Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beach House Flashbacks, Please. K, Thanks.

No caption necessary! I'd like a flashback dammit! Thanks! Yes, I'm reaching for the stars. I don't care.

Lord, I'm too anxious and am thinking about everything I need to do before we leave today so I might as well just go on and blog quickly! MH is going to blog about Thursday's episode and then I'll be back to blog about Friday and Monday. Okie dokie...lemme go on and start this.

Wednesday, October 19th--ME's Rushing to Leave Town and Needs Assistance. Everyone in Llanview Is Asleep Except McBain's Hair. Those Locks Sleep with Their Eyes Wide Open. Very Polite and Offered to Blog for Me.

Sooooo where is this awesome band that Ford wanted to see at Capricorn?

Wow...we are all really supposed to believe that Jack is really running "The Sun?!" Also, "what is another word for traitor?" Look up its synonym you dipshit instead of asking Blair. Boo.

Starr, you should beat Dan-YELLA at any card game since Addie should have taught you all there is to know about card playing. On second thought, you never see Addie and only use her to babysit Hope...nevermind.

AH YES!!! The Todd/Nora showdown continues...shown from a different camera angle too!

Yay! Tina and Cord again, too! I'm as happy as a clam right now between these two and Bo and Nora being on today. NOOOOOOO! Balls. Natty, it is bad enough you have that dress on still but now you have to disrupt the Tina/Cord make-out?! OH HELL NO! You bitch!

A whiskey shot and a beer, huh Brody? No. Also, Aubs must have worked hella hard so has the rest of the night off.

Aaaaaand I will hate Natalie this episode. She is being dismissive and mean to Tina. Can't deal.
Blair's parenting of NuJack is such a f*@king joke. Man, I reaaaaallllly like Blair's jacket...

I mean I am not discussing this game of go fish...

OMG...Nora is making some awesome references! I think she is going to be able to know he is lying. I really do. Oh and young boots, I do believe that since Todd is different now he might feel guilty for lying...even to Nora.

Y'all I hate these Blair and Jack scenes. Poor KDP. I mean I would be so pissed if I had to have scenes with this kid!!! WOOF!

Wait...say whaaaaat? Nora: "For the last 8 years, I actually started to feel sorry for...Todd Manning." Who wrote this line? Jesus. This is not true. I mean I know she felt bad for Todd when Dan-YELLA was missing and maybe a couple of other times but she did not feel sorry for him. I'll let it go. OMG OMG OMG...a beach house reference?! Get the f*@k out! Now I just need a flashback of that creepiness...k thanks, OLTL.

This episode is good but I hate this Starr and Dan-YELLA shit. And NuJack...

I am about to beat Natty's ass with that bourbon bottle if she continues to be a bitch to Tina. Let the poor baby talk!

Y'all...I will mentally lose my shit if this paternity storyline isn't wrapped up quickly! I mean...this has been going on for almost a year!!!!!!!!!!! A YEAR!!!!!!!! 365 days!!!!! 52 weeks!!!!!

OMG. Do not yell at Tina, Natty! Granted I know that Natty has a right to be mad BUT...Mary-Ella is mad at Natalie so I will take Tina's side. It's my blog and I'll be unfair if I want to dammit. ;)

Dan-YELLA is a stupid girl to get back with NQS. That is all.

These Blair and NuJack scenes are effing painful!!!!!!!!

I mean...that Bo, Nora, Todd and Tea scene was a hot minute.

Y' charming is Cord? I mean he is just a doll isn't he? Yes, for those wondering...I do think Andrea Evans is wearing a wig.

I don't like the character of Jessica but I have to say that Bree Williamson does have a lovely mane. Those locks are luscious. Know whose locks are better? Le duh! John McBain. But BW has some good ones...

Oh, I haven't mentioned Brody. He needs to start wearing a bib. Poor bastard has crazy sauce all over his mouth like a baby would. If we could find an adult high chair, then I'd def say he needs to sit in that too...

Wait...where is Tomas? Did I miss that? I thought he was across from Starr. Maybe I missed it because I am not really paying attention to these scenes...

Obviously, I love Nora's bitchiness towards Todd. I know most hate it. Oh f*@k...NuJack. Just who we need to f*@k up these scenes. Gosh, how many times can I say the "f-word" this blog. Tone it down, ME. Tone it down. I'm sorry but shitty characters bring it out of me. I mean...NuJack will ruin a scene with cool characters...I'm pissed.

Hmmm Natalie doesn't have any friends. Never really thought of that. I mean...the Buch girls are pretty and rich. They could have friends. Absurd. WHAT?! Natty: "My best friend just died recently." I think I just spit out my coffee. Gigi was Natalie's best friend because of that "I may get an abortion" talk. Please. This is hogwash. I can assure you, Natalie, you are better off without Gigi's hair invading your conversations. I AM PEEEEEEING! Tina wants to be Natalie's maid of honor! I mean...God, why have they kept this fabulous woman away for so long?! I mean...I LURVE the thought of Tina being the maid of honor. LOVES it! Oh and in case y'all forgot...Tina and Cord are UH-DORBS.

