Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yo! You Gotta Tell Bo

Rex: "Gigi, despite your shiteous taste in hairstyles and clothes I must say that your taste in bedding is quite choice. Maybe if I get Bo and Nora this lovely bedding as a gift, they will forgive me a lot faster for being a sneaky weasel."

HOLA!!!!! Mija, here. Hope y'all are all doing well this evening. I'm so happy as I write today. Why you ask? It's gorgeous weather in Chicago today. I have a job. I just received a Cadbury creme egg from Ross. Charlie Sheen's downfall is entertaining me thoroughly (and I'm DVR'ing his 20/20 interview tonight...excited is not the word, people). Oh, and, more importantly, OLTL was great today. Terrific Tuesday indeed!

Before I start on Rex and Gigi...ummm so how nice is the carriage house?! I mean, it's no sprawling mansion but it's pretty effing nice. Oh, and they don't pay rent! WTF? And, I'm serious about my quote under the picture. I like Gigi's bedding. Pretty much the only thing I like about her or associated with her...besides Rex. Anyway, I even felt a sigh of relief when Rex told Gigi about David. I think I literally felt a weight leave my shoulders! It was beyond time for it to come out. Also, shockingly, Gigi didn't let her terribleness invade my apartment today. She was totally bearable. Again, maybe because we hardly see her anymore? Whatever the reason, I'm forever thankful. I'd take a scene with her and Rex in bed any day over some shitastic scene with Christian at the "art" studio...even worse with the nude model present while Gigi "monitors" the class. If I were an art major, I'd be pissed because OLTL is making a mockery of art classes. Disgraceful really. Anyway, I'm so effing ready for Bo to go postal on Rex. And, rightfully so. Bonus that Rex is catching Bo at the worst possible moment ever! Yes!

Speaking of Bo. He and my darling Nora (who hardly spoke a word...just gave great facial expressions/reactions) just can't catch a break with Clint. I felt sympathy for them today (not surprising). I know people are like "Omg they are so stupid. They should have known better." I dunno...hell, Vimal was about to sign that damn agreement so it looked like they had him. But as Nora said "REALLY?!" Oh, and I so totally expected Nora to be in the same wedding attire that she was in for over a week...or two weeks. Thank God she changed. Oh, yet on the previews for tomorrow she is in a different outfit it looks like but it's the same day...weird. I mean, I would have latched onto Vimal's ass and been like "You are signing this you bastard! THEN go talk to Rama!" UGH! Oh, and of course, Rama was like oh we are pregs, Vimal. Sidenote: What the hell is up with all the pregnancy lies on this damn show?! Rama of course slapped her balls in Vimal's face and made him take the heat and go to jail...pansy ass you are, Vimal, pansy ass!!!! To add insult to injury, Tea brushed Vimal's hair like he was a doll when he sat down in Bo's office...LOL. Whoa...Bo is super pissed at the end there, huh? I haven't seen him get this angry since...hmmm...I think when he went postal on Dr. Nantz in Seattle about Matthew's surgery. I'm glad this rarely happens. I kinda got scared there for a minute. Damn! I just want Bo and Rex to start the manhunt for David because then we get to see...drum roll please....Alex Olanov!!! Yay!

Oh f*$k. Cutter. Aubs. Bed. Sex. Naked. Woof. I'm so over this shit. Just when I thought it was over...those little swindlers grace my screen again with their animal passion...and STDs. Ugh! Bad Dream!!!!! Make this shit go away! Once I got past Cutter and Aubs, I must say I love her scenes with Clint. Man, I'm STILL hoping for sex between those two. And, no, I couldn't give two shits that she is married to Clint's son. Joey isn't even of the legal age to marry in my eyes so the marriage was null and void from the get-go. Now they are gonna be under the same roof?! I'm telling you I smell adultery in the air!

Ok, so I can see John and Kelly (Jelly, Jolly...whatevs) are totally working with me. I'm pretty sure Roxy pulling back the covers on Kelly was the highlight of my day. Yes, it was. I love a good Roxy and John scene but I don't like her pawning off Liam as "John's son." No wonder John is gonna continue to lash out for a bit and drink a lot more...everyone is pissing him off!!!! Who can blame him at this rate!

