Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Show Just Made Me Sicker...

Tina: "Clearly I am the only reason ME even halfway blogged this morning. All these other characters are getting her sick! Watching Gigi is making Mary-Ella's hair a mess! It looks like a squirrel."

OK so I feel so much worse than yesterday. I can't even think of anything witty or charming to say in this introduction...WOOF. Anyway, I will go on and do Tuesday's episode now to get caught up. I am apologizing now for how terrible this will be since I am not thinking straight...

Tuesday, October 25th--Tina Will Blog Since She Gets The Award for Saving the Show. Everyone Else Is Too Busy Sucking...

OMG...I am so happy Tina is on and I love that dress on her! Speaking of dreses...thank you Natty for getting out of that green dress.

Oh Jess and Ford discussing their post dinner dessert and now Vimal at Victor's grave? I will not really care for this episode. At least overall...

Nice...Michael McBain. Didn't know they were surfacing today...they, meaning he and Marcie. Where is she?

Yeah, I would like Rex and Aubs to get together and just leave the pronto.

Lemme tell you...Gigi/Stacy walking around the backyard of Llanfair...EXACTLY what I need this morning. Jesus, Marty and Joseph. I can't catch a break today. I can see that already.

May I just say that Victor's tombstone is on of the ugliest I have ever seen...

McBain lit up like a Christmas tree talking to Michael...sha. How adorbs?! Oh yeah...I forgot Marcie was going to be preggers. Lord.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tina planning Natalie's wedding! I cannot stress enough how much I love this. I mean...Tina planning Natalie's wedding is just the BEST idea ever. Oh and Natty looks gorg today in that skirt and top. Again, that green dress from last week HAD to go.

Everyone can hire someone to take me out...I mean, I just laughed at the relish/pickle joke Ford cracked. Geez Louise...I need some rest.

I'd be mad at this nurse, too, Cutter. Not because she let Gigi/Stacy escape but because she is a terrible actress and you are in a scene with her.

I love this dress on Tina. Tres chic!!! Bree Williamson wanted to pee on herself when Tina said she was Natalie's maid of honor. Just sayin'. REALLY?! Gigi is about to have a scene with Tina?! I am fuming...

OH EM GEE...I am peeing again. Madame Delphina "likes" on MyFace that Vimal checked into the cemetery?!

hahahaha! OF COURSE...John McBain is a detective so he can tell Marcie isn't JUST NOW expecting.

UGH...where are Clint, Vicki, Bo and Nora? I will automatically be a let down since they aren' on. I am crying!!!

Ummmm yeah...besides the Tina scenes and the McBain scenes...I'm TOTALLY bored. TOTALLY. I think I may quit blogging mid-episode. I can't deal.

I LOVE Rama's coat. That's all I got.

I mean...REALLY?! We have how much time left on this show and I have to watch Cutter Wentworth throw a tantrum in the Anchorage, Kentucky, hospital because Gigi/Stacy ran away. Good God.

Y'all I am DYING OF BOREDOM! Granted I have zero patience since I feel like hell but this is ridiculous.

Ok I take it back...I'm not interested in the McBain family scenes.

Yeah, I will fast forward and now just watch the Tina stuff...can't do this this morning. I'm so sorry y'all.

I did laugh when Natalie asked "Is that a goose?" John's hair didn't like it though. I saw a couple of tears shed. That lovely mane should NOT be sad.

So instead of John's hair carrying the show...Tina's locks (real or fake) and that dress got me through this episode. SNAP...what else got me through? Tina: "My Gosh, it's like prom night at the Minuteman around here." I LOVE IT! I also love that Tina is left to deal with all the strangers knocking on Llanfair's door.

OOOOHHHH I am super intrigued! Gigi just saw her tombstone!!!! Awe snap! It is ON now. UGH...effing shoot me. If I have to be subjected to this shit again on Wednesday's episode I will explode. Don't worry...I'll take Mes with me if I decide to take such extreme measures.

Ok I have to go and tease my hair and try and look borderline presentable for work. Kill me.



  1. I scanned this epi last night and decided it wasn't worth it. Yawn.

    Young Bored Boots

  2. I FFed thru every scene on Tuesday LOL
    maybe you shouldn't watch wednesday's episode or we will have to call you Veruca Salt

  3. I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment the past few days. Things got really busy all of the sudden, and I'm doing good just to read the blog. But I am definitely still here, and you are definitely still cracking me up with your episode commentary. I certainly appreciate your blog, especially on the crappy episodes. On somedays, your blog is the only thing keeping me watching this show. Well, that and the pitiful hope that I might catch a glimpse of Clint & Viki on occasion. :)

    So keep up the good work! And I hope you feel better very soon!


    P.S. Hey, Viki/Todd/Tina on Wednesday! Flippin' hilarious! Why we can't have a few interesting, fun, likable scenes everyday, I'll never know.

  4. How much are plane tickets to and from Anchorage, KY from Llanview, PA? I'm guessing pretty darn cheap apparently, considering Cutter has no money. And they must be the fastest flights on the planet! I heard Tina's comment about prom night at the Minuteman and immediately thought of you and knew you were going to get a kick out of that haha. I'm still not convinced Todd killed Victor...

  5. @Young Bored Boots Darling, I was so sleepy during this episode. I mean it was hella terrible and the only thing I can say is thank God for Tina. I mean...thank God. I am so sorry that OLTL isn't good while you are traveling. You should at least be able to rely on your fav show to be good...what a let down.

    @rac OMG...firstly, I haven't watched Wednesday's episode yet. Somehow I am supposed to blog about both by in the morning. UGH...I will make it work somehow. I think. Thank you for the warning. I needed it. I'm now dreading watching Wednesday's!!!

    @Laura Oh darling no problem! I gets in the way! I have been out of it and out of commision thanks to traveling and now sickness. Thanks for the kind words...I AM feeling better. Not 100% but feeling better. I am so glad you still like the blog because I have to tell has been TOUGH to blog recently. I mean...when V/C and B/N are on I can totally make it through but as of late...killing me! I need my favorites on dammit! I am going to watch Wednesday's episode tonight or tomorrow ad catch up with everything. I am praying for some V/C goodness next week. Welcome back to the blog! I got used to seeing you everyday!

    @Desi Hey stranger! OH EM GEE!!!!!!! Great question about the plane tickets! I mean...between Cutter's flying and Aubs' new flashy is ABSURD. These bastards are supposed to be poor. Oh and the speed of the plane...been thinking that! Both Cutter and Kim are totally in the know about the secret super fast airline that only flies from Llanview to Anchorage and vice versa. AH!!!!! Thank you...haha! I thought Tina's quote was totally hilar! Loved it. UGH...I hope Todd didn't kill Victor either...seriously. I mean that would ruin this shit for me. I hate that idea. Le woof. In a perfect world...Marty killed Victor. ;)