Monday, October 31, 2011

"Wait a Second! I Know Those Nipples!"

YEAH! No shitty teens on this episode! Everyone take a shot!

BOO!!!! Hope y'all are having a Happy Halloween!!! It is business as usual around our house. I have a lot to do before I go out of town Thursday so I want to go on and blog tonight. So let's do the damn thing...

Monday, October 31st--Cutter's Nipples Are Blogging. Everyone Else Is Partying at Nat and Brody's Atrosh Party.

hahaha...."La Ghoul-ay." I love it. OMG...Sam is a little shark and Blair is the lifeguard. UH-DORBS!!!

Even more adorable? This Clint and Vicki banter. God they are fabulous. DAYUM...Bree is growing up fast. She's like a damn weed.

Lord...those shots look AWFUL! Like orange Triaminic from back in the day before they made medicine taste good (except Ceclor --the pink stuff--tasted awesome. ok I am getting off base here). Did y'all ever take that medicine as a child? WOOF.

I prefer Gigi/Stacy in the mask/hood ensemble. K, that's it.

All the sexual references with Blair and Todd. I love it. Todd is trying to be there for sweets...that's for sure. OMIGOD how effing cute is Sam waving to Scarface. I mean...Todd you can't be mad at that presh nugget. He is so cute! I can't stand it!

How flippin' cute is Clint digging into the candy bag? In other news: WHO IS EFFING TIRED OF THIS PATERNITY SHIT!? OMG someone shoot me!!!

Natty will no doubt make a comment about Joey. No way she is being this nice to Aubs. Aaaaand she did. Good for her. Aubs deserved that.

I mean Tina and Cord flippin' crack my shit up! And I also can't help but laugh at them in their western get-up.

Raise your hand if you give a flying f*@k about Gigi/Stacy/Cutter/Rex? Don't be scared...if you want to raise your hand then do it. I won't be upset.

Times...the Tivo describes this episode as "Cutty lays out the deal's terms for Rex." CUTTY? hehe. Kinda cute.

OMIGOD! Little Sam I am begging you to come hang out with me. I'm desperate. I'm on my hands and knees...please! I love that they haven't even gone to the southside of Llanview to get candy yet and that Blair is taking Sam back out later.

YES...Tina insists upon Cord being best man. Loves her.

Aaaand Ford will try and converse with Silver Fox and will no doubt get shut down...

Jessica's belt is heinous. On another note, OLTL uses the word "detente" relatively often. Hmmm.

OMG OMG OMG...."Wait a second! I know those nipples!" I mean...I would y'all hear me? KILL to be at a party where something like that gets said. Loves it!

Jesus H. Christ. If I am going to see the Buchanan stables, I want to see a damn BUCH in there! Good Lord! I am not interested in seeing Stacy/Gigi run to the stables. Just no.

Ah! Roxy just said Dorian's name! Whannnn! Miss her. I'm taking a sip of wine now for Dorian.

An unscrupulous dog led around by his hormones. Nice. Oh boo, Ford. Sticks and stones? Think of something better.

Sam is too presh. Wow...poor thing is gonna need to go to therapy later in life. Marcie and Michael called him Tommy and now he doesn't have Victor. Poor thing.

Is it really bitchy of me to be miffed with Clint that he is now being tolerant to Ford? Maybe my mind will change. OF COURSE...the damn letter fell in the trick-or-treat bag. OF COURSE.

Did Roxy change camisoles? that her lingerie? I'm confused. Tina just said "magnanimous" and Vicki used it last segment. I just doubt that word would be used twice today...especially by Tina. Just sayin'.

Jesus I wish Aubs would take out Cutter and Gigi/Stacy. Please!!! Do us a favor, dammit! You owe us, Aubs! It is the least you could do...

Ok so I kinda want Tina's cowgirl outfit to just wear around the house. ;)

I hate Natalie's nail polish.

How flippin' cute are Sam and Todd with the pumpkins!?

I love that Todd is really trying for Blair. He is being adorbs.

Ok Clint and Vicki alone...I NEEDED THIS!!!!!! Do y'all hear me?! I needed this! I mean...I can't have Bo and Nora alone so at least give me this. Longer than two seconds, too...please. Peeing...a cook-out with Carlo Hesser! Nice one, Victoria. AH! I mean...Clint just whispered into Vicki's hear and asked her when she is going to take chances?! I'm DYING!!!! I LOVE THESE TWO!!!!!!!!

I mean I love that Todd talked to the pumpkin! How presh!? HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irene just scared the shit out of me!!!!! Oh yes...she did! I know tons of people are witches on Halloween but she looks PHENOM!!!!!! Bitch is scary!!!! Well played, OLTL, well played. I LOVE this bitch! Love her! I mean...I like her surfacing every now and then. Please keep her.

I mean...Clint has Vicki backed up against the wall. I love it. Awe...all these Joe references...sha. Be still my heart!!!! Clint said he is "still on the job" taking care of Vicki. I love them!!!!

"Hey this isn't a treat. Someone tricked me!" That's right, Bree, you've been had. I can't believe everyoe has been telling you that your mother is the most exciting character on the show. You WERE tricked!

Man, Natty and Brody's engagement party is so flippin' lame. I need a hippo to fall through the roof and make shit happen. OF COURSE...the letter NOW dropped outside of the Buch mansion. Please, bitches.

Man, this Gigi story is so f*@king cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


YES! Tina and Cord in the stables...THAT is what I am talking about. Oh, I think I did pee a bit. Tina said the stables smelled like a petting zoo. YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Tina and Cord are making out. Word!!! I LOVE that Tina calls Cord buy his full name.

Wait...Ford looks funny with a baseball cap on.

Yeah something is def the matter with me because I kinda got sad looking at Rex when he looked at Gigi's picture. Fail, Mary-Ella. Total fail. What I think is a fail even more is that they are having all this hoopla for Nat and Brody when we know she is getting back with John and I'll then not like anymore. Great.

No...I want these Vicki/Clint scenes to never end.

Aaaaand Cutter found the letter. OF FLIPPIN' COURSE.

Yay! We got to see Irene one more time! ;)

Ooookay! Off to do stuff. Oh and I'll respond to comments later! Laura I know I have to get back to you! ;) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm So Glad I Wasn't Invited To Natalie and Brody's Engagment Party

Vicki: "Tina, you are the maid of honor...not the bride. Now, I suggest you go and change and get to the party so Clint and I can make out and watch movies on my flatscreen that is weirdly placed in the living room."

Morning! Ok I am going to quickly blog about Thursday and Friday. I'll decide how I'm gonna do each show when I start each and see how they are. We have a busy morning around here and right now Ross is with Triple A going to get his car worked on...why you ask? Someone STOLE the catalytic converter to his car overnight! I mean really?! The Triple A guy told us a lot of people are stealing them to make money. So...I hope that the person who stole it was really in need and that the money they make helps them because otherwise it makes me want to scream! won't ruin our weekend dammit. Hopefully OLTL will boost my spirits...

Thursday, October 27th--Thank God Peanuts Have Protein and Give One Strength. Little Hope Carried the Damn Show. No One to Blog...

Natalie's hair looks gorgeous and I LOVE her dress!!! HELLS YES!!! Roxy is dressed like Brit Brit circa 1997! I mean...faaaaabulous! Getting some Louisiana representation on OLTL....even if it is a trashy representation, I'll take it.

Aubs' little jacket is cute. I love that little good morning song that Cutter just kinda spouted off. I really do. The orange juice commerical it is on always makes my day. Otherwise...I'm not commenting on these scenes.

OMIGOD!!!!!!! Hope is the Planters peanut!!!! I LOVE THIS!

Ummmm yeah I don't give a flying f*@k about the Ford's seeking fame and fortune and I'm not in the mood for Rick Powers today. Ross isn't here to enjoy this...

I mean I just want to eat up little Hope. That outfit is tooooooo cute! Oh Starr's shirt is uber cute. I absolutely love it. I don't like the earrings with it...should have worn gold.

Yeah...I'm commenting on outfits and clothes today which is a bad sign. Therefore this post will be short.

Dammit...I do like the titles to Rick's porn movies. Hella funny. I can't lie.

OMIGOD...Rex's shirt is a f*@king eyesore! Make it go away!!!!

Oh God...y'all I am so damn bored this episode. I have seen the costumes and Natty's cute dress...that is it.

Lord...Rick just did a reference to "Fraternity Row."

CLEARLY...WITHOUT A DAMN DOUBT...Hope is the BEST thing about this episode.

Ok I'm passing out from boredom. I'm sorry. I have to stop here in order to keep my strength up and blog about Friday.

My apologies.

Friday, October 28th--Marty Has Decided to Blog. Liam's Costume Gets Her "Seal" of Approval

I will say...I know Aubs' didn't really do the decorations but I do love how they decorated the Buch manse. Would Asa do that? Hell no. But in this given situation, the decorations are cute.

I love Natty's dress and I would purchase it to wear to work.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Clint is answering the door for trick-or-treaters!!! GTFO?! Be still my heart!!! How adorbs is that little kid? I mean, Clint is presh. PRESH PRESH. Fabu...Clint just called Tina a "hussy." Aaaaand Tina's outfit is a trainwreck. I love it.

I don't give a shit whether Rex sees Gigi or not. Boo. Boo. Boo. No pun intended with it being Halloween and all.

