Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marty Saybrooke Reporting For Duty

Evening! I assure you that Marty Saybrooke was more sane when she threw Natty off the roof than my state of mind right now. Lordy. Ok, so my plan is to get up super early in the morning and blog before I go to my mani/pedi and airbrush tan. I am hoping this works. I just know I won't get much sleep tonight since I haven't even started packing.

Also, I was thinking about maybe doing a video or two this weekend. Or on the days I can't really blog do a video? Or, since I will see MH this weekend we could do a quick video. I know I will be surrounded by a bunch of fun loving friends who are drinking a lot of liquor so I am sure they will make an appearance. I was just curious as to how everyone would feel about that. I mean I might as well use this new iPhone for something. Just lemme know. I am scared some people will stop reading if they hear how I talk...

Ok I am hoping to meet y'all back here early a.m.

Love y'all! Someone sleep for me!

1 comment:

  1. Videos are awesome. Post them here when you can't blog. But keep writing -- that's the fun part!