Monday, March 28, 2011

What Would Asa Say?

Phyllis Rose: "What would Asa say? Duckies, he'd say that Kourtney Kardashian never needs to be on OLTL ever again."

Bonjour!!! I could have posted earlier but Blogger decided to flake out on me so I had to restart my computer. Oh, and here is hoping that I can post tomorrow because I might have died from hypothermia by then! OMG. My office was cold all damn day! I just sat at my desk in my coat and pashmina while furiously rubbing my hands together. Also, it was totally sad because my outfit was cute. Woof. Here is hoping my wine warms me up. I'm posting/watching simultaneously tonight...

How ya doin'?! I don't mind this Wendy Williams thing. She is rather witty.

Eh...KK you're a bit stiff. I don't buy for one damn second she is an attorney. I'm sorry. I guess I'm sterotyping...sue me. Get it? Sue me? hehe

HELLOOOOO Rama!!!! God...I love that she is sprawled out on the couch with her shoes on!! Do they not have any manners in India? Do they sell Emily Post books there? Come on! Regardless of being a bit gauche, I adore her.

This pink on Dorian is OOC yet totally perfect at the same time!

That background at the Buch Mansion MUST go!!! Dammit to hell prop department!!!

Ooooooookay! So, I think that Nora may have seen Matthew not Clint. That is why she can't remember it. Yes, I know that Clint is the one on the tape, etc. but I think that the person she saw maybe someone else. Just my two cents.

Well...we knew it was gonna be Clint on the tape. Sidenote: Rex appears to be fitting in with the porn peeps. I kinda love the porno scenes. I do. Austin Peck is HILAR.

Ugh...the Minuteman...AGAIN! F*@k me. Well...Tess it was fun while it lasted. You gave us some spunk for a bit. R.I.P. These alters are effing crazy!!!

Just GREAT!!!! Hi Langston. Sup? I can now have a great night now that I get to see your ass. Sucky town.

These David/Dorian/Vicki scenes are making my life!!!! FABOOSH!!! This is saying a lot because my beloved B/N are on but these scenes are too funny. "How can I leave you at an altar if there is no altar to leave you at?" These three together are fabulous! "Explain David!" Vicki has had the best line delivery for a couple of weeks now. And, well, when she said anxiously "Tuc Watkins?" Well I had practically spit out my wine! She could do stand up, I swear. I'd go see all three of these fine people do comedy...HILAR! I am not enjoying this. No. OH NO KILL ME IMMEDIATELY!!!! The horrid gym!!!! Poor Christian...they have nothing else to do with him so: Let's stick him in a gym since he has good muscle tone and definition. Also, let's put him with KK since we have nothing else to do with him and really no one else for her to intereact with. Yeah...that worked. Oh didn't.

Poor Blair...she is too fab for scenes at the LPD like this. Run Blair!!!! Run! Go back to LaBoulaie in your tight outfit and just sit around and be wealthy! Go take Kelly shopping for shirts that have no graphic print or pattern on them...she needs some!

Ok, so I don't mind the Wendy Williams stuff this time. Rather enjoyable. Compared to KK it's FAB!

These Bo and Nora scenes are like 2 seconds. Woof. =(

Ok...I LOVE THESE PORN SCENES! Go with God?! REALLY??!! You know...I said in my last post that Rick was religious! I love this. Wait...was that a Ron Jeremy reference?! Lemme rewind. OMG it was. Wow...just wow.

God...if I were Brody I would ditch Jessica's ass. I would get so tired of putting up with Tess/Jess/Bess. Eff that. Exhausting.

OMG I can't even discuss the KK/Christian scenes because I hate them so damn much. What was the purpose of all this?

So behind Vicki's "Tuc Watkins?" comment the other funny thing was Rex barging into Bo and Nora's office like a bat out of hell saying "there!" Then Bo exasperated yelling "knock" and Nora yelling "what is it?" I watched that scene and the Vicki scene like 4 times. I needed a laugh!!! Oh, and we know that is no proof Clint killed Eddie. Red herring ugh.

