Thursday, March 3, 2011

Surely I Watched the Wrong Show Today. This is NOT the OLTL as of Late...Is It??

Starr: "Don't worry Dani. I bet that mean blogger, Mary-Ella, is the only person who hated the fact that we ruined today's episode. I bet everyone else was okay with it."

Oh. My. God. I almost didn't post because I just have nothing to all, really. The ONLY reason I am not chalking this up as the absolute WORST episode of OLTL is because, surprise surprise, Bo and Nora were in it and I'll take them whenever and however. Yes, even if that means THE EFFING TEENS TAKING UP THE WHOLE EFFING SHOW!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I was watching one of those teen shows on ABC Family instead of just good ole' regular ABC. Surely....please tell me that's what happened!

I'm so speechless. All I can crank out about the teens is that I was absolutely horrified watching them hog my damn screen. Also, I don't want to see Dan-YELLA and Nate about to get it on. Ross was watching with me and the jokes/comments he was making about Dan-YELLA bailing on Nate at the very last minute were lewd, yet hilarious. I think they are too inappropriate to post on here but please feel free to use your imagination. Oh, and the dialogue between Starr and James made me want to walk into oncoming traffic. Oh dear God. With all that "warm me up shit" I was about to lose my damn mind. I'm just so horrified and shocked they hogged the show that I'm too speechless to write anything. You know, there for a minute I was excited because I noticed that there were only about 10 characters on today's show and not a lot of quick scenes. So I thought today would be great...ummmm not so much. All I know is that if OLTL keeps this shit up then I'm just gonna watch online when I know my characters are on because I can't take this terribleness often. Egregious!!! People don't like all this!!!!

God...go on and just finish me off because Inez surfaced today. Of course she would...this bitch's timing is impeccable. Icing on the cake...thanks, Inez. Oh, the Todd/Inez scenes were just effing weird. So Roxy just left Inez there? Really? Oh, and was Inez under the dryer? Her hair was twisted up in a damn clip. There was no color on her hair was there? I think I missed all of that. Anyway, I hated this scene, too. Woof. And, I'm tired of Toad acting like this...over it, OLTL. Who is this Todd? He is Toad until you fix him.

Rex and Gigi. Well, Gigi is always a thorn in my side, but I guess I'm glad she told Rex to go after Bo and try and rekindle their bromance. I'd do the same thing if I were her. Eh...I don't feel sorry for Rex right now. That's it. I've got nothin' else to bitch about with them either!

God, you know the show was bad because I've even got a bone to pick with Nora...damn. It pains me to do this but I might as well since I've been Debbie Downer during this whole post. This taking up for Rex thing...give me an effing break. Firstly, I hate that Bo/Nora/Matthew aren't shown together more as a family. Hell, maybe if they were then Matthew wouldn't be such a douchebag right now. It seems they are so effing consumed with Rex and his problems and his love for Bo. But, Matthew is morphing into mini Clint with the help of some cheap ass hair gel and a shitty attitude...but that's okay. WOOF! Secondly, come on Nora Hanen! If Bo were saying some mess like that to you and Rachel was in Morocco then YOU KNOW DAMN GOOD AND WELL that you would chew his ass out! Of course, Bo and David's relationship is not like Nora and Rachel's (granted, we are all pretending this is like awesome Rachel from the 90's. Specifically Rachel #1.) but still....come on. What Rex did was horrible and Bo can certainly be mad for quite awhile if he damn well pleases. However, of course I'm gonna try and justify Nora defending Rex. Maybe she is defending him because ummm Bo can be very unforgiving, especially to loved he can take a decade to forgive. Pretty long, ya think? So, maybe I see where she was coming from but since the show was so bad....this upset me. It was very nice of Nora to tell Bo to bring him back to us. So good on her for being a team player. Dammit. I almost forgot. I know that Rex and Bo are off together (yes, Rex joins him) for like 2 weeks or some shit. Ugh. Ok...I can't say anything else mean. I will say that I'm just so damn grateful Nora and Bo were on today to somewhat salvage what was on our screens today. So, thanks you two...I'm very serious! Oh, and I did enjoy some good Bo/Nora affection but I'm still upset. Whannnn!

And...I'm glad the Gigi/Nora scene was short because I'm just not down with them being in a bunch of scenes together. Thank God it's rare when they do.

