Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Toad Gets a Life

Toad: "Sooo...you don't think I should do highlights AND lowlights? Just the highlights? I just need to look my best before the real Todd returns next week."

What.Is.Up? Ummm it's FREEZING here! Holy crap!!!! Anyway this whole damn day has been bananas, but I expected it to be that way with having been gone since last week. Like I said yesterday....drive by of Monday's episode and a full one of today's. Let's roll...

Monday, May 2nd
1. Holy Shit. So, I don't see Nate for awhile and he really has turned into a grown ass man! Dear God! Maybe it's just me?
2. I've never seen Marty dress so sexy in my life! Look at her rockin' that little black outfit. Even better that her accessories are simply her craziness. Her psychotic ways can sass up any outfit...better than diamonds. Forget Tiffany's...adorn me in Marty Sauce. Word.
3. Blair and Tomas...I am pretty sure I'd rather see them roll around in that booth than have dialogue.
4. Is it sad that I'm not that excited Toad woke up? I think it's because I'm so excited about Roger Howarth's return.
5. I flove Tea's little cardigan. Presh.
6. IF I HAVE TO HEAR THE WORD "DAYT-EN" ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO F*@KING EAT GLASS SINCE THAT WOULD BE MORE ENJOYABLE. If I were actually from Dayton, I'd be beyond livid about this.
7. I think Melissa Archer lost weight. She didn't need to since she has a rockin' bod, but I think she has lost some. She looks FABU.
8. On another note, Natalie is driving me up the f*@king wall with all this starting and stopping of the Talkboy recorder. I'm so sure she wouldn't sit and listen to the whole damn thing right then and there...woof! Then, I laughed at how excited Natty got when she told the Balsom-Morascos that the tape was really Marty's....LOL.
9. I literally laugh out loud every damn time I see that Post-It that says "Remember to LOG OUT!"
10. Note to self: If Ross ever has to take me to the hospital, I'm def gonna make his ass throw on a blazer first. Obviously...
11. These Dayton flashbacks. Dear God. I'm sure they play this shit in hell.
12. I'm about to mentally go insane if Bo and Nora aren't on soon. AND...Marty's digs could SOOOO be their new house when she flies off the handle permanently.
13. The Todd scene I enjoyed was the last one. Of course it took the whole damn episode for him to name Tomas as the shooter.

Allllllll righty. No need to stop now...

Tuesday, May 3rd

Aw hell. So Bo is talking to John, but...what a f*@king surprise...no Bo. WOOF!!!!!

Blair's purse matches her jacket...ummmm why? I'd prefer it if Blair and Tomas just went back to rolling around in that booth. They were so much more interesting then. What the hell?

DAMMIT! Just show Bo please! hahaha! I did laugh when John surprised Kelly. hahahaha!!!! John: "4 out of 5 doctors say Marty isn't sick." I kinda peed on myself.

Disclaimer: I FLOVE Robin Strasser...adore her. However, I hate when they put ALL of her hair under her hat. Come on...this look is good for no one. And, I mean...NO ONE! I can't get enough of Dorian calling Joey "Joe." SNAP!!!! Thank God!!! Actually, thank you hair department. They swept Aubrey's bangs to the side...FABU! People say miracles don't happen. Well, here is the proof folks.

Lord...someone please throw acid in my eyes...INEZ!!!!! God bless. I mean...I can't win. Dorian is on so I'm happy, but then they have Inez on to take away from that small victory. Atrosh! Dear Ford, Inez can't help you with the baby. She left you at home on the porch. She is a terrible mother. Word homie, ME.

Lord how many people are on this episode today?

I'm telling your writers...Blair and Tomas just need to go roll around. That's it.

WHOA!!!! Kelly just mentioned Zane? LOL. Just a reminder of the awful mother she is...

Joe, not ALL of Vicki's alters came out. Unless I missed them? God, I can't get over how much better Aubs looks with her bangs like this...

These John/Kelly scenes are short!!!

Ok, so obviously Aubs has a history of foster care or something. Her emotions/reactions are too genuine...hmmm. Oh, so David Vickers Buchanan is in California? How lame...

Tea...listen to Toad. You haven't seen your bro in forevs and a day. Bitch please. Wise up. You are smarter than this, legal eagle!!!

Aaaaand, Todd pulled that lame ass phone out of where??? His leg?

God bless...the redemption of Aubs continues. "Money isn't the only thing that matters." Boo.

These Ford/Tess scenes are boring me so far. So are the Cutter/Aubs scenes...

Dear Cutter, Aubs is going to F*@K YOU OVER!!!! Get out of this mess now. xx, ME.

I couldnt' help but LOL at the McBain and John convo.

How is a kid in pre-k 4 going to raise a toddler? So Aubs will be raising both? She is gonna need a nanny. Nigel where are you? Better yet...just give them to Addie Cramer. She is the one who pulls all the weight around this town.

I still like John and Kelly together and I will take whatever criticism that comes my way in stride. Yes, I will.

I FLOVE Dorian's bodyguards!!!!! Flove them!!! Cutter listen to Dr. Lord's ass! She is speaking the truth!

Who is ready for the REAL Todd to return???!!!! I like Toad's punky butt but I am just ready for the real thing...nothing better.

Tomas NEVER looks worried. Cool as a f*@king cucumber. And delicious...

Inez's apt. is a party, yo? I'll bring the Jello-O shots!!!! Wonder if anyone will crush up a pill (from a prescription written by Marty Saybrooke, of course) and put it in my drink? Hmmm.

Dorian!!! Please let your hair out of the hat!!! I love you...do it!

