Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blair Cramer, M.D.

Blair: "Not only can I sing and crawl on pianos but I can perform surgery, too! Of course, I'm doing this all while being the best parent in the world! I'm pretty perfect."

Morning! Happy Thursday! Gosh, this has been the longest week for me! Thank God I only have to work through Wednesday next week. I have a feeling I'm going to do another drive-by....yes, I am. No doubt about it. Who am I kidding?

Wednesday, October 5th--John McBain Takes Up with Jim Daniels Again. Refuses to Watch Show.

1. Glad to see little Liam (aka mini Buddha) back today.
2. OH.EM.GEE!!!!! That's it! Sam is so flippin' adorable I can't stand it! I mean...those pjs!? Those slippers!? On another note--how flippin' presh is McBain with Sam?! I LOVE IT. McBain: "Hey, what's all this?" Sam (without missing a beat): "My midnight snack." my friend! I'll bake you all the cookies you want!
3. Starr...if you play your demo tape for everyone in Llanview (except Todd) then they will all die and Todd can be freed. Problem solved. These Starr and James scenes are minutes of my life I'll never get back.
4. Aaaaand, I'm watching another scene of reality tv as Natty talks on the phone in the LPD hallway...with a not so injured neck.
5. For the love of God Blair don't get blood on that jacket! It's too cute! On another note...I feel sorry for Vicki's pillow but it wasn't cute so who cares. In all seriousness, these scenes are super good. OMG I LURVE BLAIR'S SHOES! Ok I have to stop. I'm just discussing clothing. Purgatory!? YOU have been in purgatory, Todd? Is that what you just said? Well, lemme tell you...have YOU been watching the show recently and been having to blog about it? Yeah, I didn't think so. MY ass has been in purgatory. Word. WHAT?! Blair just called Dorian?! Jesus, if only Dorian's fabulous ass would surface...if only. Le sigh. Peeing! Todd wants a real doctor. Awe...Todd totally trusts Blair. Of course, he does. I mean...where has this fabulousness been for weeks. I do love these two together. Jesus this looks painful!!!! Damn Blair...that was fast! Yeah...these scenes are pulling at my heart strings. I can't lie. Young Boots, I bet you are in heaven! ;)
6. Natty also fixed her hair stylishly to go to work. She just got all fixed up didn't she? Ummm yeah I'm not into this whole "I always knew you would be good with kids" shit that Natty is telling John. I'm just so over this damn storyline that anything that is said bores the hell out of me.
7. Brody is acting like Jessica and Natalie just haven't been getting along lately. Dude, they were just beating the shit out of each other a couple of hours ago (technically)! Get a life! In other news, I kinda want to choke Messica for not telling Brody about the effing results. UGH.
8. Oh sweet lord...a James and NuJack scene?! What have I done!? I've actually been sweet to everyone this week and I swear to God I hold open the door for everyone and speak to strangers and hold elevators for people etc. So WHY is God punishing me and giving me these scenes!? It's bad enough Mes is pregs and there is no Bo and Nora but now this?! WOOF. James is spouting off to NuJack about obstructing justice?! Jesus Christ.
9. Is there supposed to be cell phone reception at Vicki's cabin? For some reason I thought there was like shit service up there...
10. Oh, I haven't mentioned Tea. She was lovely as always but she was with Tomas so the scenes were boring. Ok word.

Lord. I mean the Blair/Todd scenes were fabulous but God knows that was it! So, group prayer Thursday is phenom. Le woof.

Love y'all!


  1. Loving the Flashbacks--LOVING IT! and a Max Holden reference today too, oh boy why can't dthey write Nat/Jess the way they did Tina/Gabby (who I want to see in a flashback soon too!) Now the baby Al paternity lie went on much longer than this Liam one but nobody minded :)

  2. @rac... Those flashbacks were great. I am loving having Cord and Tina back. No one can say "gurl" like Cordero Roberts Buchannan. This time, Tina's return is so much more meaningful. Please figure out a way to keep them PP; they were so much more interesting than 10 Aubreys, Cutters, Rama, and co...