Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Left My Armoire at the Minuteman

Liam: "Mom. I had a lot more fun at Marty's Playhouse than I ever did with you. Can I go back now? Please? Plus, the Minuteman just got new armoires and flatscreens."

Oh sweet lord. So, I just fell asleep for 20 minutes with my head in Ross' lap while he watched the Bulls game (at a very high volume)! How lame! I haven't fallen alseep that early since grade school. So, I'm typing a fraction of this now...going to bed...and finishing in the morning. Work is crazy with a HUGE project we have going on for tomorrow (Thursday) so I've been preparing all week. So I'm typing half tonight (Wednesday) and the other half Thursday morning. To be honest, I prefer typing/writing in the morning when I feel fresh. I PINKY SWEAR I'll respond to all outstanding comments by tomorrow! xx

Yay Marty! WAIT! Hold it just a damn that an armoire I see in the background?! At the Minuteman no doubt? I could watch Marty talk to herself all day. Again, that baby is the most well-behaved child on the planet.

Good God...I can't stand Matt and Destiny together. Total barf barf woof. Sidenote: Their kisses look fake.

Who are these people? This attracitve older couple talking to John about the Amber Alert, I mean. Omigod it's Bo and Nora! I forgot what they looked like, I swear! I must say...they look tanned and well-rested so hopefully they had a relaxing 2 week vaycay. Thank God they're back. I was having huge withdrawals! Ah! LOL...Bo: "A disturbed woman with a weapon and a 4 month old child? I don't like the odds, John." ha! Oh I missed this lovely man. Seriously. Aaaand, is Nora gonna say ANYTHING?

YES!!!!! Marty is becoming uber destructive!

Ross is on Cloud 9. He FLOVES Rick. Whoaaaaa!!!!!! Okay, so it looks like Marty has an armoire (I'll check in a sec) and now Rick has a flatscreen in his room. Since when did the Chlamydia Motel get these kinda upgrades? After Chuckles and Echo left? When? OMG Dayt-en is NOT worth talking about when she isn't on camera. Why in the hell is Rick talking about her? WOOF!

This Wes/Cutter storyline is so captivating that it still has my attention since last week. I think Jess should stay as Wes until the show ends. Whaddya say? He can screw every female in Llanview.

Will Nora ever talk? Why do they do this sometimes? She is quiet for like 2 segments sometimes.

I'm so happy Vickster is on, too!!!! Still looking fabu as always. No doubt!

This is where I"m resuming at 4:55 a.m. I actually feel refreshed since I was asleep by 10! Yay! Okie dokie....

I wonder if John feels guilty right now? LOL. Again, I don't care. Marty's Playhouse has been great.

Thank God...Nora spoke words. What? Nora: "Marty seemed okay the other day. How did she go from there to delusional?" Times! When in the world did you see her? I just can't imagine a date recently when you would have met with her or hung out...just sayin'. May I just say: I LOATHE BLANCA!!!!! Not to mention, I keep saying "Bianca" by accident...woof! Of course, SHE will show up to interrupt B/N alone...and talking together for the first time in 2 weeks. Total woof.

Also barf barf woof on Des/Matt. Ugh. I only like them as friends. This whole sex thing was too rushed. Word.

Thank God I'm a morning person and am very content/happy drinking my Community Coffee today. Otherwise, I would want to morph into Marty after watching these ATROSH Wes/Cutter scenes. I'm just tired of this alter. Go back to Tess or something.

OMG this shit with Marty/Rick is hysterical! I love that Rick screamed he was "trying to work." Awesome town! Aaaaand, Marty is supposedly HIDING with little Liam yet she keeps peering out of the open blinds? Very inconspicuous. She's getting messy! Did Marty just say someone might see her? CLOSE THE BLINDS!!!!! These discussions with herself are fabu.

Random sidenote: Oooookay, so does Dr. Buhari's secretary kinda look like a young version of the new New Jersey Housewife, Kathy? Those eyes...

I tell you survive a fall like that Natalie is pretty coherent.

YES!!!! Marty screaming about how she is supposed to be a family with John and how the tape could blow them sky high...FABOOSH!!!!!

Aw hell, someone tell Natty what's up with "chick magnet." God, Vicki is a HORRIBLE liar! hahaha! Terrible, really.

