Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marty Insisted Upon Margaritas....

"Mary-Ella's exciting ass will be back tomorrow. She does want to post while under the influence. xx, Bethenny"

HELLOOOOO! Well, I had to go to a farewell party for two of my co-workers. We went to a Mexican cantina. I had 4 Skinny Margaritas and then Ross and I just chit-chatted when I got home. Anyway, I haven't seen today's episode. From what I heard, I will love the Kelly/Marty scenes and that is about it. I will respond to comments in the morning. Will do a drive-by of today's episode and a full post of tomorrow's...tomorrow. See y'all then.

It'ts probably for the best I didn't post since, unfortunately, I did indeed see the Bo/Nora/Matthew spoiler. I refuse to accept it as true right now!!! Seriously! I'm hoping and praying this is all a bunch of misleading crap. Let's hope. For this blog's sake...let's hope. Woof!

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  1. ME,

    You know I have been having a hissy fit about that spoiler. UGH!!!