Saturday, May 14, 2011

Will the Real Todd Manning Please Stand Up (Or just remain seated in the chair. As long as they show your face)?

Todd: "Yeah you ass hats...I'm back. Somebody had to come back and run shit before this ship sails in January."

Evening y'all! Sorry I'm just now doing round 2. While our apartment was getting viewed we shopped the FREEZING weather. Anywho, I also just a poured a glass of some awesome and inexpensive wine I just bought: Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet. I suggest everyone try it. Orgasmic, really. Especially with a bite of chocolate...OMG. Ok enough, sorry. Lemme go on and do this so I can enjoy the rest of the evening. I'll respond to earlier comments as soon as I post this. I honestly have no clue what happened on the show yesterday so this should be interesting. I usually have all the scoop but not for Friday. Hmmm.

Friday, May 13th

Ok, I see the promo for all this John and Natalie reuniting and UGH. I know: There are shit-ton of Jolie fans out there. Thank God at least MH feels the same way I do. I like John and Natalie...SEPARATELY. Together...they act differently and don't bring out the best in each other. I'm sure I just lost a bunch of readers thanks to those comments. Sorry. I have to be honest about how I feel. Anyway...

I'm BEYOND excited about RH's return! Show him now!!!!!! Cri*Cri* it's the day you have been waiting for! ;)

Damn...I mean Natty went off the roof like a flying squirrel!

Yeah, I still want Tomas and Tea to not be siblings and have wild, lewd, inappropriate sex.

Starr's outfit is cute, but I said that already.

AHHH!!!!! RH's lower body!

So, Joey is gonna have an epiphany and realize he is still in love with Kelly? Maybe? I dunno.

YES. I FLOVE Dorian in doctor mode. AHHHH!!!!! Vickster! I did NOT know she was gonna be on today. Now, if I can just get Bo and Nora on.

I must eat Liam for dinner. He is just so presh!!!

My God...John has comforted two women in one night. Todd is in the hospital. Kelly is, too. Plus Clint. Then Natalie will be there. Then Matthew next week. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!! Chicago news just interrupted the show for a tornado warning. Wait...really?! We get those here? Back home in in Louisiana, yes. I didn't know those happened here. TOTAL WOOF!!!! the meteorologist just told everyone to leave their mobile homes. I mean, if you are elderly and alone and in a trailer what are you supposed to do? That sucks. resumed with Marty on the roof talking to herself. OMG OMG! I FLOVE that Marty continued to set the table ever so perfectly with the broken wine glass. Flove it. Gosh...every time they show Liam Ross and I both quickly go "awe." How lame are we? Sidenote/Shout-out: Christie...I'm talking about my Ross and not Ross Marler from GL. I'm still mourning his death. I'm taking a sip of wine for Blake Marler as we speak. =( Thank God JVD came to OLTL! I just love watching him...even when he is mute!

Line of the Day from Dorian: "So, apparently rumors of Marty Saybrooke's progress have been greatly exaggerated." LOL! You think?! Thanks to John's and Dr. Levin's shitastic decision making we get Marty's Playhouse on our screen. I, for one, am forever greatful for John's piss poor judgment...and his whispering...and his black clothing. Marty's solo show gets a standing ovation in this apartment...WORD! DAYUM...Dorian is crying. Plus, this is just something else shitty Vicki has to hear. Lord help us...

Well, I just got schooled. When John asked Natalie, "Are you in pain?" I said aloud..."Ummmm...yes, dipshit. She just got thrown from a roof." Ross was like "But ME, if she didn't feel anything then that would be even worse." Ugh! Ross is right. He isn't even paying attention to the show. He is playing poker yet he had to throw that peanut gallery comment in there...woof. But, we all remember Matthew's accident from 2009.'s better for her to feel pain. Ugh. I'm an idiot. Aaaand, there is Brody. What a situation.

How great is it to see Vickster and Mayor Lord together in scenes...just have to say. I love how Vicki is boosting Dorian. All this Joey shit. Desi, I know you mentioned Kevin earlier in your comment and I feel the same way: I'm STILL on team Kevin, too, and always will be. Plus, I just flove DG as Kevin. Totally fabu in every way and he adored Kelly to no end. Plus, I want to jump him. Travesty they don't bring him back on. Hell, someone has to raise Zane though. God knows Kelly is a total failure in the mothering department. Again, Kevin is so selfless...Zane ain't even his and he treats him as his own. Adorbs. OMG I just got off topic. Where was I? Oh, yes. However, the writers are gonna shove this Joey loves Kelly thing down our throats...I think. Of course, this all comes to be just as Aubs realizes she loves Joey. Oy. I will say these scenes are kinda sweet. Sorry. I kinda love them.

