Wednesday, October 19, 2011

After What Felt Like Years, Todd and Nora FINALLY Come Face to Face. Thank You, Baby Jesus.

Nora: "ME, not only am I going to be on the show regularly again but I am going to wear these super cute outfits just because I can. Yay for all of us."

Top o' the mornin' to ya on this COLD and rainy morning in Chicago! Brrr! Firstly, I'm sorry I haven't gotten to comments from last post and I plan to do so before the day is over. Secondly, I'm running late again...dammit! I'll blog as quickly and thoroughly as I can. Lastly, I am flying to New Orleans Thursday and will be in Louisiana until Monday afternoon...round 2 of wedding parties and LSU football...yay! So, I guess I will be on hiatus until Monday evening or so. I'll let y'all know. Ok let's do this...

Tuesday, October 18th--Little Hope Passed Out. Saw Nora and Didn't Know Who She Was. Marty Is Now Back to Blogging...

Lord, I loathe Natalie's dress and need her out of it ASAP. Oh, may I just say that I can tell right now that John's hair will clearly dominate Brody on this show.

Hmmm...I actually like Jessica's cardigan. TINA!!!!! Yay! Been missing her.

Peeing....Doctor to Gigi/Stacy: "Do you know who the president is?" Bitches, please! She would NOT know the answer to that question. Also, Gigi/Stacy (let's just say GS) looks a bad way. Hair is too blonde and too much caked on foundation on that face. I mean...FF's acting in her last couple of weeks was superb. It was too good to be true...knew it. Oh, and I don't have time to discuss them today.

OMG OMG OMG...Nora! I am so happy! I mean...I needed to see her...thank you! Bo's right Nora...y'all don't have a case.

How sad is it that we are all okay with the fact that Todd, Tea and Blair have basically set up shop at Vicki's cabin and poor girl doesn't even know they are there. God, does Victoria ever know ANYTHING?! ha!

Ok so disclaimer: I don't care about Rex or Aubs. However, I think they could be cute together. Ok that's it.

Ummmm sooooo uber disappointed in Kurt McKinney's performance as the doctor. Good grief.

On another note, I always get distracted and find myself looking at those damn congos or whatever above the bar at Capricorn. So misplaced....

PEEEEEING! "I'm Ford." "I'm Cord." "Oh lord." I think I really just wet my pants on that one! Loves it. that a new baby as Ryder? I believe it is...

I love how Tina is so insistent that she couldn't take the paper from LDV. Also, I can't believe I forgot how dense Tina is...poor thing. She really is a space cadet. God bless her.

I need a lock of John's hair to bitch slap Brody right now. Just for fun...

I can't believe that Bo and Nora are having a normal conversation and not being uber sad about Matthew. Let's hope it lasts. I mean...I can't believe that Todd and Nora haven't had a scene yet! This needs to happen pronto. You can clearly tell Nora is unnerved by the whole thing.

Again, where did Todd get those pajamas. Ok so Todd made a Nora reference...surely they will have a scene. Poor Tea. I mean if Todd really did kill Victor (I still can't believe this. I mean they showed it but I am incredulous. I really will not like this if Todd killed Victor. Just woof) then Tea is going to be so mindf*@ked after all this. My God, who could blame her?

LURVE Nora's shoes! Haven't seen those since the Inez plant incident (I've been on the lookout for them since I adored them). Also, if her skirt goes up any further you'll be able to see her ass while she is sitting down...lord. WORD...Tea is bringing Todd to the station soon. Oh, and I am assuming we are all supposed to think it takes 5 minutes to get from Llantano Mountain to the LPD. Wow...another mayor discussing how she can drop Bo. I mean the point of her firing him next week and then rehiring him is????? Exactly.

Y'all the acting is soooooooo bad in these hospital scenes! All the way around. I hate to say that but I had to...

Deed to a diamond mind. LOL. Oh Tina.

WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. How have I NOT discussed the fact that John "I like to wear black, whisper, and solve crimes" McBain has on a purple shirt and tie!!!!!!!!!! OH EM GEE! Hell has frozen over!

Ok so I am about to duck or run and hide...Ford looks hella adorbs with little Ryder. I mean he looks like he is about to burst with joy. Sorry...I just had to say that. Plus, I think he is cute. I'm sorry!!!!!!!! I'm sorry! Y'all don't hate me!

ha! I love that Todd thinks Nora would frame him for murder. Lord I am really starting to feel bad for Tea. I mean she is trying soooooo hard to help Todd and she is bound to be shattered once she finds out he killed Victor. Again, if this is all true. Poor baby. =(

Aaaaand another Bo being fired reference. Good God. Bo: "And you can't just take Todd to trial to get the mayor off my back." Nora: "I don't think its your back she wants to get on." HILARIOUS! Tastefully inappropriate and funny...just the way I like my everyday jokes. I love it. OMG...and these two are flirting! Gosh Clint and Vicki the other day and now these two?! I don't know what to do! Kissing!? I am beside myself. I am so glad they are not being mopey about Matthew...yay! heart kinda stopped. There is no way Todd will tell Tea anything today...

