Monday, March 21, 2011

David Reunited With His Golden Goose

Dorian: "Ah! Can we go in the kitchen and have sex and play around with oven mitts?! That was so fun last time. "

Bonjour!!!!! OMG...hope y'all had a great day because mine was the epitome of an effing Monday! I KNEW it was going to be a bad day when regal, attractive, snooty woman who always reads the "Wall Street Journal" (every single morning and she refuses to talk or acknowledge anyone...I will MAKE her talk to me soon and befriend her now because of this attitude) moved away from me today when I answered my phone at the bus stop! She was so annoyed when I said "hello" and I think I got an eye roll. Woof! Gosh and my phone was on silent and I didn't even talk loud. Anyway, I knew at that moment today would suck. Thankfully today's show was good. Again, nothing earth shattering but enjoyable...nothing wrong with that! that Christian?! He looks hairier! Wow. And, his purpose on the show is??? *crickets* My thoughts exactly. When does he teach?! Hmmm.

Tess' serpent matching necklace and earrings are heinous and tacky and the wardrobe department can send that shit back to Claire's Boutique right now (wait is that place still open?). REALLY KELLY?! "Jessica's my best friend." Where have you been during all this? Oh, you've been screwing John McBain and have not given Jessica one damn thought. You know what you should maybe start thinking about Kelly...STDs. I love how no one cares that Tess is loose. I mean, people care...but they don't. I mean, her loved ones (besides Clint and Vicky) do not appear to be concerned in the least. Tess is sex on a stick!!!! My just oozes out of her! Hmmmm...I wonder how this Cutter/Tess thing will go.

The writers are DYING for Ford to be redeemed! It's so effing obvious. I'm here to remind everyone...he raped Jessica in case you peeps forgot. It's apparent they want to keep him and they are using Tess and a toddler to try and humanize him. Lord have mercy. LOL Inez is keeping Ryder? God help us.

Nigel! Nigel! Nigel!!! God what a treat to see this man!

I adore Rama...and that luggage, heavens! Also, she can throw her bags at Aubrey all day long. WAIT....ok, so I do NOT like Aubs running shit at the Buch mansion! I don' all. Who is this bitch?! Anyway, Rama owns Aubs and I LOVE it. atrocious is that "Aubrey Wentworth" pic out of the yearbook. It is so damn awful looking, I'm sorry. Y'all know it! Admit it.

Oooh...courtroom full of vets! And Rex...ugh. I tell you what he is getting on my nerves. And, I had become quite fond of him. Despite the fact that I hate he hangs out more with Bo than Matthew but Rex is good in my eyes. of late, ummm not so much. He peaked with me when he saved Nora and was sooooo considerate and awesome and then he kinda started grating on my last nerve after that. He is like a leech...has to grab on to Bo and tag along and he just says stupid things as of late. LOL...St. Blazes?! What a hellhole! ha. Clint is right about everything...sonofabitch! Nothing can be pinned on him right now. He has an answer for everything!!!! God Bo, I love you almost more than I love Ross but you have GOT to stop trying to arrest Clint at every damn waking moment! Please wait until you have something solid. Please! You're my smarter than this!

Has Nora spoken a word today? Wait...she said "motive" and "justified" so that's good enough. I'm fine with just watching her facial expressions the whole show every now and then. Between her and Vicki's reactions, I'm entertained and they don't even have to talk because they are that awesome!

FACT: They dressed Nora better when she lived AT the Buchanan Mansion. She had more casual and cute clothes she got to bounce around in. I'm tired of this gray suit with different tops underneath. She is too pretty for this...please fix this. I know she's in court but I'm making a point. Hell, while I'm at it, Vicki wears the same clothes a lot, too. Let's fix this, too. I'll keep many military-like leather and denim jackets does Rex have? God, how many plaid shirts does Gigi own. Ok...I'm stopping.

LOL...Clint placed incriminating evidence at the Carriage House?! ha! Rex is a private eye and can't find the shit at his own house. He is THE BEST in town, right?! My ass. And Rex punched Clint...nice. God, after the punch was thrown and Clint left the only people who were making sense were Nora and Vicki. Rex and Bo were running a muck!!!

Joey, let Rama and Aubrey talk big girl talk and you go and ride (or attempt to ride) your tricycle out in that fake scenery. Grown-ups can't have grown-up talk when the kiddies are around. Silly rabbit...