HELLS YES. Enter Queen Victoria! I am so pumped. This whole scene is hilar and absurd. Oh Tina...thinking Vicki and Clint want to be the bride and groom.

Oh please show us Liam's costume. Better yet show us Liam IN the costume!

John McBain's hair looks hopeful with all this Natty talk.

Yeah so I would prefer if Rex hooked up with Aubs and left Gigi/Stacy in the dust. But, in the end I really don't give a shit. I'm just throwing that out there.

Snap...there for a moment I forgot Clint was on house arrest, too. Oh and I would like to see Clint giving David Vickers a little TLC.

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Liam is a little walrus?!?! Shut the front door!!! How effing adorbs is this child, y'all?! I cannot deal with this cuteness overload! Wait...natalie just called him a baby seal. Damn I thought seals didn't have little teeth like that? Times...I just Googled pics of baby seals and none have teeth. I am sticking with baby walrus. Sorry. Regardless, the seal/Navy Seal thing is an absolutely presh idea.

Shaun's costume is faaaaaaabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love that he is Roxy's date!

I love watching John's silky coif throw back beers. So sexy.

God, I love Natty and Brody's costumes!! Natalie looks gorgeous!

TIMES THE F*@K OUT! HOW GORGEOUS DOES VICKI LOOK?! I LOOOOOOVE the black ensemble!!!! And how effing adorable does Silver Fox look holding Liam?! My heart is melting. Oh and Vicki doting on Clint...loves it. YES! Vicki miss the party and stay with Clint!!!! I LOVE IT! How cute do they look with Liam?! I cannot effing deal! I mean I cannot deal with Vicki's outfit. She looks gorg! Clint needs to step up his game...

I'm so riveted by these Cutter/Gigi scenes...balls.

See...Rex and Aubs are cute together. Even in those costumes...

I LOVE Tina and Cord's outfits! OMG...what a horrible engagement party!!! That music in the background! HORRIBLE! What happened to "The Monster Mash?" That is my fav. This party looks a little creepy. I'm glad it ain't my party. And I am certainly glad I wasn't invited.

Times...these kids at McBain's door are edible! I especially love the little poodle girl. PEEING...McBain gave them each a "Lincoln" and said that should go a long way in a struggling economy. I love him. I'm sure it was his mane's idea.

So Kim sent Clint a letter. Nice. OH LORD...Liam is squeeling!!!! Poor thing!

Yeah so I need Cutter to leave the show with Stacy and for Rex to leave the show with Aubs...soon. Like...Monday.

I cute are they?! Clint: "Ya know I'm helpless without ya." I LOVE IT!!!

That music has got to effing go! It's like Nine Inch Nails or some goth crap. Also, this engagement party looks boring.

How small does that cup look in Shaun's hand?! DAMN!

I think Battleship is very boring. That is why I'm not commenting.

hehe...Roxy: "Let's beat it."

Look at Tina piecing together who Gigi is! So proud!

Can't wait for Rex to see Gigi...not.

Okay! Off to enjoy the day! See y'all later! Have a great weekend!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Leopard Skin Is The Fabric of Desperation

Tina: "Omigod made me a toy for Halloween?! That is so sweet of you. In return, I promise you that Natalie's wedding will be the best this town has seen!"

Oookay! I FINALLY responded to comments. I haven't blogged about this damn show since Wednesday...oy! So let me attempt to do Wednesday QUICKLY. Then I will get caught up by today or in the morning I swear...I HATE being behind! Drives me nuts!!! Again, thanks for patience.

Wednesday, October 26th--Vicki's Little Wooden Toys She Widdles For Halloween Take Over the Blog

Oh and I will TRY and not take Todd's entitled quote personally! I mean...leopard skin is IN this season. I mean I just wore leopard pumps yesterday for crying out loud! Watch it RH!

Again, I love that Tina is answering the door at Llanfair for all the damn strangers...

Am NOT talking about the Gigi/Cutter/Rex/Aubs shit. No time this morning...thank God.

I love that Vicki is making little Halloween bags...ADORBS!!!! Todd: "You're the one that widdles little wooden toys for kids at Halloween." I love it. The apples for Christmas line was great, too.

Ugh...Blair looks hot in that dress. I'll give her that. I love that Blair still referred to it as Dorian's kitchen. Very nice.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Why oh why does he have to be on today!? I am going to get sick again...just when I start to feel better. Dammit to hell!!!!

Don't bash hyphenated names, Cutter and Tina. Ok good. For a minute there I thought they were. I would take this personally. OH EM GEE...Tina is so ditzy and I love it.

I wish I was slapping Gigi instead of her just slapping herself. WHAT? NuJack just saw Gigi?! NO! Just NO! You know, I gave myself a papercut yesterday from a packet of oatmeal (don't ask) and I can assure you I would rather cut myself all day long than watch this Gigi/Stacy shit. I CANNOT FLIPPIN' HANDLE IT!

Clearly, the Vicki/Todd scenes and anything with Tina will save this show. PEEING...Todd just asked about gluten. Love it.

When is this damn engagement party going to take place? I keep hearing about it. UGH!!!!! Gigi's pic is back on the damn mantle! Kill me. I cannot deal with everyone playing musical pictures in this down. Things are constantly getting switched around.

Ugh...the ONLY thing I will say about this Gigi shit is that, surprisingly, it doesn't look like there is an animal on her head. Her hair looks nice. You know if I hadn't seen half of the first episode of "Dirty Soap" maybe I would be more inclined to be nice about Gigi but not so much. FF was mean on that show!

I mean...Tomas' purpose on this show? I have been asking this damn question for months!!!! Someone effing explain this to me! I mean...sure he is super cute (I used to be so into him since I thought his character would be good...could have been) but that doesn't mean I want him to stay on the show. Ugh. Le woof.

I mean I just need Vicki, Todd and Tina on this episode for the whole hour...that is it. I mean besides watching these fine people I have to say I am bored as hell. I'm in a hurry anyway...

I'm ducking and running...I do think Aubrey would be a good match for Rex and I think those two and Shane look adorbs together. Seriously...they do.

I AM PEEEEEEING!!!!!!!!!! Todd is spouting off about fruit of the poisonous tree and Vicki's like "No, that's rules of evidence." YOU HAVE A CASE OF THE STUPIDS?! This is like the best shit ever! These 3 together are FAAAAAABULOUS!

Who are the VanEtten's, Blair? Tell me. Are they your neighbors. I am intrigued. Hell, watch OLTL add this as new damn characters to the show right before January. Fail.

Ok so the Shane/Rex sword fighting thing was cute. Ugh...I hate when I think stuff like that is cute.

What is not cute...these Gigi/Cutter scenes.

There was so much potential for Blair and Tomas and there is absolutely zero at this stage in the least to me.

I LOVE that Vicki wouldn't let Todd crack the beer top on the counter. I mean...that leopard quote is faaaabulous! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Todd said he wants Blair back! Nice!!!!!!

Ugh...I am not buying the Blair/Tomas kiss. Plus, it was a lame kiss. They just pressed their lips together. What a surprise...Blair has two men in love with her.

This last segment is hella boring. Where is the Lord family?

Yay! Todd and Vicki. hahaha! I love the comment about Vicki's sofa at the cabin.

That's it? Huge Boo!!!! I need to get ready for work anyway. is 10 'til 8! Thank God Ross is taking me to work so I can put make-up on while I am in the car!

See y'all later...I promise I'll catch up!

Oh and for those who haven't seen Lola discussing she is.

Love y'all mucho,
On the mend Mija

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Will Blog After Greg Evans Gives Me Some Meds

Jesus...kidding about the title! Anyway, I am attempting to type this on the bus on the way to work! Ok so I plan to double up and catch up either tonight or early a.m. Sorry...I have felt horrible and yesterday was just a disaster--work, sickness, you name it. So I had to just do nothing last night. Positive news: I am feeling a bit better besides a nasty cough. I will see y'all here later on! And I will respond to comments I promise! Thank y'all for putting up with me. I am a handful...even to my blog readers I'm sure! ;)

Love y'all, mean it!
Stuffy Mija

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Show Just Made Me Sicker...

Tina: "Clearly I am the only reason ME even halfway blogged this morning. All these other characters are getting her sick! Watching Gigi is making Mary-Ella's hair a mess! It looks like a squirrel."

OK so I feel so much worse than yesterday. I can't even think of anything witty or charming to say in this introduction...WOOF. Anyway, I will go on and do Tuesday's episode now to get caught up. I am apologizing now for how terrible this will be since I am not thinking straight...

Tuesday, October 25th--Tina Will Blog Since She Gets The Award for Saving the Show. Everyone Else Is Too Busy Sucking...

OMG...I am so happy Tina is on and I love that dress on her! Speaking of dreses...thank you Natty for getting out of that green dress.

Oh Jess and Ford discussing their post dinner dessert and now Vimal at Victor's grave? I will not really care for this episode. At least overall...

Nice...Michael McBain. Didn't know they were surfacing today...they, meaning he and Marcie. Where is she?

Yeah, I would like Rex and Aubs to get together and just leave the pronto.

Lemme tell you...Gigi/Stacy walking around the backyard of Llanfair...EXACTLY what I need this morning. Jesus, Marty and Joseph. I can't catch a break today. I can see that already.

May I just say that Victor's tombstone is on of the ugliest I have ever seen...