Dammit..Liam RUN! You can do it! Get away from this bitch! She is gonna boil your toys!

Lord..."his dad went to get him [Liam]." Heavens to Betsy. We know...Natalie will tell him the truth soon. each episode Tomas unbuttons one more button on his shirt. I swear. He'll have the thing off two episodes from now.

Barf. I'm NOT enjoying these Toad/Starr/Blair scenes. all. I just wanna see the REAL Todd. ASAP.

I can honestly say I have ZERO clue as to what this Todd stuff is about...all this agency talk, etc. Ummmm....those white canvas shoes on the REAL Todd must be removed. So hideous.

Yeah, I'm not discussing the Blair/Toad/Starr scenes. All I'll say is that Blair needs to wise-up. Hello? Eli?!

I mean...Tea's is gonna wear that dress in front of a bunch of prisoners?! Is she asking to get effed?! REALLY?! These people haven't had ass in awhile....just sayin'.

Yeah...Joey is gonna go down this "nothing has been right since you" nonsense. Heaven help us.
Vickster is right. Totally true...she DID love Kelly as her own. Aw Vickster is gonna have to deal with Natalie, too! DUH, Mary-Ella! I TOTALLY did not think about that! Work (and wine) has addled my brain this week. Now Vicki is gonna have Clint AND Natty in the hospital. Plus, I think Liam gets snatched?

Ah...there's little Liam. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!! Brody got knocked the f*@k out!!! I DID NOT see that coming! Nor did I even know about it!!! Snap! Marty is batshit! I love it! This is like trashy fighting coming from Marty. I feel like I'm back home...

Aw hell. Vicki dealt with more bad news. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. How much can this woman handle!?

Tea and Tomas...DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER tornado update! Sonofabitch I cannot deal with this! I mean...thank God Bo and Nora aren't on today because I would have pulled a Marty Saybrooke in this apartment thanks to all these interruptions. Good thing they weren't on because I'd hate to throw Ross off the roof. I'm sorry...I could watch online and do this but that would make things more difficult. Ugh...if I would have known of these interruptions I would have dvr'd Soapnet. Again, this leave the mobile homes thing is killing me. Mainly because the storm and tornado already started. So, half of these people probably aren't even seeing this news brief...hmmm.

Okay, it resumed in the middle of Vickster and the man in black talking. Oh Vicki...YES, Marty most def did this.

LOL...I had to laugh at Marty with all this "kid isn't even his" stuff and how he "brought all this on himself." Then she called him a bastard...nice. I mean...let's all just agree that Marty left her brain at the LPD when Natty wouldn't lie about the evidence in Eli's shooting. So...November? Yeah...around then. That was the beginning of the end...

I can just watch Marty talk to herself out loud all damn day!!!!! Her soliloquies are so bad ass and choice. Oh, and Susan Haskell is THE SHIT! Hate she won't be around long after RH's return...FAIL!

I flove Joe and Dorian scenes. I really do.

Wait...did Blair just say "ho'ing out on us here?!" Lemme rewind that. DAMN. I thought she did. I always say "ho'ing out." Ugh...she said "holding out." Poo.

Tea's lips look lucious and so shiny! Heavens! She is hot to trot today! TEA...Tomas is trying to warn you about Toad!!! Your REAL Todd is locked up right now! For realzies!!!! Natty has no skull damage but Matthew is gonna be practically brain dead after Nate hits him next week?! Damn you never know.

Damn, I figured Marty would answer the phone since John was calling. But, even crazy she is effing smart. Marty says everything twice now. To Brody: "You ready? You ready?" LOL. I flove her.

Hell, it will be next week before Natalie spits out this "John the baby is really yours" shit.

Lord...Vicki needs to go to a spa treatment after all this. Or...just a 2 week getaway! She needs to leave town for a bit to relax! Heavens!

Man, John is tough on victims that were just injured. I mean, Kelly and Natalie were near death and couldn't talk and he is like "tell me what happened." LOL.

Aaaand, there is no way that is Liam's sock. That damn thing was HUGE!!! Way too long! Glad Brodster woke up. Word. Ok, so I kinda hate that Brody is searching for Liam when the child isn't his...heart is breaking.

