Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Marty Horror Picture Show

Marty: "Kelly! You are nothing but a sex addict! You were so busy screwing John that you didn't even RSVP to my Memorial Day BBQ. Now I must kill you."

What's the word, y'all?! My apologies for yesterday. I mean...our boss treated us to anything we wanted for hours! I couldn't turn that down! Just a reminder: Minuteman version of yesterday's show. I'm gonna post that first.

Tuesday, May 10th
1. Wait...John McBain of all the sandwiches you could have thought of you said "a cheese sandwich?" REALLY?!
2. Liam is edible...
3. I couldn't care less about Tess and Brody at the Minuteman.
4. Ted King lying horizontally is just too much for me to handle!!!
5. Natalie is looking to Liam like he will provide awesome ass insight to how/why/if John is really the father...LOL! I will say that Liam would give better advice than Joey. WORD.
6. I REALLY NEED for Joey to get with the program and get a brain.
7. I'd still do Blair no questions asked.
8. Marty Saybrooke will no doubt SAVE this episode.
9. long are these Natalie/Liam listening to the recorder scenes...sheesh!
10. I want to know if John's slot machine works.
11. Snap!!! Day just made! Marty is trying to diagnose Kelly with sex addiction. Amazeballs!
12. My heart palpatates when I see the Roger Howarth pics! Times--have y'all seen his return photos?! He even has THE scar! Thumbs up.
13. hehe...con man to gain "CONfidence." Flove it. Also floved that Cutter just called Llanview "podunk." Cutter also asked Joey "How gullible can you be?" That is the most open ended question of all time...FACT.
14. F*@K! Can I have some vets up in here?! Dayum!
15. You know...I thought surely that McBain would have worn a seersucker suit to do his detective work today. The weather is warmer and know.
16. YES!!!!! Marty's the best f*@king psycho EVER!!!! All thanks to Susan Haskell! Lord have mercy this bitch is believable!
17. LOL...Ross is like "what is this room? Where is she [Natalie]?" I must say I'm surprised they keep showing the little sunroom.
18. OMG if I were Cutter's ass I'd tell everybody and their damn mom (literally) that Aubs is a sneaky, money-grubbing ho that needs to keep her bangs swept to the side.
19. Hmmm Tea hasn't been on much lately. If I were a Tea fan, I'd be upset.
20. "John and I...we created a baby together!!!!! So if ANYONE is gonna make dinner WITH's me!!!" YES!!!!!! If there was ever to make dinner WITH a man, it's cause you got pregs. Lord have mercy! OMG now Marty is jumping up and down!! This is FABOOSH!!!!
21. Joey, please get a brain. I'd love to remove your binky!!! You need to grow up!
22. On a sidenote: I almost morphed into Marty Saybrooke at work today.
23. I'll be damned! Joey removed his binky and graduated from Pampers to Pull-Ups! He is onto Aubs and her deception! Keep it up!
24. Aw hell...REALLY?! a.) Another alter...dammit. b.) They are gonna name the alter...WES?! What.The.F*@K?! This makes me want to break shit.
25. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Marty is from a horror movie!!!! These Marty/Kelly scenes are UNREAL!!! Natty is there. Today's episode should be good.

OMG I'm scared Marty is gonna jump through the television and kill me! Ok about to watch "The Good Wife" and then watch/post for today's episode. Be back after while darlings!


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