OH EM GEE I have GOT to hurry. Only drive-by snippets until the end. Sorry...please forgive me!

Poor Bo just wants to keep making out. Come on Nora...why stop? Oh and the reason they can't be on more often is? Exactly.

Oh lord...poor Todd AND Tea. I mean you can tell he feels terrible. Ugh.

Omigod, y'all! This acting in Anchorage is ATROSH! How's that for assonance?? Acting...Anchorage...Atrosh.

Aaaaand Tina and Cord look UH-DORBS with baby Ryder! I mean...y'all just make out already!
Nice...Rex and Aubs are having a heart to heart about being former scam artists. Very nice.

This Bo and Nora conversation about Todd being guilty or not is very old it.

If Tea brings Todd to the LPD in the last segment I'm going to pee. I mean...Tea's got mad driving skills, yo? I love that Todd is just going upstairs to change since he has a suitcase full of duds to choose from...LOL. I mean come on, OLTL. Come on.

Tina and Cord's adorableness knows no bounds and Cord with that baby! AH! Y'all too presh!

I don't care about the paternity thing but I kinda like McBain and Brody talkin shit to one another. hehe. John's hair is clearly winning. ;)

Does anyone else feel insulted or cheated with this G/S storyline? I do and I am uber bitter about it.

So now Aubs is gonna plan the engagement party? Hmmm. I thought Kim was supposed to marry Rex? I am confused. Maybe they changed that? I don't give a damn about these two but I'd rather see Aubs and Rex together.

OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!! Did OLTL REALLY cut away from the Tina and Cord make-out?! Are you effing kidding me?! Shut the front door! LOL...this is Vicki's so I guess I need to watch using that phrase since usually all her doors are open. ha!

OMG is there going to be a Todd and Nora scene?! I think so...

Yeah, y'all will want to shoot me...I think Ford and Jess are nicely paired too. I know...what has become of me? Granted I don't give a damn about seeing them on my screen but they are cute.

Oh boo, Natalie! Boo on you! Don't be mean to John McBain. Just no! I can see his hair frowning! John McBain cannot have depressed hair! Especially not because of you, Natty! Just no!

Jesus...I mean you can practically see up Nora's skirt! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I mean I think I have chills from this 2 second scene! INTENSE! Ah! So I think Nora is going to be able to tell Todd is lying. Word. If this is not continued on Wednesday's episode I'm gonna lose it! Lose it!

Ok I am running soooooooooo late! I'll respond to comments I promise! Love y'all and mean it!

infinite xo,


  1. Ohh nooo! I prayed that Todd would somehow tell Tea the truth but also sympathized that he just COULDN'T. I have very rarely seen Todd look so sorrowful ever - not THIS much. And certainly not previous to getting caught by someone in his ill-conceived webs of BS.

    Bo is right - Todd has changed. I guess electroshock therapy for 8 years has softened up his nastier sociopathic edges. I wonder if he will feel shitty for lying to Nora considering their past? He never has before - not one bit - it will be interesting to watch. The stare down between those two is AWESOME and loaded with potential.

    This whole turn of events with Todd is VERY UPSETTING. I am now hoping that every inch of this storyline has been a huge setup by Mommy Dearest from beginning to end and that Victor is ALIVE - I can't imagine any more redemption for Todd no matter the circumstances and cannot imagine a future for him otherwise. Oh DEAR!!!

    Did I say I HATE THIS???!!!! Having Jack be right about anything whatsoever is just the arsenic sprinkled atop of this poison pie.

    Thank goodness Nora is back - phew! Finally!!! Thought of you in these scenes - you are right - it is a relief to see Bo and Nora relating to one another over something other than the misery of Matthew's condition. And that particular awfulness will be over soon. Hooray! Except that means more Mestiny. Boo!!

    FFing through the filler (S/G crap, the Rex Aubrey stuff and Jessica and Ford nonsense) and you have what added up to a totally decent show methinks. Like maybe 20 whole minutes of good stuff - that is a pretty decent day in Llanview relatively speaking!!


  2. I have lost my ability to read your mind. I just knew you would lead with the "it is not your back she wants to get on" comment. RSW so sold me with his reaction that I started to wonder if HBS adlibed that line. So enjoyed their scenes.

    I'm counting on a Todd / Nora confrontation today. Praying OLTL doesn't fail me.


  3. "I can see his hair frowning!" LOL!!! Loved all of your John McBain hair jokes, but this one had me falling out of my chair.

    I cannot believe that John did not haul off and hit Brody. Of course, that makes John even more awesome that he didn't, but wow! I mean, Brody was totally wearing a "Kick My Ass, Please" sign and everything! Such an amazing display of self control from John McBain & Hair.

    Aubrey and Rex? Yes, I can see it. I might even be able to like it....