I will say that Natalie's injuries look real.

WTF. Toad just left? Aaaand snap...he is now with Tomas. My money is on Tomas.

AHHHH! Show his face! Scar and all! My heart literally just skipped a damn beat!!!! AH! I hate it's the last scene. Woof!!!! Welcome back, RH! You've been missed.

I mean, if I don't see Bo and Nora next week I'm gonna lose it. I'm thinking Wednesday. Lord it's been awhile!

Well...this episode was good. It wasn't my fav but good.

Ok, off to enjoy the evening after I quickly respond to comments. Y'all have a great Saturday night!



  1. Holy hell Todd's white Keds brought back 2nd grade PE nightmares!

  2. @Katie Ummmm you and me both! On a sidenote: I had a shit-ton of Keds growing up...God help me. Anyway, I knew there was no way those shoes were Toms so they were most def white keds. Disgusting. The whole white cloud-like ensemble was totally atrosh. Woof.

  3. Thanks for the Ross clairification. Didn't see that coming...laughed my head off. Have you seen the JVD speech in the 40th anniversary ES surprise party video? He's adorable with ES. I think they would be fabulous paired on screen together.

    Performer of the week is clearly SH. Love her crazed.

  4. @Christie haha! Just wanted to make the Ross distinction in case you were confused. :) Lord...totally saw the JVD speech. FABULOUS! So heartfelt and well...just perfect. I think they will be adorable together as a romantic pair...can't wait! OMG...SH has been so damn fabulous with this crazy shit (even though it's totally OUT of character). Flove her!

  5. WOOOO-HOOOOO ! Great Show=Great Post...The Matthew stuff is upsetting tho...Kooooky Shoes is on the Loooose !!!! *raises arms high in the air and screams AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH !!!! Holy Cow !
    XO<3 Krisi

  6. @Krisi Yes, great show! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were great overall! Lord...I can't even discuss the Matthew stuff. =( haha...Kooooky Shoes. Love it! OMG when she raised her arms in the air I LOST it! TOTALLY AWESOME! SH has been nothing short of sheer perfection during all this craziness! xx

  7. Hey Mija - well, still bummed about the former blogger comment deletes - I am not quite as crazed and losing my shit as I was before waiting for the whole RH thing OMG OMG OMG and just generally terrified about Marty’s murderous rampages and incredible banshee screams OMG OMG OMG. WHAT A TRIP.

    They are destroying Marty's character totally, but WHAT a way to go.

    Chandler Raymond's little blurb a while back really got me going too - he kinda sounds like he knows exactly of what he speaks. Wonder if real Todd will remember what an evil vile ass he has been in his dark past? What will he remember at all with all the horridly failed brainwashing? If he doesn't have the direct remembrance of his horrible crimes, how will that affect his formerly intractable self-loathing?

    And why is his scar so much worse? It was flat and hardly visible when we last saw him, and now it is all keloided as hell. Weird.

    I am SO a Jellie fan too honey - and I am sad it clearly will not ever go anywhere - those two actors look like they actually really enjoy each other, and it is soooo charming and fun to watch. How is it NO ONE sees this Jellie chemistry? It is CLEARLY showing so much more potential than the popular alternative.

    Brodie has totally grown on me the last several weeks, and I like the idea of him ending up with Nattie and her unmanageable crazy mommy boobage. Oh well, what does potential matter when your damn show is being pulled. ^sniff*

    Viki and Clint are gonna bond over starting up the local Llanview HTA chapter. I can't believe they are gonna knock off Matt to do it.

    And I miss little egg-headed Sam - where the hell did he go???? Oh I LIKED him so he HAS to disappear, clearly.

    Are you as sad as I we won't be able to see former awesome Jack interact with RH? Aren’t you DREADING seeing RH and nujack instead??? So sad.

    Notes on John's apartment: it looks like a David Lynch Blue Velvet set in there already as it is, AND he is NEVER gonna be able to get Kelly's blood stains out of the bathroom grout. Tile MAYBE, but NOT the grout. He is going to have to resort back to his former vampire role just to fit in with the environment!

    Robin Strasser’s tweets are awesome – so in character with Dorian really – what a HOOT.

    I know how busy you must be nowadays - I have a family full of legal eagles - but try and hang in there til the end. NONE of my circle watches soaps at all let alone OLTL, so this is my only point of contact, and I am very appreciative. Hope you are having a “fabu” weekend!!!

