Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let Us Give Thanks

Bo: "Red, aren't you thankful you didn't have to be apart of this godforsaken episode today? It would have just been embarrassing. We are so lucky, you know that?"

I'm sure the Fab Five are at home thanking God they were not part of this episode today. Lord have mercy. I had a feeling today's episode was gonna blow when the following series of events happened:
1.) It's dreary, freezing and raining in Chicago and it's almost April.
2.) Elizabeth Taylor passed away (I know she didn't look the best in recent years, but have y'all seen "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?" She was prime at one point). Sad since there are few icons from the Hollywood's Golden Age left.
3.) I had a lovely friend from home inform me (in a panic) that "Mad Men" may not start season 5 until Fall of 2011 or until 2012...if there is a season 5. Suckytown.
4.) I've had to deal with tax stuff at work since auditors are in town which is effed up since I: a.) went to law school to ensure I never/rarely do math; and b.) I found a husband-to-be in the investing/financial world to further ensure I don't have to deal with money, math, etc. Hmmm. Yeah...plan is not working.

Normally if I've had an awful day I'd have a good feeling and then think "God, at least I can just go home and have some wine and watch least it will be good and I can escape." Sadly, I never had that feeling come across me today probably because I knew the Fab Five weren't gonna be on. And to stay in sync with the series of previous events of the day, OLTL decided to give me a big fat middle finger today.

Ugh...Toad in the hospital.

Noooooo!!!!!!!!!! My life has been so damn good without Nate! Does anyone else think it's creepy that a 35 year old is shooting hoops at a high school. Oh, hey Destiny what's up?

I'll say this, at least Gigi is out of her black dancer like uniform she wore at Rodi's. She looks MUCH better in pastels. Gigi on spring break? When does she go to school?! Let alone teach her art class! God knows Christian ain't teachin' shit! Oh and Gigi, Starr's outfit is a prime example of CUTE things Forever 21 sells. Move away from the plaid!

Yeah...let's just add insult to injury. NuJack is on. I'd rather have someone shove 5 suppositories up my ass while someone else pours hot bacon grease all over me than watch NuJack in ANY SCENE!!!! He is HORRIBLE!!! OMG...did y'all know OLTL put him on contract?! That's right. The end is near, I swear. His acting is ATROCIOUS!!!!!!!! Ugh...I only planned on having only one glass of wine tonight, but I'm now gonna increase that. I mean...maybe I'm wayyyyyy behind on the times or just lead a sheltered life but I have never seen anyone or heard of anyone get bullied and picked on so intensely for having asthma. I mean...I'm sure there is more to it but still. The storyline sucks balls and it just pisses me off. It's days like this where I hate that I have to post because I have nothing of value to I'm sorry! Whannn. :(

Whoa! STFU! Have Blair and Gigi EVER had a scene together?! I can't think of one off hand. FACT: Blair is sex on a stick. Dear God...I think I'd do her.

Now James and Starr. If Ross brought me those flowers and then I had to ask for a vase behind the counter, then I'd tear them up.

OMG the Minuteman is raking in the dough huh?! Wait...ALSO, did y'all know this Deanna chick went from just 3 or 4 episodes to a 4 YEAR CONTRACT?! YES! This show will be "90210" before we know it...telling you! haha...there is a bellhop at the Minuteman?! That and a mini-bar huh? YAY!!! A crazy teen stalking James. I CANNOT WAIT, Y'ALL!!!!! This story is gonna be the SHIT!!! [interpret that excitement as you wish. for new readers, insert sarcasm at "that" and end with "shit"]

Tomas, what the f*@k are you doing?! You are being an idiot. Oh, hey Sean...long time no see! And...that pulling out the gun scene was dumb as rocks.

God...John and Natalie are gonna be the only bright spot in this whole episode. Come on, Natalie is NOT believable as a CSU! Y'all know it! I much prefer her at B.E. WHAT?! Natalie is gonna make sure the "B team" didn't miss anything!? LOL!!!! OLTL sure knows how to deliver jokes. Oh, and whaddya know...Kelly shows up in a GRAPHIC/PRINT shirt. Her jacket is super cute though.

Tea looks pretty in blue. Ummmm....I got nothing else to say. Again, I wish Tomas and Tea weren't related so they could do it.

Yeah...Kelly's jacket is FABU and awesome on her. Whoa! John taking up for Kelly again to Natalie. I'm STILL enjoying this. :) I will say this...if I were Natalie I'd probably beat Kelly's ass. No, I don't want this but I sure as hell just would leave the two of them alone!! NO! Oh, so Kelly is gonna be a CSU now?! This bitch is trying to be Angela Lansbury...this is NOT "Murder, She Wrote." are Gigi and Blair all of a sudden friends?! WTF? Where did this come from? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I LOATHE BRAD!!!! He is such a little penis! I hate him. Ugh!

