Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Burgers and Bullies

John: "Yes, I want to have sex with you but my true motive is to get you out of this graphic print shirt. I'd prefer if you wore a solid shirt every now and then. Please...for me?"

Hello darlings! I'm sick as a damn dog...ugh! I felt it coming on last night but it hit me hard this afternoon. Thankfully, I'm now on medicine (although a bit hazy) so my post will be quick tonight. Sorry. Also, my thoughts are random since I'm typing as I watch the show. The medicine is probably gonna make me silly sounding on here. Let's see if I can do this...

Nu-Jack is the WORST actor ever...fact! My dog would be a better bully to Wheezy than this tall, douchebag, Justin Bieber configuration that they are calling Jack Manning. The story sucks, too. Shane is failing trying to get that box back. Nu-Jack's sidekick is so much shorter than Shane! This storyline is not believable and absurd. So Shane is getting harassed and now they are setting him up to steal shit...yeah right.

Who in the eff is that new Rodi's worker? It looks like he is wearing a black body suit.

DAMN John and Kelly! Y'all are two hormonal teenagers...Lord have mercy! Please keep it up! WAIT! They just stopped! Kelly just pulled a Dan-YELLA on John's ass.

Tea knows Gigi's work schedule?! REALLY?! And like Tomas gives a f&@k about Gigi having a kid, etc.'s official. I wish Tomas and Tea were NOT related because I want them together. Ted King is exquisite to look at...he is. Lord help me! P.S. those burgers looked like smashed ass. I wouldn't eat them. The bottle of Jim Daniels is just hangin' out on the table behind Tomas. Nice.

Yep...that green cardigan has to be Farah Fath's. FACT: Gigi has the WORST handwriting EVER!!!!! And this bitch is supposed to be good with a paint brush?! Puh-Leeze!!!!! OMG was that chicken scratch or what?! Natalie...STFU. How many random coat racks are there at the Buenos Dias?! I think Gigi could find another job. Maybe at an art gallery?

Clint/Aubs...please have sex now. You two are Purrrrrr-fect for each other! You know when Clint told Aubrey "well played" that SHE wanted to maybe make-out with him. Damn...looks like they didn't put up a new background at the Buch mansion. Renee needs to hurry up and finish her artwork! ;) Oh snap...the jump drive ALMOST had penetration...but not 100%. Ross just told me "no matter what, Clint wins." I agree. Ross doesn't offer a lot of insightful OLTL commentary but when he does I give him credit. Clint is just riding the gravy train right now.

OMG JOEY!!!! Good God! Explode! Die! Leave my screen! Way to go! Really?! You really told your dad that Nora told you everything?!?! Dammit! Number 1...Don't betray my favorite character like that!!!! And...Number 2, ALL progress you made yesterday is now lost! You just don't learn do you Joe?! Idiot! Then crushing the jump God. He is a walking, talking douche.

These Blair/Toad scenes are falling flat. Maybe if she was talking to the REAL Todd then I'd be interested. Hmmmm. Todd calling the state dept. was kinda funny, though. Blair is a hot little thing huh?

And...Todd made a mini redemption in my eyes with the snarky "you gonna graduate this year" comment to Gigi. Very nice.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Natalie walked in on Jelly! I love how Natty keeps walking in on John. Oh.Hell.Yes!!!!! Thank you John EFFING McBain for calling Gigi out for lying about Shane's father and then saying Natalie might have gotten the idea from her! YES! Thank you! I've been DYING for this to be said and the writers let the new badass John McBain deliver it. Awesome town. Were you always this cruel or was I just so in love with you I didn't see it?! You're killing me Natalie, killing me! And, I already feel like shit today and you're just adding to it!!!! I'm outraged! Now you throw Liam in it...hush dammit! You are the selfish one here! Let John be!

OMG! Nu-Jack's scenes with Blair and Todd are PAINFUL!!!!!! William Hung (remember him?) from American Idol back in 2004 would be a better Jack Manning than this dipshit.

