Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trichotillomania Thursday

Charlie: "I'm so saw-ry. I'm making that Mary-Ella girl pull all her hair out because of my actions. Saw-ry."

Darlings, HELLO!!! Hope y'all are having a fabulous Thursday! Today's show was bound to be better than yesterday's trainwreck since we at least got the Fab Four on...whew!

Confused by my title? It's because Charlie is on and his actions...well they make me PULL MY HAIR OUT!!!! He is driving me nuts. Oh...and this is the only pic I could quickly obtain of Chuckles B. Yes, I know I have used it bad. It happens.

OMG! The graphing paper look of MyFace MUST go! Those grids are effing heinous.

Deanna and Rick school colors were green and gold, too , and we wore those same kinda practice jerseys. Thumbs up.

More screwing at the Minuteman...just perfect. If the writers are trying to get me to hate Charlie as he leaves the show, well they are doing one helluva job! Dear God! He effs her, leaves her, and then feels guilty for what he is doing to Vicki. WOOF on all of this.

Man...Clint Buchanan is the most dashingly handsome man I have ever seen in a jail cell. Lord have mercy! He looks great in that button up! And...Vicki looks totally out of place at the jail. Damn...and Vicki is rocking the silver outfit today! How perfect do these two look together?! Jail cell or no jail cell...FABOOSH!

Nice dress to wear to a custody hearing, Tess. Not loud or anything...very demure, that hot pink and black.

Did they give Nora a new necklace?! Love it! Wait...Bo and Nora just touched...then kissed. Something is def up. Why would be allowed such a wonderful display? Surely something is wrong.

Oh my God...Clint Buchanan, marry me! Wait...did Clint just say take Jess/Tess straight to Dr. Levin? WHAT?! He is an AWFUL doctor! He can't cure shit, people of Llanview! Wise-up!

Actually, I'll marry Bo first...THEN Clint. Wait...two kisses between B&N in ONE episode?! *sigh* Love it.

I HATE Ford's attorney!!!! Dammit! He looks scary as hell!

Echo isn't wearing blue?! Between this and B/N kissing twice...well obviously an anvil is dropping soon or Mercury is in retrograde or something. it in retrograde? I'll have to look. Charlie looks tan. BK must have just returned from a vaycay.

My God...Rick wants EVERYONE in his porn!!!! Sidenote: Ross LOVES Rick the porno guy. Of course...ugh. He then just said "maybe I should start making porn movies for extra cash." Ummmm no. This show is ruining us, I swear.

Eh...this Deanna/James/Starr thing. Not doin' it for me...

However, the Nutella commercial always does it for me. Love it.

Totally believe Clint when he says "I'm not a killer." That is for sure. All the other shit...ummm yeah, totally believable.

God...that lawyer is a DOUCHE!!!!! And...I hate this judge. Piggies. Nora: "Where's Charlie?" Getting an STD as we effing doubt.

Charlie is the biggest ass-clown to hit television. To add insult to injury he just said "I'm saw-ry." UGH...kill me. No one in Llanview has phonetic knowledge of any kind. I hate this town sometimes.

This Shane thing breaks my heart. :( NuJack is without a doubt, the most phenomenal actor on case y'all didn't know. I'm clarifying it people.

I think Ross may leave me for Rick the porn guy. He LURVES the cheesiness. This is the "New Orleans" in him coming out, I feel it.

OH YESSSSSS!!!! Bo and Clint...thank you soap gods! These two together make my life.

Hell, I'm surprised Rex didn't go track down Bo and Step Nora for advice! Surprised he is going to his own mother.

OMG...I'm nauseous watching Shane get bullied...seriously. This is breaking my heart.

I cannot STAND Deanna's shirt! It looks like the sign for the "K.O.A." campground that you see on the interstate!!!!! OMG exactly like it! How did I not notice this earlier?

Yay! Bo/Clint. Nothing to say...they are just being awesome like they do best.

Whoa? Vicki runs "The Banner?" And the judge asks if she would have time to take care for the infant?! LOL What kind of a joke was that? That's like someone asking "Dorian, you're the mayor of Llanview do you have time to care for this child?" hahaha! As if Dorian is EVER at work. People don't do shit in Llanview. Charlie you effing two-faced bastard!!!! I want to beat you with a ham!!!!!!!! Dammit!

Again...Bo and Clint being badasses. I want to know the answer to the question, dammit! Why were you leaving the room with a gun?

