Saturday, March 5, 2011

Team Tea

Lola (she is despondent at this rate): "That's it! I'm boycotting! I'm staying outside in the freezing snow until the teens leave Vicki's cabin. I know my actions are for a good cause!"

Hi!!!!!! Sorry for the delayed post. I celebrated my first work week and had too much fun. I have now fully recovered (or at least enough) to make a post that will hopefully make sense. If not, my apologies. Oh, and I could not for the life of me find a pic from the show yesterday so I went with my go-to.

OMG...with my arms wide ass open and a grin from ear to ear I say "WELCOME BACK MARTYR! I HAVE MISSED YOU!" She seems relatively sane this episode. excitement was short lived. The scenes with her and John sucked. I love them together but NOTHING happened until the last segment. Of course, we will have to wait until Monday to find anything out...hopefully it will deliver! Dammit...I was so pumped about Marty. She just pooped on my party. ha!

Granted, I'm not the biggest Tea fan but this little bitch is growing on me. I like her when she stands up to Toad and that is exactly what she is doing. tying Todd up was awesome and DEF deserved but let's be in the hell did she do that? I mean, really? It's like how did Natalie's pregnant ass drag a blacked out Marty from the courtroom to the car and then to the the snow. Tea up against Toad would be a fail, too. But whatevs. Speaking of Toady...

Ok, so Toad has fully lost it. He and Marty need adjoining rooms at St. Annes. Errr...bad idea. He would probably take advantage and God know we don't need another rapemance like we had a few years ago. Yucky town. I see why Toad is like "Tea...WTF just tell me where Dan-YELLA is because I don't want her off having sex." Dan-YELLA's got some balls, yo? She is pushing Todd's craziness with the sex shit. Way to go on and just throw him over the edge. I'm glad to know that expensive boarding school in London taught you well...NOT! Regardless, Toad has taken this shit way too far. However, I loathe the Fords so much that if the toy gun was real then I would have been ok with it if they had been taken out. Harsh...yes. But, it's a means to an end. The toy gun was hilarious...I'll say that. HOWEVER, Todd's treatment of Tea is what is really bothering me...OMG! He shoves her and talks down to her. This is NOT cool. Just because Tea enabled the little caper, as Todd said, that doesn't warrant verbal and almost physical abuse. Boo. While I'm at it, I'll just go on and say how I really feel. Besides the obvious that I'm soooooo effing over this teen crap. I'm also soooooo over Todd being completely and totally batshit crazy about his daughters and their bfs and him pulling guns and threatening people and wanting to beat people to death. OLTL has beaten this shit into the ground. Change Oh, where are my manners? Please change this, OLTL. Thank you.

God...Tess becomes cooler to me the more I see her...if that's possible! And...Ford wanted to do her right there. He is out of Charlie Sheen out of control. Ok, not that bad but he did want Tess and y'all know it! And, I'm okay with him getting with Tess...just NOT Teen Jess. Wait...what store gift wraps all clothes like that? That would be annoying. A bag and some tissue paper is fine. Oh, and is it wrong that I want Langston to hear Ford's voicemail and be upset and cry? I know. I'm a bitch. Oh, and I'm sure since Lang now has ALL this free time on her hands that she is working on her screenplay for the awesome ass movie deal she gets soon. Because surely she has something written, right? Or, maybe she is just that awesome that producers and directors in Hollywood have heard of her? I'm sure it's the latter...what am I thinking. Her awesomeness shines from coast to effing coast. Who wouldn't want to give her ass a movie deal?

Brody is not doin' it for me right now. I have no basis for this except to say that all his scenes as of late have fallen completely flat for me. I find him to be a boring character in general. Don't get me wrong, he's attractive and a nice guy and always wants to do the right thing but...ehhhh he's boring, people. He is. He is gonna go down a Christian Vega path soon it seems. I'll save my Christian stuff for next week when he makes his once every two weeks appearance...sad. Anyway, I need for Brody to do something for me soon. No, not FOR me sexually for anyone who has his mind in the gutter...I mean acting wise. Tsk Tsk. ;)