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  9. @cri*cri* last response before I go to sleep since we are going to mass in the morning. NOT even get me started on those deleted comments. Hell, even the damn blog posts that were deleted! It affected a lot of peeps...woof! So you aren't as excited?! I, too, am BEYOND thrilled with this Marty no end! You are so right. This is character assassination to the damn max. However, SH is so effing good that I totally don't give a shit and I am enjoying this fully!
    Yes, Richmond Chandler's post are always hilarious and spot on. With regards to real Todd, I honestly haven't a damn clue as to what is supposed to happen...what he's been up they will sort all this shit out. I just don't have a damn clue. Gosh...Jellie, I'm so there. I have random people tell me they love them, too. Ugh...hate it won't go anywhere. You're right...they totally enjoy each other. You can so tell. Hell, I was NEVER a Brody fan until recently. He just seems like such a great stand-up guy! Damn. I will be heartbroken when he finds out the truth. I flove me some Vicki and Clint and am hoping and praying this Matthew mess is a red-herring. I hate that BN's ONLY effing kid is gonna die. Clint has a total of 6 kids now. This is whack to kill Matthew....if they do. LOL! Yes, if you like a character they will leave! Hence, cute Sam and old adorable, smartass Jack are gone. Aaaand, we have to see NuJack and his douche friend Brad. WOOF! STOP!!! I cannot mentally handle NuJack and RH!!! AHHHH!!! That will be an effing nightmare no doubt! I"m pretty sure I just peed on myself about the grout/tile/blood comments. HILAR! AH...Strasser's tweets are beyond fabulous! She tweeted about sex recently...OMG! are so sweet. I'm so glad you're appreciative...means a lot! I am indeed busy but I flove interacting with you all..."fabu" indeed. My weekend has been just what I wanted...relaxing! For the first time in a while. Love it! Hope you are having a FABOOSH weekend and here is hoping Roger's return is all you hoped for...I hope so, too! G'night!

  10. Ugh...I messed up on the post and had to remove it and repost...WOOF! That is why I have the deleted one! It's too late for me to think straight!

  11. I will say I think both GT and MA played their injuries fabulously. I actually FELT them. I still hate the character of needy low self-esteem Kelly, but hey, maybe now that she'll get an actual boyfriend (a married one, but still...) she'll start showing all this famous Cramer spirit everyone was talking about that I have NEVER witnessed. I flove Dorian and Viki but the whole "we Cramer women" schtick was a bit much, imo. Pretty soon the entire population will be keeping a vigil for someone at the hospital.
    Hate to break it to ya but I suspect Nat won't remember what happened on the roof or even WHY she was there. Something Marty said to Brody as he was semi-passed out keeps coming back to me -- about her not killing him so he could have to see what it means to lose everything and everyone....That I think foreshadows Brody's return to crazytown when he finds out about Liam --- but then keeps it from John and amnesiac Nat.
    HATE what is coming for B/N. I know the acting will rock, but how can they take their only child? Wonder if the writers will juxtapose (see how I used that cool word?) Bo losing his kid against either (a) Brody losing his; or (b) John getting his back?

  12. I think a lot of people just like something new. John and Kelly are different (well not different than John's other women who weren't that important to him) and John's always good in the early days when the stakes aren't very high. Cute couple, but not much depth. Nothing wrong with enjoying John's flings with his latest FWB.

  13. You are too cool Mary-Ella for a) saying that my posts are spot on and funny, but most importantly, for politely correcting my name so matter of factly. Suh-weet.

    Bob Woods seems to think that fans are boycotting OLTL. I said he's wrong. Fans want to boycott ABC AFTER the show is gone. He laughed. I don't think he believed me. Oh well.

    Sad note. Katie Couric is going to be paid 20 milion to have a talk show on ABC. She asked for the 3 o'clock hour, so yup, you guessed it, General Hospital is also cancelled. Although I don't follow it faithfully (actually I'm a LLanview guy. Period. Even though I did live in Pine Valley for a second, lol), I'm still sad to see that many people out of work and the end of the soap era that got me through college, bonded me with family and people like Krisi and Mary-Ella, sad.

    Ok, that's enough. Let's get to some fun stuff.

    Cray Cray Marty is the bomb! I'm sorry, but that girl needs an award - STAT. The PTB are stupid enough to get rid of one of the best actresses on television, and that's on them. Real reason, between you and me, she complained and her husband Thorsten refused to come back as Patrick Thornhart's ghost. He's Irish, she's a mom, they chose bye bye. BTW, they did cast a Patrick Thornhart lookalike to end her story.