Snap! How dramatic is the Bo, Nora, Matthew and Todd/Toad promo?! Sweet Lord! Catch me on an emotional day and I'd cry watching it probably. I'm such a douche.

Did I wake up this morning in hell? Surely. Because why am I being subjected to this Wes shit at let's see...5:14 a.m.? I prefer just waking up in Chicago...this is ridic.

Poor Dr. Buhari. This will be bad. LOL....aaaand, Marty was obviously not tardy for Dr. Buhari's party. She was the last patient, of course. This bitch is looney tunes!!! Lord have mercy! Yeah...secretary looks like Kathy from NJ the more I look at her.

OOOOOKAY. Let me just get this out since I now verification: REALLY?! The Minuteman now has a f*@king armoire in Marty's room?! Get the f*@k out! I mean...this is so damn absurd. ABSURD! To top it off, Rick now has a flatscreen tv. What the hell is going on? On second thought, they have received a shit-ton of business recently since half of Llanview has been practically vacationing there since December so I'm sure they can afford to blow money. "Blow" being the operative word since I'm sure that is how they received most of their income...people going there to do that. Woof.

Yes...Vicki is the worst liar of all-time. AH!!!! I'm in heaven! The Silver his awesome "CB" robe to boot! My God EVERYONE needs to take notes and look this fabulous while staying in the hospital! My God this man is too dapper for words! Between Bo and him BOTH on today...well, I am just in heaven. So I retract my question earlier about being in hell thanks to the Cutter/Wes scenes. For all the good you get a little bad...I get it. V and C...Natty ain't dumb. Just spill it.

Please tell her you're going to sue her Nora. ha!!!! Yes! She just did. This Blanca bitch is ballsy, yo? I think I peed on myself when Nora said "And you're gonna smell like a pile of manure after a heatwave." OMG...someone back home would say that. Except replace manure with you know what. Woof...Blanca's lipstick is pink and her eyeshadow is purple. NO. Ugh...these scenes are too short!


Tear...Nora is holding a family pic. Is it sad that I could instantly tell that pic is from Matthew's dance in 2009? Before his accident. I am the lamest person on the planet. doubt. Bo Buchanan is such a doll...just sayin'. OMG...I mean, how is Matthew carrying on daily?

Yes, I will no doubt loathe Destiny by the end of this episode. I feel it. These Dan-YELLA and Mes scenes are woof. Ummmm yeah, I'll wanna kick Destiny's ass once she spills this mess to Dan-YELLA. I mean...she blabbed to pink lips the other day and now she is blabbing to Dan-YELLA. Motormouth!!!!!

ha! LOL...don't worry Matthew we told her we'd sue. I love that Bo said that Clint gave him his word so he wouldn't tell. Hmmm...I like that. He still trusts Clint. God, I can't wait to see how B/N react to Mes spilling the beans.

F*@k Blanca. Over her the second I realized she wasn't Rachel Gannon. Fail.

Soooo Jessica is about to come out and then no doubt leave. I am so tired of this. Just stay Tess for awhile or something. Be Jessica like on the LAST day of the show. Over this.

Well this can't be good with all the blood. Aw and there is poor Dr. Buhari. =( John, this is kinda your fault. Again, I'm still thankful for Marty & Friends so I won't hold it against ya.

Tell Natty, dammit! Aaaaand, game over. Natty is about to watch the news.

ha! Vicki: "I'm lying for both of you and I'm a TERRIBLE liar." THANK YOU! Victoria even knows she sucks at lying! It just doesn't work for her unless she is Nikki. How good lookin' do these two look together? You know it's true!!!

hahaha OF COURSE the news about Liam is the FIRST damn thing Natty sees on the news! God what timing! Poor thing. She can't catch a break lately. Karma is definitely a bitch. After this Liam fiasco, I think Natty has done her time in karma prison. She's had enough punishment for the months of least in my opinion. it's Jessica. Someone shoot me.

LOL...John: "When Marty came to see me earlier she had this signed piece of paper from Dr. Buhari...proof she had been to her appointment. She was already coming undone." Lawd! I laughed when John said Marty was already coming undone but when she brought the paper?! Y'all does that feel like forever a day ago...literally?! OMG. Yet it's the same day. Incredible.

