Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paging Jean Randolph

Jean Randolph: "God, is it time for me to come in and fix shit? I'm afraid so."

Love...that's right! LOVE for you people. I feel like I can't let y'all down despite my, I love posting and reading your comments. This will be another random, type as I watch post. I'm sorry. It's the only way I can do this until I feel better. Oh, I know I'm not supposed to but I had to sip on a margarita on the rocks (a healthy, fresh little one) to relax. It helps my throat. ;) here's the deal. It's abundantly clear with the whole OLTL viewing audience that Vicki's life is in a tailspin (HELLO?! Have you seen the Charlie/Echo spoilers coming up?!). Who better than to get Vicki's life back in order than Jean effing Randolph!? Jean is literally the "mother" of all of Vicki's alters because she takes care of shit and gets the job done. Therefore, Jean needs to surface (just for a few weeks) and fix the shit show that her daughters are performing in right now. Deal with her marriage (i.e. kick Echo's ass out and divorce Charlie) and set Clint straight, too. Hell, while she's at it...please remove the corn cob from Matthew's ass. Make Lang's movie start tomorrow so she has to leave. Find James a boyfriend. You get the hint. I'm over multiple personalities, but I now believe only Jean can fully straighten shit out once and for all. Is it time for Jean? As Queen Victoria would say "I'm afraid so."

On to Vicki and Clint...these two are effing GREAT together yet their scenes are about 2 seconds...ugh! And...the background at the Buch mansion is still shit town. Woof. Damn...Vickster is a cool, calm and collected bitch! Then she throws out that she doesn't know Clint anymore after all the years she has known him. Queen Vic you don't know the half of it...lord. Wait...I'm pissed. Ok...I was hoping they would get longer more into the show but these Clint/Vick scenes are WAY TOO SHORT! UGH! I mean, come on OLTL. You have to pay them for this episode so utilize them. :( Wait...Nigel's day off? Is that what Clint said? I would love to know how much he's paid. Love that Vicki said Dr. Levin is Jessica's only hope....hahahahahaha! Hilarious!

Snap...did y'all hear the news? Brian Kerwin (aka Chuckles Banks) is leaving OLTL. There has been no confirmation from ABC or mags but all the websites are saying it so there ya go.

Todd's being a punk. Woof. Tomas is more attractive. Todd could NEVER control you Blair?! REALLY!? REALLY!? What kind of a line was that? I thought the writers were supposed to deliver with Blair and Tomas but their scenes need to improve and now Blair is spouting off hogwash like that.

Todd and Tea's scenes were kinda weird. "Hey listen I think I'm gonna have your brother deported." LOL! Their convo was odd outside the diner. Todd was like "oh he's goin' after Blair." Tea says "no, he's a citizen." Then she just leaves...ha!

The music playing at Rodi's is what they play at weird bars that read poetry and everyone wears black clothing and drinks absinthe.

Natty...if you keep telling John that Liam is his son then maybe he will forgive you. NOT. Good luck for you that baby is really gonna be his...and this will destroy Marty's character in the process. Ugh. Sidenote: Brody doesn't do it for me lately. Melissa Archer is such a good actress and in scenes with her he is boring. She can cry ON THE SPOT like no other. Very impressive. Yes...Kelly is ripping John's clothes off every minute, Natalie. Deal with it. Liam loves that what you said?! Liam loves the Miles Davis jazz you've been playing...that's it.

Whoa...WTF?! Gutherie the new attorney? Terrible actor, by the way.

F*@k me...Langston. Explode on command please...would you? AND...Ford and that baby! The baby is adorable but Ford being like "he's figuring things out." Hush. Right now Ford, hush. Wait...dammit. He looks cute with the baby...ugh! He does. I can't help it. Where is this heart when I need to forgive Natalie? Langston loving Ford as a dad all of a sudden...I dunno how I feel about it.

Wow!!! That James and Starr scene where his towel dropped was HILARIOUS and BEYOND AWESOME! How great was that?! Do y'all think I'm being serious? Take a guess? The verdict: No. I was not serious. That was dumb/lame as shit. Babies need fresh air...profound James. Starr: "My Aunt Vicki might be losing her mind." ha! HELLO! Let's hope Jean takes over! ;)

Is Tess horny all the time or just using it as a tool? Or did she really want to eff James but just not Ford? WTF.

Ok...normally, I wouldn't post this but I have to because it was random/funny. So when Ford started making out with Lang after he signed the papers, Ross was like "I mean, does Langston have a golden vagina? Why does he like her damn much?" Spoken like a true man. Hell, it probably is. Her terribleness is out of control so there has to be something good there for people to enjoy. Must be that. Nice point Ross. So insightful.