LOL!!!!!! Roxy had me peeing on myself today! Did she say "the stimulation" instead of "the situation?" hahaha. Then I think she said "cowlicky" instead of "choliccy." She cracks me up. Wait..should babies that young be exposed to hair treatment chemicals and what not? Hmmm. Oh, so can we ALL agree that those babies are HUGE!!! No wonder Jessica had to have a c-section...nothing that size could come out of her THAT big. I'm sorry I went there but it's true. Oh, and damn! Natalie is in a Juicy Couture hoodie. I'm surprised the wardrobe department spent so much on such a frivilous item of clothing...hmmm. Hell, it's probably Melissa Archer's hoodie and she just got to wear it. Natalie's explanation to Tess/Jess...ummmmm come on Mary-Ella...feel for her! Feel for her! I tried. She can wear cute Juicy suits as much as she wants but there is still no sympathy.

Vicki and Ford need to have wild sex! hahaha! JOKING!!!!! Good God am I joking. How out of place does Vickster look at that apt?? God, I'm nervous about this pairing because in a way it might be how Gigi hooked her claws into the show. Vicki and Gigi had the Paris, Texas, bond etc. and now Vicki treats Gigi as her own etc. Now, I wonder if the writers are going to get Vicki to enlist Ford's help and then she might grow to really like him and vice versa. Yet ANOTHER reason to keep him around. This is just nonsense out of my mouth but I'm pretty sure Ford ain't goin anywhere. Anyway, I just love Vicki so damn much and all I could say when she sadly left Ford's apt is "poor Vicki." Please people...give me another phrase!

I'm not discussing Ford's two sibling because their douchiness is still reeking in my apartment since Thursday. Plus, they really only acted as props during this episode and just stood in horror the whole time. Really, it's just Nate that makes me want to stick my hand in a blender...not James. James just reminds me of someone who watches "The Notebook" every night before he goes to bed. Ok, enough of these two.

Friday was just "ok." I'm hoping next week will be better. Marty will actually talk on Monday I think so that will be nice. If we are lucky, maybe Tomas and Blair will have an actual conversation that doesn't disucss them saying good-bye. That would be sweet.

See you Monday night! Unless I do an extra post tomorrow...think I may. ;)



  1. Meh episode...I am really super excited for next week should be much better...hopefully.

    But I'm with you what is going on with Toad, it seem like he completely blew everything out of proportion! I know noone likes the thought of their daughter having sex with someone but damn Toad! Yeah and also didn't like how he was talking to my girl Tea. Lol how did she get him tied up? I think she hit him over the head with whatever was broken and just went from there. Pretty out there.

  2. I think Tea must have pretended to want to do something kinky. That's the only way she could have tied Todd up haha. But I have to say that I am one of the few still on Team Blair. Todd and Blair got me into watching OLTL when I was little. I would watch with my mom over the summers (even before Starr was born) and then come home during the school year and ask, "How are Todd and Blair?" Btw, it's good to see that I'm not the only one in my age bracket who watches OLTL, especially for this long. I thought I was the only one with bad parents haha. Maybe Todd and Blair are the Luke and Laura of our generation? Idk.

    And I actually like James, maybe because I'm just so glad to see Cole gone. I think he can be a good character in the long run and be good for Starr. Nate, on the other hand, can be blown up for all I care. His character sucks, and he's the reason Matthew turned into a hair-gelled little jerk.

  3. @YoSammity...agreed. Toad is overreacting with EVERYTHING. And, your girl Tea is def growing on me! I'm hoping Monday is better!

    @Desi Ok, so I'm always on Team Blair with ORIGINAL Todd...not this Toad. And, the writers have forced Tea and this Todd down our throats for awhile now. They aren't my favorite couple but I like Tea standing up to Toad. Oh, and girl I was RAISED on soaps thanks to my if you think you were raised badly then so was I and a LOT of my friends! ;)
    James...he is cute. That's all I can say. He is too sappy. But I agree about damn glad his ass is gone! He ruined Starr in my eyes. Oh...Nate NEEDS to explode...or implode. Like right now! Tomorrow isn't soon enough!

  4. Haha, I don't think we were raised poorly; I just think it's funny that we were watching soap operas at such a young age. I hope original Todd comes back, and he and Blair can get back together, and this new Toad and Tea can ride off into the sunset together. :)