Monday, May 23, 2011

The Most Handsome Sinner

Clint: "I felt compelled to tell the world that I'm the most handsome heart patient ever. Plus, I wanted all of you to see for yourselves. I mean...look at me. I'm the shit."

UGH....Blogger flaked out again on me! So thank God I saved my draft to my email. I'm posting this from work ever so sneakily. So...all this Sunday/yesterday talk is from when I typed this yesterday. I'm gonna get Ross to help me switch to wordpress. Ok...I'm pasting my post below.

Evening all! Well, the plan was to post yesterday. However, after leaving Barnes and Noble we went and had lunch...and margaritas. Then we had the grand idea to have drinks on our rooftop since we are moving. Lord help me. That turned into an all night thing. So...I'm relaxed, refreshed and now rejuvenated after working out and ready to post about Friday's awesome show.

Friday, May 20th

OMIGOD...CB still looking fabu in that robe. Whether he is confessing to murder, effing with DNA tests, or hiring Eddie...I don't care. He is hot stuff. Le sigh.

Hell, everyone is at the damn hospital. The whole damn town. I flove Dorian in the pink, by the way! Oh...and Gina Tognoni is gorgeous and all but they def made Kelly look like she lost four units of blood. Girlfriend lookin the part...word.

I need someone (preferably Marty...or Jean Randolph or Nikki Smith) to commit arson...STAT! The Herpes Hotel (yes I know it's a motel...just go with it) must turn into ashes and dust soon or I'm gonna fly to Llanview and do it myself. Huge woof.

I'm upset Cutter woke up.

I'm even more upset we are having to deal with Wes' antics still. Le barf.

LOL...agent/minion: "He's ex bureau but there is no way he could decrypt that file." Good to know John McBain is not a computer whiz/hacker. Thank God. Oh, and these white Keds on RH need to go like yesterday. Oh, and this shit needs to pick up soon. I hate that this RH storyline is gonna take awhile and be dragged out. I'm getting uber greedy since we don't have much time left for our precious show.

I want to beat the shit out of Blanco. LOL...Rama is all about Llanview news. Flove it.

Joey does seem to genuinely feel for Kelly but I still want her with Kevin. However, I don't want Joey with Aubs.

Sorry...I am not a Cutter fan but I kinda peed on myself when he said: "Yep. You just got knocked out by your wife who thinks she's a dude who thinks you're gay. Llanview's really workin' out for ya." HA!

Not discussing the Wes shit because this sucks big porn actress style. Majorly sucks!!! REFUSE to talk about them. Word.

If I were Natalie I'd need to be sedated. Lord have mercy. I could not just sit there and sob that my child was missing. I'm pretty sure I'd go after anything within a 5 mile radius.

God...are Bo and Nora going to have dialogue?! Jesus! Oh wow...Nora just mumbled something to Bo. Finally. Then...nothing. Woof. At least these 3 all look wonderful. Oh, I'm talking about Bo/Nora/Clint...not Blanca or the awkward/mute cameraman. I'm still bitter Blanca wasn't Rachel Gannon.

I want to shove Blanco's microphone up her ass...ugh! I loathe her more each episode.

Times! So did Marty try and strangle Kelly? She has those marks all over her neck. WTF???

Lord...Aubs just surfaced. Another time-out...Clint's hospital bed is the size of a matchbox! OMG a toddler would have trouble sleeping on that shit! Anyway, I like Aubrey's pink sweater thing. Just sayin'.

Nora just uttered actual words. I'm hoping they all have a real convo soon. Lord!

Natty's bed is a matchbox, too! Budget issues THAT bad OLTL...really?! Both Natalie and Kelly also still have beautiful hair to be in the hospital. Word.

Hmmm....the blinds in Marty's Herpes Hotel room are now closed. Who did that? When?

OMG Bess come and get rid of Wess!!!!!! STAT!!! This alter will be the death of me. Seriously...I think I got left behind from the Rapture yesterday. I'll be forced to watch this Wess shit as punishment. #WOOF

I peed on myself again when Rex talked about Roxy having Barry Manilow tickets for months...hahaha! WHERE IN THE HELL HAS SHE BEEN?! I know she hasn't been hanging with Renee Divine. Maybe she and Nigel are back on? hehe. They have been hanging out. Aaaaaand, I'm sorry but Ross and I both burst out laughing to Rex's reaction to poor Dr. Buhari's death. The way he said it and his facial expressions were hilarious. Then it got even more hysterical when Natty said "Yeah I know. I feel sorry for Shane and all of her patients." LOL...what about poor Dr. Buhari?! Her family?! Geez Louise. UGH!!!! ANOTHER Brody/Natty make-out flashback.

How long has John McBain been in that outfit? Stinky cheese...

Well, are B/N gonna talk this episode or what? Just standing there and looking awesome is fine but I'd prefer words if I had it my way.

I missed the Aubs/Rama scenes. Woof.

God...Joey. Poor, unintelligent, Teletubby loving Joey. His explanation to Kelly was hilarious, I'm sorry. I laughed when he said Aubs and Cutter said he was an easy mark...

Timeout! So obviously the room where Todd is being held also doubles as the Llanview airport!!!! LOL!!!!! That damn bubbled window wall...haha! Seriously...take a close look and if you have to look at an airport scene. I love this. Oh, and I don't understand this inquiring to Todd about John McBain. What???