    Everyone's in the hospital. Yikes. However only one of them is gonna die. Can you guess who? It kinda makes no sense to me, but I'm not a writer @ ABC. I'll give you a hint, it's a guy.
    NOPE. Not him. Or him. It's Matthew saying bye bye which makes me wonder why he jumped into the sack with Destiny - oh wait, they didn't use protection and guess where the next Buch heir is coming from. Sheesh. Clever. NOT.

    Rama (who in my opinion is won belly short of a delhi - lol) is gonna tell Vimal she was never pregnant (after fun fun with Mr. Vega), unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished and yup the bitch is knocked up.

    Relax, Wes won't last too much longer (nobody likes it and it's kinda cheesy), so Bess will take over. Personally, I love Tess. She's the most fun.

    Todd is actually Walker Lawrence. Thomas isn't who he says he is, and yes, Roger is the real Todd (scar and all), who was kidnapped 8 years ago(honestly, the story as to why, etc. is too preposterous even for me to tell you, but there you go), however, it will be a LONG time before that's cleared up. Til then, he's called TM.

    Natalie-John, yes. Joey-Kelly, yes. Salinger, meet Cole Thornhart. NuJack, Karma is a bitch, Brody, start packing for St. Anne's dude. Aubrey,being broke ain't fun, should'a stuck with Cutter who's so gonna cash in. Oh yeah, and Marty killed Dr. Buhari, Mary-Ella, so now you ain't gotta worry about that bitch's look. They'll find her cold body on Wednesday.

    Ok, that's it for now. LOL

    I've got a date in Eterna. :)Peace. Now where the hell is my pastel blue jumpsuit? I know I had it in, I don't know, 1988. Harumph! lol


  14. I spelled Won instead of one on purpose, commenting on her new sex life. lol

  15. Heavens!!! I have quite the comments to respond to. Lemme do this before I go and kettlebell my ass off...literally. Ok...

    @Anonymous #1 Agreed they BOTH played their injuries. I agree...Kelly is indeed need but I like her. I think the main reason is because I loved her character back in the 90's and I'm just hoping she will turn fabulous again. Also, the other soap I watched was GL and I floved her as Dinah. WAIT! OMG...totally agree about this "Cramer women" shit. I can't stand it when Dorian says that. I have yet to see this so-called spirit either. I have never understood it since day one. I don't even question anymore. I just go with it, but I agree. Hmmmm...nice thought about Natty probably not remembering everything. I hadn't thought about it. I do believe that Brody will return to crazytown...unfortunately. I figured the writers would give Natty a happy ending since I feel like no matter what she does she gets one...but you may be onto something. Juxtapose...very niiiice. Listen, I cannot effing deal with this BN thing. I cannot. I'm trying to block it out. I'm praying to God it won't happen, but BN get the shaft so I'm sure Matthew will indeed die. Total woof.

    @Anonymous #2 I am so on this Jelly train, but I don't think it will leave the damn station. =( The problem is I'm not a Jolie fan. Also, they tested GT out with every damn ounce of walking testosterone on the OLTL set and John is the first one I liked her with. I flove her with Kevin (even though I think he is too good for her), but God knows they won't bring his adorable ass back. So, I was pleased when I thought John and Kelly had chemistry. I'm enjoying it, but yeah it probably won't go anywhere.