McBain lit up like a Christmas tree talking to Michael...sha. How adorbs?! Oh yeah...I forgot Marcie was going to be preggers. Lord.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tina planning Natalie's wedding! I cannot stress enough how much I love this. I mean...Tina planning Natalie's wedding is just the BEST idea ever. Oh and Natty looks gorg today in that skirt and top. Again, that green dress from last week HAD to go.

Everyone can hire someone to take me out...I mean, I just laughed at the relish/pickle joke Ford cracked. Geez Louise...I need some rest.

I'd be mad at this nurse, too, Cutter. Not because she let Gigi/Stacy escape but because she is a terrible actress and you are in a scene with her.

I love this dress on Tina. Tres chic!!! Bree Williamson wanted to pee on herself when Tina said she was Natalie's maid of honor. Just sayin'. REALLY?! Gigi is about to have a scene with Tina?! I am fuming...

OH EM GEE...I am peeing again. Madame Delphina "likes" on MyFace that Vimal checked into the cemetery?!

hahahaha! OF COURSE...John McBain is a detective so he can tell Marcie isn't JUST NOW expecting.

UGH...where are Clint, Vicki, Bo and Nora? I will automatically be a let down since they aren' on. I am crying!!!

Ummmm yeah...besides the Tina scenes and the McBain scenes...I'm TOTALLY bored. TOTALLY. I think I may quit blogging mid-episode. I can't deal.

I LOVE Rama's coat. That's all I got.

I mean...REALLY?! We have how much time left on this show and I have to watch Cutter Wentworth throw a tantrum in the Anchorage, Kentucky, hospital because Gigi/Stacy ran away. Good God.

Y'all I am DYING OF BOREDOM! Granted I have zero patience since I feel like hell but this is ridiculous.

Ok I take it back...I'm not interested in the McBain family scenes.

Yeah, I will fast forward and now just watch the Tina stuff...can't do this this morning. I'm so sorry y'all.

I did laugh when Natalie asked "Is that a goose?" John's hair didn't like it though. I saw a couple of tears shed. That lovely mane should NOT be sad.

So instead of John's hair carrying the show...Tina's locks (real or fake) and that dress got me through this episode. SNAP...what else got me through? Tina: "My Gosh, it's like prom night at the Minuteman around here." I LOVE IT! I also love that Tina is left to deal with all the strangers knocking on Llanfair's door.

OOOOHHHH I am super intrigued! Gigi just saw her tombstone!!!! Awe snap! It is ON now. UGH...effing shoot me. If I have to be subjected to this shit again on Wednesday's episode I will explode. Don't worry...I'll take Mes with me if I decide to take such extreme measures.

Ok I have to go and tease my hair and try and look borderline presentable for work. Kill me.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Way to Keep Little David Vickers on the Show AND for Nora to Become a Defense Attorney Again? Appoint LDV as D.A.! We ALL Win, Folks!

Todd: "Your honor, even I agree that Nora should become a defense attorney again. No one wants her as the D.A. anymore. Let's change this pronto before ME has a breakdown. Let's get Little David Vickers to be the new D.A."

Oh good evening. Hope y'all are doing well. I am sick...le woof. I think this trip got the best of me and I brought back a cold! I need to get better since I am going BACK out of town next Thursday to NYC and if I am not better I'll kill someone. Anyway, I am going to blog about Monday and then try and go on and do today's since I would like to sleep later in the morning. Yes, I am being lazy. rarely happens and when it does I feel super guilty.

Oh and I am going to respond to blog comments starting with yesterday's post. I'm sorry! I read every single one! It is just that my time is precious (so is y'all's...I know believe me), but sometimes responding to comments can take almost an hour since I like being thoughtful. Anyway, I am just doing this to get caught up. Hate doing it but only do it when I am in a pinch. But keep commenting...I will respond! Enough of my yapping...

Monday, October 24th--Little Hope Is Starting a Petition to Get Nora to Become a Defense Attorney Again...Before Mary-Ella Has a Nervous Breakdown. Marty Is Filling in Tonight.

I mean out of place does Rex look running in Clint's office.

I'm telling you right now that I do NOT want to discuss Gigi unless I just feel compelled to do so. I don't feel that way at the moment. I'll let you know...

Sweet! Clint! Aaaaand Victoria! Perf! many plain colored tops with the aysmetrical bottoms does Vicki own? Seriously.

AHH!!!! YAY! Bo and Nora. I am feeling a tad better already. Eh...I'm lying about feeling better but glad they are on though. I think Nora looks pretty but I have to say that I despise those damn striped shirts they make her wear under her suits! Jesus H. Please dispose of those!

Wow...I don't know if I said this before but Irene's blood looks UBER fake. I could easily be jelly roll filling. Easily. On another note: I need Tomas out of that orange jump suit. So atrosh...

How effing cute are Bo and Nora? I can't deal. They both miss Dorian as mayor?! haha! do I!!! Bring back Dorian! LOL...I was wondering when Bo was going to tell Nora he was fired...

I turn my head every damn time they show Tomas. That orange is horrifying! These courtroom scenes are hella boring, too.

NO! Vicki do not watch another movie with Clint! You happen to have the most uncomfortable couch to television set-up I have ever scene and just the thought of y'all watching a movie gives ME a crick in my neck! Ok cool...V, said "no" to movie. Oh and can we just point out that Clint says the word "gall" entirely too much. K, thanks. How adorbs are Clint and Vicki?! That is right...where has the good Clint been? Regardless...glad he is surfacing because it is flippin' precious. Laura, did you get to watch that November/December Clint stuff??? Hoping you did!

This whole Cutter and Rex shit...not feelin' it. Why? Because it pertains to Gigi/Stacy and both should have been left dead. Yes, I'm a frigid bitch...

I love that Nora is hell bent on finding evidence to convict Todd.

OH EM GEE these courtroom scenes are boring the hell out of me. I wonder if Blair will utter one word this episode...

Oh boo, Nora. Don't answer your cell phone. Ok so we all know I am on Team Nora in any circumstance but good God...she has NO BUSINESS prosecuting Todd! Poor thing has been wanting to get his ass since 1994. I mean...she is so biased...adorable and my favorite...but too biased for this case. Please...put someone else on it. This is why people think she is a hypocrite and self-righteous. Just sayin'...

This Clint and Vicki conversation is faaaaaabulous! Let's bottle this shit...more please.

Rex if you sign everything over to Cutter then...well, I will cut you. That's all.

Oh look at Blair talking almost halfway through episode. Cool. GET.TOMAS.OUT.OF.THAT.ORANGE.ROMPER! Good God! Y'all why is this bothering me so much!?

Oh now Clint are you jealous of Bo? I mean really?!

Oh Rex saw the Gigi pic. Kill me. KILL ME. This shit is dripping in shit!!!!!!! Reeking!!!!! DISGUSTING! I HATE THIS!

Oh, and Bo is so cute. In case y'all forgot. the wedding picture of Bo and Nora surfaced. Who keeps moving it? Or do they only show it when Nora is on the show because if they just showed the wedding picture on a day Nora wasn't on that means they would still have to pay Hillary Smith? I am so confused. I do know that people in Llanview move around their pictures way too damn much. Fact.

On another note: I need Nora to be a defense attorney again. Ok so all of this shit she is spouting off against Todd...see the paragraph above where I said Nora needs to be removed from this case. I cannot flippin' deal. Yeah...I can't handle this.

Of course, Bo breaks up the fight between the munchkins.

Ok so this Todd and Nora thing is hysterical. I need more banter between these two. Nora honey...drop the case. And while you're at it, please get someone to handle all future shit against him. Ok word...she dropped the charges. Oh and Tea needs a damn hug. Poor thing doesn't have a clue Todd killed Victor...if he did. Ugh...

OMG my heart just fluttered! Victoria: "You are the man I married. Today I saw the man I fell in love with all those years ago." Be still my heart. Heavens!

Bo is such a great guy. On another note, he never had convos like this with Matthew so fail on that one.

It is soooooo insulting that OLTL expects us to think that effing Cutter is back in Anchorage right now!!!!!!! I mean...WHAT THE F*@K?! Cutter's wounds are still fresh!

Wow...that Blair/Tomas scene was so stupid and I felt nothing watching it.

Oh, now I do love Tea and Nora going back in forth. Tea is right...sorry. Nora does want Todd in jail so badly that she can't see clearly. SNAP! However, Nora def just gave Tea some food for thought! Second guess yourself Tea. It is for your own good girlfriend.

Lord I am pooped. I might just have to blog about today's in the morning. Maybe I'll get a second wind and do it later.

LOVE Y'ALL! Gosh, we only (possibly) have about 3 more months together on this blog! Whannnn!!!!

Tearful (and congested) Mija

Monday, October 24, 2011

Aubs' Shops at H&M. Remains a Liar.

Aubs: "Oh Rex, I'm sorry I can't help but embarrassed. This dress isn't a designer frock from Neiman's. I went shopping with Mary-Ella at H&M and bought it. Please don't be mad."

Oh my word...HELLOOOOO! I mean I feel I have been gone for years. Ok lie...Ross and I have done NOTHING but party, eat and drink all weekend. I mean I even had two glasses of wine during my layover today and had vodka on the yes we enjoyed ourselves until we came back! However, I must say I am totally exhausted! I will do a snippy, shorty, quippy drive-by of Friday. Oh and I know I haven't responded to comments!!! I will try and do that tomorrow! behind!!!!