Marty is on tomorrow but I'm not even that excited because I'm still livid about today! Dammit, OLTL, look what you have done!

Ok, let's just all hope and pray tomorrow is better. I think I'm gonna do another Eddie Ford post but I want to do a poll. I did a Eddie Ford post back in December but I may do it again. I haven't read hardly any spoilers on it. So, maybe we could all vote or something and see. It could be fun because really none of us know, ya know? Hell, you know that's better than reading another rant like today. God, I hope I never have to post something like this again for awhile.

I'm going to have a glass of wine...or a few. I'm sorry for spewing negativity on your computer screens today! It pains me, really. =(

Later you lovely readers! Tomorrow Tomorrow!


I'm not even signing this "mija" I'm THAT furious with the show today.


  1. How the hell can Inez afford to get her hair done when she doesn't even have a job?!?! It should be Suave city for that whack job. Soo over Toad. Oh, and what is up with that tiny little girly purse gun? I almost laughed when I saw that. If he is gonna walk around with that "wanna be badass" attitude he needs to be packing a man gun. Loser. Anywho, hope your job is going great!

  2. Just wanted to chime in - cuz I thought you would be envious.... I was called Mija for REAL and for TRUE today by a lovely woman from CA today. I was dying inside cuz I was thinking of my Tea and you! I had to put the woman on mute cuz I was chuckling! I AM the REAL MIJA! I provided her with supreme customer service and because of that I was deamed mija. It warmed my heart! Totally worth going to work today. I wanted her to hold me close to her and comfort me. LOL!

  3. You pretty much summed up all my feelings on this one. Very disappointing, especially after the previous show was pretty good. They can't all be great, thats why I watch two soaps, OLTL and Y&R, they usually do well to offset each other.

    But did anybody catch when Todd busted into the cabin and the door almost slammed back in his face? That made me laugh so hard for some reason, because I'm sure it wasn't on purpose but after a shitty episode, they probably didn't care much to retake!

  4. I pretty much agree with on everything today. I had to check the temperature outside, because for second I thought was the summer, usually the only time the teens take over.
    I actually watched the show in less than 15 minutes! Watched Bo and Nora, and tiny bit of Rex and Gigi.
    Oh, that Nora/Gigi scene was weird! I hope we never have to see those two together again. Gigi isn't worthy to be in Nora's presence anyways.

  5. Yup - purty lame. Had the same eye-roller over the bad logic of the salon scene - did everyone completely forget their brains that day?

    Only thing I liked with the younguns was Starr and Dani making each other promise to not make their entire lives about reacting to papa toad.

    FF through most all of it and made myself feel better by watching an hour of old Todd/Blair clips and drinking up some Medoc. Watched the series of scenes betwixt Blair shooting Max and the Hell No wedding. So agonizing and so AWEOME.

    So glad I figured out how to watch Youtube clips on my widescreen TV - those old VCR images are still kinda crappy but better than on my computer.

  6. @Katie're so right! How CAN she afford it? Good point. I have thought that on other occassions with her but not this one. haha! Over Toad? You and me both sista! He can take his toy gun and leave town at this rate...OVER HIM! Oh, and thanks! Job is going really well. Love it!

    @Lynette...GET OUT! Are you serious?! That is hysterical! You just completely made my day. I'm glad to see others are out there using it as much as the OLTL community is. Too funny! You should get every customer to call you that from now on!

    @YoSammity...haha. My fiance said the SAME THING about Todd! The door back in the face was awesome. Loved it. Yes, and coming off of Wednesday this epi sucked. I think it will pick back up with the Eddie Ford stuff and the David/Alex stuff.

    @mojomiller OMG...agreed. The Bo/Nora stuff was great because they had an actual conversation basically the whole show and I'm ALL about that but you're right about the summer time thing! ha! I think they took up 30ish minutes of the show. Woof. Oh, and Nora/Gigi weird. Maybe because Nora towers over her...not sure. Hope this is a rare occurance.

    @cri*cri Oh....thank God for youtube, right? I feel the same way. I can watch a lot of Bo and Nora stuff and look up and hours have passed! Eh...not so much anymore, but when I was bored in law school I'd do that. ;) I agree...glad Dan-YELLA and Starr decided to stand up against Toad. I need old Todd Manning back asap because this little imposter, Toad, is KILLING me lately. He has become beyond annoying!