Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleeping Problems?

Tea: "OMG, Todd you have to wake up and help me. This storyline is so bad and everyone hates it. What do I do?"

Posting on Saturday as promised! I got out of bed at 1:00. UGH! Dinner with friends turned into going to a piano bar then meeting this FABULOUS gay couple (one's a decorator and the other manages the Ralph Lauren!) from Louisiana. FUN time! Needless to say, I'm struggling today. So, I hope this post makes sense. My brain is a bit addled. Oh, and I really don't have entirely too much to blab about today...sorry. I mean, this episode was good because it had the fab five on and everything but really, not a whole lot least to me. Who knows maybe some of you thought this episode was life changing but I did not. But it was good.

I pose the question "sleeping problems?" in my title because....This Toad storyline is putting my ass to sleep!!!!!!! Instantly! My God, who needs Ambien or Vicodin or any other drug to help them sleep?! A cheaper way is to tune into OLTL this week and only watch these scenes. My hypothesis is that within minutes your sleep problems will be eradicated. can keep all the money you saved from not buying all those expensive ass pills! If you're not convinced this storyline solved your sleep issues, then I'll start saying nice things about's that? UGH!!!!! I just can't and won't elaborate on it. I'm just that speechless...well, actually just bored. Oh, and I still hate nu-Jack...he SUCKS! Actually, during all the hospital scenes I found myself only staring at little Sam. His facial expressions were hilarious. So, that was the one ray of sunshine out of all this. Otherwise, these scenes are about as cool Joey's new tricycle or blocks or whatever else the hell toddlers get. Translation: these scenes are a failure just like Joey since he wouldn't know how to ride the tricycle or play with blocks. You get my point. Ugh. I'm done talking about this shit.

That little Sam is presh. My eyes are glued to him. His acting isn't even that great but I don't care. Oh...and must be his favorite son, little Sam. I am convinced that the majority of the population doesn't really like douches and nu-Jack is a Sam is indeed Todd's favorite. I mean what normal person says "I LOVE douches." No one. So why would Todd think that about nu-Jack? Exactly.

This judge is TERRIBLE!!! OMG...this man is supposedly an elected official?! The voters in Llanview are all in the Kool-aid...obviously. He let this hearing get off subject like 1,000 times!!! I've never seen this in my life. Dear God. Little Sam would be better as the judge at this rate...

Tess is one hell of an actress in the courtroom huh?! Gosh, if Ford weren't a dumbass then there would be no question who the judge would side with. This bitch is just so clever. I'm amazed by it, really. Ah....she said Nikki Smith! I wonder if that's a hint...hmmm. Doubt it.

If Vicki doesn't have a nervous breakdown then I'm gonna be shocked. How could she not?! One thing after the other is happening to this little chic blonde and she can't do shit about it...UGH! Now she has to get a snippet about Echo and Charlie from Tess of all people while at her grandchild's custody hearing?! This is so wrong on so many levels.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! I LOATHE Ford and Jessica's attorney!!!! He is like an enema...ugh. Painful!

Oh...and come on people, admit it. How good do Clint and Vicki look sitting next to each other?! You know it's true!!! And if you don't think so then I'm gonna do my damnedest to brainwash you!!!! Everyone drink this batch of Kool-Aid please. ;) Sugar-free of course...low carb remember? Oh, except for last night I had to break free but you get my point...

"Every word that comes out of this woman's mouth is a lie." OMGosh if Nora doesn't leave the D.A.'s office soon I think I might die. She was more animated during this custody hearing than she ever was as the D.A....and this wasn't even a murder trial! God...change this NOW writers. Everyone's life would be improved. How is she representing Clint? I couldn't stomach it.

I've read the spoilers so I know this Dorian/Cutter thing doesn't go too far...thank you God!!! Justice is served! I will say...I kinda did get a kick of Dorian and Cutter doing all that shit to David's picture. They were fun together. Lust into dust...HILAR. Dorian is looking absolutely GORG....stunning! y'all think Tomas and Cutter look alike kinda?? I do.

WAIT....OMG, so I watched the show yesterday then Obama interrupted it so I watched the Soapnet version. The David/Dorian kitchen love scene...ha! GREAT! Awe...and Vicki on the witness stand?! Poor baby...somebody hold her!!! Preferably NOT Charlie! Slapdick...ugh. This woman is breaking my heart!

Rex called Clint a "sumbitch" instead of "sonofabitch." Is he from Louisiana and I don't know it? Where is this sumbitch from? Hmmm? LOL..."I got a banana and a mango I'm ready now, Pa." HILAR. Bo's facial expressions are like "f*@k me, I'm surrounded by idiots on this island."