Friday, October 21st--Mary-Ella's Cocktail Party Is Going On So Only Little David Vickers Is Around to Blog

1. I mean I am having a hard time believing the paparazzi are THAT hard core in Llanview. And, sadly I am glad one of the paps took Starr's keys. I love that James is being all authoritative and answering the damn door at Laboulaie.
2. Jesus, orange is NOT...I repeat, NOT a good look on Tomas! Good God almighty! On another note: the court reporter does NOT look intelligent. Sorry. She MIGHT have her GED. "Might" being the operative word here. I am doubting that though...
3. The Cutter/Gigi shit is heinous...HEINOUS!
4. I love that Todd said that Asa and Blair have "history" and that Marty Saybrooke could come and testify on Todd's behalf and Nora would still throw him in jail! Peeing! AH! LOVES IT! Also, I love Todd and Nora...bring it. I know I am in the minority but I totally love how she never gives Todd a chance. The absurdity of it all is hilarious.
5. I'm gonna go with Aubrey purchasing that black dress from H&M since I just purchased one very similar last week. It was inexpensive. Otherwise, I don't see how Aubs' affords shit. So I am thinking she shops at H&M.
6. As if Starr gives two shits about seeing Hope. Also, isn't James sexually frustrated?! I mean when is the last time he and and Starr had sex?! Jesus, Rick the porn guy. Fabu. I don't give two shits about him anymore. Ross is snoozing and not around for all this...
7. I can't believe after all these years Blair and Todd are arguing about Tomas. Oh well. Oh, I do love Blair's dress. I have to say that...
8. I cannot discuss the Tomas shit anymore because it is painful--he looks THAT bad in orange.
9. I know I could be interested in Rex and Aubrey if we had time left. But I'm not since there is no time left. Moving on from this waste of time...
10. Yeah....RH is bringing a whole different dynamic to Todd this go around. Young Boots...I am agreeing with you that it is a bit more Paul from "As the Word Turns." I can agree since I did watch it. I mean it just isn't the same...
11. WOW. What I will discuss...that Cutter ACTUALLY books flights to and from Anchorage! I mean...Jesus, Marty and Joseph! Kim just comes and goes as she pleases...uber absurd. I least they are showing Cutter booking the flight.
12. Oh good grief. Natty's engagement party is on Halloween night? Kill me.
13. I LOOOOOOOVE that Irene keeps surfacing. Why?! Because I LURVE Irene!!!! AHHH!!!! Little bitch is evil...yet kinda looking out for Todd? Who knows....
14. I mean AS IF Tomas is gonna go to jail for 20 years.
15. Does anyone think that at any waking moment Hope is going to explode and kill everyone in Llanview?! Aaaaaaaaaand, I can't help it...despite Rick's trashiness and the ZERO need for him on this show right now...yeah, I can't help but laugh at him. He just made Brit-Brit comments. I am sorry but I chuckled...
16. May I just say that I hate that Gigi/Stacy is alive! I mean...suck my big toe. Like right now.
17. OMIGOD!!!!!!! I NEED....YES NEEEEEEED...for someone to tell me how long it takes from Anchorage, KY, to Llanview, PA. Please. I mean this Cutter thing was so absurd and insulting.
18. Oh, I haven't said this but I LURRRRRVVVEEEEE Rick's "The Sun" t-shirt! Faaaaaaaabulous. I mean...did Rick really just say that Starr would be pushing Hope's stroller?! Lemme rewind....hmmmm....he did. Yeah, he is dumb. I would kill to know the last time Starr pushed Hope in a stroller. Yeah, I forgot that I did like Rick. Well, maybe not totally...but there is so much potential.
19. Whoa...that last Starr and James scene was super weird and had really f*@ked up editing. I mean...made no sense.
20. I NEEEEDDDD someone to tell me what airline Cutter flies. Effing rapid speed!
21. I mean...y'all please tell me you feel that OLTL is screaming "F*@k you, fans" through this Gigi/Stacy storyline. If not, that is okay. It is just me. I'm not surprised...
22. I also NEEEEEEDDDDD Todd to really NOT be the killer of Victor Jr. I mean...I need that to happen. Just let it be Brody at this rate. K, thanks!

Ooooookay! I am passing out and will blog tomorrow (about Monday) and hopefully catch up...operative word is "hopefully." UGH.

Love y'all and mean it MUCHO!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stay Tuned, You're About to Enter the Teen-Free Zone!

Coach Victoria: Clint, if you can't make it all the way up the steps by the end of the week, I'm letting the teens take over the show again.

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

TGIF!! I hope you all are doing well on this Fabulous Friday! Just to keep you updated: ME is safe and sound in NOLA! I will be with her fabu self this weekend for round two of her wedding festivities and LSU football!! Like she said, we will try and post a video and/or some photos if we can! Be afraid! Just kidding... but not really.

Show has been good overall the past few days, right?! Hopefully today continues that trend. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and this is a disclaimer that the formatting will, no doubt, be all ate up with freak for this post since Blogger hates my computer. Apologies for this and, as always, any and all typos!

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Hope and Marty are fighting over who will blog. John McBain's hair is trying to break up the fight. While they are distracted, Rene and Addie escaped the attic and took control of the blog.

Sweet angels of heaven, Clint and Queen V! This episode will be fab for this reason alone. They are adorbs. Sidenote: Clint looks great in that purple sweater, but I'm not digging Vicki's shirt. Peeeeing!! As if Vicki wasn't fabulous enough, she will now add personal trainer to her resume. Love this!! I could quote from their first segment all day long.

Oh Roxy, if only Rex would have to give everything back to Clint. If that happens, the first thing I want to see is GiGi's photo removed from the mantle at the Buch manse and Asa's put back. K thanks.

FYI: I refuse to discuss these Cutter and co scenes. This storyline is stupid. Period.

Ok, so Llanfair is now a gym in addition to a refugee camp and correctional center. Lord have mercy. This is hysterical.

Well, not much to say about the Bo/Mayor Finn scene. Bo is adorable, and I just want to cuddle with him. That is all.

So, Todd really did kill Victor? I'll be honest, I haven't been watching the show on a regular basis, so somebody please inform me if I'm missing something.

Tea looks fabulous, and that's all I have to say about that scene. Thomas remains on this show and was asked to be on PP's OLTL why? Exactly.

I need Nora to arrive in the courtroom in the next segment, not a random ADA. K thanks.

Bo remains awesome, and I don't know what else to say. I want to know why he and Nora's wedding photo is no longer on his desk. This bothers me.

Oh really, ABC? REALLY? Ok, Moammar Gadhafi's death is a pretty big deal, so I'll let the interruption for a presidential news conference slide this time. I don't think we missed too many segments anyway.

Blair looks so chic. Love her outfit and jewelry matches perfectly!

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus, Nora is prosecuting and has now been on three days in a row. Hell has frozen over. Times, I was really hoping that I would never have to see that ensemble on her ever again. I hate it, especially the shirt. Sorry but I do. Oh well, at least the writers are letting homegirl do her job!

Has this judge been on before? If so, I don't remember him.

Starr, shut up and talk to Nora's hand. You broke the law, and you know it. Ya'll, let's be serious, we all know that neither Todd nor Starr are going to jail.

Not much to say about that Rex/Roxy scene...

I love that Vicki does not use contractions when she speaks! She is so prim and proper. Yet another reason to love her! Lord, there are just no words for how fabulous these Vicki/Clint scenes are. Seriously, they are adorable together, and I need them officially reunited, prontito! Time out, whose computer is on the desk, and why in the Sam hell is Cutter's mug the desktop wallpaper?!

Rex, you are no match for Clint, so just haul your ass over to the Llanfair Gym and see what your father wants. Don't forget to pack your tennis shoes!

Vicki: "I thought you were calling Cutter." Clint: "I couldn't." Vicki: "Why not?" Clint: "You asked me not to." LE SIGH. I mean, no words.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I LOVE Bo Buchanan. He is awesome, and Kathleen Finn needs to just accept this fact and leave him alone. Sidenote: Kathleen's ensemble is atrosh. Oh lawd, she just fired Bo, Donald Trump/The Apprentice style. I mean, how many times does Bo need to be fired? Enough already.

Nora and Tea's courtroom sparring is always a pleasure to watch. That is all.

Damn, that prison jumpsuit Thomas has on is bright, and I might have to put on my sunglasses. Lord have mercy, Thomas loves Blair. Ok.

Aaaaand, Nora will now, no doubt, get bashed to hell and back for withdrawing the deal.

Woah, Rex, giving everything back to Clint? Renee just took a break from blogging and put Asa's photo back on the mantle her damn self! I'm happy that Rex finally came to the realization that money will not bring GiGi back, and I commend him for for his honesty with Clint! I now need him to stop being the focus of the Buchanan legacy. K thanks.

Ooooh, Mayor Finn, Bo Buchanan just put you in your place. I mean, Bo's tone was so threateningly sultry in that scene, and I now want to make out with him. Mercy.

I'm liking this judge. No partucluar reason, but I like him more than the other clowns that have presided over Llaiview's District courtroom since Judge Fitzwater left.

Seriously ya'll, is there a point to Blair and Thomas? How can they be so boring?