What?! Echo is wearing multiple shades of blue? Is this a new look? UGH!!! Do you people see what I'm saying? Why can't they put her in different colors?! DAMMIT! This is beyond out of control. Besides the sea colors, I FLOVE some Dorian/Echo action. Dorian was snippier than ever today and it just makes me feel snippy, too. "As sure as a broken watch is right twice a day." Love you Dorian...love you. However, I've beaten this damn horse to hell and back but I still don't know for the life of me why in the hell Dorian is so concerned about Echo ruining Vicki's life...WTF?! I'm so ready for Dorian to find out that David didn't really leave her at the altar. She seems a bit insecure these days. Sad. Oh, and I know I'm an icy bitch with Langston but I'm certainly not with her adoptive mother. My heart broke when she pulled out that pic of Vickers....whannn! Somebody hold me!

God Vicki, your marriage is a mess. Your kids are a mess. Your ex-husband's a mess. Your grandkids are doomed to have major issues. Well, I've just got nothin'. It's depressing to watch all this unfold to be honest. Now, Vicki's also being duped even further by feeling sorry for Aubrey. Vicki: "She [Aubrey] didn't know what she was getting into when she married you." That's right Vicki, marrying a toddler is a crime. Sucks for Aubs that she is about to get charged! WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold the effing phone!!! I mentioned this yesterday but COME ON!!! Vicki is ranting and raving about how Natalie is just a mess, etc. and how she thinks John is gone forever. OMG...eff Natalie! How about, oh I dunno, ask her why she slept with Brody (her sister's bf at the time) and not tell anyone and then lie to everyone for months on end about the Liam's "paternity." Then Vicki is like OMG poor Natalie about the Kelly/John thing! Dammit Dammit Dammit! I think I'm the only one, besides fierce-ass Marty, that thinks Natalie should pay!

Clint is a smug little bastard. Loved all his scenes today.

Fact: Roxy's pants blended in with John's couch today.

Ooohhh...we got a Marty Saybrooke mention today thanks to Roxy. Now, I just need an appearance from that whack job!

Tomorrow looks like a good episode except it appears I'm going to loathe Matthew even more after tomorrow..if that's possible. I know he is going to act like a little bitch and be mean tomorrow, but now I'm 100% sure he will because he is sitting in Clint's effing chair at BE! WTF?! Save this character while there is time, writers.

Ready for some Vicki/Echo action, too. Yay Wednesday!

Oh, Wendy Williams is on tomorrow, y'all! "How you doin?"

Random sidenote: Why is David in a Moroccan prison? Why not elsewhere? I've been inspired to go to Morocco ever since I saw Alfred Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much" with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. Now I'm gonna constantly associate this exotic locale with David Vickers. This is humorous and sad.

Nigel was apparently saved from the moat because he is on tomorrow...woo hoo! Now if they can just find Renee I'd be happy!

I know this post was kinda short, but I start my job tomorrow and have to prepare. Oh, and for all you wonderful and hilarious people that commented on my last post I plan to respond tomorrow. And, special thanks to those who called me by my new name! I am going to make everyone at work call me that, too. ;)

See y'all tomorrow evening!

I just started following Charlie Sheen on twitter today. He created his account today and it's already verified by Twitter...damn! Anyway, his tweets have been incredibly amusing. Possibly the best decision of my life.


  1. Hola Mija! Fabulous post as usual! Good luck with the new job! I am so happy for you...give em hell hermosa.

    Okay, just have to say this. Could Rex use a little man grooming? Jesus, you could braid his effing armpit hair. Love Rex, hate Gigi....not too fond of man pit hair.

    Can't wait until tomorrow! Take care Mija! You rock!

  2. When Roxy said "I don't want any fractions between us" I almost peed myself. Good luck at your new job tomorrow!

    Hasta Luego!

  3. @Lynette...thank you! The job wore me out today. DITTO with Rex and the manscaping. His arm pit hair was out of control! Thanks again so much for the wishes and compliments!

    @Katie...thanks for the good luck! Roxy always says one thing per episode that is completely weird and I'm like "Wait what did she just say? Oh she mean such and such." LOL.