I don't like Ford, but David Gregory is sweet with that baby. Sorry. Hmmm the baby or Tess? Who should you choose Joey? You know...I'd stick with the baby. That's a future little playmate. Tess COULD be your "imaginary friend" since she really isn't real, but I'd stick with the tot. You'll thank me later when y'all are playing Legos and shit...

Dorian is BEYOND right with ALL of this Aubs mess. Thank God someone said it.

Ford, you should have committed Tess a long ass time ago...sorry.

Blair has too many random purples going on.

OMG that baby is PRESH!!!! DAMN...that kid is UPSET! Well, now he is happy since he is with Joey. Congrats Joey...you now have your first playmate. Life is good...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why in the HELL did they HAVE to show the f*@king, nasty ass Minuteman Motel? I mean, really? Was it necessary? Obviously so...to drive me crazy.

Aaaand, Tess is right about how Ford would have looked in court. He probably would have come across as a guy who took advantage of a little girl. Ewww. FACT: Men just "pass out" at Inez's apartment. Good God! Y'all stay away!!! They drop like flies around there!

Have y'all seen Ross Rayborn on the "Cymbalta" commercial? Tear...

Aw hell...Tomas arrested? Boo. Just boo.

The Buenos Dias has too much red. Nauseating.

Awe...Dorian/Kelly have a good relationship. Flove them.

DAMMIT! Inez is back! LOL...Inez don't act concerned. This isn't the first man to pass out in that very room...within a few months. Sidenote: In Llanview time I bet it's a few weeks...LOL.

Tess...don't get my damn hopes up!!!! WOOF! We all know ALL THE FORDS will be alive and well for what feels like forever...suckytown USA.

Oh.Dear.God. Is that Bo Buchanan?! He is on tomorrow?! STFU!? Be still my heart! Where the hell is Nora? Just hanging out with Matthew watching the Royal Wedding on DVR? Puh-leeze!!!

Ok, I'm absolutely wiped out and have to get up super early. See y'all tomorrow!



  1. Everybody was on except the most important people on the show! They were just cramming everyone in too random different rooms! I actually kinda liked seeing all the people even though, nothing really happened when they got together.

    Side note: wasn't the judge a woman? Joey kept saying he and I was pretty sure it was a woman...or maybe i'm crazy...

    Aubs is so in love with Joey...its great...Cutter is getting more and more annoying... I thought it was Tomas who shot Toad, but the more obvious they make it and the fact that Todd accused him means he didn't...or maybe that means he did...my head hurts, I just want to know what actually happened...

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  3. Now THAT was a post! I haven't stopped laughing yet. I can't wait to see what you think when Cutter and Tess get married. LOL Marty has marinated way too much, and am I the only one who truly misses the good old days with Gabrielle Medina (Holden)? Harumph.

  4. OHHH I miss gabrielle and tina what a pair they were--those were the days--nobody was all good or all bad just "vulnerable villianesses" LOL

    I actually hope Aubs stays with Joey until she marries Clint! Kelly and Joe do NOTHING for me--nothingm nada nope! And I agree Kelly and John are a great match--they clould be the Nick and Nora I think that OLTL hoped Nat and him would be, to me--broday brings out the better side of natalie--she has to work to0 hard with John.

    HAHA I knew you would write about DAY-EN --Please don't ever send your future mijas to school in dutchess county NY or they will be talking like that in your very own kitchen!!
    Though I do mock one daughter who does it the most!!!

  5. @YoSammity Agreed...everyone but the important peeps!!! Lord have mercy. Snap! Good call about the judge. Absolutely was a woman. Yes...Aubs is so in love with Joey. I'm totally fine with Cutter becoming annoyed. I think maybe Real Todd is the shooter or hired Tomas or something. I have read ZERO spoilers on all this mess. I'm curious to see how this all pans out..

    @Richmond Chandler Why thank you! Glad you got a chuckle out of my nonsenese! Lawd...Cutter and Tess. I don't know if I can handle that. Marty has marinated for forever!!!! Now that I know she is leaving the show, I need her to go on and fly off the damn handle. OMG...Gabrielle! Granted, I didn't want her with Bo but I did love her. Dying in a bathroom stall is no way to go out...no way! :( I miss those days, too.

    @rac Gabby and Tina WERE a pair!!! You are so right..."vulnerable villianesses." Don't have those anymore. I wonder if Aubs is gonna marry Clint? I wanted for them to have an affair for forever! Agree on Kelly and John. Wait...Nick and Nora??? hahahaha....I love it: Broday! Too funny. Totally agree that Natty tries to hard when it comes to John. WORD on that! God bless...Dayt-en is KILLING ME!!!!! Rac, it's KILLING me. You just don't know how much my blood pressure rises when I hear it. haha...so they really talk like that where you are?! I'm sending my children to boarding school so hopefully this will never happen.

  6. Need Bo and Nora, will die of boredom and crankiness soon.

    Welcome back to the cold north, freaking frost.


  7. @MojoMiller So, I'm assuming you used your google account to post since it says Melissa? Wonder why it does that. Thank God...B/N are on today for SURE!!!!! Praise God!

    Thanks...good to be back since home will probably flood. :( Ummm if it doesn't warm up here soon I'm gonna lose it. Thank God the sun is out!! ;)

  8. trevor is the only todd i will accept !the only thing worse then oltl being canceled is if rh is todd ,i was very excited about todd finally waking up. it was way too long rh return isn't long enough!

  9. @Anonymous I understand if TSJ is the only Todd you'll accept. That does suck if you associate a person with a character and then...WHAM it's all messed up! I just have a feeling RH will indeed be Todd. Not sure, but I think so. Sorry for you about that...seriously. =( Nothing worse than something happening to your favorite character. I've had this with Nora a few times. =(