Sunday, October 9, 2011

I STILL Need Clint and Vicki to Just Make-Out Already.

Queen Victoria: "You want to just go on and have sex with me here? Right now? But Clint, the doors are open. People might just walk into the house!"

Ooookay! I have exercised (trying to get out of lounging around since the back injury), showered and am now going to blog for a The Good Wife...and then finish blogging. Okie dokie.

Friday, October 7th--Hope Is Still Blogging. Demands to Be Heard.

AHHHHHH! Praise God! It's Clint! I mean...I needed this. NEEDED it. Thank you God! Oh, and I KNEW Tina and Cord would get interrupted. Word.

Jesus H. Christ. I mean...I'm STILL outraged that Messica told Ford the paternity mess because I am just so tired of this. This is a slow painful death...this storyline....

Well, in positive news: Little David Vickers has surfaced. I mean. This dog needs to be friends with my pooch.

So Natty's neck is back to 100%. Ok word. WHAT?! Are my eyes playing tricks on me?! I just started new birth control and a side effect is something about effing up my contact lenses so this is wholly plausible. But seriously...Vicki is at the damn Banner!!!!! At her desk?! I mean...just can't believe this. In other news: Liam remains to be the most adorable child of all time.

OH EM GEE. Somebody f*@king shoot me. I am so tired of seeing Starr in the jail cell having boring scene after boring scene.

Yep...this new birth control is definitely messing up my contacts because I swore I just saw that Jack Manning wrote that article for "The Sun." I mean...what kind of a joke is this? Are you flippin' serious?

I love that everyone is confused when someone says "David Vickers" and then even more confused when they find out the dog is a female. really IS "Look Who's Talking Now!" Isn't it the 3rd movie where the pets talk too? I dunno. I haven't seen it since elementary school.

This Clint, Tina, and Cord awkwardness is hilar. I absolutely love it. Le sigh...Tina mentioned Asa. I miss that ole coot.

I'm not discussing these jail scenes. I mean it is bad enough I am on medication to handle all the teen scenes. All I had to do was show the doctor clips of the teens. That was it. EASY!

I need someone to tell me where Blair found that sweater. Also, THAT is a flashback, OLTL! I mean...between all the Tina flashbacks yesterday and these Blair and Todd ones...can't handle it! Granted...Blair and Todd are not my favorite couple obviously. However, I appreciate the history and the flashbacks. Oh and these flashbacks...yeah OLTL was faaaaaaabulous back then. Good grief.

I love that Clint is interrogating Cord and asking if Cord has slept with Tina.

Peeeeeeeeing! Little David Vickers has a huge Twitter following?! This is great.

I love it..."I'm here on business. Are you Liam?" Peeing! LDV: "I'm a bitch." Most presh child in the world: "That's what my mom keeps calling my aunt." I love it. I mean...normally I would not like this foolishness but I LOVE this! Sooo cute!

RH is adorable...sweaty and all.

Tina and Vicki's relationship is hysterical. Lawd...CJ and Sara reference. I mean granted Tina ain't the best mother but I have seen worse. I'll refrain from naming names...

Cord is just adorable and I need to go to London and have drinks with him and Kevin. Peeing...Clint: "She [Tina] brought down a monarchy for God's sake!" hahahahaha! These lines are GREAT! Thank God Cord! You tell your Pa how it is! Clint still loves Queen Victoria and he needs to flippin' realize it and act on it now. K, thanks.

Snap! Good point, Tina! GOOD POINT! Todd and Victor (hell ummm Jess and Natalie, too) get a free pass from Vicki but not Tina. WORD!

I mean...these Liam and Little David Vickers scenes are hilarious and little Liam's facial expressions are PERFECT!!! PERF PERF PERF! This dialogue is just THE best! Peeing...when it comes to burping he [Brody] knows my sweet spot! I could just watch these two. Lame but true.

I mean...I need Clint and V to go on and get it on already. Lord. I am LOVING the lines today!!!! Clint to Cord: "You will never see Vicki plotting a coup or stealing jewels!" hahaha. CORD!!! Bravo! Telling Clint like it is! I mean...I love that Cord and Tina are telling Clint and Vicki respectively what the f*@k is UP! AH!!!!!

Aaaaand the awesome flashbacks continue. Lord...Starr as an infant was cooler than now. Good grief what a tail spin.

LOL...I love Vicki's reaction to Tina and Cord almost kissing.

A Tina blindspot. Good way to put it Clint.

I love Tina and Vicki and want them to have a relationship. Please, OLTL. Give me this...and a Clint and Vicki reunion. Oh, and I need to see Nora and Bo PLEASE! I don't think Nora is on once next week either. Kill me.

I mean...these flashback are flippin' fantastic.

I need NuJack to get decked with a cinderblock right flippin' now. I need him to NOT survive either. Yes I'm an evil bitch...

This "Once Upon a Time" show looks dumb as hell. Just sayin'. No shocker from ABC there since they are making shitty decisions.