Nooooo!!!! Bo changed his shirt! Dammit! Yes, I know it was driving me crazy on Thursday but at this rate...keep it on. I wanted him to explain how he got the lipstick on it. That could have been hilarious. Awesome writers...real awesome. Now, I'm sure he won't even tell Nora about the Alex kissing!!! how can Bo arrest Clint? Where is the proof? I know he ends up NOT being able to do it or changes his mind or something because David Vickers Buchanan pulls a shotgun on his ass Monday. Hmmm.

I'm soooooo ready for next week because this Eddie Ford thing starts to come to a close. Oh...and there is a porno shoot involved? Yeah...weird huh? This will probably be hilarious.

Oh, and Matthew is on next week...fist pump. However, no Marty?! I hope she is. I need her craziness back...STAT! With the disheveled doll from St. Anne's in tow if possible...

Sorry I didn't discuss the hospital scenes in great detail, but I just did NOT enjoy them at all. A lobotomy is more appealing than that me, at least.

My brain can't function much more so I'm signing off. See you kiddies Monday evening!



  1. Nothing more exciting than watch a bunch of woman crying over a man who treats them like shit. Why couldn't they have had at least one say "lets pull the plug!"

    I am praying even harder to the Soap Gods, sacrificing animals, whatever it takes to get Nora as a defense attorney again! I haven't enjoyed her this much in court since she became the DA.

  2. Mija,

    I tried posting earlier, but it didn't go through. That made me almost as sad as I am about Todd's coma (j/k). In all honesty, the most interesting thing to come out of this coma story, is the reveal he actually spends times with his sons. Who knew Jack only answers the phone for Todd, or that he actually tries to make each of his sons feel special...

    ITA that Sam is totally adorable (love the glasses). He almost humanizes nuJack.

    Tess is my girl! I like her much better this go round because (for lack of a better phrase) she has her act together. Tess makes a good point in how Jessica's is a doormat to the result of all of Natalie's ill conceived plans. Jessica is just supposed to accept that Natalie had the best of intentions when Natalie's actions led to Nash's death, as well as sleeping with Brody and keeping it a secret.

    I love Vicki, but I don't think she handled the Natalie situation well. She kind of dismissed all of the hurt Natalie causes Jessica, without holding Natalie accountable. If Jessica does come back, she just has to deal with waiting for Natalie's next plan to go up in smoke and take her out, while Natalie reiterate, I AM sorry BUT...

    I'm with Tess... Tess can handle "Red Skull" as Tess called Natalie LOL. What I am curious about is, who is taking care of Bree, or will we eventually see a 3rd generation of alters.

  3. Obama...I'm a fan but if you interrupt one of my soaps, I might become a total advocate of impeachment..

    And a completely random note, any time I try to catch up on a soap on the internet, I am always reminded that I am a minority of soap fans, with the advertisements of feminine hygiene products and laundry detergent...

    Anyways, I thought this was a pretty solid episode. I really hope something develops between Ford and Tess...I am kinda diggin' them. And you are my spoiler reporter so I am happy that the whole Eddy Ford thing will get wrapped up...wait..did you see porn shoot? interesting...

  4. @mojomiller LOL, ditto with the Toad situation. He is such douche. Oh...and I will sell my soul to the devil if it would make Nora become a defense attorney again. Seriously! She is so awesome when she is in her element being a defense attorney. UGH.

    @akesha Sam is too adorbs for words. I love him...bad acting and all. OMG...I really don't like the way Vicki handled the Natalie situation. Completely agree that she gave Natty basically a free pass...ugh! I think EVERYONE'S reactions to the Natalie thing have been bad, in my opinion. Gosh...who knows who is taking care of Bree! Hell, maybe Addie since she seems to be Llanview's most sought after babysitter...oy! Oh, and Tess is pretty damn fab. Granted, I don't want this going on forever but she is so badass that I can't help but love her.

    @YoSammity Ummm...I hope he doesn't interrupt again either. That's why we have CNN, Foxnews, and MSNBC...for 24/7 news. hahahahahaha!!!!! Gosh, my fiance' has said the SAME thing before since he watches and we have had to do the internet thing a couple of times (or watch live when we can). Too funny! I don't know how long Tess is gonna be around so I'm not sure if something will develop. Haven't heard anything about that. Yes...the Eddie thing starts wrapping up. Nora remembers what happened that night...whoop whoop! shoot. I believe there is a porn getting shot and Clint somehow gets on camera...which places him at the motel. I think...

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