Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marty's Fun House: Featuring the Flying Natalie Buchanan. Free Admission

Marty: "AHHHHHH!!!!! I am such a badass! I'm gonna start charging admission to my awesome show!"

Happy Saturday! Ok, I have to say this again: I'm so damn sorry for this Blogger issue! If it happens again I'm swithing to WordPress. WORD! Anyway, I'll do a full Thursday post now and then a full Friday post (either immediately after this one or later this afternoon...people are coming to see our apartment...WOOF. Hate being here when they do that...awkward!). In awesome news: Ross knows how to do screen captures (God knows I don't see I don't know shit about computers) and he managed to get my FAVORITE part of the show today in a pic. Amazeballs! Anyway, I'm rested and ready to go! Sooo...

Thursday, May 12th

Lawd...Natty and Marty! OMG presh does little Liam look?! Adorbs and helpless. Awe.

Sweet Jesus! Clint and Vicki scenes on the way! These will be fabulous! I KNOW they will put these two together before the show ends and I'm beyond elated. JVD and ES have never been romantic on the show since he took over as Clint so I'm pretty pumped about their inevitable reunion as a couple. FACT: Clint is the most dapper sonofabitch on the planet. Even in a hospital bed.

F*@kin' shit. I'm so over this Minuteman Motel mess. I was over this hellhole after the Eddie/Nora fiasco. God, Nora. Will you please show back up on this show? Please. For my sanity. Seriously though, I don't know why the writers love writing scenes that take place at this chlamydia-ridden no tell motel. DAMMIT!

Oooookay, so I know that a lot of people think this Wes/Wess thing is funny and amusing. I however do not. I'm over this shit already. Sure Bree Williamson is a great actress, but please...

May I just say I FLOVE Dorian and Joe! Even more so than David and Dorian. PLEASE don't kill me for saying that! Oh, and seriously did y'all notice Joey's new side part?! WTF?

God, Clint is delicious. How FABOOSH does the Vickster look in her blue with the gold jewelry?! I KNOW I am gonna cry watching this...dammit. God, a Ben Davidson reference. WHY bring this up?! Well, I know why...the heart reference but still. I have mentally blocked out that whole damn period of time on the show. It was just too much for my little high school mind to handle at the time. Sheesh! LOL..."Ok, well that's probably the worst idea I have ever heard." Agreed Queen V. His kiddies should know.

Who doesn't give two shits about these Brody/Cutter scenes?! My puppy and me. We hate these Minuteman shots. FAIL.

Christian is obviously the driving force of the show and personally I think the ending in January should totally revolve around his character. He is so pertinent to the OLTL canvas. His actions affect all the characters on the show. Not to mention, he is one helluva art teacher.

I just can't fathom that Dorian would hang out at a club where this shiteous music would be playing...whether it's Blair's club or not. Dorian's reactions to Wes/Wess were priceless.

Lawd...I'm about to pass the f*@k out! Did John just call Kelly sweetheart?! Rewind. Ummm yes he did. I can't recall if I have ever heard him say that before. I didn't know he even knew what a sweetheart was. Unbelievable.

I love that Natalie is talking to Liam as if he would respond to her. Aaaaaand, somebody give me the number of Susan Haskell's trainer. That bitch must have the best biceps and triceps EVER. She's been holding on for quite a bit. Must get those digits...

I am pretty sure that EVERY effing visitor has handed Clint water. Timeout: AS IF Renee wouldn't be here. PUH-LEEZE!!!!! Bring that fabu bitch back to the screen!!! I have NO WORDS for these Vicki/Clint scenes. Just THAT flippin' fab.

I'm not commenting on the Chlamydia Motel scenes. I'll get an infection...

I'm sorry but when Christian said Jessica was a "dude" I did laugh. YES Joe left Aubs in the dust to vamoose with Dorian to the hospital. Awesome town! Still flove Aubs hair parted...small favors are the shit.

Kelly is doing a fabulous job in these hospital scenes! Oooooh we are gonna have a flashback to the Marty/Kelly scenes! PLEASE show when Marty said "Whatcha doin? Whatcha doin?" while pointing the beer bottle and breaking it!? My favorite part!!!! I also chuckle everytime Kelly said she walked into "The Twilight Zone" by mistake. I'm sorry, but I enjoyed the Marty/Kelly scenes more than these Natty ones because Marty is so vocal! Aaaaaand they showed my favorite part!!!! AWESOMENESS! Whatcha doin?! Whatcha doin?!

Yeah...if anything is learned from these Natty/Marty scenes it's that SH has strong biceps/triceps. Let's all take that away from this.

On a sidenote: I'm very interested in Latisse. I think I could use more eyelashes. However, Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion does the job...

I just want Vicki to crawl in the bed with Clint and snuggle with him. Is that wrong?

Lord have mercy. Somebody effing papercut my ass...immediately! These Wes scenes are ATROSH!!!! This could be Vicki/Clint or Natty/Marty time!!! Total woof!

Rama, I suggest you do NOT get a Delhi Belly. Totally fattening. You're starting to drink them all the time. You can still drink things that aren't fattening. Take it from me.

Ok, so I kinda like the doctor in Kelly's room. He is running shit. Whoa...affection from John to Kelly. I flove it. Ah...John almost told Natty he loved her at the end of the vmail. ALMOST.
Flove the pic of John on Natty's phone. LOL. Aw hell, Natty she is gonna try and kill your ass. Just call for help. I mean, her triceps and biceps could bear another 20 minutes easily until help arrives.

