Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bo's Cuteness and Charm Alone Will Defuse The Bomb...Or Not. But He Is Still Cute and Charming...

John: "I'm going to be blogging for Mary-Ella so you don't mind handling the bomb situation at Manning's house? Thanks, boss."

Hope y'all are having a splendid Sunday! Sorry I've been MIA. So, I spent Friday going to doctor, getting x-rays and then getting prescribed...wait for it...pain meds. Faaabulous. So, I'll be blogging somewhat out of it. Praying all this makes sense. I have two snippets to blog about Thursday and then I'm doing a full post of Friday since really not much transpired between the end of Wednesday's episode and Friday's. So here we go darlings...

Thursday, September 29th--John McBain Doesn't Have Much to Say Except the Following...

1. Little David Vickers trumps Morris in the cuteness department and should be offered a recurring contract. I mean...the dog does his actions ON CUE! Mah-velous!
2. Obviously something is in the water in London. I mean...Cord looks flippin' fantastic! I love the gray showing! Of course, his hair is not as fabulous as mine, John McBain. Now, if we can just get Kevin on the show. A mere mention isn't enough.

Friday, September 30th--John's Blogging and Not Defusing the Bomb. He LOVES Blogging About the Show!!!!

That breakfast table looks hella uncomfortable! And, I also don't believe for a minute that Jess hurt Natty that badly.

Lord a Tina and Cord reunion stopped super quickly by Cord. Word on that...he has a right.

I mean...little David Vickers come to my house! We will have the best time I assure you. You would love my pooch, Lola.

I tell you what..."the docks" are NEVER busy. I mean do any boats come there? Also, I didn't know Llanview was a port. I need to brush up on my U.S. geography.

I do love Cord's dapper attire. Oh hell...a Mendorra mention. Let's forget that foolishness. Hey Clint and Vicki instead of just looking awkward in the background why don't y'all just make-out?

I like Bo being a badass and on a mission. As much as I loathe NuJack I can't help but laugh at him giving up all this info on Todd so damn easily.

LOL..."I had to wrestle jewelry away from Tina Lord. It's a good thing I still have teeth." Nice...and oh so true.

*gasp* The doors to Llanfair are CLOSED! What is going on?! Hmmm are they ever going to bring Sara back?

On another vain note, I LURVE Clint's little ensemble he is sporting.

I'm still baffled by the sign at the docks indicating when you can have freight.

I'm sorry but the furniture at Nat and Brody's just looks so uncomfy...the whole apartment, really. Natty JUST END this thing with Brody right now before he sucks you down the crazy chute with him!

Awe...a Carlo Hesser reference, too. Miss him. Tina is one of the most selfish soap characters of all time but still one of the most loveable. Amazing...

Ugh these Bo scenes are too quick...

Don't trust her Todd! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Louie is dead?! WTF? That sucks! He was so nice. Whannn!

You can tell Natty was disappointed when Brody said that Clint gave him his blessing.

I "at home" and perf does Clint look just hanging in Vicki's kitchen?! I mean let's be real. He fits in beautifully. Victoria's reaction when Jess said she tried to strangle Nat was hilar. I lurve Jess' necklace.

Cain Rogan?! Lawd...we are getting all kinds of mentions this episode! Who is next?! Oh, and Tina is obviously a terrible puppy parent...and parent in general. Can't even keep up with mini Vickers.

Bo's fabulous...nothing new. Is this Bo's first scene with NuJack? I believe so. I wonder if those dubious looks from the commish are questioning NuJack's acting skills? Hmmm.

Todd's shirt is still in excellent condition despite a jail break and now being at the docks. I mean he isn't even sweating. UGH....I hate that Louie is dead. Just woof.

Oh hell...I can't stand the damn Blair halftime bumper. It is atrosh!

Okay so I am NOOOOOOT on Team Jess. Hell, or Team Nat...I'm on no one's team in this mess. However, if I were Jess I'd be upset, too, if my dad just gave his blessing for my twin sister to marry my ex fiance'. Just sayin'...

Victoria I NEED you to act disappointed with Natty and not give her a free pass. Please.

This Cord and Tina discussion about little David Vickers is kinda hilar. I mean...who names a female dog, David Vickers?! LOL. That's right, Tina. The dog is missing. You are a terrible mother. No surprise there.

OH EM GEE!!!!!! My dog just freaked the eff out and is now barking at the tv uncontrollably! Damn you David Vickers!

Wait...Starr told Todd the note had to be written in invisible ink (remember the spies from long ago story?) not the other way around. NuJack just messed that up. REALLY?! An "I'm taking Emma Stone to homecoming" reference?! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! Lame, OLTL. Really lame.

OMG...Irene is acting like a petulant child! I mean...she reminds me of Joan Crawford with all these childish "no no nos" and shaking her head wildly...then screaming "you sonofabitch." Now she is growling like a dog...good grief. many times has Todd been shot in his life?

Ok so how out of place does Vicki look standing in Nat and Brody's apartment? Totally. Eh...Vicki ain't being fierce. Oh well. I don't care I guess. At least she is making Natty question her decision to marry Brodster. Someone needs to change this bitch's mind. Lawd.

PEEING...Tina didn't know what to call Jess. I love it!

I mean HOW MANY PEOPLE will touch McBundle's paternity results before Natty gets a hold of it!? Jesus Christ this thing has been dragged out for waaaaaay too long!

I love that Bo is arresting Starr...

ha! Did Todd just say "So much for my tennis career?" Fabulous. Irene is flippin' EVIL!!!!!

In other news...where in the HELL is Nora?! Jesus I can't deal! I mean...I NEED her on the show. UGH.

I love that Blair is like "WTF" to Bo. LOL. Please puppy come home with me! hahaha! Starr is like "I think she [David Vickers] is trying to tell us something!" I feel like I'm watching "Lassie" but with a much cuter pup! This is cray cray!

Cord is so cute. I mean...he has improved over the years. Let's all agree.

REALLY?!?!?! Bo just picked up the bomb and ran off?! Thank God I know he ain't leaving the show cause my ass would be panicking right now if there was even the SLIGHTEST chance he could die. Heavens!

So the bomb went off? Cool.

Of course, Saint Victoria will never leave Natty.

Aaaaaand of course, Jess has the paternity results. Of course. I.NEED.THIS.SHIT.TO.END.

Okie dokie...I'm off! I'll respond to comments when I can.

Sorry I've been MIA and I hope this post made about...hmmm...60% sense. K thanks!

Love y'all!


  1. Nothing witty here, but I felt if you titled the blog with Bo then you would expect to hear from me. I do love him in cop mode. For awhile, I thought John was running the department.

    Best laugh line..."I wonder if those dubious looks from the Commish are questioning NuJack's acting skills?" Fabulous!


  2. "Hey Clint and Vicki instead of just looking awkward in the background why don't y'all just make-out?"

    Yes, this. Exactly. :)


  3. @Christie May I just say that when I titled the post this I DID expect a resonse from you if no one else! ;) And, of course, you didn't disappoint! Thanks deary! I love all this Bo time but I need him on with Nora at some point. =( Oh, and my quote...I SERIOUSLY think RSW was thinking that. I's just a natural reaction in my opinion. LIke "Am I REALLY in a scene with this kid?" ha!

    @Laura Oh darling, I mean we are overdue for some Vicki Clint action. I mean these two need to be reunited like last year and I want to see them on my screen before it goes online. Glad you liked the quote, dear! ;)