I hate that Ross is missing all these Rick scenes. He is gonna have to watch later today.

OMG that poor nurse. Get out of there, darling. OMG...Vicki's explanation will be terrible I'm sure. Clint and V both lied to her so I'm sure she is upset. I do agree with Vickster...Marty Sauce won't be used on Liam. She will protect him since in her delusional mind she thinks the kid is hers. Oy!

AH! Brody is flying off the rocker now! Rightfully so. However, all this it's my kid not yours thing is out of control and is said repeatedly.

OMG, I need to hurry. It's 10 until 6 and I need to be at work early. So...I'll have to be quick with the rest.

I'd wanna beat Destiny if I were BN at this point. I know they are getting flack since they are THE LAW and are not turning in Matthew but come on...they are in a tough spot. I'd be the same way...

Blanca...please explode on command., too.

OMG...I'm peeing! Rick giving Marty is card and calling her "one hot mama." EXCELLENT. Maybe Marty could leave Llanview to go be a porn star? Hmmm. What a departure. Hell, that would be out of character but so is all this crazy shit she has been pulling why the hell not?! Go be Jenna Jameson 2.0!!! You can do it!

Lord...Brody's losing it now. Just wait until he finds out the kid isn't his.

EFF this Wes shit. UGH.

Melissa Archer is such a great crier!!! Her tears are always gushing when they need to be...good job, girlfriend!


I flove how Blanca knew it was Clint calling. Lord have mercy. poor favorite family! They are in shambles and the worst hasn't even come yet! Jesus. I mean...first Vicki's terrible year and now Bo and Nora are having to deal with shit left and right. They haven't been happy since their wedding!!!!! LAST JUNE!!! All their holidays have SUCKED. Cheating, kidnapping, Clint, Matthew's spiral, Matthew killing Eddie, how to handle it and now next week with Matthew! Oy!

Sooooo Marty's room has an armoir but an old school tv?! REALLY?! This doesn't make sense!

I flove that Rick is now involved in this Liam disappearance!

OMG...Destiny blabs shit to everyone!!!!! Over her ass!!!!!

Lord...what a stressed out Buchanan home right now. Ah!

So was that Wes/Tess/Jess? Who knows? I think Marty's sauce will escape and continue her pursuit of the perfect BBQ with Liam. Memorial Day is right around the corner! I actually received my invitation to Marty's party, but it had a stain on it. Woof. From her sauce? I'm assuming it is.

Please excuse any and all typos/errors! Ross is already gone so he can't proofread and I don't have time to this morning. Pinky promise on the response to comments today.

Love you all and mean it! Hope you enjoyed this post...if you can follow it! If you can follow it, then i'm impressed!



  1. This week has been awful so much story to tell and too much of any Ford/and their harem of girls who should know better. Plus Wes is too stupid way too stupid. We really need to get Jessica back and move this along.

    PLUS I want the Todd story to get going!!! I love Roger as Todd! Tea can have fake Todd and Blair can have Roger's Todd--keep Danyella with new Todd and Starr with the old one!!

  2. *@#% Destiny, I felt the same way watching the show, wanted to smack her so bad. AH! Girl wouldn't get keep quiet, secret or subtle if it bit her on the ass!

    So nice to see our favorite couple, even though I know it going to get really sad staring Friday, Boo! I just get happy seeing them. Don't worry, I also noticed the picture, we are both just nerds.

    Marty, I am going to be sad when her reign of craziness ends.

  3. Kudos to such a lengthy post - even including a bawdy reference to "blowing" at the Minuteman!- so early in your morning!!

    I floved MA's scenes yesterday - she made me cry when she figured out Liam wasn't home with Lois and the nurse. Please God let her ream John for his part in all of this. And...ummm...if the woman everyone is searching for thinks you are dead, WHY APPEAR ON TV WITH YOUR PARENTS?!!
    That just invites Marty to sneak back into the hospital and try to ice you again.

    How funny that Marty would get thru a full therapy session, get her permission slip signed and THEN murder the psychiatrist?! And just how much spider solitaire is that lame assistant playing that she didn't notice a bloody doorknob?!!

    Ah, John didn't like it when Brody accused him of hating Natalie. Too bad, bro -- this one's on YOU. Everybody needs to find out how he was playing Marty and keeping his suspicions to himself - STAT!