Awe...I just love Tina and Vicki. hahaha! Vicki won't put little David Vickers on the cover of The Banner! Bitch has standards...good for her. Bitch meaning Vicki...not little David Vickers.

Times the f*@k out. How did little David Vickers go from Natty's apartment and then know how to find Tina?! I dog doesn't even know commands let alone know how to hunt my ass down. I love that Vicki secretly loves the dog since she is looking at it so sweetly. :)

Not discussing the jail shit OR the Ford and Messica shit since I'm just not in the mood for this middle finger.

Todd and Blair also just need to go on and get back together. I mean...I'm all about history so they just need to do it. AH! An Addie reference! Oh the gold balloons. Sweet. These flashbacks also make me sick since soaps used to be done so fabulously. Balls!

Aaaaand someone will no doubt interrupt Blair and Todd on Monday since they didn't technically kiss. Hmmm....wonder who will bust up in the cabin? Tea? Lord...I wish Dorian. Whannn! She could play doctor and tend to Todd's wound.

Ok I actually blogged the whole time and will now go watch "The Good Wife." Hope y'all have a great start to y'all's week!!!

Love y'all!


  1. Cord should move on from the Sarah/mendorra stuff because that was only an alien clone of sarah anyway his REAL daughter was never in trouble--I never bought that bland character as a Buch/Lord heir neither should he! See again maybe this is were they could have used the actors who Cutter/Aubrey I would have bought them as Buch/Lords then we could have skipped the Joey mess!!

    Ok once again that jail is bothering me--does Tomas tell Starr to turn around and stick her fingers in her ears when he needs to go potty??

  2. Morris is going to be upset. I am sensing that you prefer Little David Vickers scenes to his.


  3. @rac totally agree! I mean Cord just needs to STFU and get over it. I personally think he will. He doesn't seem to hold grudges as long as Bo Buchanan does. Ugh...when they had Sarah on a few years ago I couldn't stand her. She was rather boring. Totally agree about Cutter/Aubrey. For a while I thought they may use Aubrey as either Alex Olanov's daughter or Sarah. They could have really utilized her in a good way but instead she is a rather boring character and I get upset every damn time she is on because I only want to see the main 4 characters. Woof. hahahahaha! I mean we need to write OLTL about this bathroom situation. That is hysterical!! Can you imagine if one of them got the stomach virus or something? Lord! Ewww.

    @Christie OMG totally crushing on LDV and not even ashamed to admit it. I mean...he is flippin' adorable. LDV is in a completely different league than Morris. Oh, and I know you'll appreicate this: I NEED Bo Buchanan on the show. Just to look at. Bonus if he wants to take me to dinner, etc.

  4. I have been loving all the flashbacks. The Blair / Todd ones reminded me of how much I loved Blair and Max together. They were always my favorite couple, next to Bo and Nora.

    Andrea Evans announced recently that she's been battling breast cancer. Do you think her hair is a wig or a tribute to Irene?

  5. Surely the Friday Cord/Clint discussion was setting up some Viki/Clint scenes for today. Surely! BTW, love the title, pic and caption for this post. I'm such a pitiful V/C shipper!

    Also, does LDV have her own transportation, town directory and GPS? How is she making the rounds so capably? I keep waiting for her to show up at Viki's cabin with Todd's meds.

    @rac Ah, yes! The co-ed jail is creeping me out!


  6. @JJ The flashbacks have been hella good right?! I mean THAT is a flashback! OLTL finally learned the definition of a flashback. Praise God! Blair and Max were good, too. I prefer Blair with Todd though. However, I would LOVE to see Max back on the show. LOVE it! Oh, I totally forgot about Andrea Evans' struggling with breast cancer. I think it is both...a wig that looks like a younger coif fit for Irene! :)

    @Laura Lord. I hope there are some damn Vicki/Clint scenes today. Between them having no scenes together and Bo and Nora being MIA I'm about to lose my damn mind! Glad you like the title, pic, and caption. I love the Vickster and the Silver Fox. I am excited to see them paired romantically since they haven't been bf/gf or hubs/wifey since JVD took over the role. I'm excited! hahahaha! I think I just wet my pants...does LDV have her own transportation, town directory and GPS?! I love it. I'm assuming she does since she has her own twitter account with a shit-ton of followers apparently. Smart pup! hahaha...if she brings Todd his meds that would be the coolest thing ever! All the way up Llantano Mountain?! DAYUM!

  7. NEVER BEEN THIS BORED ,CANNOT STAND TOAD ,RH IS THE TOAD ,TREVOR IS THE PRINCE ,Can no longer stand STARR !Toad would have killed Victor if someone Else had not shot him. Jack believes toad did it , unlike toad when he commited a murder and framed PATRICK.PP NEEDS TO FIX THIS MESSABC MADE AND BRING TSJ BACK!

  8. @anonymous Well, I'm rather bored myself. I'm incredibly bored actually. Starr has been incredibly annoying lately. Unfortunately, I do like Todd...but I liked Victor, too! Maybe PP will bring TSJ back? Who knows. However, I don't think RH is going anywhere...a lot of people seem to love him. Hope you get your wish though!