Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ciao Bellas

Oh...I hate to do this. I am being forced to stop this blog...just for the rest of the week. ;) I have too much going on and then I leave for NYC on Thursday. MH is actually meeting me there so I have decided to just take this week off. I don't want to just give y'all half-ass posts. So, next week I'll be back full force. Feel free to comment as you wish! I'd love it!

See y'all next week! I'll respond to comments when I can!

love y'all...mean it! So sorry for the hiatus!
Overscheduled Mija


  1. couldn't even finish watching yesterday the show is just annoying right now no story line to really care about.

    Have fun in NYC that's my city--are you going to any shows?? We always take people to The View Lounge to eat it's at the top of the marriot in Times Square and revolves--they have an amazing buffet that is not too expensive, open only for dinner-no reservations (not to be confused with menu restaurant there)

  2. I will miss your posts, but have a great time!!

  3. Are you going to try to see some OLTL peeps and get us some pictures? Have fun!

  4. Suggestion.. put a "join this site" button on the right so I can get updates!! :) Then I'll know you check you (I do GH)