Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'll Buy Blair A "My Little Reminder" From Those Infomercials My Damn Self! Remember, Blair--Starr's in Jail! Le Duh!

Blair: "Wait, you have to go to court today to help get Starr and Tomas out of jail today? OMG I totally forgot Starr was in jail! How is she Tea?"

Hope this post finds you having a splendid Sunday! I was hoping to blog before now but as always I figured it would pushed back until now thanks to weekend activities. So...Ross is napping after the Saints game and I have time to go crank this out quickly. I will do a short drive-by of Thursday and then a full post of Friday. I do believe the Silver Fox AND Victoria are on Friday's episode and supposedly the show is kinda like "Look Who's Talking Too" with the baby/animal discussion. OY!

Thursday, October 6th--Hope Is Blogging Just So People Will Remember Who She Is
1. The cop who came in to give Tomas and Starr breakfast is the biggest slapdick. He is so terrible. Also, there is a lot of grafitti in those jail cells and all of it looks like it was etched by a Marks-A-Lot black marker. I mean REALLY? REALLY? Also, let's all remember Tomas has a contract with PP and will be on the new show because his purpose on the show is??? Oh and who is taking care of Hope?! It sure as hell ain't Blair or Dorian! Marty?! hahahaha! Hell, we all know it is Addie. Le sigh...
2. I think it is precious Tea is sleeping with the bear. More precious...the missing David Vickers fliers. Oh I LOVE Tea's nightgown! Mercy! I love that Tina said the dog "even saved Blair's [life]."
3. I'd jump Cord's bones if given the opportunity. Years ago? No, he didn't do it for me then. But this Cord is so cute! On another note--I'm shocked as hell the doors at Llanfair are closed.
4. Wait...where did Blair get that sweater?
5. I'm too mentally exhausted to discuss James and Ford. I just don't care about them.
6. Tea's suit is super adorable and all women should wear cute suits like that. Word. Well, I'll be damned! Look at Tina being selfless as hell with Tea! Good lord!
7. Ok so I lied...I'll discuss Ford for a second because I kinda like him with Jessica. I'm ducking now since I know a shit-ton of you probably want to throw stuff at me for saying that.
8. Aaaaaaand, I'm not even halfway through the show and this post is longer than expected. I'll now have to do two separate ones...
9. I mean the fliers for missing little David Vickers are so presh. I mean Tina and Cord just need to go on and make-out already.
10. I'm sorry but I kinda just peed when Ford talked in the funny voice.
11. OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Waterfall flashbacks?! Get the f*@k out! I love this! LURVE IT! God, why oh why can't they make soaps like that anymore?! I'm crying...crying!
12. LOL...Blair TOTALLY forgot Starr was in jail! Bitch totally forgot! Best.Mother.Ever. I mean...and Nora has two children that were raised well and both killed someone and Blair's parenting skills are waaaaay worse and hardly nothing. LORDY.
13. Tina..."I was a stranger in a strange land." I mean...THESE FLASHBACKS ARE GREAT!!!!!!! Sweet Jesus! I mean...I love that Marcia Cross is Kate!
14. I hate the hot dog and fries picture in Ford's apartment! UGH!!!!
15. Come on Tina and Cord...just make-out. I already asked you to do so at the beginning of this post.
16. I still wanna know where Blair's new outfit came from. Lawd if anything Todd don't die cause that will be the 3rd father to bite the dust for Dan-YELLA!
17. Of course Tina and Cord won't be shown kissing. This means they will be interrupted at the beginning of the next episode in true soap fashion.
18. EFF YOU MESSICA! You are now going to flippin' show Ford the damn paternity results!? I am so effing tired of EVERYONE in this town either knowing the truth or touching this damn piece of paper. If this story doesn't f*@king end soon I'm going to kill myself!!!!
19. Ugh Starr I'm over you right now since I'm tired of having scenes at the damn jail cell but I'm probably more mad at you because your scene was the one after the Jessica showing Ford the paternity results foolishness...UGH!
20. I mean...Starr's hair and make-up look fabulous for jail. What a crock.

Well the show was decent. Ok so now I'm gonna have to break up this post and do a separate one for Friday. Not sure if I'll do that tonight or in the a.m. but I'll def do it. I'll see y'all after while. I can't believe I typed this much about Thursday's show! Was NOT expecting it!

Love y'all, mean it!

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