    Will someone please change Liam and feed the kid, please?! Isn't he breastfed? No 4 month old can go that long without food and a clean diaper. Just sayin...

    It's a sad day when I plead with Jessica to stay and whine some more for Brody. These alters BORE me.

    And does this mean Destiny lost her virginity before Dani? Wait a second - nope, don't care actually.


  4. I am being so sneaky at work...hehe

    @rac AMEN! WAY too much Ford mess and this Wess thing was old the minute it started. Huge woof!!!! Aaaand, I flove your Todd/Toad ideas! The pairings are perf! Tell the writers! ;)

    @mojomiller I'm pretty sure my blood was boiling! I was screaming for Destiny to STFU! And this was like at 5ish this morning! I'm sure I woke others up but I don't care. She is such a little blabber mouth. OMG sooooo happy to see B/N. I know there is a lot of sadness coming up but (on a vain note) at least they look fabulous. ;) YAY for being nerds. I'm glad Ross wasn't watching the show with me because he would have said "ME, you are CRAZY! How do you know that?!" Marty is my homegirl these days. Flove her convos with herself.

    @Anonymous You know I thought about not putting the "blowing" thing in but I had to since I thought it and why not? hehe. Glad you appreciate it! MA was indeed great yesterday. I mean...Vickster is a horrible liar. The truth had to come out. hahahahaha!!!!! I floved that Marty got that shit signed, too. Oh, and that assistant...lord have mercy! She is such a dipshit! She was probably on Facebook, too! Agreed about John but I'm thankful Marty's crazy ass got to come out and play and I feel I need to thank him. hahahaha! Agreed about Liam! OMG soooo over Wess! WORST ALTER EVER! OMG, like you, I couldn't care less about Dan-YELLA and Mes's sex life. woof!!!

  5. I'm ugh about Matt and Destiny too. They are not a compelling couple. Destiny is now responsible for Dani, and Blanca knowing about Matthew? Geez.
    I hope this relationship goes back to the background. I would much rather see Bo and Nora. I hope they move on the Matthew murder thing. I hate to think of them on the unemployment line.

    I was shocked at the upgrades at the no-tel Motel too. I am loving Marty's frantic discussions with Liam. That kid has seen it all now!

    CB in charge with Viki and Natalie. Loved it! He looks awesome for a dying man. Most handsome heart failure patient ever.

    Thanks for getting up so early to post. Love to read your interpretation of the day in Llanview.

  6. Oh Mari-Ella, Didn't you know that the Minuteman was furnished with the left over furniture from the Chandler mansion when AMC moved to Los Angeles? LOL. How else can you explain an armoir in one room, and those lamps? Ha ha ha.

    Friday we'll see Wes and Tess, within the week we will have seen all 4 (albeit briefly). And don't worry, Matty won't collapse til Monday.

    Although Mija, if you're ready to fall on the floor laughing, wait til next Thursday when Roxy hires a psychic to help her find Liam! OMG!

    That's all I can say for now...keep on keeping on.



  7. I think Rick has a big screen because he is a porn film director and keeps most of his equipment with him.

  8. @Valerie ha! I NEED Destiny to EXPLODE! Immediately! I'm so over this girl it's not even funny!OMG I need to see Bo and Nora on a helluva lot before this show ends or my blood will be boiling and my posts will be mean! ;)OMG...can the Minuteman give me that armoire? Heavens! OMG I could listen to Marty talk to herself all damn day!!! For realzies! OMG...flove Clint and want to jump both him and Bo. I know that's awful and I just don't care! You're welcome for the early post and thank so much for the kind words, darling!! So sweet.

    @Richmond Chandler Dammit! I don't watch "All My Kids!" I have no idea about the Chandler mansion. Sorry...I'm such a douche in the AMC department...know NOTHING! Ummmm can't wait for the psychic!!! Roxy has been noticeably absent. :( Now if I can just get Renee on this damn canvas I'd be happy! Yes, I figured Matthew passes out Monday since Bo and Nora are at the police station on Monday...woof. Thanks for your witty take! Much appreciated! xxxx

    @Anonymous AH! Very nice observation about the flat screen! Thanks! I didn't think about that. Hmmm now I want to know about the armoire. I'm so bothered by this...