I mean where is Starr getting all these outfits? Make-up? This is horseshit.

Blair is so full of shit with this Jack's head injury business. UGH...I haven't seen Bo and Nora together in weeks and these scenes are too short. I also would like them to make-out.

Ok so will Cord and Tina kiss now? DAMMIT TO HELL! No? Why the hell not?! I mean...they could have made out!

Eh...I don't like Jess' coat.

Lord AS IF Jack needs Blair to hold his hand while he withdraws his statement. I mean really?!

Oh Todd is across from Starr in jail. Rac, here we go again huh? What about this bathroom situation?! Wait...that pic of Liam on Brody's phone is hysterical.

I LOVE THE HEADLINES TO "THE SUN!!!!" That is all!!!!

Damn it is midnight?! Awe...Tea and Dan-YELLA are so sweet. I mean they really are a great little mother/daughter combo!

Ok...I have got to pack. Praying our flight leaves on time...RAINY, COLD, WIIIIIIINDY here today. Le woof.

Y'all have a great day! I will be able to respond to comments later tonight or tomorrow. Again, I am thinking of the video thing. ;)

Love y'all...have a great one!
Soggy Mija


  1. I LOVE the idea of Tina as the maid-of-honor. Love, love, love it! So much potential for hilarity to ensue!

    I vote yes on the video blog for this weekend. If Clint and Viki resurface for more cuteness, give me a shout-out, okay? I *heart* them. :D

    Have a good trip! Be safe!


  2. I, for one, love it when Nora is bitchy to Todd. She SHOULD be bitchy to Todd ALWAYS - that beach house stuff is not forgivable PERIOD. Lord those scenes scared me nearly to DEATH back in the day - I think I had NIGHTMARES. The Nora/Todd dynamic is written in stone until he throws himself into the same kind of gut-wrenching apologies he had to offer up to Marty way back when. I am sure he NEVER would do that, and anyway Nora and Todd are both sublime at sparring with one another - so why fix what ain't broke?

    That being said, he should still feel horribly guilty about all of it, including lying to her now if he really is the changed man the writers and the actor are insinuating he is right and left. Internally he must be clear that all of her venom is completely justified. All he has EVER done is lie to that woman and use her dreadfully.

    I remain DEEPLY troubled about what is in store for Todd if he did indeed murder everybody, especially with Ted King guaranteed a place in the online version. Those scenes in the cabin may be all the TnBers are gonna get, which is really too bad because Kassie and Roger are up to their eyeballs in compelling chemistry. Damn.

    Dani and Starr sitting on the jailhouse floor playing Go Fish icked out the germaphobe in me big time - ewww!

    I am just tickled to death with Tina and Cord - cannot WAIT to see what kind of wedding ceremony she tries to pull off for Jessie. I am sure paternity facts will have to wait until that guaranteed fiasco.

    What is up with these five foot mockups for the Sun? Why is anybody at that paper listening to NUJACK enough to put out a paper anyway?? Why do the writers bother feeding perfectly good dialogue to a boy who can't deliver?? ARRGGHH!!

    WHERE ARE CLINT AND VICTORIA???? WHERE???? Damn those teasing writers.

    Good show for the most part!! Yay!!!!


  3. I just wanted to comment on the Go Fish game, Star gave her a pair of 7's or 6's or whatever and I thought the point of the game was to get pairs. She should have already laid those down! Or maybe I don't play right.

  4. Oh Mija -today's show is close to FLAWLESS and you are going to LOVE IT. Nothing earth-shattering - but no filler (well except for a little bit of the G/S/Cutter crap) and a huge heaping helping of most of our faves . . . But there was a gruesome news interrupt, so dvr tonight on Soapnet or something. Just giving a fair head's up since I know you are leaving town.

    I laughed my fool head off and cried like 3 times.


  5. She's right. You are actually going to be sad that you gave MH the chance to blog on the Clint/Vicki scenes today. But maybe not since you both seem to be the same person. See video suggestions below.

    Video requirements this weekend in lieu of blog.

    ME and MH interacting. Personalities must be shown. I swear you just borrowed a photo and when MH blogs it is still really you. Thus, we need proof.

    Sneek a shot of Ross. In my head, you are still married to JVD (mind you the younger version on GL - must match the name). So I need a visual to help me out.

    Accent not a problem. I'm a southern girl and I like it when a real accent graces any screen. Lord knows very few actors can pull southern off. We'll just send them your video link to use in training.

    Mention the name Bo Buchanan in any context.

    That is all. Looking forward to the production.


  6. Since our girl has returned I thought I'd leave a comment!
    I love Nora being bitchy Todd, I never want that to change,just like I never want Todd to be anything but an ass to her. HBS and RH do loathing like no one else, no offense to TSJ, but it was never the same with him. I feel the hatred radiation of my TV with those two.

  7. Ah stupid auto correct, radiating off, not radiation of.