Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Can Give You Something Clint Can't

Alex: "Ugh...all the teens on this show now. I'm so much more fabulous than them. Those bitches could learn a thing or two from me."

Almost Hump Day! I'm hurrying and posting because I have to get ready for a work trip to Baltimore at the crack of dawn in the morning (I'm getting up at 3:30 a.m.....dear God). Today was good...except I did cringe for a bit during some parts...but overall it was good! Let's do this...

Ok...so after being shown these Moroccan cabanas and now cabanas at St. Blazes, I officially want to go on a vacation!!! Ugh. We are thinking of going on our honeymoon to either Bermuda or the Maldives but I'm thinking St. Blazes is a better option. Anyway...I'm saving this Alex/Bo business later on.

haha..."Here's a note from Bobby: Took Ryder to see Inez." LOL. Really? Lord knows she'll abandon the child if you leave Ryder with her for too long. Let's hope Ford stays with Ryder! The Starr and James scenes were okay...maybe because they were pretty quick.

This Todd thing is not doing it for me. hahaha! This ER team is the WORST I've ever seen on television!!! Despite the fact that I hate this storyline, I do like Tea and Dan-YELLA as a mother daughter team. I think they seem genuine. Now, I don't agree with Tea's sex advice and yes Dan-YELLA gets on my nerves but for the most part...they are good together...ALONE...with no Toad!

OMG...this doctor SUCKS ASS!!! Also...all they say in Llanview is "touch and go" in an emergency situation. Please say something else from time to time.

I would help Tomas with his bandages if he needed any help. Ooohhhh...look at Blair Cramer in that vibrant purple! Gorg! Tomas is a sneaky little bastard huh? I STILL can't figure out what is up with this dude. I can't comment too much because I got nothin'. I hate being in the dark so much. GRRRRRR

hahaha! Tea was like don't worry because John McBain is on the case. And then Blair says "well then it's just a matter of time." LOL before what, Blair? That McBain reaches for more Jim Daniels. Matter of time before he joins AA? Your hopes of solving a case are grim at best.

Awe...Starr was sweet with Todd. I'll say that. Then she was interrupted by that douche of a doctor. Ugh.

It's kind of disturbing that everyone is like "Come back so you can yell at me!" WTF?

HELLLOOOO Alex!!!! I must say Tonya Walker has aged well. They have her dressed in very Alex-like clothing. So that's a positive. She's still sassy and saucy...so good stuff.
ha! "You look absolutely marvelous? Is Nora with you? Uh...no. That must be why!" haha. Lord...at least her comments haven't changed one single bit!

Whoa! They are milking the Bo and Alex history for all it's worth to save David's precious ass. LORD TODAY...I did NOT know there was going to be an Alex/Bo make-out session!!! No spoilers mentioned this at all. Now...I don't mind because it's patently obvious he is totally using Alex (and she sooooo knows it yet doesn't give a shit) just to get David back. I totally get it. Nora would do it if placed in Bo's place, I'm sure of it. HOWEVER, I have a problem with the INTENSITY of Bo and Alex's make-out session. My God, he and Nora haven't gone to town like that since the 1990's but the writers are gonna show us Bo act like this with....Alex?!?! It's this that outrages me. Ugh...I could talk about this for days. I will say this...Bo chose his words INCREDIBLY carefully when talking to Alex. He is on a mission...give him that. Lord..."I can give you something Clint can't." Where was this when you were trying to get Nora back?! That would have been all it took! "I want you to make me purr." Good Lord! This language is like watching Cinemax after midnight! Regardless, I adore Alex and she needs to be on the canvas permanently. Her spunk and quick wit are needed.

LOL...Ross just looked over and was like "you are REALLY uncomfortable watching this aren't you?" I didn't realized but I was grimacing the WHOLE time Bo/Alex made-out. I was so uncomfortable! I felt like my dad was cheating on my mom. Just no.