OMG...Vicki just kinda lost her cool for a bit when Tess started throwing Charlie's cheating out in the open. LISTEN to TESS, Victoria!!!!! Oh...SPOILER.... Nikki Smith is coming out to play soon...y'all hear that?! I think April 18th or something. Woo hoo!!!!

Kim Zimmer is such a good actress and I like her sooooo much better on here than on GL.

OMG...I cannot watch this!!! These Shane scenes are making me upset. Whether I like this story or not (I don't care for it), it still upsets me.

Wow...even James knows the Minuteman is a fleabag motel.

Yeah...Ross wants to just BE Rick the porn guy at this point. He loves him. HELP ME!!!

Really? A Megan Fox reference? This show is too much sometimes.

Go ahead Starr. Call out your brother!!!! While you're at it, tell him you miss the OLD, COOL Jack.

"What the hell happened to you? You know you used to be my hero." Awe...ain't that the truth. I know they have a showdown coming up in April...bring that shit.

FACT: Vicki is looking FIERCE today!!! Ugh...don't kiss his lips, Victoria! They have been ALL OVER Echo...woof!

April Fools joke, NuJack? It's March 31st. Fail.

LOL...Tess called Vicki a smug bitch.

God Bless America! Charlie is BACK at the Minuteman to see Echo! F*@k me...out of control, Chuckles! OUT OF CONTROL!!! Oh...quick driving, by the way. Isn't the Minuteman kinda out of town?

FINALLY! Vicki saw some evidence...about damn time.

Bo darling, I love you but Clint will get out of this...face it.

OMG I just want to see the REST of Nora at the tired of seeing the SAME thing over and over.

Soooo....they brought Marty back for a day and that's it. Eff that.

Where's Matthew? Hmmm.

Not a bad day today! Tomorrow looks promising, too! Cheers to hoping it is. See y'all tomorrow or this weekend.



  1. Tell you what, you can marry Clint, and I'll be his mistress. Because with the way they write OLTL the mistress gets all the action.

    Fords lawyer, please let this custody end just so I never have to see or hear him again.

    Two kisses! The world has come to the end! Bo is just to sweet with Nora.

    I hope the Niki pushes Charlie out of the window like she did Ben, wasn't sad when she got rid of that husband either.

    Hmm, I'd keep in eye on Ross, if he starts to carry large wads of cash and talking random people into being in his "project", I'd start to worry.

  2. @MojoMiller haha!!! You are sooo right about the mistress getting all the action. At least nowadays. :( I miss the good old days when married people like Bo and Nora had a love life.

    OMG...Ford's lawyer needs to be beaten with a 2x4. Ugh.

    My heart melted when Bo and Nora kissed...cannot lie. The world will explode doubt!

    Who knows what Nikki will bring!? She needs to do some type of damage to Charlie. Better yet...she can burn down the Minuteman like she did Llanfair back in '95...YES!!!

    Oh...I'm already worried. He LOVES Rick! Intervention on the way...feel it.

  3. Bo was so sweet to Nora today! He was like my Bo that I love so much. I love Clint and Bo. Those two never disappoint either. Viki and Clint are awesome. I loved those jail scenes too. But I need Niki to take Chuckles down soon.
    Already sick of the new chick and am past tired of Starr and James.

  4. Rick is a great source of comedy relief. I wonder if the porn industry is really like that, guys are just literally walking around, asking anyone if they want to be in his movie! Oh its too funny, and he's religious too!

    I'm so done with Charlie. I want to just uppercut him straight out of the show. I was wondering why it was taking Tess so long to freakin' send the picture? Doesn't she love causing trouble? That seemed like a pretty good way of doing it...

    And maybe my high school just wasn't typical, but do these kids really exist who are just douches to asthmatic kids for absolutely NO reason at all! Its sickening!

    And I figured out the Minuteman, since you said it must have at least 99 rooms, I think it must be the world's biggest motel, that sprawls over miles, and is thereby close to any other establishment in Llanview. Thank you I worked hard on that.

  5. @anonymous I fabulous is Bo to Nora?! Love him love him love him! Ummmm Nikki needs to burn down the Minuteman...ASAP! God...Bo and Clint. I'm in heaven when those two are on together. Ditto on the James/Starr/Deanna thing. Woof.

    @YoSammity You and Ross LOVE Rick, huh? It is quite funny. Ummmm....I'm BEYOND done with Chuckles B. BEYOND! So over that shit! totally with you about the kids making fun of Shane about his asthma. We didn't have that at my school. Oh...and my post for Friday...hello?! There are 104 rooms!!! WTF!? That is bananas!