May I just say it has been wonderful to not see the Fords today...just sayin'. Or NuJack and his mini douche of a sidekick, Brad. WORD! ;)

I cannot mentally handle Vicki and Clint tearing up! Ah. And, yes it was Nora and Bo that started this shit and we are gonna have to hear Nora feel guilty about that soon...lord have mercy. OMG...Clint adopting Kevin and Joey. No words for this preciousness. AHHHHHH!!!!! For a minute, I forgot about all the terrible things Clint has done lately. Just for a minute...

Yeah, Marty basically pulled her damn self up from that ledge. Natalie's help really wasn't needed.

Yes...Dorian's driver in the background! Joe...STFU. I cannot handle you blaming John right now. Let's all remember if it wasn't for John's piss poor judgment then Marty could NOT have the freedom to spread her crazy sauce all over Llanview. Let's be thankful! NOT ungrateful Joe! ha!

Eh...missed the Aubs/Cutter scenes. To hell with it...

Yeah...Christian needs to be in the last scene of OLTL. This show revolves around him. Word, yo.

Well, Brody is a good guy and I feel for him. That's all I got...

AHHHH! This discussion about Vicki and Clint's relationship. Clint: "Any fool who would lose you deserves what he gets. Believe me. I oughta know." AMEN!!! haha...."Okay, then he's not a DUMB jackass." Ummmmm...hate to disagree with you Silver Fox. Chuckles is still dumb as a f*@kin' doorknob. He's just an incompetent ass clown with a phonetics problem and I'm sticking by that. Hate to disagree with ya, CB. Lawd...Clint said "Chuckles."

Wait!!!!!!!!!! OMG, so does anyone think the cop looks like Tim Meadows aka "The Ladies' Man?!" Please tell me someone else thought this?! Snap! I'm peeing on myself! A "Commisioner" reference. Dammit, I miss Bo. =(

YES...Dorian will pull the doctor card I know it. Aaaand, she did. Doctor Lord. Love it.

Yeah, Joey loves Kelly.

UGH eff this Wes shit. SNAP! Damn Rama why don't you just spread your legs on the bar!? "Haven't you ever had a virgin?" DAYUM.

Finally...back to the Marty/Natty shit. TIMEOUT: May I just say that a ledge that is that low is just stupid. STUPID. These scenes are too quick! Why does OLTL do that?! All the scenes people want to see are short as shit!

Wait...the brunette in the background at Capricorn has on the cutest dress. Adorbs.

I'm sorry but I think these Joey/Kelly scenes are sweet. That is true...they have been in each other's lives forever. Too sweet.

LOL! "Well these days nobody can't count on the goodness of MY heart." All these heart references! That's right, V. You DO NOT want to know what Doctor Lord did to Clint.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! When Marty when "whaaaa" and threw her hands up in the air, I'm pretty sure my damn life just got made! Ross and I rewound that shit like 5 times and peed on ourselves!!!! Floved it! This bitch is CRAY CRAY!

Damn, so Natalie crushed the bench?! Maybe that broke the fall a bit...

WHEW...good episode overall! Ummmm and I think Blogger effing removed comments from my effing comments from my last two posts! FAIL! I wanted to respond. They were HILARIOUS!!!!! F*@k!

Oh and snap! RH is back tomorrow! Cri*Cri* you excited?! ;)



  1. Did anyone else burst out laughing when Charlie asked Viki to tell Natalie to say hi to Jared the next time she visits his grave? Like Natalie has thought about Jared ONCE since he died. Ha! Marty's craziness has been cracking me up as well.

    Oh, and what's up with Viki saying that when Kelly and Joey were together, she thought of her as a daughter? What about when Kelly was with Kevin? I know we're all supposed to think that Kelly and Joey were meant to be together, but I'm still on team Kelvin. (Unless of course the real Joey/Castle comes back.) Joey said that he would be back in Llanview if he knew there was a chance for Kelly and him to be back together? Didn't they both live in London until about a year ago? What went on between them then? You know, when Kelly lived with Kevin and Zane. Oh snap! Kelly has a son? She just might be a worse mother than Starr.

  2. I, too, think that Clint/Viki scenes are the best. They are superior actors to most on the show and their scenes were superb. Absolutely LOVE Clint. LOVE Jerry Ver Dorn. (By the way, Susan Haskell had me on the floor in hysterics this week! The "watcha doin?" and "AAAAAAAHHHHHH, AAAHHHHHHH..." in the Kelly fight were hysterical, as well as her move in your photo above after Nat went flying!)

  3. Side note about Clint. With my GL background, everytime you say JVD and Ross in the same post, I have to think it through. Clint is not always my first JVD association. I'm working on it...

  4. @Desi hahahahaha! You are so right! Natty hasn't thought about Jared one damn time since he died. She was so damn eager to hop into bed with Johhny McB...Lord! OMG Marty's craziness IS the show for me right now! I think we are supposed to assume that Kelly just loved Joey all along and never acted on her feelings...even when they lived in London. WOOF! I mean, she was probably so damn busy tending to Zane so she just didn't have the time. I'm sure you agree. ;) We all know she is the best mother on the show. Oh, and amazingly Vicki HAS always thought of Kelly has her own daughter despite the screwing over of Kevin and all her other shenanigans. Who knows why Vickster feels that way...

    @Jen OMG Clint/Vicki...awesome town! Can't wait to see them get together romantically since we've never seen JVD and ES together romantically. I'd love it. I flove Clint AND JVD, too. JVD is one of the best. Such the consummate professional and such a class act...all the way. The "Whatcha doin'? Whatcha doin'?" thing made my damn week! made my month! haha...her move after she sent Natty flying. OMG NO WORDS! So awesome and so damn crazy!!!!

    @Christie My apologies for not noting the difference wth Ross Marler and my Ross. I pointed it out in my most recent post. I, too, still associate JVD with Ross, too. He was THE BEST and so under untilized on GL. Don't even get me started! Whannnnn!