Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tough Times for Toad

Toad: "Dammit, if John McBain wasn't drunk as shit he could have prevented me from being shot. What a dipshit."

Happy Sunday! I feel better...yay! I have also successfully passed on my sickness to Ross. Great. He will milk this situation for all it's worth...ugh. Anyway, Friday's episode was good so let's discuss it.

I know that Toad got shot today, but I must say it was Dorian Lord that stole the show today. More on Dorian in a second. So...I have no effing clue who is trying to shoot Toad. Someone connected to Tomas? God, how awesome would it be if it was someone that the REAL TODD MANNING hired to go after fake Toad?! It would be too good to be true, actually. Then Real Todd could expose fake Toad/Walker to everyone. Anyway, these scenes were so staged looking. Wait...the more I watch these the more I realize these scenes are effing heinous. Hold the damn phone! Shouldn't John McBain be drunk?! No wonder Todd ended up getting shot...McBain is probably wasted on Jim Daniels right now and can't get in a decent shot. I'm pretty sure my childhood games of cops and robbers were much more realistic.

Is Charlie a useless bastard or what?! Dorian pretty much let him know it too. "Cool watch. Last time I saw it was on Echo's wrist." Nice, Mayor Lord. OMG! Charlie explode on command because I hate you! Also, granted I love Dorian and Vicki at each other's throats but I thought it was sweet that Dorian told Charlie what a fine and honorable woman Vicki is. Hell, even Dorian notices it! Charlie doesn't and would rather be getting it on with his Atlantic City lover. Don't you dare talk about Echo like that?! Is that what you said Charlie!?!? Sonofabitch!!!! You're making me papercut myself! Wait...has anyone seen the French puppet show "Punch and Judy?" Well, I want to BEAT THE SHIT out of Charlie like Judy does to punch....with a 2x4...repeatedly. Then Charlie continues to defend Echo...f*@k me. This is terrible. Yes...Dorian gave Chuckles an ultimatum. SOMEONE needs to, Charlie! Charlie is now officially more stupid than Joey and he grates on my nerves over this tool/no-talent ass clown. Of course...Charlie is going to see Echo...woof. YES! Dorian is just gonna hang out and read a magazine after she threatened Charlie. She is so cool.

Echo and, I dunno about these two. I think Gigi just makes all scenes awkward. Maybe I'm staring at her hair the whole time? I dunno. It is indeed another life form. So it's like 3 people in the scenes. Oh, and it's TOTAL HORSESHIT that Gigi gets to live in the carriage house for FREE! It's nicer than most people's houses in Llanview. Total crock! The more they show the carriage house the more outraged I become!

My it the Apocolypse?! I am liking Robert Ford. Excuse me, Mr. Ford, according to Vickster. AND...he is coming closer to redemption in my eyes by the minute. DAMMIT! Oh, for clarification, I STILL want the rest of his family gone and my mind will NOT be changing on that one. Just so you know. Tess needs her own show...fact. I'm gonna be devastated when Jessica returns. Woof. Love how she calls Vicki either Vick or Vickster. This Mr. Ford business is too funny! OMG and now Tess telling Tea she's back from the dead and the rock on Tea's hand...LOVE it! This bitch is too f*@$kin funny! "The man should already be in jail. How are you going to stop him?" GOSH...YES Mr. Ford! Good point! Yeah, I'm liking you. This is effing absurd...but I'm liking you. When he told Clint that it sucks to be him I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seal the scene with "See Ya in Court Bitches!" Yeah...those were great.

I like the Clint/Tea/Vickster scenes. Awe...tear. When I see Vicki and Clint standing together as a united front in Mr. Ford's apartment, it kinda makes me want them together. They look so damn attractive and regal together. Tea is so badass..."You are not going to get a better offer." Maybe a bunch of $$$ is a better offer. Or, a better offer is staying married to Tess so Lang will get on a jet plane to the west coast for her...wait for deal. hehehe Oh....poor Vicki. Her pleas to Ford broke my heart!

That random attorney is terrible! He is as bad as those cops in the courtroom. The acting is shit. The look he gave when he left Ford's apartment was hilarious.

Poor Langston. NOT.

Wait....this is HILARIOUS!!!!! James is saying how he thinks about being with Hope and how he kinda loves her. Then Starr says "Yeah, she's hard not to [love]." hahaha! The reason she is so easy for you to love Starr is because you are NEVER EVER with her, you terrible mother! Poor Addie is there for all the whining and crying and diaper changes! You only tote her on your hip once a month or bring her along for company when you get kidnapped and placed in an attic! Sooo...I'm sure the child is fabulous in your eyes and is ALWAYS cute! FAIL, OLTL! Ugh! Yeah...I def think James is gay. I'm hoping it's true.

Gigi, John can't help you because he is drunk!!!! Don't trust him! Listen to your hair! I think it's telling you to not trust John. I thought I heard it talk. Seriously.

Can I please fly to Llanview and hug Vicki? Poor baby. She needs her husband right now and that bastard is making out in the carriage house. Woof. Then the little darling walks in and, of course, someone is just hanging out in her house! This woman never gets any privacy. Llanfair is Grand Central!!! I'd HATE to live there because I'd be scared I'd be kidnapped at any moment.