I'm not even gonna get excited about Natalie liking Brody because she WILL be with John. Huge woof of monumental proportions but whatevs. Whatcha gonna do? are you not STALKING Joey's ass at the hospital?! Seriously. I mean...I'd be so effing paranoid at this point if I were you. looks like Kelly almost got choked by an actor on Marty's Playhouse.

Good God...please speak, Bo and Nora! Either of you! Thank God for Bo! UGH!!!! "I want an exclusive when you haul him up to Statesville." MY GOD! EXPLODE, BLANCO!!!!!!! She sucks donkey balls! Huge timeout: I can't stand the fact that Bo didn't tell Nora beforehand that Clint is dying. I mean...WTF is that about? Seriously. Also, Ross always says "Man, Bo knows how to play that 'shit just hit the fan look'." That's true. He really does. Anyway, he should have told her. I mean as if Nora didn't ask Bo what he and Clint talked about the other day at the hospital. Woof.

DAYUM...Rama set Aubs staight, yo?'s nap time. You can have applesauce and milk after. You need to leave the hospital. You are talking too much. Awe...Dorian and Joe. I do flove them, though.

For a moment I thought Nora was holding Clint's hand...lawd. LOL..."So you decided to come clean and lie at the same time." Score! I flove that Nora isn't being sweet to Clint just because he is dying. I do think if Matthew wasn't in the equation she would forgive him...even for the Eddie mess...and she would be more sympathetic. But...not now. That ship sailed when Matthew got involved. Lord...they are redeeming Clint's ass like no other. He is playing the sympathetic card beautifully! Granted, I'm not buying this rapid turnaround but I never stopped liking this dapper Texan. So there you go...

Aw hell...John and Natty. All Jolie fans can rejoice! Seriously they can.

Yeah...Todd knows EXACTLY what this guy is talking about since he knows John McBain. They were best buds and used to shoot the shit. Yeah right...

Rama is so beautiful! Sorry I had to say that. Also, I think Aubs needs a stiff drink. She needs to calm down and think about shit carefully.

God, I look at these 3 and still can't believe Nora and Clint were married. God, what a mess that was. Yeah...I can see myself letting Clint take the fall for all this if Matthew were my kid. Awful, but he has the rest of his life and Clint is "dying." I can see myself being desperate and doing that if put in the situation. Just sayin'.

Just what we need...another Joe Blow reporter. Sonofabitch. I wonder if Rex is gonna go see Clint? Hmmm.

Dorian looks fabu! They color coordinate on this show. Aubs has on the same pink that Dorian does. Remember that day last month when EVERYONE was dressed in lavender? Woof.

Who misses Marty's Playhouse?! This girl!

Natalie!!! Don't hug John he has to be stinky cheese!!! He has been in the same outfit for like 3 months. Awe...a hug. That really was sweet.

Back at the Llanview airport...I don't understand what all this Todd mess is about. This will probably mindf*@k me like the movie "Inception." Lord have mercy.

Whew! Going to bed! See y'all tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning.

Love all of you and your hilarious comments! Thanks for reading! Much appreciated. ;)



  1. You make me laugh so FREAKING hard... I am talking on FB with my husband in Saudi and I just keep posting tidbits of what you write. OMG, hilarious!! All the "woof" comments and oh gosh, you are too funny. Keep on writing... :)

  2. It is crazy how many problems you have with blogger considering how it tends to work for me except for the major down time. I don't get it AT ALL. TM Viki

  3. You just crack me up! I get a big happy when I see a new day's observations.

    Clint Buchanan is the shit ICAM. John HAS been in that outfit for months. Doesn't everybody in Llanview stink? They have the longest days ever.

    Teletubby loving Joey? I think I got a cramp from laughing when I read that one. I keep thinking of him hanging out with them.

    I just love your posts. Thanks for making my favorite town that much more fun!

  4. @Jennifer Hullman Well darling, I'm just so glad I even made you smile...let alone laugh! Your hubby's all the way in Saudi Arabia, huh?! I hope my nonsense entertained him for a bit! ;) I haven't seen you comment before but nice to have you on here, m'am! Thanks again! Oh, and I say "woof" too much! I got it from "Home Alone" years ago and just can't let go!

    @bl I dunno...maybe it's my computer? I'm not the most computer savvy person so that could explain a lot. Regardless, I think I may switch to wordpress. I already have an account there so why not? It seems more dependable. Wait....are you upset with me and my Blogger issues or are you having troubles with it, too? I think the syntax confused me...sorry.

    @Valerie Gosh, if I ever need compliments I know who to contact! You are ALWAYS the sweetest...thank you!!!! Is it sad I just want to crawl in the bed with Clint? Yes, I sick. I don't care! I just want to munch on his adorableness! And you KNOW John smells like shit! He HAS to smell like cheese! Weeks he has been in that...weeks! I tried to think of a childhood or kiddie cartoon and for some reason teletubbies popped up...ha! Thanks for the compliments! ;)

  5. Hi again! Yes, I posted once prob a couple months ago and never tagged the page, then forgot... But! When I saw the Woof I knew I found it again and I'm gonna read it til my soap goes off the air (or you stop. lol). But, he's deployed at Saudi and comes back in a few weeks after 6 months!). Love me some OLTL. :)

  6. @Jennifer Hullman Oh snap! I just realized you commented on this! I'm not gonna stop blogging until the show ends so fret not! If you choose, you are stuck with me until January of 2012! So glad your man is back soon and I'm so glad you found my blog again! Thanks for the kind words!