Uumm, we went through all of those court proceedings and Starr and co just waltzed out saying they plead guilty and got suspended sentences? Did I miss something? I surely didn't expect that after their last segment. Why didn't we get to see the end of the hearing? Fail.

I love having Bo on the show and all, but what in the hell was the point of these scenes with Mayor Finn firing him? She fires him and then takes it back two seconds later. Bitches please. Oh, and, Kathleen, only Nora is allowed to call Bo "Buchanan." Word.

Clint is going to let Rex be his house-sitter. Ok. I will just say that I would much prefer Bo and Nora to be the house-sitters since they live in a shoe box at the moment, but whatevs. Awe, Vicki was so touched that she hugged Clint. Le sigh! Can they just make out already?

Vicki is making me cry. Aaaaand, just like that she made me pee on myself by whipping out her whistle! Thanks for the bipolar moment, Queen V!

Cable spazzed out for a sec, but I think Rex was packing things he brought into Clint's office? Someone feel free to tell me if this scene was something important.

Ugh, I mean, Kathleen needs to get over Bo's rejection and move the hell on. She and John McBain would make a great couple. I would lurve to see that pairing, and I think it would be fabulous. McBain has better hair, though, sorry Kathleen.

Yay, no one is going to jail. Raise your hand if you are surprised. I would pay money to see Todd and Starr picking up trash on the side of the road! Please let them also be wearing bright orange jumpsuits like Thomas. K thanks.

Oohh, Blair and Todd scenes!! Those are always good! Looking forward to those on tomorrow's episode.

Overall, the show was great today. All four vets were on, and the only teen in sight was Starr. That is a win in my book. This can't happen on a regular basis because? Exactly.

K, must go pack for the weekend. Please pray that I don't forget anything. As always, thank you all for reading and putting up with me while ME is away. Hopefully, we will have some entertainment for ya'll this weekend.

XO to the Infinite Power,

Beach House Flashbacks, Please. K, Thanks.

No caption necessary! I'd like a flashback dammit! Thanks! Yes, I'm reaching for the stars. I don't care.

Lord, I'm too anxious and am thinking about everything I need to do before we leave today so I might as well just go on and blog quickly! MH is going to blog about Thursday's episode and then I'll be back to blog about Friday and Monday. Okie dokie...lemme go on and start this.

Wednesday, October 19th--ME's Rushing to Leave Town and Needs Assistance. Everyone in Llanview Is Asleep Except McBain's Hair. Those Locks Sleep with Their Eyes Wide Open. Very Polite and Offered to Blog for Me.

Sooooo where is this awesome band that Ford wanted to see at Capricorn?

Wow...we are all really supposed to believe that Jack is really running "The Sun?!" Also, "what is another word for traitor?" Look up its synonym you dipshit instead of asking Blair. Boo.

Starr, you should beat Dan-YELLA at any card game since Addie should have taught you all there is to know about card playing. On second thought, you never see Addie and only use her to babysit Hope...nevermind.

AH YES!!! The Todd/Nora showdown continues...shown from a different camera angle too!

Yay! Tina and Cord again, too! I'm as happy as a clam right now between these two and Bo and Nora being on today. NOOOOOOO! Balls. Natty, it is bad enough you have that dress on still but now you have to disrupt the Tina/Cord make-out?! OH HELL NO! You bitch!

A whiskey shot and a beer, huh Brody? No. Also, Aubs must have worked hella hard so has the rest of the night off.

Aaaaaand I will hate Natalie this episode. She is being dismissive and mean to Tina. Can't deal.
Blair's parenting of NuJack is such a f*@king joke. Man, I reaaaaallllly like Blair's jacket...

I mean I am not discussing this game of go fish...

OMG...Nora is making some awesome references! I think she is going to be able to know he is lying. I really do. Oh and young boots, I do believe that since Todd is different now he might feel guilty for lying...even to Nora.

Y'all I hate these Blair and Jack scenes. Poor KDP. I mean I would be so pissed if I had to have scenes with this kid!!! WOOF!

Wait...say whaaaaat? Nora: "For the last 8 years, I actually started to feel sorry for...Todd Manning." Who wrote this line? Jesus. This is not true. I mean I know she felt bad for Todd when Dan-YELLA was missing and maybe a couple of other times but she did not feel sorry for him. I'll let it go. OMG OMG OMG...a beach house reference?! Get the f*@k out! Now I just need a flashback of that creepiness...k thanks, OLTL.

This episode is good but I hate this Starr and Dan-YELLA shit. And NuJack...

I am about to beat Natty's ass with that bourbon bottle if she continues to be a bitch to Tina. Let the poor baby talk!

Y'all...I will mentally lose my shit if this paternity storyline isn't wrapped up quickly! I mean...this has been going on for almost a year!!!!!!!!!!! A YEAR!!!!!!!! 365 days!!!!! 52 weeks!!!!!

OMG. Do not yell at Tina, Natty! Granted I know that Natty has a right to be mad BUT...Mary-Ella is mad at Natalie so I will take Tina's side. It's my blog and I'll be unfair if I want to dammit. ;)

Dan-YELLA is a stupid girl to get back with NQS. That is all.

These Blair and NuJack scenes are effing painful!!!!!!!!

I mean...that Bo, Nora, Todd and Tea scene was a hot minute.

Y' charming is Cord? I mean he is just a doll isn't he? Yes, for those wondering...I do think Andrea Evans is wearing a wig.

I don't like the character of Jessica but I have to say that Bree Williamson does have a lovely mane. Those locks are luscious. Know whose locks are better? Le duh! John McBain. But BW has some good ones...

Oh, I haven't mentioned Brody. He needs to start wearing a bib. Poor bastard has crazy sauce all over his mouth like a baby would. If we could find an adult high chair, then I'd def say he needs to sit in that too...

Wait...where is Tomas? Did I miss that? I thought he was across from Starr. Maybe I missed it because I am not really paying attention to these scenes...

Obviously, I love Nora's bitchiness towards Todd. I know most hate it. Oh f*@k...NuJack. Just who we need to f*@k up these scenes. Gosh, how many times can I say the "f-word" this blog. Tone it down, ME. Tone it down. I'm sorry but shitty characters bring it out of me. I mean...NuJack will ruin a scene with cool characters...I'm pissed.

Hmmm Natalie doesn't have any friends. Never really thought of that. I mean...the Buch girls are pretty and rich. They could have friends. Absurd. WHAT?! Natty: "My best friend just died recently." I think I just spit out my coffee. Gigi was Natalie's best friend because of that "I may get an abortion" talk. Please. This is hogwash. I can assure you, Natalie, you are better off without Gigi's hair invading your conversations. I AM PEEEEEEING! Tina wants to be Natalie's maid of honor! I mean...God, why have they kept this fabulous woman away for so long?! I mean...I LURVE the thought of Tina being the maid of honor. LOVES it! Oh and in case y'all forgot...Tina and Cord are UH-DORBS.

I mean where is Starr getting all these outfits? Make-up? This is horseshit.

Blair is so full of shit with this Jack's head injury business. UGH...I haven't seen Bo and Nora together in weeks and these scenes are too short. I also would like them to make-out.

Ok so will Cord and Tina kiss now? DAMMIT TO HELL! No? Why the hell not?! I mean...they could have made out!

Eh...I don't like Jess' coat.

Lord AS IF Jack needs Blair to hold his hand while he withdraws his statement. I mean really?!

Oh Todd is across from Starr in jail. Rac, here we go again huh? What about this bathroom situation?! Wait...that pic of Liam on Brody's phone is hysterical.

I LOVE THE HEADLINES TO "THE SUN!!!!" That is all!!!!

Damn it is midnight?! Awe...Tea and Dan-YELLA are so sweet. I mean they really are a great little mother/daughter combo!

Ok...I have got to pack. Praying our flight leaves on time...RAINY, COLD, WIIIIIIINDY here today. Le woof.

Y'all have a great day! I will be able to respond to comments later tonight or tomorrow. Again, I am thinking of the video thing. ;)

Love y'all...have a great one!
Soggy Mija

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marty Saybrooke Reporting For Duty

Evening! I assure you that Marty Saybrooke was more sane when she threw Natty off the roof than my state of mind right now. Lordy. Ok, so my plan is to get up super early in the morning and blog before I go to my mani/pedi and airbrush tan. I am hoping this works. I just know I won't get much sleep tonight since I haven't even started packing.

Also, I was thinking about maybe doing a video or two this weekend. Or on the days I can't really blog do a video? Or, since I will see MH this weekend we could do a quick video. I know I will be surrounded by a bunch of fun loving friends who are drinking a lot of liquor so I am sure they will make an appearance. I was just curious as to how everyone would feel about that. I mean I might as well use this new iPhone for something. Just lemme know. I am scared some people will stop reading if they hear how I talk...

Ok I am hoping to meet y'all back here early a.m.

Love y'all! Someone sleep for me!

After What Felt Like Years, Todd and Nora FINALLY Come Face to Face. Thank You, Baby Jesus.

Nora: "ME, not only am I going to be on the show regularly again but I am going to wear these super cute outfits just because I can. Yay for all of us."

Top o' the mornin' to ya on this COLD and rainy morning in Chicago! Brrr! Firstly, I'm sorry I haven't gotten to comments from last post and I plan to do so before the day is over. Secondly, I'm running late again...dammit! I'll blog as quickly and thoroughly as I can. Lastly, I am flying to New Orleans Thursday and will be in Louisiana until Monday afternoon...round 2 of wedding parties and LSU football...yay! So, I guess I will be on hiatus until Monday evening or so. I'll let y'all know. Ok let's do this...