Charlie/Echo makeout. Ewwww.

So, I'm assuming that Bo's room is just a variation of the cabanas back in Llanview? Or...Marty Saybrooke's house? Thank God he is still in that suit for one more day...le sigh. On another note, Rex still looks like a lavendar douchebag in that shirt. Calling David an international star...hilarious. heart kinda warmed when the guard told Bo that David talked about Pa all the time. Awe. Oh wait...I have a feeling that we are about to get an Alex mention....maybe. Siberia? Russia? Romanoff? Olanov?!?!?! That was the name! YES!!!!! Be still my heart!!!!!!! St. Blazes...God, haven't heard that in years.

Woo hoo!!!!! Clint just said "thanks Alex!" in honor of Alex's mini return on Tuesday, I'm gonna post a few youtube clips of her fabulousness. Back when she was with Asa and changed the name of the mansion to "Alexandria" and wanted the Egyptian themed wedding. Awesomeness! I have a feeling only a few people will appreciate this goodness. This was when the show was so AWESOME! Miss those days. Not to mention, original Clint and Cord are in these scenes and a very young Nigel. ;)

Alex Invites Nora to dinner

See you darlings tomorrow!


  1. Thanks so much for continuing to post even with the new job. I laugh my way through this everyday. That and the fact that you love Bo, Nora and Vicki as much as I do makes this priceless. And I've never been a huge Jess fan, so it has been a nice surprise how much I'm loving Tess.

  2. @Anonymous Oh, you are quite welcome. I must say I muster the energy to post even late in the evening after work, working out, making dinner, etc. because I absolutely love getting comments and feedback like yours. The nice things keep me going. love for Nora, Bo, and Vicki will never die! So don't fret. Yeah...Jessica is pretty and all but boring as hell. Tess is just hilarious and can stay for a bit. Thanks again!

  3. I second the post above. I look so forward to your posts. I need the daily comic relief!

  4. @Melissa Awe...I'm so glad you my find my snarky nonsense humorous! To be honest, I'm so damn surprised people actually enjoy this blog, let alone read it. So thanks! ;)

  5. Okay Mija, Glad you are feeling better/ I also totally agree with Melissa.

    I have to make a couple of notes.
    I LOL'd when Todd asked John if Natalie or Tea were the shooter.

    Vikki does have a husband...Dorian is handling everything (whether Vikki wants her to or not). I would like to see Clint get back with Vicki, but I think Nikki/Jean would have to occasionally step in to handle nuClint.

    I'm starting to get why everyone is telling John to go back to Natalie... everyone who has offered John advise (except Vikki) has been in the same or darn near similar boat as Natalie... Gigi, Roxy, Tea, Kelly, Echo, ...etc... I just HOPE we don't have to see John apologize or grovel to Natalie!!!

    So so so disappointed with Charlie... what he is doing right now is just malicious. Not only does he know what Vikki is going through with her children, grandchildren, and Clint, but he is also well aware of what she WENT through with Clint/Echo.

    I don't know how I feel about Echo... I don't like what she is doing to Vikki, and her keeping quiet about Shane doesn't endear her to me either... I guess Kim Zimmer is just that good...

    I'm disappointed that Bo didn't break the guard off something for his help.

  6. @Akesha thanks! And, damn! I TOTALLY meant to say something about Todd's comment about Nat or Tea being the shooter. That was hilarious. Glad you noticed.
    Hell yes...Dorian is running shit! Thank God someone is looking out for Vicki. Yeah...I'm all aboard the Clint/Vicki back as a couple thing. Also, we have never seen THIS Clint and Vicki as a couple so I'm curious to see if they'd work. I think they would.
    haha...yes, Kim Zimmer is just THAT good. There is a rumor that when Charlie leaves he and Echo leave together. Now, I don't know if that is true or not...we'll see.
    OMG...I know! The guard totally deserved a little reward! Especially after showing all that money...what a tease that Bo is! I still love him though. ;)

  7. Great post! Good that you are feeling better! As always its like your reading pages out of my diary...(no one can know about that!)
    Anyways I was thinking the same thing about freakin' Hope! How is James starting to love her, even though I guess he is around almost exactly the same amount of time as Starr is because the only times we see Hope and Starr, James is not too far away.
    And I'm starting to like Ford too, even though he is so dumb. I mean, Tea never loses! Tess got him wrapped around her finger! And its awesome!
    @Akesha I was also disappointed when the guard didn't get anything for his trouble! It seemed like kinda he was expecting it and then he just walked out empty-handed. Poor guy...

  8. Gigi's scream. That is all I've got.

  9. @YoSammity Thanks thanks! hahaha! Pages out of your diary!? Hilar! Our secret darlin'! Shhhhh.
    God...I could go on a tangent about Hope and Starr for WEEKS on end! I hate that I'm starting to like Ford but it's true...ugh. God help me.

    @Kaite hahahaha! Hell, that's probably all she has too. It was probably her hair doing all the screaming and not her. I'm sure her screaming will get worse as the week progresses.