Rama is such a mooch. Ok so what is the deal with Vimal? Are they gonna let him out? Will we ever see him again? Just curious. WAIT...are they testing some Rama/Clint chemistry?! Shut the front door...really? They were good together. I need more scenes though. I still want him to have angry sex with Aubs, though.

What was that shitty necklace Lang gave back to Ford? It looked like it was leather. Puke. Yes. I just puked on myself.

Wait...I just laughed even more when Vickers said that Brian Dennehy was playing Bo in the movie. This is so awesome...and that is a rather fitting actor to play Bo.

OMG THESE CHRISTIAN/KK SCENES ARE PAINFUL AS HELL AND MAKE ME WANT TO POUR SULFURIC ACID ALL OVER MYSELF!!! What in the hell is the point? The cop in these scenes is pitiful as hell, too.

Vicki is too fabulous and is inhuman. Really. With all the shenanigans going on in her life, she is the consummate cheerleader/matron of honor/friend, etc. She is the shit. Bottomline.

The moneyshot? Hilarious. Wait...when Vicki called Bo how did she end the phone call? I kept rewinding it and it sounds like "toot sweet." LOL. I'm only on my second glass of wine. What is going on? Is it my tv? Hmmm.

"Aubrey has a cash register wear her heart should be." Marry me, Clint Buchanan. I will be witty and snarky with you all day! We can go tit for tat. This could be fun.

Langston: "I can't wear this. Not without thinking about all the money you spent on it could be used on diapers and formula." NO need to not wear that necklace because it is FUGLY and should be sold at a garage sale for .25...if that. Langston didn't get on my nerves today. How about that? This is even a Monday, and I froze all day but it's been a good day. Langston you even did well today and didn't make me want to paper cut myself. Good job.

Lord...telling Jess that Tess married Ford could make her be Tess again. We can only hope. Yeah...I'm glad Cutter and Tess didn't get it on (despite how hot she looked. y'all know she looked like sex on a stick...most def!).

"The search rhymes with spock." I keep laughing out loud today!!! What is my problem?! Then, I had to rewind it again. What did Nora say? "District Attorney Nora Hanen..." I didn't hear Buchanan after that. Am I hearing shit today?! I couldn't understand Queen V earlier and now this. Woof.

FACT: I want Vicki to be in my wedding. Awe...I love this little tender Dorian/David goodness. Too presh.

Sweet Lord...Bo is Dorian's father-in-law and Nora is her step mother-in-law. What a thought.

Ugh...I never want to see a KK/Christian scene again as long as I live.

That's right Dorian...thank Vicki and let her be happy and sweet because she will be mad at you soon for lying to her!

Pa...Dorian does not sound right saying that but that was cute.

LOL! Rick is DYING for anyone to be a sub in his porno...lurve it!

I LOVE when Bo/Clint are in scenes together and even better when there is a dramatic ending with these two. Kiss Kiss to you both!

Here's hoping tomorrow is good! I just have one question: WHERE THE EFF IS MARTY SAYBROOKE?! And the doll?! I'm beyond frustrated at this point!!!



  1. Mija,

    I think you are right about Matthew :( I am going to have to talk about happy moments from this show...What made me laugh;

    The look on Bo's face when Dorian called him "Paw"..not "Pa"
    The look on VIcki's face after David said he should have DID from his time in the Moroccan prison and winked at Vicki
    The look on Blair and Christian's face as they watched KK struggle through those scenes :) J/K...She isn't an actress, I have been in that same situation so she did well under the circumstances.

  2. Hello Mija !
    Better wear some thermals with that cute outfit more freezing at work...!
    I was also thinking Nora saw Matthew, we'll have to wait and see...I don't like KK at all on the her to the door please ! You are right about the scenes with David, Dorian & Viki...<3
    Somehow I missed the "Tuc Watkins" so its me who is rewinding today.....Loved the end scene when Rick asks Cutter "Ever do any TV?" Cutter made a funny face, so silly :) I wonder how this Jess/Tess/Ford thing is going to end up....
    Have a happy day XO Smooooochies !