God...Destiny is by FAR the coolest teen on today and she is hardly saying a damn word. This is sooooo beyond effed up.

The MyFace homepages are shiteous! I think a 1st grader with basic computer skills created it.

I just realized how awful this post is because I have nothing to say because this shit is so terrible!!! Can I have yesterday back please?! PUH-LEEZE!!!! Wait...REALLY?! Am I really watching all the teens in Llanview analyze James' job application to MyFace?! NO WORDS FOR THIS HORRENDOUS SHIT THEY CALL AN EPISODE...NO WORDS!!!!! Vomit!

It's like now I'm not even intrigued with the Tomas being shot thing because the rest of the episode is sooo effing shitty.

This post is getting worse...I'm falling apart at the seams! It's in total disarray I can tell!

Oh God...a turning point?! My heart kinda tightened up when Natalie overheard John ask Kelly did! I dunno...maybe because this day is so damn effed up but my heart kinda jumped!!!

Ummmm ok it is soooo obvious something is REALLY the matter with Tomas but Tea lets him take Dan-YELLA to school?! He was sweating and panting profusely! Tea must be too sleep-deprived to notice!

I don't like Gigi and Blair together in scenes the same way I didn't like Nora and Gigi together. Let's end these quickly, shall we?

Watching James' job search is about as's as entertaining as this show today! horrendous!

I'm not commenting on the gym scenes...can't and won't and I'm about to fast forward them! *gasp!*

Clearly Natalie is on the "A Team" since she found the Euro...let's raise her salary LPD. Stat! WHAT?! "It's pretty cold in here. You might wanna zip up that jacket." REALLY?! John McBain is turning soft again...yes, he is. That was such a weird/random statement...whether he cares for Natty or not.

That Deanna bitch is creepy. She reminds me of the peeping tom from "That Darn Cat" with Haley Mills. Have y'all seen it? WAIT...this girl just ran away from home!? From where? Ohio to Llanview? WTF?

EVERYONE is babysitting Ryder!!! Lord. Such foreshadowing with Starr and James: "Promise things will never get that complicated between us?" Hell.

Snap...Natty/Kelly. I smell an argument/fight in the future.

Shane collapsing from the asthma attack kinda made me nervous/nauseous...didn't like it. Kinda upsetting.

Everyone is FINALLY starting to suspect Tomas...about damn time!!! John McBain is on to his ass!

Oh...and the Eddie Ford stuff begins tomorrow! Sadly, I think my December prediction about the killer is correct. Well, even my recent one I think will be correct but I was hoping it wouldn't be....ugh. I was praying it would be Inez but *sigh* it won't be. I just hope the writers make it good and NOT too much of a one wants the same old thing. So...whoever did the deed better have been totally justified and it better provide some great drama!

EVERYONE pray for a good episode tomorrow! Lord KNOWS we need it! I'm forgetting today happened. Right now. Woof!

Sorry my negativity is everywhere tonight!

Have a lovely night!
kiss kiss,

A Marty cameo...even ONE scene...would have made this episode soooo much better! :(


  1. Good Lord, Mary-Ella, where did that adorable picture come from?

    Geeeeezus, those two just exude chemistry! Love it! And, thank you for that highlight because the actual show today? WAS UNBEARABLE.

  2. @partygirl Gosh, you know when I saw the episode today I thought "OMG I'm posting a B/N pic because I miss them...I want a cute one of them hugging or something...and I'm so thankful they weren't associated with this mess today!" I got it off the OLTL homepage on abc. How flippin' cute are they, right?! You can see how fab they are in just a pic...loves! :)

  3. I usually think Natalie is a pretty girl. That hat was horribly unflattering. Bless her heart.

  4. @Katie I thought the SAME thing about the hat! She is so pretty but the hat needs to go. LOL "Bless her heart" is right. Lovely way to put it, dear. ;)

  5. I wish Natalie would stop referring to Liam as "our son," meaning "John's and my son." "He will come back to me and our son"? Wtf is that?!?! Because he told you to zip up your jacket, that means he is now Liam's father? Oh wait, he made a mix tape too. Yep, quality father material right there. Never mind that Brody just cleaned up the entire house and sang Liam to sleep and let you snuggle on his shoulder. I used to like Natalie, loved her with Jarrod. But she is so freaking self-righteous and annoying right now.

    I think James isn't that bad. I think he just gets lumped in because he usually has to share the screen with annoying characters like Nate, Inez, Dan-YELLA, etc. As I've said before, I will take James and his Notebook-loving self over Cole any day. And I did think it was kinda funny that they had to have "the talk" about changing their relationship status lol. Never know how to bring that up, so I just leave mine blank. And Destiny really needs more screen time. Watching Nate/Dan-YELLA kiss, I'm surprised Des didn't tell her about the week-long makeout sesh with Matthew.