I know Shane's getting bullied and all but he is being pansy ass.

Dammit Joey! NOW you're telling Kelly that Aunt Nora suspects Clint! I'm hating you right now...ugh! Now you're mad at Kelly for trying to get a piece of ass. Unbelievable.

Aubrey, I've got you right where I want you...nice Clint. Love you. And he called Joey a sucker. This man is gold.

Ooooh Tomas and Todd. This could be's hoping it will be. Please tomorrow...deliver.

Ok...Mija's on meds and is peacing out for the night! Hope you all followed my random commentary. I'm sure it was a difficult task! See you tomorrow!



  1. 1. I want old Jack back. Now.

    2. I want old Todd back too.

    3. I love John and Kelly. I love Natalie walking in on John and Kelly. Please please please more John and Kelly!

  2. Nu-Jack sucks, but so does Shane. This bullying story is a waste of my time, don't care. I have asthma, never got bullied about it, in fact when I had attacks it would scare the crap out of the other kids. Then for the next few days they all ask me if I was okay.

    Natalie went from being one my favorites to a character I despise. Ugh, like she has any rights to judge anyone right now. Go crawl in a corner and die Natalie. And PLEASE can at least one character not defend her and tell John he is right about how he is feeling and NOT tell him he still loves Natalie.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. What no comment about Natalie putting Kelly in her place. I get you don't like Natalie, but please, Kelly has done much worse yet you don't seem to have a problem with her.

  4. @Anonymous I may have to address this in my next post. See, if I were writing a blog back when Kelly and Duke did their business...or anytime she was awful to Kevin for that matter, then I'd be bashing Kelly left and right. The problem is that I started doing this blog when Natalie was in the THICK of all her lying. I have loved Natalie since she arrived on the show (and a lot of people didn't like her then). I hold her to a higher standard than Kelly so her lying outrages me more and more...and her hypocrisy. I don't hold Kelly to that high of a standard. I'm sure if Kevin were on the show right now then I'd be bashing Kelly because I'm sure she would just break his heart. =(

    @happyfaces and me are in agreement on everything!

    @Mojomiller You're right...Shane sucks, too. And this storyline is like an effing nightmare.
    Like you, Natalie used to be one of my FAVORITE characters. The writing for her now is nothing short of character assassination in my eyes and it's just sad. I do think Melissa Archer is an excellent actress, though. I'm tired of the whole damn town defending her, too. Thanks for the get well wishes. I still feel like crap. =(

  5. I keep read an article on how people were excited about Nu-Jack and his storyline and how well Shane has been with all of his stories, and I have never liked him ever, its ridiculous. And the whole time Nu-Jack was with Toad and Blair, it looked like he was reading off cue-cards literally right off camera, it was really painful to watch.

    Tea, I can't believe you also defended Natalie. That disappoints me. If just one person calls Natalie out, that will make me happy, even Kelly was trying to convince him for a little bit! Crazy!

  6. Thanks for answering me re Natalie and Kelly. I didn't realize that you were a fan of Melissa Archer, I just started reading your blog. I can appreciate that you hate what the character of Natalie is doing and further appreciate that you don't bash the actress because you don't like the character like so many others do. Kudos to you for that.

    Enjoy your day and happy blogging :)

    Hope you feel better soon.


  7. @Suzanne Anytime! Feel free to comment or criticize or whatever you feel...I dish it so I can take it. ;) And, for the record, I think Melissa Archer is phenomenal...and beautiful! Poor thing can't control what the writer's pens (or laptops) write, ya know? I'm sure I'll warm up to Natty again. Just not anytime soon probably. And, no, I don't bash the actor themselves because I like all of them and appreciate their work. (EXCEPT when Langston says "impor-ent" instead of "important." Or, I'll call someone out on something egregiously awful...but that usually doesn't happen.)
    Thanks for the get well wishes! Have a nice weekend!