Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Besides Bo, John McBain's Hair Carries The Show on Its Back. Exhausted.

McBain (whispering, of course): "That's right. My hair carried Monday's episode. It also carries a 9 mm in case anybody f*@ks with me. So badass yet so jet black and smooth."

Yeah, it is 5 minutes until 7 and I am trying to do a drive-by. Ugh...I don't know what I am thinking! I stayed up entirely too late and stupidly slept late (well late if I want to blog). So I will try and HURRIDLY make quips here and there and then I assure you a full post of Tuesday's episode. I'll make up for this...promise!

Monday, October 17th--Can't Find Anyone to Blog. Help! Paging Dr. Marty Saybrooke to Help This Situation

Obviously for me Bo will be the best thing for me this episode. However, I must say that I screamed when Irene's ass surfaced! Ah! So Exciting. Oh, and RH's pajamas. Yeah can we discuss those? Where in the hell did those come from?

Times...Nora and Bo's wedding picture isn't even on Bo's desk anymore. Ugh...

What is Shaun's purpose on the show? At least Christian had multiple occupations and would also randomly show up in miscellaneous scenes but with Shaun...he just shows up.

I mean I lauded Farah Fath when she left the show. She did a stellar job her last two weeks. Ummm yeah well now I'm pissed because FF's acting in the hospital bed--all this murmuring Rex shit--HORRIBLE. I mean...talk about ruining a good thing. Jesus, OLTL can't leave well enough alone can they?

SURELY these officers barging into the Spotted Pony are strippers. They look JUST like male strippers. No way they are real cops.

God's punishing me for some reason...exposing me to NQS. Yeah, that is punishment alright. Even worse...I have to agree with NQS that original "The Manchurian Candidate" is much better than the remake.

I don't have time to comment about ANY of the Kentucky foolishness and if y'all think I am going to discuss Cutter's SHIT southern accent then y'all are dreaming.

Oh, I hate Natty's dress and need her out of it pronto. Natty, you don't get mad when you are standing in the Buch manse with Rex? I'd be like "Bitch this is my daddy's house!" Eh...no I wouldn't. I'm all bark and no bite. I'd think it though!

Oh another fabu thing about this episode--John's hair. So silky, so shiny, so smooth, so dark...

Poor Tea...I want to cry. Whannn. But seriously listening to that voicemail would do more harm than good. Bo, give her a hug. She needs one.

It's 10 after 7...there is no way I can keep going at this rate. Lemme start making snip comments.

It's nice to know that people take over and run a muck at Vicki's cabin just like they do at her house.

The cop who grabbed Kim after the fight? Second worst actor this episode. The WORST actor this episode? The nurse who told Kim/Stacy "You're awake!" Just so f*@king awful. I can't say anything else about it.

McBain's hair could solve the Victor Jr. murder mystery.

No surprise, Bo is the greatest guy ever and let Tea hear the voicemail. Tea's reactions were so effing perfect by the way.

I guess Blair is absent today because she had to rest. All that Nascar driving will wear one's ass out...

I mean Vicki doesn't have a damn clue that people are hanging out at her cabin! Egregious!

I mean I need the vets on or something. I am soooo bored! Jesus, I will also put out an APB for Nora...ah! I mean I'd rather watch her talk to Little David Vickers or something. I am dying...DYING!

I know I said that besides Bo...Irene was the best thing about this episode but I now am going to go with John's hair. It looks super fabu today.

So Todd killed Victor? Oy. I'm exhausted. Between this and the paternity storyline I'm just THAT lethargic.

AH! Stacy/Gigi'd doctor?! Kurt McKinney!? He made his debut today?! Lord...haven't seen him since the end of "Guiding Light." THIS is what he is doing nowadays. Poor guy...

Yeah John, that's right...Natalie interrogated Victor's poor secretary and didn't tell you. LYING AGAIN! So, you do NOT need to get back with her. I need you two crazy kids separated in order for y'all to each remain interesting.

Good grief...Todd with his head in Irene's lap is a bit disturbing.

Peeing...John: "Excuse me?!" I am so evil. I wish John would yell at Natalie right now. I do. Like...very badly.

Ah...segment! Have to hurry...

Aaaand now Todd is throwing and breaking shit at Vicki's cabin. Poor Victoria.

Dan-YELLA, thanks for making all girls in America look like total dipshits. He starred in a porn. You are a total dipshit and I am thoroughly disappointed.

Yeah I am sooooooo pissed Stacy/Gigi is awake. This whole thing is a shit show...

I mean John's hair WAS the show today.

Aaaaaaaand just like Blair, Tea has obviously been training with Nascar professionals since she made up Llantano Mountain in all of a hot minute. Damn girl...

Ok I have to hurry up and go get in hair and make-up. I'll make up for this quick post. Also, I apologize for its terribleness. I mean...I feel I have nothing to work with nowadays! Le woof!

infinite xo,


  1. So, now Todd murdered Victor AFTER ALL? Ugh. He murdered his mother AND his brother? The guy is relegated to inner and outer hell for fifteen consecutive lifetimes no matter WHAT the circumstances. I HATE THIS SHITE.

    So I guess Todd will be taking the Manchurian Candidate defense now, huh?

    Why why why do I give a hill of beans?

    I am more curious about the origin of the idiom "to give a hill of beans" than I am in anything in Llanview now. *sigh*

    Saw some old Youtubes on John and BLAIR - lord I missed that one entirely. I dunno - thought it was pretty hot and pretty interesting - what was your take on that one??

    Oh, and I don't hate Blair's shag necessarily - when it is out of her face. In action, this cut often has the habit of covering up all but the vertical center line of her face, and she needs to show off her fabulous and feminine cheekbones and jawline to offset a rather severe and often furrowed brow line. jmho dontchaknow!!

    LOL on Todd's pj's - good point! Think Tea brought him some of Victor's? Ick I DOUBT it! Don't think they belonged to Charlie . . . maybe Blair picked some up at the local bait and tackle shop down the road . . .


  2. I did not get vested in RH coming back for the nonsense/killing Victor so NuJack can told you so naanaaanaa