  6. Ok, so I will admit that I only watched about the first twenty minutes of the show today (because I had a ton of grading to do), but that twenty minutes was a total snooze. Mary-Ella, I have no idea how you managed to get through the eintire show with only wine. I feel like I would have needed to break out the hard liquor to watch the rest - I am talking scotch/bourbon/whiskey of some sort! I just cannot deal with these teens. End of story!

    I totally agree with Desi - I used to flove Natalie with Jarrod (and loved it when she worked at BE). But, Jarrod was dead for all of a hot minute, and she is all over John, back working at the LPD, and it was like poor Jarrod never existed. She is acting totally self-righteous right and annoying now, for sure, and it is seriously working my last nerve. Where is the edge and spunk that her character used to have? I am liking John with Kelly right now, though, I have to say.

    Anyway, here is hoping that the absolutely adorable couple featured in today's photo is on tomorrow to provide us all with some sort of reprieve from the teen foolishness of today's episode!

  7. Your picture was the highlight of the day. So cute! Didn't even watch after 5 minutes.

  8. You are right Mija...That episode did suck and should have landed on the cutting room for the gym scene.....phuk, why ? I guess the end is near for not like the bully business at all, and its a very bad place to take the Nu Jack...they should have left him in the background until he grows his legs.....Everybody hates him ! I'm hoping and praying todays isn't the same vomit-filled bucket of lame assed writing !!! Krisi

  9. @Desi Of course, a mix tape with Miles Davis makes you excellent father material!!! NONSENSE!!! Like you, I LOVED her with OMG. But as soon as he died, she ran away from Llanfair and went straight to McBain. Jared wasn't even cold yet! You're right about James. The reason I can't just hop on the James train is, like you said, he is sucked into the AWFUL teen scene and that just overshadows the good he can bring. Woof!

    @Heather haha I'd resort to bourbon but I stick to wine during the week (plus last Friday I had too many Old Fashions when we went out...ugh) but I was tempted last night. HOW AWFUL! Seriously, days like yesterday make me not want to post. It's tough. OH, and like you I am Jared/Natalie fan and loved her working at BE! The CSU thing is just not believable. PRAYING for some Bo/Nora time TOGETHER today. Need it even more than usual because of Wednesday's awfulness! Happy Grading!

    @MojoMiller I'm glad the pic was the highlight of your day! I was compelled to do SOMETHING good on the post yesterday so why not a fab pic of Bo and Nora, right? The whole show sucked and was unbearable. It's sunny in Chicago today so I'm praying today's epi will be good.

    @Kristi OMG...the episode was the pits. NuJack will NEVER grow legs. He is atrocious!!! Like you, I hate the bullying business and it really doesn't make sense since just a few months ago we were watching a quick-witted, likable Jack Manning causing trouble with new Sam on the roof when Echo was dressed as Santa and now THIS?! UNACCEPTABLE!!! I can't take any lame ass stuff today...just can't.

  10. @Krisi sorry I misspelled your name! I'm full of typos!

  11. so true about law school being the retirement from math. i can no longer do simple things like fill out deposit slips.

    i realized today dani is almost tolerable when not with todd or nate. hopefully they move her into a better story soon if she's here for the long haul.

    HATE that nuJack got a contract. i was optimistic when i heard Jack was going to be a jerk. one of todd's kids should be dark and twisty and they failed us at making starr the bitch on wheels that we saw her turning into for her whole life. ugh still bitter. the key to doing this successfully would have been getting a good actor who would have made us root for him while he was wreaking havoc. kind of like how i never wanted the police to catch todd when he was terrorizing blind nora in the beach house (some of my favorite OLTL ever). instead we got a terrible actor and a crap bullying storyline that is not socially important or interesting. so frustrating.

    i miss matthew! here's to hoping today improves!

  12. @Lauren hahahaha! A deposit slip is as far as I go. Sadly though, I have to figure our some tax stuff today. To add insult to injury all of this is on Microsoft Excel...shoot me!
    I will totally agree with Dan-YELLA being tolerable when not around Toady and that 35 year old bf of hers. She is a good actress for sure.
    OMG NuJack on contract is like my worst nightmare come true. WOOF! Omg and Starr could have been sooooooo awesome but the writers totally failed her. She was so much more awesome as a child. I totally agree that we need someone we need to root for. Like you, the Todd terrorizing a blind Nora at the beach house was one of my favs and I didn't want to see him caught either. Gosh...all this talk makes me want RH back even more. How fab would that be!!!
    I miss Matthew, too. Sadly, I think he is the one that killed Eddie Ford...ugh. I think today should be an improvement. Can't watch but it is bound to be better since Bo and Nora are on. ;)