    I only have one comment about the Kim/Cutter/Rama business (not that it deserves any comments). You mentioned in your post about the 10/17 show that the officers that arrested Kim looked like strippers. I read that comment before I watched the show and was waiting all through the episode for the big reveal that the cops were really strippers and that Cutter was just setting-up Rama somehow. LOL! By the end of the show I was so confused. Like, "Wait, I thought those guys were fake stripper-cops. What did I miss?"... :D

    And Bo & Nora! They were terrific! I thought of you when I saw them. You deserve nothing less, my dear. :)

    The last scene with Nora and Todd was flippin' amazing.


  4. I, too, could care less about Rex/Gigi garbage BUT would love more, Tina, Cord, and what about their kids?
    Do NOT believe there is anyway that Todd killed Victor. And if I'm wrong? Then I will just have to stop watching when it ends in Jan.
    Oh yeah is that a wig Tina is wearing? Might be competition (or mate) for John's hair.

  5. Everytime Brody is on all I can't think is that Brody is dripping crazy sauce on the rug! John is gonna love it more that he is right about Brody.
    I never have commented before but I read your blog everyday. I really enjoy it, my reward for getting my chores done! Ty for making time to do it for us! A

  6. Y'all I am so pressed for time before we fly out tomorrow so lemme try and do this as thoroughly and quickly as I can...

    @Young Boots Stop it! I was PRAYING Todd would tell Tea. No such look. I agree...cute thing has never looked so sorrowful ever. Along those lines, I agree with Bo too...Todd HAS changed. I wonder if he will feel bad for lying to Nora too. I have a feeling she will be able to tell the truth. To be honest, I am just praying that this whole thing is effed up and Todd really didn't kill Victor. Oh and stare down was THE shit and I have been waiting for those two to face each other for months. They have great chemistry. Anyway, again I am hoping this whole thing is just some of Irene's brainwashing/mindf*@king and then we will finally be told that Todd did NOT kill Victor. Oh, YB...I'm too tired to discuss Jack. I just don't have it in me tonight. At least I got to see Nora...with Bo! Thanks for thinking of me! I was beside my damn self and needed it and the icing on the cake was the "I don't think it's your back she wants to get on." Well that made my day. Oh huge woof on Mestastico! I'm too tired to discuss her stupid ass, too. OMG..totally agree. Once you fast forward through the bullshit it WAS indeed a good show. I'm praying for your sake that Todd did NOT kill Victor. Be strong, young boots, be strong.

    @Christie Gosh, I told you on twitter already but I have to apologize again. That quote would have been so much better as the title...damn! You can still read my mind...don't fret my pet. OMG yes...RSW's reaction was soooo priceless and realistic that it did seem HBS' adlibbed it. Regardless, I LOVED it. I need to watch Wednesday's show but I dont' think I have time tonight. Huge woof.

    @Laura ha! I know...I am sooooo dramatic when it comes to John McBain but I just love him. In all seriousness, his locks looked UBER sad/upset with all that Brody foolishness! ;) Yes, I mean Brody deserved to have his ass kicked and although McBain himself wanted to kick Brody's ass...John's luscious locks made sure McBain stayed in control. ha! Wait...right about Aubrey and Rex huh? I mean...I think they could really work! hahahahaha! I am so sorry about the misleading stripper comment! Goodness! No, they just looked like SUCH fake cops. I was like...they could be Kentucky strip. ha! Awe thanks for thinking of me when you saw Bo and Nora! They were just faaaaaaabulous! I couldn't have asked for better scenes--making out and joking. PERF. Yes and the last Nora and Todd scene was amazeballs! Hoping you get some Silver Fox and Victoria lovin'! ;)

    @LectrkLady why hello! Welcome! OMG...I would kill to see more Tina and Cord! Their kids would be fine...granted, Sara wasn't my fav when she returned awhile back but I could see her again. Oh God...I can't discuss Rex/Gigi foolishness. Ridic. OMG...I am PRAYING that Todd really didn't kill Victor! When I saw those scenes where Todd shot Victor I was like "OMG...hell to the no!" I mean...they are redeeming Todd and now this? Just woof. I hope I don't stop watching when the show ends in January but if Bo and Nora don't go then I won't be. Oh, I think that is a wig Tina is wearing. Between her real life breast cancer and making her hair look similar to Irene's then I would guess the hair is fake. OMG...John and Tina's hair would need to have a duel! May the best coif win!!! ha!

  7. @Momma Well hello! Welcome darling! Gosh, I was responding to the other comments and then just saw this one. Ummm Brody IS getting crazy sauce everywhere, you're right! I swear I saw some drop from his chin! Poor thing needs to wear a bib! John AND his luscious locks are going to be victorious in this the end at least. Awe, you read everyday? Thank you! I am so happy I am a reward for doing your chores and that reading my blog isn't an acutal chore...ha! You are so welcome. I am pressed for time but I love this so much! Thanks again and welcome! ;)

  8. I just can't take NuJack anymore, I am going to push myself off Marty's roof if it really was Todd who killed Victor--I don't understand what the hell the writers are doing here It's NOT enjoyable we should be seeing Todd reconnect with his family