Tuesday, October 18th--Little Hope Passed Out. Saw Nora and Didn't Know Who She Was. Marty Is Now Back to Blogging...

Lord, I loathe Natalie's dress and need her out of it ASAP. Oh, may I just say that I can tell right now that John's hair will clearly dominate Brody on this show.

Hmmm...I actually like Jessica's cardigan. TINA!!!!! Yay! Been missing her.

Peeing....Doctor to Gigi/Stacy: "Do you know who the president is?" Bitches, please! She would NOT know the answer to that question. Also, Gigi/Stacy (let's just say GS) looks a bad way. Hair is too blonde and too much caked on foundation on that face. I mean...FF's acting in her last couple of weeks was superb. It was too good to be true...knew it. Oh, and I don't have time to discuss them today.

OMG OMG OMG...Nora! I am so happy! I mean...I needed to see her...thank you! Bo's right Nora...y'all don't have a case.

How sad is it that we are all okay with the fact that Todd, Tea and Blair have basically set up shop at Vicki's cabin and poor girl doesn't even know they are there. God, does Victoria ever know ANYTHING?! ha!

Ok so disclaimer: I don't care about Rex or Aubs. However, I think they could be cute together. Ok that's it.

Ummmm sooooo uber disappointed in Kurt McKinney's performance as the doctor. Good grief.

On another note, I always get distracted and find myself looking at those damn congos or whatever above the bar at Capricorn. So misplaced....

PEEEEEING! "I'm Ford." "I'm Cord." "Oh lord." I think I really just wet my pants on that one! Loves it. that a new baby as Ryder? I believe it is...

I love how Tina is so insistent that she couldn't take the paper from LDV. Also, I can't believe I forgot how dense Tina is...poor thing. She really is a space cadet. God bless her.

I need a lock of John's hair to bitch slap Brody right now. Just for fun...

I can't believe that Bo and Nora are having a normal conversation and not being uber sad about Matthew. Let's hope it lasts. I mean...I can't believe that Todd and Nora haven't had a scene yet! This needs to happen pronto. You can clearly tell Nora is unnerved by the whole thing.

Again, where did Todd get those pajamas. Ok so Todd made a Nora reference...surely they will have a scene. Poor Tea. I mean if Todd really did kill Victor (I still can't believe this. I mean they showed it but I am incredulous. I really will not like this if Todd killed Victor. Just woof) then Tea is going to be so mindf*@ked after all this. My God, who could blame her?

LURVE Nora's shoes! Haven't seen those since the Inez plant incident (I've been on the lookout for them since I adored them). Also, if her skirt goes up any further you'll be able to see her ass while she is sitting down...lord. WORD...Tea is bringing Todd to the station soon. Oh, and I am assuming we are all supposed to think it takes 5 minutes to get from Llantano Mountain to the LPD. Wow...another mayor discussing how she can drop Bo. I mean the point of her firing him next week and then rehiring him is????? Exactly.

Y'all the acting is soooooooo bad in these hospital scenes! All the way around. I hate to say that but I had to...

Deed to a diamond mind. LOL. Oh Tina.

WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. How have I NOT discussed the fact that John "I like to wear black, whisper, and solve crimes" McBain has on a purple shirt and tie!!!!!!!!!! OH EM GEE! Hell has frozen over!

Ok so I am about to duck or run and hide...Ford looks hella adorbs with little Ryder. I mean he looks like he is about to burst with joy. Sorry...I just had to say that. Plus, I think he is cute. I'm sorry!!!!!!!! I'm sorry! Y'all don't hate me!

ha! I love that Todd thinks Nora would frame him for murder. Lord I am really starting to feel bad for Tea. I mean she is trying soooooo hard to help Todd and she is bound to be shattered once she finds out he killed Victor. Again, if this is all true. Poor baby. =(

Aaaaand another Bo being fired reference. Good God. Bo: "And you can't just take Todd to trial to get the mayor off my back." Nora: "I don't think its your back she wants to get on." HILARIOUS! Tastefully inappropriate and funny...just the way I like my everyday jokes. I love it. OMG...and these two are flirting! Gosh Clint and Vicki the other day and now these two?! I don't know what to do! Kissing!? I am beside myself. I am so glad they are not being mopey about Matthew...yay! heart kinda stopped. There is no way Todd will tell Tea anything today...

OH EM GEE I have GOT to hurry. Only drive-by snippets until the end. Sorry...please forgive me!

Poor Bo just wants to keep making out. Come on Nora...why stop? Oh and the reason they can't be on more often is? Exactly.

Oh lord...poor Todd AND Tea. I mean you can tell he feels terrible. Ugh.

Omigod, y'all! This acting in Anchorage is ATROSH! How's that for assonance?? Acting...Anchorage...Atrosh.

Aaaaand Tina and Cord look UH-DORBS with baby Ryder! I mean...y'all just make out already!
Nice...Rex and Aubs are having a heart to heart about being former scam artists. Very nice.

This Bo and Nora conversation about Todd being guilty or not is very old it.

If Tea brings Todd to the LPD in the last segment I'm going to pee. I mean...Tea's got mad driving skills, yo? I love that Todd is just going upstairs to change since he has a suitcase full of duds to choose from...LOL. I mean come on, OLTL. Come on.

Tina and Cord's adorableness knows no bounds and Cord with that baby! AH! Y'all too presh!

I don't care about the paternity thing but I kinda like McBain and Brody talkin shit to one another. hehe. John's hair is clearly winning. ;)

Does anyone else feel insulted or cheated with this G/S storyline? I do and I am uber bitter about it.

So now Aubs is gonna plan the engagement party? Hmmm. I thought Kim was supposed to marry Rex? I am confused. Maybe they changed that? I don't give a damn about these two but I'd rather see Aubs and Rex together.

OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!! Did OLTL REALLY cut away from the Tina and Cord make-out?! Are you effing kidding me?! Shut the front door! LOL...this is Vicki's so I guess I need to watch using that phrase since usually all her doors are open. ha!

OMG is there going to be a Todd and Nora scene?! I think so...

Yeah, y'all will want to shoot me...I think Ford and Jess are nicely paired too. I know...what has become of me? Granted I don't give a damn about seeing them on my screen but they are cute.

Oh boo, Natalie! Boo on you! Don't be mean to John McBain. Just no! I can see his hair frowning! John McBain cannot have depressed hair! Especially not because of you, Natty! Just no!

Jesus...I mean you can practically see up Nora's skirt! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I mean I think I have chills from this 2 second scene! INTENSE! Ah! So I think Nora is going to be able to tell Todd is lying. Word. If this is not continued on Wednesday's episode I'm gonna lose it! Lose it!

Ok I am running soooooooooo late! I'll respond to comments I promise! Love y'all and mean it!

infinite xo,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Besides Bo, John McBain's Hair Carries The Show on Its Back. Exhausted.

McBain (whispering, of course): "That's right. My hair carried Monday's episode. It also carries a 9 mm in case anybody f*@ks with me. So badass yet so jet black and smooth."

Yeah, it is 5 minutes until 7 and I am trying to do a drive-by. Ugh...I don't know what I am thinking! I stayed up entirely too late and stupidly slept late (well late if I want to blog). So I will try and HURRIDLY make quips here and there and then I assure you a full post of Tuesday's episode. I'll make up for this...promise!

Monday, October 17th--Can't Find Anyone to Blog. Help! Paging Dr. Marty Saybrooke to Help This Situation

Obviously for me Bo will be the best thing for me this episode. However, I must say that I screamed when Irene's ass surfaced! Ah! So Exciting. Oh, and RH's pajamas. Yeah can we discuss those? Where in the hell did those come from?

Times...Nora and Bo's wedding picture isn't even on Bo's desk anymore. Ugh...

What is Shaun's purpose on the show? At least Christian had multiple occupations and would also randomly show up in miscellaneous scenes but with Shaun...he just shows up.

I mean I lauded Farah Fath when she left the show. She did a stellar job her last two weeks. Ummm yeah well now I'm pissed because FF's acting in the hospital bed--all this murmuring Rex shit--HORRIBLE. I about ruining a good thing. Jesus, OLTL can't leave well enough alone can they?

SURELY these officers barging into the Spotted Pony are strippers. They look JUST like male strippers. No way they are real cops.

God's punishing me for some reason...exposing me to NQS. Yeah, that is punishment alright. Even worse...I have to agree with NQS that original "The Manchurian Candidate" is much better than the remake.

I don't have time to comment about ANY of the Kentucky foolishness and if y'all think I am going to discuss Cutter's SHIT southern accent then y'all are dreaming.

Oh, I hate Natty's dress and need her out of it pronto. Natty, you don't get mad when you are standing in the Buch manse with Rex? I'd be like "Bitch this is my daddy's house!" I wouldn't. I'm all bark and no bite. I'd think it though!

Oh another fabu thing about this episode--John's hair. So silky, so shiny, so smooth, so dark...

Poor Tea...I want to cry. Whannn. But seriously listening to that voicemail would do more harm than good. Bo, give her a hug. She needs one.

It's 10 after 7...there is no way I can keep going at this rate. Lemme start making snip comments.

It's nice to know that people take over and run a muck at Vicki's cabin just like they do at her house.