Nigel! Nigel! Nigel!!!! What is this?! Twice in two weeks??? He is so superb...so choice...I love this man. Thank God Clint and Bo are on today...I was missing my men! I need Nora on simultaneously...ugh. Why would the writers be helpful. I heart Nigel...he just used "usurp." Bless him. And look at Nigel...standing up to Clint and telling him like it is. Protect your little island, Nigel! Ah! Now he is taking up for Miss Nora...lurve it. "Your Father would be ashamed of you." PREACH IT, BROTHER!!!! Talk about the voice of reason! Writers, why in God's name is Nigel not on all the time?! He is FABOOSH! This man is telling Clint EVERYTHING he needs to hear. Asa raised you better Clint...buck up and get over that stubborn pride and be the real Clint. Please.

OMG all these shots of Asa make me want to cry...miss that old Coot! ah!

My God...Clint grew a conscience at the end of the show? So, he wanted to stop Alex's "plan" (whatever the hell it was) thanks to Nigel giving him guilt? Hey whatever works at this point.

Alex's return may be brief and not exactly what it could have been but, regardless, I'm happy to see this little vixen. Miss her!

Eh..tomorrow looks ok. Oh, and not sure if I can post tomorrow. I don't think I get back to the airport until like 10:30 p.m. or something crazy. So we shall see. Also...I'll try to reply to comments from my last post by Thursday if I can. Don't have time tonight! But, keep them coming please! All the comments are so insightful and hilarious and I LOVE them! ;) Keep it up!

See you kiddies soon...hopefully late tomorrow night!


  1. I was just upset that Alex's lipstick messed up the fabulous look that Bo had going.

  2. I can't believe they pissed me off when Alex was on! I am right with you! It might be different if we could see Bo and Nora going at like this, but nope we get Bo and Alex going at it? What! This is all sorts of wrong.

    I need Nora, I am getting cranky without her.

  3. Alex was lookin' hot, but I was also uncomfortable with how much they were making out! I know you are trying to trick her Bo, but damn, he was taking it pretty far...really far...super far...I mean there was a line and he just sprinted across it...

  4. Asa raised Clint better than this? Asa was such a great father that he was the reason Clint didn't know about Cord for 20+ years. And sending Maria away was Clint's final straw in dealing with Asa's ways. Plus, "stubborn pride" is a Buchanan family trait. If anything, Clint got his stubborn pride from ASA!

    Bo's stubborn pride kept him from being honest with his brother about Nora before Nora freely and willingly said "I do" to Clint. It's funny how Bo thinks Clint is just like Asa when Bo's trying to justify something he did to Clint, but Asa is better than Clint when Bo's angry at him.

    Clint has a long road ahead of him before he catches up to all that Asa did. And Bo's not as noble as he thinks he is.

  5. I think I briefly lost consciousness during the Bo/Alex make out scenes. I found them more comical than anything because I know BO LOVES NORA!

    Nigel can pack quickly... Now you know who really packed Bo's bags before he left for Morocco.

  6. why can't they keep Alex on??--I was hoping she would turn out to be Aubrey's mom!!

  7. I agree on Dani and Tea being a believable mother/daughter duo. She kind of looks like she could be a child of Florencia and RH, which is good. Now if only RH could get back and expose Toad. I also like when Tea and Starr interact since she was a big part of their original story even though the whole "Oh Estrellllla" thing alternates between sweet and annoying.

    LOVED Nigel as the voice of reason. Now would be a good time for an Asa flashback or two- it is always a good time for that actually.

    Alex looked fantastic- loved all the winks to history about her being the mayor and Starr's bone marrow and the great Nora comment. But yes, the make-out session was not ok. First Echo and Charlie yesterday, now this. Jesus take the wheel and stop these cringe worthy over 50 hook ups.

  8. I posted this on under who killed Eddie Ford column, but wanted to get your opinion on it so here is a re-post..

    Hi first off thanks for such a fabulous blog, I love that you make references to OLTL's past, for those of us who have only been watching for the past few years. It helps put the craziness or lack there of in perspective. That said..

