Friday, May 20, 2011

Cheap Shots

NQS' MyFace Profile: "I enjoy playing with waterguns in my mom's apartment, hanging out with my shirtless brothers, and punching 16 year old kids. I'm also really looking forward to my 36th birthday."

Good Mornin'! Good Mornin'! Happy Friday! No time for small talk if I want to be able to post before my stylist and hair and make-up artist arrive to get me ready for work! I'm doing a drive-by of Thursday's. I'll do a full post of Friday's episode either this evening or tomorrow. I'll respond to comments from work...saw I had a few! :) Please excuse any and all errors! I'll try and correct the ones I have later. Thanks!

Thursday, May 19th Chlamydia Motel Version of Events

1. Lord. John briefing the troops at Llaview Hospital.
2. I STILL can't wrap my mind around the damn armoire...sorry.
3. Another thing I can't wrap my mind around? How f*@king delish Clint looks to be dying! I know I've beaten this to death but every damn time they show him in the "CB" robe and those pajamas well I just can't help it.
4. I need someone someone to drop a house on Wess/Wes "Wizard of Oz" style STAT! Sooooo over it! Absurd...this alter! ABSURD! Two cows short of a shit show!
5. Matthew just listen to your parents...word.
6. I CANNOT handle these Mestiny/Dan-YELLA scenes and can't/won't discuss them. I'm enjoying my coffee and this whole morning so far and there is just no need to ruin it. I know: Mes blabs to Dan-YELLA and NQS overhears and leaves to go lash out at Matthew. Boom...that's all we need to know. No need for OLTL to make these Mes scenes that long. NO NEED! I'm insulted and not discussing it...
7. Bo and Nora are so damn believable that I am stressed out watching these scenes...all these tough decisions to make! Aaaaaand, I peed on myself when Matthew said that Cole is dealing with life in prison and both Bo and Nora groaned "Oh God." LOL. I'd groan, too, if my son was aspiring to be like Cole right now. Hell, if anything be like Cole's mom...ha!!!! MH, you're right! Matthew says "Blanco" instead of "Blanca." AS IF we need them name of Louisiana's atrosh former governor being discussed on our fav show...HUGE WOOF! Superficial/Vain Note: Nora's ring is beautiful. They rarely show it up close but they did today. Gorg.
8. My hatred for Blanco Morales knows no bounds. She and Destiny have worked my nerves this week. They are making me have Marty Saybrooke like side effects...
9. Vickster and Natty are fabu today. Does anyone else want Vicki to tuck them in and then just read them a bedtime story? I get that kinda vibe...
10. "Well in the future I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't stick your psychopathic ex-girlfriends on my family." HA!!! No shit, huh Clint? However, if anyone DOES appreciate Marty's Playhouse as much as I do then we should all send John McBain handwritten thank-you notes to tell him how much we appreciate him and his awful decision-making skills. It's the proper thing to do.
11. I AM PEEING ON MYSELF!!!! I mean...that pic Rick took of Marty is HILAR! Also, I MUST get that phone because never in my life have I seen a camera phone take such a clear picture! Lord have mercy! It was damn near perfect if you ask me! Best action shot of her entering the room with the baby...ha! Oh, and I don't know if Ross can handle Rick being on for two days in a row. His favorite porn director!
12. God, I hope that when I have a baby it's half as cute as Liam...damn! I mean...if that baby only knew what was going on. I swear...
13. Vicki is so damn comforting...sweet lord! She is such a wonderful mother.
14. I love how Natalie said that Moroney was the slowest lab tech on the planet. HAHAHA! I forgot Natalie's THE BEST CSI with like zippo training. Aaaaand, I'm sorry but I laughed at Vicki's reaction to the news of Dr. Buhari's death. So dramatic. Vickster/Natty don't be so upset! Marty got her permission slip signed first...THEN she killed Dr. Buhari. She at least did everything in the right order. ;)
15. These Clint/John scenes are EXCELLENT and comical. We don't get them together enough. F*@K!!!!!! I don't want to see Blanco!!! Also, Clint is the wittiest heart patient EVER.
16. OMG...Bo looks edible. I don't see how Hillary Smith works with him without being distracted...Jesus! YES! "I swear I'll get cease and assit papers if I have to." I flove it when Nora threatens to do legal shit. I laugh every time. Also, I mean does Blanco find it necessary to carry her f*@king microphone everywhere?! I mean in her purse for crying out loud. Just no.
17. Oh my heart...a Drew Buchanan reference! WHANNNNN! Terrible period of time for the show...AWFUL! Random note: Nora always tells Matthew she loves him and dotes on him but Bo hasn't said it once since all this shit went down. I'm not upset. It's just an observation. OMG I was soooo right about the picture yesterday. How sad. Just put "douche" on my forehead.
18. Oh.My.God. I hate it when people don't follow directions. Jesus H. Christ! Matthew...your mom JUST left and asked you NOT to open the door! What is the first thing you do? Run to the damn door as soon as you hear someone. Fail! Aaaaand, the back of my head is now hurting. are 35 years old and that was such a cheap shot. SUCH a cheap shot. That looked painful!
19. YES!!!! I flove that Rick is judging Natty's future in the porn industry while she is in the hospital bed! I flove a man that works hard! ha! Get it? Hard? Porn Director? hehe. I've been making a lot of sexual comments in these morning posts...hmmm.
20. How long has John been in that outfit?
21. OF COURSE they are going to show a flashback of Brody and Natty making out...OF COURSE.
22. I need Destiny to explode on the count of three. She is f*@king up my world.
23. Poor Matthew!!!! My head is hurting as I type this! Yikes!
24. I hope Marty's Playhouse snatches Blanco and beats her with her microphone.
25. I also want Marty's Playhouse to snatch NQS and beat the shit out of him with that stupid ass watergun he had the other day. Woof!!!! He is HORRIBLE!
26. I flove that Bo and Nora hold hands everywhere they go. Adorbs.
27. Aw Jess coming out again? I'm so effing tired of this crap.
28. Dammit! Bo and Nora get home and check on Matthew! Whannnnn! The frame broke. =(
29. Vicki...I'd like you to read "Goonight, Moon" to me right now. May I have some warm milk, too? Thanks.
30. I honestly have no idea what John and Brody just stumbled upon since I haven't read any spoilers about it. Hmmm.