  3. OT: I apologize if this is inappropriate for the discussion, (please delete this comment if it is) but it does relate to OLTL in general. I belong to the alt.OLTL listserv; and believe there is some validity to the following thread:

    Perhaps not the date, but the concern about the livelihood of OLTL. Just thought I would share to encourage people to write in and support OLTL in hopes of keeping it on the air.

  4. I actually didn't enjoy yesterday and I blame KK completely! That was so much worse than I ever expect. Poor DF and KDP.

    Even my Bo and Nora couldn't make me happy, probably because their scenes were to short, then Nora spent the rest of the time propping Rex. Can we please get Rex out of this story?

    That pink, that is all I notice in those scenes, I don't think I heard a single word that was uttered because the pink was so distracting.

    Shockingly I don't mind AP, I usually can't stand him, haven't liked him since his DOOL days. I am sure I will go back to disliking him soon enough.

  5. Sick of Nora propping Rex. She couldn't even go to the wedding with Bo because she was on Rex propping duty. Rex is a grown man!!! No man in his 30s should require constant praise and adoration from another adult, father figure or not. He needs to get over his daddy issues and focus on his own son. I don't see Rex as a father at all. He's always written as a son, an immature and needy one at that. So tired of him being the focus of Bo's life. Matthew has been MIA and I fear about to be fed to the wolves. Rachel remains offscreen.

  6. Ok...trying to be sneaky really quickly and respond to you all while I'm at work.

    @Akesha Hi there and your second post was not inappropriate so don't fret. Good on ya for posting that! Oh...I could have elaborated on more funny comments but there were too damn many!I was LOL'ing the whole time yesterday. Gosh, as for Matthew, I HOPE that Clint thinks he is covering up for Matthew but in reality someone else killed Eddie. Regardless, I think this little family is about to have a tough road ahead whether it be about this mess, something new, or just Matthew in general. I know...KK tried. I just felt a bit awkward watching those scenes.

    @Kristin The effing air conditioner is on as I type this. I swear I'll be dead by this evening. woof. LOVED the Vicki/Dorian/Vickers scenes and glad you got to rewind to hear the "Tuc Watkins" part. Too funny. Oh, and KK...she's cute and all but no...just no. I haven't read any Tess/Jess/Ford spoilers so I'm just as in the dark as everybody else! Should be interesting! xx

    @Anonymous I know that there are a lot of B,N,& M scenes coming up supposedly. I just pray they are good. Gosh...they were more together and adorable as a family back in 2004 and 2005, etc. *sigh* Granted, B/N weren't together but when all 3 had family time they were so precious. THAT is how they should be acting NOW. UGH! Agree with Rex but I have a feeling the writers are gonna keep this Rex/Bo thing in our face until the end.

  7. @MojoMiller DAMMIT! I missed your comment! Sorry! That's how paranoid I am at work with posting! Poor DF and KDP is right! Those KK scenes were AWFUL and made me feel awkward! Pretty sure I blinked and missed the Bo and Nora scenes. UGH! Too damn short. God...that pink. It is just like "Steel Magnolia" I swear. Out of control! See, I never really saw AP so I find him pretty funny. Never watched DOOL in my life!!! Probably a good thing. ;) Sorry I missed your comment initially...I'm nervous!

  8. KK and nuJack should win Emmys for their amazing acting skills. HA! I felt so sorry for Christian. Didn't realize what a good actor he is until they had to put him in a scene with KK. Puke. They had nothing else to do with him, so why not put him in completely useless scenes?

    Maybe Langston is going to help write the script in David's movie? Or maybe she's going to join the cast of "Hold the Pepperoni"? So did Rex's big speech about Bo inspire Rick to do a 180 and leave the porn business? I was shocked he actually gave him the DVD. I wouldn't have. But maybe I'm just cold and bitter because I didn't find his speech "beautiful." Then again, I would never be a porn producer to begin with lol.

    So happy that David and Dorian got married! David was cracking me up, but I also felt real emotion during his vows. Love it! I'm going to miss him. Darn those Desperate Housewives!

    Vimal's got 9 months before Rama better produce a baby or else he is going to recant what he said, and Clint is going to have some explaining to do. I feel sorry for Vimal. :( Rama was looking all depressed about him being gone while she was at the bar with Christian, but she's not looking so upset now.