be babies. Makes me a little more confused about the paternity mix-up.

Where is Vicki?! Rex and Gigi are just hanging out in her foyer? Really? Oh and thank you hairstylists at OLTL for not letting Gigi put roadkill or something else that resembles a dead animal on her head for the past few episodes she has been in. I enjoy her hair being tame and with no animals on it. I thank you and so does Davy Crockett.

About time Rex and Natalie talked! Thank you!!! They were siblings for heaven's sake. It's like the writers just remembered (just like they did the other day with Vicki and Nora. thankfully someone remembered they were friends.) Love that Rex referred to Stacey as "an epic failure." Oh Natalie, you poor thing, psycho Marty (aka Glenn Close from "Fatal Attraction") is after your ass.

Can't wait for tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Post Coming Later Tonight!

Sorry...Obama interrupted the show, so I have to make my post after I watch on soapnet tonight.

Monday, December 6, 2010

"She Wants Me to...Sleep with You."

Disclaimer....I mention spoilers. So, this is somewhat of a spoiler alert. Oh and if it appears my writing is a bit sarcastic, that's because it is. Just in case some people find my comments a bit strange. Moving right along...

Well, right out the gate I had to LOL at John McBain reading "Know Your Child." Good for him but it is just hard for me to buy it since the book was about 1,000 pages long. LOL Natalie, "wait until the baby shower...we are going to get tons of stuff." That's right. I'm sure Marty will lovingly gift wrap something else in Tiffany blue paper and hand it to you at your shower in front of everyone. Probably not, but how great would that be?! Or, Marty could do a banner that said "Congratulations Natalie and Brody!" Ah, if only. Wait, when did Natalie start parting her hair down the middle? Last week? Eh...I don't care for it.

Is it just me or is Rex the WORST P.I. ever? Really? He has his phone on vibrate? And, he picked the lock before Marty had even backed out of the driveway. Then he just hangs out and shoots the shit with Gigi on the phone while he is supposedly looking for "stuff on Marty." I mean, really? Really? Since Rex is breaking into Marty's house...

Does her photo album entitled "Memories" feel a bit creepy? Yes, I know Cole is her only son and all and people keep albums but hers seemed super creepy. Combine that with her talking outloud to herself and to the picture of her and Cole and the psycho factor increases. It's like Hannah O'Connor's ghost is haunting Marty's house and causing her crazy behavior. Sidenote: God Bless Hannah...miss that crazy kid. Regardless, I am LOVING watching Marty fly off the handle (hello? her little pump arm fake she did to James last week that said "what? get outta my face!!!" I love it...). Susan Haskell will rock this like no other.

Kudos to Joey. It's always good to marry a woman you have known for 14 days. 13 isn't quite enough, but 14 is the right amount of time. I cannot for the life of me figure Aubrey out. At first, I thought she was sketchy but now I don't know. You would think if she was a big gold-digger that she would have said "yes" immediately to Joey's (oh sorry...Joe's) proposal. I dunno about her yet. I will say that I think she is talking to the new character "Cutter" on the phone, not Ford. That is just my gut instinct though for now. And, Aubrey and Joey already say "I love you?" Jesus...what is the pace it goes at these days? Granted, I haven't been in the dating world for about 3 years but I don't think it's gotten that outta hand. That's just silly. But, hey it happens. I love that Vicki was thrilled Aubrey "rides" and Joey was like "of course she rides." So, it's equestrian skills are now a prerequisite to becoming a Buchanan. That now clears up any inkling of hope I had of becoming a Buchanan and BE Shareholder.

Ok...Hold the damn phone. Charlie was sooooo into that kiss with Echo...Lord! I didn't expect him to be so into it! I LOVE Dorian's facial expressions while she watched them kiss. She has had me in stitches ever since she was spouting off one liners at Todd and Tea's party. God bless her. Back to Charlie and Echo, I think Echo might genuinely like him. She has been through a slew of men and it appears she thinks Chuckles is just an all around great guy. I'm sure it also helps that he is Vicki's man which adds to his likabilty in Echo's eyes. However, the whole time I just wanted Echo to scream out "Clint is Rex's father!" Ah...I hate that he will have to go through the agaony of losing another child. As if losing Jared wasn't bad enough? He had just reconnected with the kid...le sigh. Chuckles should also tell Vicki to remove the damn bourbon from the living room!!! What temptation to a recovering alcholic!

I think Dorian was genuinely shocked when Kelly said she was going after Joe. Strangely enough, I think Joe and Dorian have some chemistry. I kinda felt it when they were talking the other day. She gave him sex eyes today when they were talking to Clint and Vicki. I kinda liked it. ;) Also, I am so pumped about Dorian and Vicki teaming up! How much better does it get than RS and ES together? It really doesn't. Although I don't want to see Vicki hurt by Charlie, I'm so ready for Dorian and Vicki to go after Echo's ass like no other.

Ok...I am the BIGGEST Bo and Nora fan of all time and HBS and RSW are my fav soap actors of all time. However, I'm shooting for as much objectivity on this blog as I can. That being said, Bo Buchanan what the hell are you doing? REALLY? You are going to tell your assistant (who has been the basis of your arguments with Nora) all about your marriage problems? Someone smack him...immediately! At least, he is suspicious of how this is all playing out. He is right, this is unlike Nora to do all this texting bullshit but then again I understand how he thinks it is indeed from her. How would someone steal her phone and know about their fight AND about Sam Rappaport. It is understandable why he thinks it is her. But the thought that Nora would want Bo to sleep with Inez...let's be serious. I'll wait and analyze this tomorrow when I know more.

Inez has had like, I dunno, one zillion opportunities to tell Bo everything. She trusts him and looks up to him and she knows he would help her. I understand it's a soap, so she won't tell him but it just bothers me and makes her even more annoying to me.

On another note, poor Nora. She had so much hope and just knew Bo was going to come find her until Eddie relayed what Bo texted back to her (which is a whole other tangent that I could go off on but I just don't have the time). You could tell she was about to cry and now he won't know to come looking for her. As we say in the South, "bless her heart." =( Oh, and I love that Eddie and Nora barked at one another...LOL. For a moment, I thought it was my little dachshund but after a quick replay it was confirmed that there was barking going on in that gorgeous hotel room.

Random Awesome News
Sweet Angels of Heaven! A new opening?! Granted it doesn't have new pictures (I mean seriously...Todd's hair is so long and Matthew looks like he is 12 years old), but I'll take it. Even new font to boot! I'm still holding on to the thought of new cast can dream.

"Stay tuned from scenes from the next 'One Life to Live'." I have never heard a sweeter phrase in all my life! I did a damn triple axle off of my couch across the living room. Nancy Kerrigan herself would have been impressed.

Until next time,