Lord...David and Dorian. They are so....I can't put my finger on it. They are definitely entertaining but I still find them weird together. Do y'all? I have to say (I've been saying this for awhile) Robin Strasser is looking effing awesome (like a Golden Goose) and surrounded by two hot men...GOOD FOR HER! haha...David called Cutter a louse. This show uses that word a lot. Odd. Anyway...good for Dorian!!! She is a hot-blooded woman and David left her so she can do as she damn well pleases...amen! Dorian wears a lot of rings on her fingers...hmmm. Ok...and David and Dorian in bed together were hilarious/adorable/strange/awkward/wonderful. I just can't quite describe them. Now Dorian is pretending to shoot a machine words.

The evil bitch in me wants Bo to be like "Fine Rex, testify since you owe me." However, my soft side wins...ugh. I want them to still have a good relationship...dammit.

OMG Poor Christian. He serves ZERO purpose!!!! Why is he on the show!? He is a good actor and attractive but it's insulting to bring him on once every two weeks for this shit. He is such a prop for other storylines!

Capricorn looks like a shitty club. The background music is effing painful. Ugh.

God...when Kelly calls Joey even I get annoyed. She bothers him constantly.

Dorian's nightgown and robe = AWESOME TOWN!

FACT: David Vickers Buchanan looks tres awkward holding a shotgun!!! Dear God! Not believable AT ALL!

Where is Marty?! DAMMIT TO HELL!!!! Where is Matthew?! Dammit!

No previews...double boo! I'm so ready for this Eddie Ford killer stuff to start...ah!

Hmmm...wonder if Christian will be on again this week? Even bigger question...will he be at Capricorn or at LU?! OMG the anticipation is killing me!!!

See you tomorrow darlings!

kiss kiss,


  1. I absolutely adore David and Dorian together. As strange as it seems, I think they are at their best when they are together. I was so annoyed with the whole Ray Montez breaking up their marriage and then getting written off the show immediately thing. Also, what's up with Rex climbing on furniture after Clint walks out? That was really strange.

    Maybe Christian likes to hang out with Oliver and Kyle while they raise Sierra Rose? Ya know, because Christian and Fish were BFF before he was written off the show without actually moving out of Llanview. Didn't Layla call him when she thought Christian was going to propose? Anyway, maybe that's why we don't see too much of Christian? He adds nothing to any of these storylines. And he's definitely gone south in the cuteness factor, too. (Also, maybe Gigi needs to spend some extra quality time with her niece that she wanted to have custody of. Shane too, so we can move on from the NuJack/asthma storyline.)

  2. Desi,

    I am with you 100 percent, I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee David and Dorian. I'm watching them now and laughing my head off. Please tell me this is the last season of Desperate Housewives so we can have Tuc back fulltime.

    And kudos to Clint, Jerry V plays a villiany almost as well as Phil Carey (Asa).

    And yes, Rex climbing on courtroom furniture is odd, but Rex is odd.

    And I'll actually donate money to 1) move on from the NuJack storyline (which is still inexplicable to me because Jack used to be a decent kid) and 2) to buy Joey a clue.

  3. ME-

    Almost forgot to add that I'm with you, too. I love me some Nigel.

  4. @Desi and @Kendall I do love Dorian and David put I just don't have a proper adjective to describe my feelings. They are hilarious, yet kinda cooky. Adorable, yet awkward. I can't describe it. Anyway, I usually don't ever get too invested in them because I just KNOW that Tuc Watkins has to leave for Desperate Housewives...ugh! I wish he would stay! Then he could get some really good storylines and be the good old David he used to be. It may indeed be the last season for DH so let's hope.
    OMG...I'd prostitute myself on the corner if I knew that the NuJack storyline would go away...OMG. I effing despise it! It gets worse each time they show it. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Joey will never get a clue. Rex climbing on furniture is not surprising because it's Rex, but that was entertaining.
    LOL...Yes, Christian is hanging out with Oliver and Kyle and Sierra. He eats Sunday dinners with Carlotta at her house or at the diner. He has slumber parties with Renee, Nigel, Addie and Marty and they play Monopoly and shit. ;)

  5. ME-

    I understand what you mean about not wanting to get too invested in D & D. I don't know why they have David make these big ridiculously dramatic exits. Can't they just be married and have him commute to work on various random film projects? It's not like they show Dorian that much anyway (unfortunately). Or they could just tell us that David is hanging with the ever absent Matthew (who I hear will be on tomorrow). One thing I hope to see before Tuc goes again is one scene with him and his BFF Destiny. The two of them are hilarious together.