  16. @Richmond Chandler Oh you funny man! Let me try and formulate a worthy response. I must say your comment is quite juicy! Well, you are hilarious and spot-on. And, I try to always be polite and well-mannered (although my blog may indicate differently) so I had to correct your name sweetly.
    Timeout...are you friends with Bob Woods? If so, please kiss him for me! Sweet Lord. Anyway, I read something similar that Hillary said in that TV Guide article. Bob should have believed you!! Woof! I saw the Katie Couric thing. I haven't liked her since the Today Show. I don't watch GH (not into the mob stuff), but I do hate that it will get replaced. Honestly, I'm not surprised. I never lived in Pine Valley either. I've only lived in Llanview and Springfield (GL). This is the last soap I have...whannn! Totally sad that people will be out of work and hate that this blog will end since I've become friends with so many...crying!!!!
    Agreed...cray cray Marty is the BOMB! Marty's Playhouse got me through this past week. How do you have all this inside scoop? Damn. So a TK look-alike. I hate that she won't be around for all the Roger Howarth stuff. Yes, she is totally FABOOSH in all her stuff and needs a 3rd Emmy now. However, the Daytime Emmy process is a clusterf*@k and dumb now so it's a wash. Interesting about why she is leaving. I love how you said "just between you and me." LOL! And everyone else who reads this, huh?
    So, it is indeed Matthew? Sonofabitch. I hate that they are gonna kill BN's ONLY mother effing child. Dammit! Stop it! I KNEW they were gonna knock up Destiny. I can't deal with BN propping Destiny until the show ends. I need something better. I'd much rather have Nora become pregnant. Albeit late in life...I don't care. Woof on that shit. Infuriates me since they are my favorite characters.
    hahahaha! "Won belly short of a Delhi." Hilar! So Christian is gonna go out with Rama and a kid huh? Lord have mercy.
    THANK YOU GOD that Roger is the REAL Todd. I was hoping. I also figured TSJ would be Walker, too. Damn they are dragging this shit out with Tomas and all that mess, huh? LOL and the Todd story is too proposerous?! I'm sure it is! It would have to be at this rate. He has been gone for forevs!
    Damn on Jolie and effing Joey and Kelly. Ugh. Glad karma is a bitch for NuJack. Ugh I knew Brody would hit crazytown. Who can blame him at this rate? Dammit so poor Dr. Buhari will be dead next week? Poor thing. The reason I NEVER want to be a psychiatrist...your patients will kill your ass!!!!
    Wait...thank God for Wes being gone shortly. So now Bess? WTF. Tess is the most fun. Anybody is better than Jessica, hell.
    A date with Eterna?! LOL. You are so damn funny! Hope it's memorable. Take pics.

  17. OMG! I haven't laughed so hard in years! To quote you, I flove you! LOL!

    Marty is so cray cray now she wouldn't recognize the real Todd if he slapped her (and he should for allowing herself such a horrible storyline - lol).

    Um, Natty's married in real life to one of the PTW's, all I'm saying.

    My best friend used to play on All My Kids. He and I became best friends because we were on Broadway in a drama called "the 24th Day" (it was made into a film with James Marsden and Scott Speedman - I played the James Role - Dan, and Jeff Branson ex Jonathan, then GL's Shayne Lewis, Now Y&R's Ronan Malloy - played the Scott role. It's intense, we won awards and you should rent the movie. But I digress.

    While we were rehearsing, I ended up sitting on the AMC set waiting for him, until eventually I landed a small role there. After a while, I got bored with Pine Valley (I'm from LLanview!) and so I went down the hall and met everyone there and had a blast. Eventually, I got a small role there (during the Kish storyline - I was at the wedding, lol) and still remain really close with all of the actors and well, some writers too. OLTL unlike other shows is actually done 2 months in advance. So there you go, just between you and me. LOL


  19. I'm done with OLTL if Raymond Chandler is right. Matthew dead and Bo and Nora propping Destiny? Who IMO is an annoying teen character. This show is destroying the legacy of Asa, Bo, and Nora with the death of Matthew and for that I will no longer watch. Really this destroys Clint too because he is no longer redeemable if Matthew dies. Clint and Bo can never reconcile and how can Clint live with himself? If they destroy Bo and Nora then I'm done and have no hope for Clint, Viki, and Dorian leaving with dignity either. I like RH and Todd and all but he's not the reason I watch. I have no interest in the Ford/Rex/Todd show. Killing Matthew is a huge slap to a large group of dedicated fans. Plenty of expendable characters. Shane and Rex should not outlive Matthew. Destiny shouldn't outlive him. I can't believe the writers would have so little respect for Bo that David will be his only living heir when the show ends. I love him but he's a clown. No Destiny baby counts either. Asa didn't love and adore that baby and never will. Matthew Buchanan should be alive when this show ends. Bo and Nora have been through enough. They should have a happy ending. Propping a pregnant teen is just disgraceful. I won't be watching. No matter how much I love them. It demeans the actors and the characters to reduce them to this little significance.

  20. Ummmmm....what does "PTW" stand for?

  21. Lord...all these comments I love it! I'm drinking wine so let me do this short, sweet and to the point or I'll ramble.

