Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Am Getting Impatient...Need Vicki and Clint Reunion. I Don't Need Vicki Discussing Natty's Love Life. K, Thanks OLTL!

Jess: "Natalie, I think what Mary-Ella is saying is that she is tired of mom propping our storylines. People are tired of this paternity storyline, too. We need to deal with it."

Good mornin'! Good mornin'! What a surprise...I'm in a hurry. Ugh. So lemme crank this out as quickly as possible. ;) I'll respond to comments this afternoon.

Monday, October 3rd--Hope Is Taking Over Again While John Goes on Vacay to Llantano Mountain...Just to Chill for a Few Days

Jesus if ONE MORE DAMN PERSON gets a hold of these flippin' paternity results I'm going to scream.

Again...WHY OH WHY does it look like a reality show is being filmed when anything is filmed in the hallway of the LPD. Also, I dunno what it is but the new mayor is sultry. She screams "vixen." Maybe I am thinking of her character on "Guiding Light" but I think that suits her. Even in clothes fit for a mayor...sex kitten.

Irene is the devil...love it!

Well, I'll be damned! Look at Bo Buchanan saving the day! I mean...he still looks handsome covered in all that shit. Ah love him. I love that Bo's first question was "Where's the dog?" LOL. Aaaaand Tomas just "surfaced." He always just "surfaces" out of nowhere...

Vicki will give Natty a free pass and just want to help her get back with John. Eh...not feelin' it. Granted I'm glad to see Vicki...especially wearing that adorbs dress. But...I can't deal with this. The only thing I will say is that I DO remember John carrying that teddy bear all the way back from Seattle and it was hella adorbs. I mean Vicki's right but I don't like this convo...

I'm sure I'll also want to fall asleep during this Jess and Brody convo. Le woof.

May I just say that Irene's hair still looks hella fabu even "wind blown" on the docks.

I.AM.SO.SICK.OF.THIS.PATERNITY.SHIT. I mean...between Natalie blabbing to Vicki in a whole segment about a dream pertaining to the damn test results and now Jess knowing the real results...cannot flippin' deal.

Again, I love that Tomas just "surfaces" out of nowhere. I mean...is Nora even gonna be notified that Bo just handled a bomb and saved everyone's life? Probably not...FAIL.

Well damn, Todd's shirt is now messed up. I can't lie I am dying out laughing during this scuffle between mother and son. Nice move for Irene to go straight to Todd's wound...

Ok so I was cheering Natty on during her fight with Jess but now I'm totally over her ass this episode. Maybe because I'm tired of this story? Maybe because I'd rather see Vicki talking to Clint about something meaningful instead of propping Natalie in this atrosh story that has worn out its welcome. Do I sound bitter much? Sorry.

Bo looks fabulous all disheveled. He really does. Very nice move, Starr. Way to whisper to Blair. LOL...I love that Blair has this important information. Lord of all people...

"Spare the rod, spoil the child." Very nice, Irene. She now reminds me of Miss Trunchbull from the movie "Mathilda."

Natty...sweet Jesus. You don't love Brody...you love John. Don't marry Brody! I mean...Vicki had to step her regal little ass into y'all's shit apartment to come over and tell you that you still love John. I mean...really?! Vicki, PLEASE for the love of God just leave that apartment and go take care of the Silver Fox. UGH.

I do like Jess' necklace. I have to say it.

I love that Vicki said Jessica got a big does of crazy from her...ha! Ok, I'm not elaborating on this Vicki/Natty convo anymore.

The bomb damage to the house is comical. Blair stop talking about Bo!!!! Right this minute!

Aaaaaaand now Bo's suit looks like it just came back from the damn cleaners! hahaha! Hmmm...I think the mayor has eyes for Bo. Also, I'd like to see Tea and the mayor get into it. Don't worry, Bo...McBain WILL find Irene Manning. I mean he is THAT good.

Ok so I am kinda sad Irene is about to die. I can't lie. hehe that rhymed. Anyway...seriously, I enjoyed her evil, fierce ass. I really did. Le boo.

I cannot stress enough how ALL of the furniture in Brody and Nat's apartment looks all kinds of uncomfy. Shit looks stiff!

LOL...that's right, Vicki, you do have a right to banish Tina forever. Ok so this Vicki/Jess convo is much better than the Natty/Vicki convo. Why you ask? It was short as hell. I mean...the Jess convo was half a segment. Word. Ugh...watch us not see Vicki for the rest of the show now. Balls.

ha! I'd LOVE it if one of Vicki's alters ran for mayor! Jesus can you imagine Jean Randolph running Llanview?! Even if only for a week or two! Ah! I'm salivating!

And of course...Tomas just "surfaced" at the docks. Good grief, Charlie Brown...

Todd stills looks good in that shirt despite suffering a gun shot wound and now having blood all over. AH! Y'all run! McBain is on his way!

Hmmm so Vicki surfaced for all of a hot minute. Where in the HELL is Silver Fox?

OH EM GEE!!!! Now Jess is going BACK to Natty's? God, I wish Troy McIver would answer the door to his old apartment instead of Natty. I'd just look at him.

I mean...the new mayor is all over the place, huh? She is quite something.

PEEING! "AGAIN, Delgado?" Thanks for the comic relief, John. I love you. So now Tomas will take the blame for Todd. Lordy. How long will THIS story go on?

Well today was just okay. I would love to see ALL FOUR vets on an episode. K, thanks. Granted that ain't happenin' this week. Hell, probably next week at this rate.

Okie dokie...I have to run! Y'all have a great day!



  1. I just love it here at the Llanview Ledger because of all the Clint/Viki love. If the writers actually do ever put them back together, I will run right over here to squee, if that is okay with you. :)

    And I never noticed it before, but Tomas does always sort of appear out of nowhere. Weird.

    You have a good day, too. I hope you're feeling better.


  2. @Laura Well, I'm so glad you love it here. Love having you! Seriously, it is bad enough I can't see Bo and Nora together and now when I see Vicki and Clint on they aren't on together and they are flippin' propping other characters. KILL ME! I also read that Clint wonders if Vicki is ready to date. However, I think any potential V/C romance is thwarted by Kim for a bit. I mean...they stop taping this show next month. I would like to see V/C back together before the last flippin' day of the show. K, thanks!

    Feel free to squee anytime!Ummm yes Tomas always "appears" out of thin air in just about every situation!

    Thanks...I am feeling better. I'm at work but kinda doped up on pain meds. Heavens! Hope this comment made sense!

    Thanks dear.

  3. If Todd weren't back I'm not sure I'd be watching anymore--his are the only scenes i don't FF through and it's been that way for awhile (unless the scene has returnees like Tina and Cord)

    Sad to say but Vikki really hasn't been a very good mother, her girls are rotten little brats and Joey is extremely immature. She coddles them all too much :)

  4. @rac Ugh...I'm dying to flippin' fast forward! I mean DYING! Well, I sometimes do but I try not too. I do like all the Todd stuff but it is kinda taking over the show and I don't really care for that. Oh, and the Tina and Cord stuff...need more. Oh, and I'll take a side of Kevin Buchanan. Please. Won't happen but I can dream. I know...Vicki ain't the best mommy. Yet...I want her to read me a story and tuck me in?! What is the matter with me? You know if Jean Randolph raised those little bitches maybe they wouldn't be so slutty! ;) Kidding...kidding. Kinda. Oh well. Hoping we get some Vicki/Clint stuff soon!!