The cop who grabbed Kim after the fight? Second worst actor this episode. The WORST actor this episode? The nurse who told Kim/Stacy "You're awake!" Just so f*@king awful. I can't say anything else about it.

McBain's hair could solve the Victor Jr. murder mystery.

No surprise, Bo is the greatest guy ever and let Tea hear the voicemail. Tea's reactions were so effing perfect by the way.

I guess Blair is absent today because she had to rest. All that Nascar driving will wear one's ass out...

I mean Vicki doesn't have a damn clue that people are hanging out at her cabin! Egregious!

I mean I need the vets on or something. I am soooo bored! Jesus, I will also put out an APB for Nora...ah! I mean I'd rather watch her talk to Little David Vickers or something. I am dying...DYING!

I know I said that besides Bo...Irene was the best thing about this episode but I now am going to go with John's hair. It looks super fabu today.

So Todd killed Victor? Oy. I'm exhausted. Between this and the paternity storyline I'm just THAT lethargic.

AH! Stacy/Gigi'd doctor?! Kurt McKinney!? He made his debut today?! Lord...haven't seen him since the end of "Guiding Light." THIS is what he is doing nowadays. Poor guy...

Yeah John, that's right...Natalie interrogated Victor's poor secretary and didn't tell you. LYING AGAIN! So, you do NOT need to get back with her. I need you two crazy kids separated in order for y'all to each remain interesting.

Good grief...Todd with his head in Irene's lap is a bit disturbing.

Peeing...John: "Excuse me?!" I am so evil. I wish John would yell at Natalie right now. I do. Like...very badly.

Ah...segment! Have to hurry...

Aaaand now Todd is throwing and breaking shit at Vicki's cabin. Poor Victoria.

Dan-YELLA, thanks for making all girls in America look like total dipshits. He starred in a porn. You are a total dipshit and I am thoroughly disappointed.

Yeah I am sooooooo pissed Stacy/Gigi is awake. This whole thing is a shit show...

I mean John's hair WAS the show today.

Aaaaaaaand just like Blair, Tea has obviously been training with Nascar professionals since she made up Llantano Mountain in all of a hot minute. Damn girl...

Ok I have to hurry up and go get in hair and make-up. I'll make up for this quick post. Also, I apologize for its terribleness. I mean...I feel I have nothing to work with nowadays! Le woof!

infinite xo,

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Most Exciting Thing This Episode...Blair's Jacket

Todd: "Oh, no I didn't say anything. I'm just staring into bored this episode."

Oh my word! Good morning! I am DRAAAAAAAGING ass this morning...ah! Anyway, lemme go on and get this going with Friday's episode. Praying it is good and exciting! I need something to wake my ass up since I have only had one sip of coffee so far. Okie dokie. Shall we??

Friday, October 14th--Mary-Ella Can't Even Think of a Title.

I mean...Blair has on ANOTHER cute adorbs leather jacket. Fabulous.

And now Bo is on...he will be the bright spot for me this episode...FACT.

Well, I do love the Buchanan study so I love they showed this room today. On another note I want to throw Gigi's picture across the room and then I'm going to fall out from shock that Kim Zimmer doesn't have on some shade of blue with that outfit.

I would love to know where Kim keeps her spare clothes in Anchorage. Otherwise that is it and I totally don't care about all this Spotted Pony foolishness.

UGH!!! I am so outraged! I mean...yes, Bo is on and believe me...I'm thrilled! But where are Vicki and Clint and Nora...and Dorian?! This is egregious and just pisses me off beyond belief.

Obviously I will have a bad day today...NQS just HAAAAAAAAD to surface didn't he? I mean....kill me.

Aaaaaand Tea's sweater is PRESH! I mean...I'm assuming when she took Todd the prescription she toted a bag of extra clothes because I do not believe that Blair and Tea were boring Vicki's clothes she keeps at the cabin. ha!

I have to say...I'm bored this episode. And...I'm like 15 minutes in.

Rama's coat is absolutely gorgeous. haha! I love that in order to make Cutter look younger they shaved his beard.

Ok so I am so bored that I will now just make random comments here and there. I have too much to do this morning than to blog about nothing. Oh, and let's remember that this is a Friday episode...we should be on the edge of our seats! Yeah, I'm not feeling it. I mean I would rather watch LDV and Liam shoot the bull...

Blair and Bo kinda match. I'm sorry but Blair doesn't give a flying f*@k about Starr being in jail. She is just concerned about Todd...hell, and Tomas. Oh, and I'm not even gonna bring up poor Hope. I mean that poor child will be so self sufficient by the time she is a teenager. I bet Addie and Renee are busy playing cards so Hope is then again left by herself. Poor thing...

Dan-YELLA's outfit is cute. WHAT NQS?! Excuse me, Buster Ridge? God, shut up! Yes, people do forget their birthdays when they have a lot going know, like when someone dies? selfish little weasel! You suck!!!!

I mean...where is RH getting HIS clothes from? By the way, his facial expressions are fabulous.

Peeing...Bo just told Blair to wait out in the squadroom. He should have told her to also feel free to destry it when she felt like it...already destroyed the desk the other day and all. Why not?

Did Rama take a pic of the dead guy with that cell phone? Or was that a camera? That was so NOT believable. And, when in the hell did all this take place?

Why can't Nate just die? Just someone answer me.

I apologize for an awful blog. I mean...I don't even have decent commentary for this episode. I'm about to pass out. I may not be able to finish this post!

Dan-YELLA needs to be shot for even talking to Nate. Thanks for making all girls look like dipshits.

Bo talked to Nora on the phone? Please.

I'm passing out. I think I may just stop typing...

Ugh...I'm trying to keep going! Ok, so I will thank God for small favors...Kim Zimmer's hair looks a LITTLE fuller and teased today but it is still flat as hell.

Is anyone else going to be pissed when Gigi starts talking? I know my ass will...

Blair's jacket is the best and most exciting thing this episode. Obviously, I adore Bo as well but he is just propping people. Tear...they showed Matthew. I mean...I am ready for his ass to wake up. Good grief.

There is a lot of tv watching going on NQS and Dan-YELLA.

Tea's coat is UH-DORBS.

Great...Gigi/Stacy woke up. Happy Monday to me. I quit...

Lord I was bored this episode. I assure you my shower I am about to take will be more exciting.

Okie dokie! I'll meet y'all back here later! Hope y'all have a grand day!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Sleepy and the Gigi/Stacy Thing Just Put Me to Sleep. Zzzzz.

Kimmie: "So Mary-Ella, you don't want to discuss my scenes? That's fine. I'm coming after your ass. Or worse...I'll make you work at The Spotted Pony with me."

Ah! Sorry I have been so MIA! My best friend JUST flew back today and then I had other things to thank you note writing...ah! Anyway, I forgot to mention I am flying down South Thursday for round 2 of wedding celebrations and LSU football so I have to figure out how I'm gonna do this blog. Anyway, I haven't even heard what Thursday and Friday's shows were about. I am going to have to condense each post. I'm so sorry! I am just so pressed for time. =( Bear with me and I'll be back to normal tomorrow! Promise! Oh, and I am like about to collapse/pass out from exhaustion! Yes, I have had wine but not much! So let's see if this makes about 50% sense!

Thursday, October 13th--Bo's Tie Is The Only Lively Thing This Episode. It Is Doing The Blogging...
1. Blair needs to do Nascar. Jesus, that bitch drives all over. Also, I love her red leather jacket. This goes along with my Nascar point. That red jacket would look great behind the wheel.
2. Please, I'm not even getting borderline excited that Shane really shot and killed NuJack. I mean I didn't even react. It is not as if the writers would do anything correct nowadays. Oh wait...nevermind I guess I was right to say "peeing." NuJack deserves some embarrassment so thank God for that! that Bo?! Sweet lord...I just perked up a tad. Just a tad...still THAT tired. But I am happy...
3. It is nice to see Nora in the opening credits since I forgot what she looked like. Ugh.
4. Where in the hell do Rama and Vimal live? Not the Minuteman...where?
5. I'd rather discuss the migratory patterns of birds than this Gigi/Stacy/Cutter/Kim shit.
6. Brody has looked constipated for half of this episode.
7. Aaaaand where did Tea get her jeans/change of clothes? I mean REALLY?! Jesus Tea just said Nora's name!
8. I mean this is the second time within a couple of months that Rex has had to talk Shane down or out of something killing himself or someone else. Fail.
9. I'm not commenting anymore on the Kim, Cutter, Rama, Vimal, and Aubs stuff unless something earth shattering happens. Like major earthquake shit. I mean...y'all KNOW how dumb this Stacy/Gigi shit is...I can't deal.
10. Bo's tie is a bit more...lively...than normal? Yes, lively. Oh spoiler alert***y'all know that Mayor Finn fires Bo. Yes, I was upset about that. Then, I just found out she rehires him. The point of firing him in the first place was???? Exactly.*** If Shane is saying he wants to confess to Victor's murder then I'm all for it so this shit will end. I don't care anymore. Let him be a killer. I need a resolution. Yes, I changed my tune...but I need this to end more than Shane not be a murderer. Oh and Rex is back to wearing military jackets. Sign he is about to become poor again? Hmmm.
11. Shaun only props people and why he signed with PP I don't know. I mean...he never has a story. I don't really care. I'm just sayin'.
12. If Brody does lose it and kill someone, well then I need it to be NuJack. Well...Mes then NuJack.
13. I must say...compared to Liam that little Ryder is not a very good baby. EVERYONE should take a page out of Liam's book. Word. However, it should be noted that McBain's Magic Touch calmed little Ryder down. No surprise...the man is a genuius. And a miracle worker...and all knowing...and he has super powers....and he has more black clothing than Batman. K, stopping...
14. This blog is already longer than anticipated and I haven't done Friday yet. Great...
15. Aaaaand Blair just called the mansion "Asa's." Yeah, that's right. Not Rex's house...not even Clint's...Asa's! HELLS YES.
16. Great...Shane didn't shoot Victor. I think we find out the killer when...Tuesday? I don't give a damn who killed him at this rate. I just need this fixed...
17. Oh I haven't mentioned Natty this episode. She isn't doing much. But, I'll acknowledge her...sup, Natty? Sup Natty's boobs?
18. Ask me if I give a shit about Rama and Cutter taking care of unfinished business...
19. Also notice that I haven't mentioned Messica. It's been nice, right?
20. Should Natty be discussing the gun that killed Victor in front of Shane and Rex? No. Also, my night just got made with Bo yelling at Rex. I LOVE this man. I really is love. Ross's ok. So now we should all think Brody killed Victor? Oh woof...