Besides Mestiny's shit and Blanco toting around her microphone like a small child and NQS being his typical 35 year old douche self...GREAT episode! Oh, and I can't handle this damn promo! AH!

See y'all tonight or tomorrow! My stylist just arrived...perf timing!



  1. Can't decide who I want to hurt more, Nate, Blanco, or Destiny. Probably Nate, I hope Bo and Nora find out and make him pay!
    Don't think there is anything I disagree on, but then again I rarely do disagree.
    My heart goes pitty patter when Bo and Nora hold hands where ever they go. Sad right? You think I'd be use to it. lol They are just to cute.

  2. Can't stand Blanco "I have too many big white teeth in my mouth" Morales. Cringe. On a side note, Kathleen Blanco is an alumna of the same sorority as me. NQS looks older ever damn time his face disgraces my screen but it was fab seeing Bo and Nora today.

  3. @mojomiller ummmm my heart skips a beat when BN hold hands! FLOVE it! They do it all the time...happy times and sad...awesome! They are so cute and it never gets old! Oh, darling if you need to disagree please let me know! No biggie! I think I want to kill Nate the most, too! Followed by Des THEN Blanco...WOOF!!!!!

    @Katie HA! Well, I was a Kappa Delta, too! At LSU...yay! Whaddya know! Blanco is such a disgrace. She went to UL in Lafayette though thank God and not LSU. I'd die. NQS is such a dipshit and I want to choke him! Always fab to see BN. They are just so awesome...

  4. Rick the porn guy is actually growing on me. He is a nice mixture of comic relief and "tell it like it is" guy. With David only making perfunctory visits, I say keep him on - he can work on Dorian and David's biopic.

    Oh, poor John -- first Clint calls you out on your bad judgment calls and then you have to be "guy on the outside looking in" watching Brody holding vigil at Natalie's bedside. Hey Dude, YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN. You kept saying over and over how they should be family -- your reap what you sow, idiot.

    Please let Marty knife Blanca next. Followed by Nate. And then Dani.

    Poor Matthew - that looked like it really hurt.

    I am loving all the extras and under-fives - makes it look like there are actually other living people in Llanview.

    And day 4 of NO AWFUL KELLY - my birthday came early!! :-)

  5. @Anonymous Rick is growing on me, too! Again, Ross loves him so I'm always hearing about his fabulousness! I wonder if he would want to cast David in a porn? Hmmm. John...again, I'm thankful he was the one that dropped the ball on Marty's Playhouse because I am FLOVING Susan Haskell!!! LOL...Yes! She can wreck havoc on Blanca, Nate, and Dani and in my eyes Mes! All of them! OMG poor Matthew is right. :( Yes...between there being a lot of peeps in Llanview and an actual news broadcast I'm beside myself! Awe...I know you don't like Kelly. I've like her recently. I think she is on today...pretty sure.

  6. Omg I have missed this blog so much! Even though I haven't even watched the show, this still made me laugh so hard. Been a tough couple weeks, without any internet or any cable, so I have been missing out on OLTL. Have had to settle for reading recaps off of soap central. Just realized today I could reach your blog from work, so score! Hopefully this situation will be rectified soon!

  7. @YoSammity I was tempted to put an APB out for your ass! I have missed you! I was going to do a shout-out to you in my blog but then I decided not to since I thought maybe I had made you mad or something...didn't know! THAT SUCKS about your cable and internet. YoSammity you HAVE to watch it this week. This Matthew shit is gonna be two Todds! Glad to have you back, sir!

  8. I am fast forwarding through too much these days: any time any teen but matthew or shane are on, all Kelly and Joey scenes--they make me ill--so violently ill I may confess to killing Eddie Ford And Wes with anyone but marty! We only have a few months left I want something to watch!!

  9. Why is that baby's last name McBain?

  10. @rac TELL ME ABOUT IT! So over these teens...except Matt! hahahahahha! Confess to killing Eddie huh? So you really hate those scenes huh? I heard Joey leaves early...maybe. That is the word on the street. Curious if he is Clint's heart donor. Stop...Wes is ATROSH!!! I cannot deal!!!!

    @Akesha AH! LOOK AT YOU! I didn't even think about that! I need to point that out! Such an awesome observation! Oh, and miss you on here m'am! Where ya been!? ;)

  11. Hate to disappoint but It was Dani's big mouth that spilt the beans so to speak Nate heard her not Destiny.