Monday, May 2, 2011

Back Above the Mason-Dixon Line!

I've missed y'all! Ok, so here is the deal. I'm worn out and have work tomorrow...and have to unpack. Suckytown!!! Plus, I have to watch 3 OLTLs...ah! Well, I might skip Friday's since I read MH's awesome post. Sidenote: She is uber fabulous and deliciously witty. Thank God for her! Anyway, tomorrow evening I will do a drive by of today's episode and a full post of tomorrow. Then, I'll be back on schedule as of tomorrow. Perf!

So...missed y'all and hope the weekend was fabulous and fun-filled!


I've missed Nathaniel Q. Salinger so damn much and just can't wait to see his ass. Not to mention, Deanna and James are just gonna rock my world with their scenes (I just know it) since they have been discussing the same thing for what feels like 3 damn months...WOOF!


  1. Glad you are back Mija !! MH of course was awesome, but I missed you and hoped the wedding was beautiful for your friend.....This thing with the paternity has got to come to an end, Marty must get back to her suite @ St Anns...she has gone "round the bend" LOL !!! The whole Todd/Tomas thing is about to get moving-Can't wait !! Have a Happy Day !!! XO Krisi