John and Todd. It's amazing how much cooler John is than Todd right now. Mind boggling really.

I can only look at Tomas for so long. He and Blair need to make steps. I'll settle for baby ones at this rate. Hell, I'll take Joey Buchanan pace...anything!

Another WTH? How often do Tea and Clint have scenes together? Quarter to never. Hmmm.

Wow....the show ended with a sniper?

Did anyone follow this post? I couldn't and I wrote it. I'm all over the place. God, my apologies!

YES!!!! Dorian/Vicki/Bo/Clint...awesome! Bring on tomorrow and bring on next Tuesday...ALEX OLANOV!!!! Be still my heart!

Goodnight to you all!


  1. i agree with everything you write! except i have a question--did you always hate langston or just after she got involved with Ford, because i thought the character (and the actress) had SOOOO much potential and then was ruined by Ford

  2. Gosh...Langston. Yes, at one point I thought she had so much potential. Her little backstory was good and the whole Ray Montez/BE/Dorian fiasco was interesting. Once that was over...Langston became pretty uninteresting and I didn't care for her scenes with Robin Strasser all that much. Then...Ford killed her beyond the point of redemption, in my opinion. Not to mention, instead of saying "important" she says "im-por-ent" and it drives me nuts. ;) Hope this explains my disdain a bit!

  3. Was there something other than Viki and Clint? Because that is all I watched.
    Saw a bit of Ford with Ryder and actually got ill.
    I too am very excited about Alex!!! She is my second favorite Llanview lady of all time, after our beloved Nora of course. Only wish we could have some Nora/Alex scenes, those always rocked my world.

  4. @mojomiller hahaha! You know, if I didn't do this blog then I'd do like you and only watch my favorites. But...I have to watch the WHOLE thing. Including the teen scene. Now come summer, I might not be able to emotionally handle that. Only time will tell. ;)

    Oh good god! I FLOVE Alex! I miss her oh so much! Like you, I LOVE Alex and Nora together, too. It was great comedy. "Oh Nora we are so much alike." LOVE it! Too bad we can't see them together. =( However, I'm looking forward to the Bo/Alex stuff. Should be good!

  5. Loved the headline!!! Jean Randolph is my favorite alter ever and I would love to see her fixing all this craziness in her cold cold way.

    Charlie is leaving...oh happy day. No words for how much I dislike this bore.

    Todd is a punk- all of this is only okay if it is setting up that he is NOT TODD. Otherwise, I am beyond mad at the show for further destroying Todd.

    Is it wrong that I enjoy every time Natalie catches Kelly/John?

    Starr's lack of any concern for anything beyond the Ford brothers is also not okay. I actually really liked Ford/Lang (I know, I know- I just hated Markko and enjoyed watching her cheat) and I was sad about them ending. At this point though, she's becoming stupid and Ford/Tess are great. I wish Tess would accidentally kill her somehow to bring back the Viki/Dorian feud and give Robin and Kristen and maybe Ford some great scenes.

    Hoping for more Ford/Ryder cuteness and Alex awesomeness next week. Feel better!

  6. Yeah, I actually liked seeing Ford with the baby. He can be redeemed. Is David actually coming back for real? I didn't see him on the Comings and Goings. I love him and Dorian together. They crack me up. Isn't he on "Desperate Housewives" though? I have never seen that show, but I think that's why he keeps going away and coming back, right?

    Anyway, I wanted to slap Natalie in the face when she said that Liam loves John so much. Um, hello? That little boy doesn't even know John. John has been out of his life longer than he was in it at this point.

  7. P.S. Thanks for the props about my blog. I miss Starbucks and can't wait for the day we are together again. ;-)

  8. @Lauren Jean is MY fav of Vicki's alters, too! I'm telling you she would straighten shit out! And, yep, Charlie is leaving! Have you read the Charlie/Echo spoilers for next week?! Check them out...crazy. Agree about Todd. This better be the fake Todd because I hate this one and nothing is changing my mind. No, I love it when Natty catches Jelly in the act, too! You are NOT alone, dear. Ford/Tess could be awesome but I'm sure boring ass Jessica will make a comeback. *Yawn* Gosh...great Tess idea! The possibilities are endless with that one!

    @Desi You're quite welcome with the shout out! Agreed...Ford can be redeemed. Despite his sleazy ways in the past, DG is a good actor and can probably pull off the redemption. Yes...David is indeed back next week. I know for sure next Friday because he catches Dorian in a compromising position (this is after Bo and Rex bring him home). Yes, he is on Desperate Housewives. That is why he isn't on the canvas year round. Good God...Natalie is driving me crazy with this "Liam loves/needs you" shit. That baby doesn't know he exists! Ah!