    I laughed out loud at your comments about NuJack. Do kids get bullied about Asthma? Hmm. They should have kept old Jack and had someone bigger Bully him. My only hope is that if something happens to Shane, they have enough to lock NuJack up long enough to be recast.

  6. DAVID!
    This is the first time they have LET David be three dimensional in a long time. I liked seeing him challenge Dorian's rationale for not trusting in him.

    @Mija... I know what you mean about Dorian and David, but I love the two of them together...

    I am also disappointed in how the show is wasting Christian. They made him an island by getting rid of his family and Layla. They have regulated him to being the town gossip and Kramer woman BFF. Maybe they will put Christian with Rema... who will surely divorce Vimal because of his long sentence.

    @Kendall, there was a writer who made a great suggestion on how the bullying storyline SHOULD have gone. Shane could have been the bully to old Jack. He is bigger, has cool young parents and is now a Buchannan. He could have easily been jealous of old Jack and picked on him because of his parent's colorful history in a way to gain popularity. You are absolutely right that kids don't get picked on for having asthma... nor do they get picked on for being artist... usually that makes them super cool... look at Christian...

    I also agree that they should let David and Dorian get married; and let him leave to do outrageous HaveASeat related events... the HaveASeat convention... the HaveASeat feature film... etc...

  7. Ok, Rex looked like a monkey on meth yesterday. Between his weird facial expressions, he twitching body, and his inability to get what was really going on. Stupid idiot can't think beyond himself. Get him away from my Bo and Nora. Keep him with his baby mama so can FF his twitchyness. And I was so ready to give him another chance after he saved Nora, that didn't last long.

    Love myself some evil Clint. Got to admit Clint is my father's age, but I jump his bones given the chance.

    Ok, I've got to disagree with you on one thing. Rama, she annoys me to no end. I like that someone has Aubrey by the balls, but Rama is making is sooooo obvious that she has something over Aubrey. Everyone, even Joey is suspicious because the Rama can't figure out how to be a little more subtle.

    David and Dorian need to get married and stay marred! Let Dorian finally have a man!

  8. I swear it was like you were inside my head when you wrote this!! Everything you wrote was exactly everything I have been thinking. I wish they would get a new story for Christian though he is def a hottie and would be sad to see him go!! I am new the blogging world so please let me know if I don't post right or something lol!!

  9. Try and post quick on my lunch break...

    @Kendall I pray to God they are not doing a teen suicide or attempted suicide story with this but it looks like they are headed in that direction. I'll never be able to stomach NuJack. EVER! I adored the old one and he is irreplaceable in my eyes...whannn! I need Vickers to stay around. I read that he and Dorian get married so what is gonna happen? Is he just be on the show but off camera or will he pull another stunt and bail on Dorian...grrr.

    @Akesha's embarrassing what they are doing to Christian!!! The Vega family is basically wiped out on the show and they only bring him on every couple of weeks out of obligation, I'm sure. UGH! If I were him, I'd feel so damn insulted!

    @MojoMiller LOL yes crystal meth! That is exactly how he was acting. Oh...and I love Clint and his looks. Sadly, I'd jump him or Bo and I'm not even 30. I have NO SHAME! I've loved JVD since GL when he was younger and I've loved Bo since the moment I first saw him. Nothing the matter with it! ;) Oh...and it's okay to disagree, dear. I understand if you don't like Rama. I just find her enjoyable (maybe because I find her so beautiful and sassy?) But you have a point with her being sooooo obvious. Ok...about David and Dorian, glad they are getting married but then what? As I mentioned in an above post, does he leave the show because of something? Or will he just be her hubby off camera and mentioned from time to time (like Kyle and Fish)? Curious.

    @MissKatie haha! glad we think the same because God knows a lot of people probably disagree with me! Great minds think alike. ;)I just don't know what they are gonna do with Christian at this point. He really has no ties to the canvas currently. But, it's embarrassing what they are doing to him. Oh, and you posted perfectly fine! Gosh, I'm new to the blogging world to. If you read some of my first posts you can tell I clearly did NOT know what I was doing! ah!

  10. Just found this blog, Im watching 3/21's episode right now!!

  11. Hi Sunny! Welcome...hope you like it! :)