    I think it is going to turn out that Nora blacked out and killed Eddie Ford, and she because he kidnapped her at the request of Clint, that he will be charged for Eddie Fords murder. Since Nora would never have done so if Clint had not hired Eddie to begin with. Thats my two cents worth. Keep up the good work...

  9. Does anyone else think it's weird that Dan-YELLA seems more upset over Toad being in the hospital than she did when her REAL dad, Ross, died?

  10. @Christie You and me both, sista! I just made a post about the lipstick stain!

    @Mojo I'd be okay with it if they show Bo and Nora like that from time to time. The people who didn't watch them before won't know how truly fun and romantic they were. Now, they hardly kiss. Ugh!

    @YoSammity I hope I age as well as Alex! She was lookin' fierce! Ummm...yeah, I was disturbed with that makeout. Like majorly...

    @Akesha hahahaha!!!! Snap! That's right...Nigel is quite the swift packer! I am now convinced he is indeed the one who packed!

    @rac OMG...I sooo thought they were gonna make Alex her mom, too! Then I heard she was only on for two episodes and I was upset. She DEF needs to be brought back full time!

    @Lauren haha...Jesus take the wheel...too funny! Sooo loved Nigel as the voice of reason! I'd rather have the over 50 COUPLES making out. Not adultery and cheating. I don't mind over 50 hook ups but NOT the cheating! I'm DYING for RH's return. Gonna be so heartbroken if he doesn't come back. :(

    @Stephanie Thanks for the sweet compliments and my sincere apologies for not responding earlier! My life has gotten crazy lately and my time is limited. Didn't mean to not respond on purpose...just gotten forgetful as of late. :)

    Ok...so I HOPE and PRAY Nora didn't kill Eddie. Although TOTALLY justified...this story has already been done with Colin McIver back in the early 2000's. Although great...she killed him in defense, blocked it out, then remembered on the witness stand in court...awesome. But I just hope the writers don't go down that road again. I think she SAW who killed Eddie, for sure! I think Clint has something to do with it, too. Maybe he saw Matthew do it or something and is protecting him. I hope Matthew didn't do it either since Nora has already had a child, Rachel, kill someone in a similar manner (she killed Georgie Phillips back in 1998). But...Nora DEF SAW who did it. I think so, at least. But...your theory is totally reasonable. Knowing the OLTL writers, they may make Nora do the same thing again: kill in defense and block it out. Who knows. Hope this sorta answers your question!!!

    @Desi OMG good point! You know...I really forgot about Ross' death because that wasn't the "real Ross" to me. I missed tall, strong, masculine, attractive Ross...not the short guy that Dan-YELLA was almost taller than. But...great point. Yeah...def more upset about Todd. That little hooker! How she forgot her first dad so quickly!

  11. @Emily So the whole Nora/Clint wedding...in my eyes that was EVERYBODY'S fault. All three of them knew what was going on...they did. Nobody did a damn thing. I was super infuriated by the whole thing.
    Oh, and it's hard to see Clint like this because this is not the Clint that has been on the show for years and years. But...I do think that Asa raised Clint and Bo better...DESPITE Asa's evil ways. Yes, Asa was terrible but he did want his kids to be better. And they were. True...Bo shouldn't have after Nora AFTER she married Clint but there should have never been a marriage to begin with. I take it you're not a Bo fan? ;)

  12. @Emily Yes...he did get his stubborn pride from Asa and that's fine. And..Asa may have been horrible from time to time but his pride never caused him to do so much damage at once like Clint: hiring Eddie to kidnap and do God knows what to Nora, switching the DNA results, knowing Aub/Cutter are hooking up behind Joey's back and he has proof and not showing Joey evidence, kidnapping Vickers to Morocco...just a LOT in a short period of time. And...destroying Matthew...ugh. His pride is causing some damage.