Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Will Blog After Greg Evans Gives Me Some Meds

Jesus...kidding about the title! Anyway, I am attempting to type this on the bus on the way to work! Ok so I plan to double up and catch up either tonight or early a.m. Sorry...I have felt horrible and yesterday was just a disaster--work, sickness, you name it. So I had to just do nothing last night. Positive news: I am feeling a bit better besides a nasty cough. I will see y'all here later on! And I will respond to comments I promise! Thank y'all for putting up with me. I am a handful...even to my blog readers I'm sure! ;)

Love y'all, mean it!
Stuffy Mija


  1. Feel Better Mija...Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation !! XXOO Krisi

  2. Feel Better, Mija!

    Meanwhile we'll just sit here and judge Tina's outfits as only Todd can "Everyone knows that leopard skin is the fabric of desperation!" LOL


  3. love the trifecta of Lord siblings--too bad nobody ever mentions Tony

    Feel better but I think you'd be better off with Dr larry's drugs :)

  4. @Krisi Thank you, sweet pea! Yes, agreed! My damn vacation got me sick! Huge woof! xxoo

    @Richmond Chandler Thank you, dah-ling!!! I seriously like the damn leopard outfit on Tina...think she looks hot! Also, thank you for the FB shout-out...JUST saw that! You are too kind!

    @rac I love the Lord siblings, too! AH! Good times! Thanks so much for the well wishes! I am feeling a little better. OMG...I'd be sooo much better off with Larry. Times...speaking of...why can't they bring Larry Wolek back? PLEASE before this show ends...please...