    @Richmond Chandler I flove you, too! Your comments are HILAR! LOL! You're probably so damn right about Marty not being able to recognize Todd! ha! I'm assuming "PTW" is part-time writer? Or...production something? I'm sorry I can translate some Spanish and French but acting world, not so much. Excuse my stupidity. Well, my happy ass must rent "the 24th day." Good for you! I also flove how you said "All My Kids." haha! Oh, and ummm just between you and fabu about the AMC and OLTL stints?! So great you became friends with them! I'm totally jeal! I'll just live my life vicariously through you?! That's saying a lot because I actually love my life. ;) Thanks, kind sir!

    @Anonymous #1 Of course, we don't know 100% if RH is the Real Todd until we see it but sadly (for you) I think he is indeed gonna be the real Todd. Maybe not. But I've been hearing that. Who knows. I do love Trevor. However, I just prefer RH as Todd. I'm sorry. =( I only feel this way because when I was in junior high I just floved RH as Todd. I think I got hooked then. But who knows, maybe your wish will come true!?

    @Anonymous #2 You know...I actually told my friend today that I can't even discuss Matthew dying. Let alone Destiny being pregs with the next Buchanan heir. I think it's a travesty they would kill Bo and Nora's only kid. Of course, BN are my favorite and I'm partial and will get upset. I know some people couldn't care less about them. However, I have watched them since 3rd grade and for Matthew to die is just downright insulting. I hope they give HBS and RSW the material and ending they deserve for the show and hopefully they won't be propping Destiny's pregnancy. Regardless of what happens I'll still watch the show to the very end. Firstly, I have to for the blog. However (and more importantly) I flove Bo and Nora no matter what. So, regardless of what happens I'm just gonna enjoy them on my screen until the very bitter end. =(

    @Anonymous #3 If you see what I just wrote Richmond Chandler, you can tell I"m not sure. I guessed "part time writer?" That could be wrong. Maybe he will tell us! =)

  22. Ouch! Damn Richmond - sorry about the slip-up. At least I mixed your name up with that of a decently cool dude. I WAS going from memory and I DO have a mind like a steel colander. *sigh* Well, that - and being slightly worse for Malbec.

    Totally love the juicy tidbits!

    SO happy to hear Wes is not long for the world – what an eye-roller!

    DEV-astated about the fate of B&N and poor Matthew. (On another note – have you watched Hill in her webisode thingy? What a HOOT!)

    I really don’t understand why folks are so mad about TSJ really being Walker – I mean it isn’t like this wonderful actor is being rudely ushered out. I am glad to have them BOTH, and if the logic of the new storyline is preposterous (okay guys come on we ARE soap fans and preposterous IS pretty much status quo) at least we might be in store for some great performances among loaded talent. I gave up AGES ago on being treated like an “intelligent viewer” – and am fairly certain TPTB think that a contradiction in terms. One of my greatest joys in watching OLTL is when great talent is working off of each other – I may be being too optimistic, but I am at least hopeful we will get plenty of that in the days to come.

    I don’t know whether to be thrilled or slightly ill that everything is going to be tied up so neatly with one big predictable bow. Hmmm . . . . nothing to do but try and enjoy what is left of the ride!

  23. @cri*cri Last response before I retire for the evening! you noticed your mix-up?! I thought it was too funny! Flove it! I'm drinking cab as I type this. Although, Ross floves Malbec thanks to his Spanish heritage. I love it, as well. Effing Wes needs to leave like yesterday. Total woof. Beyond devastated about B/N/M. CRYING!!! I'm obsessed with all things Hillary since she is my idol. So, of course I've seen her web series. I watch Venice, too. Flove it. OMG people are PISSED about TSJ really being Walker. I'm glad to have BOTH as well. I guess maybe some people started watching later and only know TSJ as Todd. I guess I get that. So, I can see how they are disappointed. Just like I only see RH as the real Todd. It's the same thing really. OMG..."intelligent viewer?!" I totally gave up! They think we are dumb as shit...I'm convinced! I'm with you: totally and above and beyond optimistic we'll get some good stuff. Granted, some of the material could be written better but those vets are the best in daytime and they will do wonders with what they are given. I'm gonna def enjoy what is left of the ride! I'm praying NBC picks it up. I know they want to but I'm not sure that can be made possible. I don't see ABC selling it. Woof. =(

  24. For the record, my posts are meant to amuse and speculate like the rest of you. And while I've got a pretty good track record, I'm not always right as I don't write (but should - lol)for the show. Some story lines are protected from even the actors themselves, and sometimes even I get it wrong. So just take it lightly. :)