Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Sleepy and the Gigi/Stacy Thing Just Put Me to Sleep. Zzzzz.

Kimmie: "So Mary-Ella, you don't want to discuss my scenes? That's fine. I'm coming after your ass. Or worse...I'll make you work at The Spotted Pony with me."

Ah! Sorry I have been so MIA! My best friend JUST flew back today and then I had other things to thank you note writing...ah! Anyway, I forgot to mention I am flying down South Thursday for round 2 of wedding celebrations and LSU football so I have to figure out how I'm gonna do this blog. Anyway, I haven't even heard what Thursday and Friday's shows were about. I am going to have to condense each post. I'm so sorry! I am just so pressed for time. =( Bear with me and I'll be back to normal tomorrow! Promise! Oh, and I am like about to collapse/pass out from exhaustion! Yes, I have had wine but not much! So let's see if this makes about 50% sense!

Thursday, October 13th--Bo's Tie Is The Only Lively Thing This Episode. It Is Doing The Blogging...
1. Blair needs to do Nascar. Jesus, that bitch drives all over. Also, I love her red leather jacket. This goes along with my Nascar point. That red jacket would look great behind the wheel.
2. Please, I'm not even getting borderline excited that Shane really shot and killed NuJack. I mean I didn't even react. It is not as if the writers would do anything correct nowadays. Oh wait...nevermind I guess I was right to say "peeing." NuJack deserves some embarrassment so thank God for that! that Bo?! Sweet lord...I just perked up a tad. Just a tad...still THAT tired. But I am happy...
3. It is nice to see Nora in the opening credits since I forgot what she looked like. Ugh.
4. Where in the hell do Rama and Vimal live? Not the Minuteman...where?
5. I'd rather discuss the migratory patterns of birds than this Gigi/Stacy/Cutter/Kim shit.
6. Brody has looked constipated for half of this episode.
7. Aaaaand where did Tea get her jeans/change of clothes? I mean REALLY?! Jesus Tea just said Nora's name!
8. I mean this is the second time within a couple of months that Rex has had to talk Shane down or out of something killing himself or someone else. Fail.
9. I'm not commenting anymore on the Kim, Cutter, Rama, Vimal, and Aubs stuff unless something earth shattering happens. Like major earthquake shit. I mean...y'all KNOW how dumb this Stacy/Gigi shit is...I can't deal.
10. Bo's tie is a bit more...lively...than normal? Yes, lively. Oh spoiler alert***y'all know that Mayor Finn fires Bo. Yes, I was upset about that. Then, I just found out she rehires him. The point of firing him in the first place was???? Exactly.*** If Shane is saying he wants to confess to Victor's murder then I'm all for it so this shit will end. I don't care anymore. Let him be a killer. I need a resolution. Yes, I changed my tune...but I need this to end more than Shane not be a murderer. Oh and Rex is back to wearing military jackets. Sign he is about to become poor again? Hmmm.
11. Shaun only props people and why he signed with PP I don't know. I mean...he never has a story. I don't really care. I'm just sayin'.
12. If Brody does lose it and kill someone, well then I need it to be NuJack. Well...Mes then NuJack.
13. I must say...compared to Liam that little Ryder is not a very good baby. EVERYONE should take a page out of Liam's book. Word. However, it should be noted that McBain's Magic Touch calmed little Ryder down. No surprise...the man is a genuius. And a miracle worker...and all knowing...and he has super powers....and he has more black clothing than Batman. K, stopping...
14. This blog is already longer than anticipated and I haven't done Friday yet. Great...
15. Aaaaand Blair just called the mansion "Asa's." Yeah, that's right. Not Rex's house...not even Clint's...Asa's! HELLS YES.
16. Great...Shane didn't shoot Victor. I think we find out the killer when...Tuesday? I don't give a damn who killed him at this rate. I just need this fixed...
17. Oh I haven't mentioned Natty this episode. She isn't doing much. But, I'll acknowledge her...sup, Natty? Sup Natty's boobs?
18. Ask me if I give a shit about Rama and Cutter taking care of unfinished business...
19. Also notice that I haven't mentioned Messica. It's been nice, right?
20. Should Natty be discussing the gun that killed Victor in front of Shane and Rex? No. Also, my night just got made with Bo yelling at Rex. I LOVE this man. I really is love. Ross's ok. So now we should all think Brody killed Victor? Oh woof...

Eh...episode was just "ok." That is it...

Ok I am exhausted so I will now get up at the crack of dawn to do Friday! I hope about 10 people appreciate this! I'll take 5 people! This is love peeps! Oh, I'm just kidding...mostly. ;)

K, love y'all bunches!


  1. Good lord - I am so SICK AND TIRED of seeing this kid play Jack that I actually wished the one none-murdering teen in all of Llanview would throw in with the rest of the gang.

    I am hereby contrite. Sort of.


  2. @YB *gasp* contrite?! Mercy! I don't blame you though...agreed all around. I need Jack killed immediately. It is just THAT simple. It really is...

    Le woof...le sigh...le help us