Eh...episode was just "ok." That is it...

Ok I am exhausted so I will now get up at the crack of dawn to do Friday! I hope about 10 people appreciate this! I'll take 5 people! This is love peeps! Oh, I'm just kidding...mostly. ;)

K, love y'all bunches!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Needs to Happen: Gigi's Pic Removed and Clint and Victoria Loving. Word.

Rex: "Gigi...too many hair stylists have written into the show complaining about your mop. Soooooo looks like we are gonna have to take your picture down and replace it with Asa's."

Goooooood morning! How is everyone this morning?! My sincerest apologies...I know I was supposed to blog last night. However, we stayed up super late talking, laughing, and catching up. So, here I am up and at 'em to blog quickly before we set out for our full day of activities. I have one comment about Tuesday and then I'll do a full blog of Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 11th--Hope Refuses to Blog Since She Is Insulted by This Gigi/Stacy Story. Makes Mr. Froggy Blog for Her Instead.

Granted, I could comment on some stuff but I have just decided to quickly address this shitty Gigi/Stacy story. Omigod this storyline burns me up!!!! Dammit! I mean...granted, I despise Mestiny being pregnant...loathe seeing Starr in a jail cell day after day etc. However, I am so damn infuriated with this whole Gigi/Stacy thing I mean if you flippin' want to keep Farah Fath on the show then why in the hell didn't you just keep her as Gigi?! Good God! Having Stacy morph into Gigi is dumb. Sure, Stacy would be that desperate to look like Gigi just so she could have Rex but....WHO GIVES A F*@K!!!??? I mean SERIOUSLY! Who really gives a damn if Stacy changed herself to look like Gigi so she could try and nab Rex. This is beyond flippin' dumb and I am pissed I'm blogging about this. I cannot deal! I mean...killing off Gigi has done nothing but f*@k up this show! Who knew that would happen?! Maybe this is what I get for bad mouthing her character for so long. Sure, I heard she would be on the show for a bit but I just thought it would be the occasional ghost to Rex etc but this is so f*@king stupid...I'm sorry but it is. I mean Kimmy is sassy and I like her but she ain't worth bringing back Stacy/Gigi. I mean this story isn't even 10% believable. Not to mention, Gigi's character became uber likeable her last week or two on the show and her death (as terrible as it was) was executed perfectly. NO NEED TO BRING HER (really Stacy....or whatever the hell) BACK! If that was the plan then she should have never left! Bottomline: I'm mad as hell that OLTL is doing this (amongst other things) to us with such little time left on the show. So when I see Stacy/Gigi lying in that bed I just want to scream.

Whew! Ok I'm sorry about that...

Wednesday, October 12th--Hope Resurfaces to Take Matters Into Her Own Hands. Totally Fed-Up But She Is Excited About Clint and Vicki Watching Movies. Dying to Join and Eat Popcorn with Them

Cue the Aerosmith music. Gosh, I keeping singing "Shane has got a gun." I'm such a douche...

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Praise God! I mean I NEEDED these two adorable kids on in order for me to get through this damn blog! Mercy! Oh and I need them to just make-out...k, thanks!

UGH!!!!!! Dammit to hell! I am so effing tired of this shit. I mean maybe I would be less bitter if someone told me the airline Kim uses to fly to and from Llanview...UBER fast! Omigod now Kimmie wantst to leave again and go BACK to see Clint?! Snap...nevermind thanks to Cutter's grand entrance.

Praise God! Bo is on again. I mean...granted, I would prefer him in some decent scenes but I will take him when I can. Word on that.

AHHHHH!!!!!! Laura...finally! Clint and Vicki are talking about their relationship! This is fan-flippin'-tastic! I would like Clint to take me to a nice dinner, p.s. Actually Bo can take me to dinner and Clint can take me the next night...hehe.

Where did Aubrey get that outfit? Is it new? I thought she was poor? Fail.

I still can't get used to Rex being in the Buchanan mansion.

OMG...doors at Llanfair are closed. I just passed out. Yeah, I mean I'm enjoying seeing Clint and Vicki talking but I NEED a make-out. Yeppers. Need it.

What I DON'T need is Bo devoting 100% of his time to helping Balsom when his son...remember him? Matthew Hanen Buchanan. Yeah, when his son is basically in a coma in Philadelphia. Oh snap...I did LOL when Bo said "A gun fell out of Morris?" ha!

Wait...Echo's hair looks...different? just looks flat as a damn pancake. Jesus hair people...tease that shit a bit will ya?

Hmmm...I wonder how they do the effects of rain in a studio. Just a thought.

Roxy's outfit is just not flattering. It is very Roxy-ish but just not flattering...

Victoria's facial expressions to her being sorry for Clint not having seen her...perfection. AH!!!! OMG OMG OMG....Clint and Vicki are flirting! I'll take it! hehe...time to get back on the horse. I love it Clint. Of course my mind is totally in the gutter about that comment...

Face it Bo...Balsom and his fam are not perfect.

Omigod why oh why am I JUST NOW ranting about Kim Zimmer's hair-do!? I mean...what happened to the cute little flipped out look she had going on?! Bring it back!!!!

Notice I haven't been commenting on NuJack or Shane. I just don't care. I just need NuJack to disappear and be an Abercrombie model or some shit. Game over...

OMG I love Bo Buchanan and I just had to make that gratuitous announcement. My God the man is fabulous.

AH! Clint and Vicki are faaaaaaabulous! Peeing...back on the market "like a cow!" Oh and as if Vicki would hang out at a bar or go online Clint. I mean...this dialogue is just flippin' perfect! Vicki: "Oh don't pay any attention to the man in the ankle bracelet. He's just my felonious ex-husband who lives with me." I mean perfection. OH...dammit! Clint and Vicki just have sex already! You can cut this damn tension with a knife! hahaha! Vicki's right...Cord is kinda delusional. I mean anyone who is with Tina at some point has to be delusional. OMG Vicki is so hot and bothered she doesn't even know what to do with herself.

UGH!!!!!!!! See I can't even appreciate Shane being upset about his mom being dead and doing excellent work in these scenes since Gigi's ass is really in flippin' Anchorage, KY. I mean at least in my mind she is.

Yes! Rex, Roxy, Echo...all of y'all RUN like cattle out of Asa's house to go find Shane and please don't ever come back! Stay out of the mansion! Dammit to hell!

WHAT?! Shaun just surfaced 40 minutes into the show?! I mean...for what flippin' point?! I swear I feel like I'm going to see Christian Vega surface in the last segment! hahaha! Christian is back Aubrey! He is claiming his bartending job again! hahaha!

Wow...I have never seen Vicki use her tv! Or have I? Is it just me or can y'all not picture Victoria hanging out, eating popcorn, and watching DVDs.

Ugh...I can't get into this Kim/Cutter dialogue! Why? I mean obvious reasons that I want to see the vets but I dunno. I mean I do love Kim's sassy ass but not feelin' it...

Ahh! Bo at the Buch mansion! Bo...dammit just go in and say "Hey Nora, Matthew and I are moving in to Pa's house. Sorry Balsom. You are free to visit whenever." I can dream. UGH! Rex do not yell at Bo!!!! I can't deal. Be nice dammit!

Ah! I mean...C/V are killing it today. And Clint is making pretty eyes at Vicki. I can't stand it.

I would love for Aubrey and Christian to have a bartending throw-down! OMG...MUST SEE TV!!!!!! Just boo...

Oh Cutter I don't need you saying "How come you don't this isn't really Gigi Morasco?" Jesus, Marty, and Joseph...can't mentally handle this shit. I just can't.

Rex asking Bo what to do if Shane killed Victor Lord Jr.? Jesus...would Bo even know? I mean after everything that happened with Matthew and what not.

Jesus I wish Shane would just shoot NuJack...seriously. One down...then just Mes. I would just ask for Mes to be eradicated...that's it. Thanks.

AH! Off to conquer Michigan Avenue with my bestie! See y'all this evening or tomorrow! I'll respond to comments when I can. Sorry...just busy busy!

Love y'all and mean it!