Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll Take Twice the Nigel Please (in a British accent, of course)

Bo: "David, I'm gonna try and ensure Nigel is on the show at least once a week. Don't worry. It doesn't affect you, because you are just going back to 'Desperate Housewives' soon. Trust me, son."

Happy ALMOST Friday, Everyone!!! I'm about to do a watch and post because I still have to work-out after this...UGH! Thank God it's Thursday so I don't mind staying up late. So...there are a shit ton of teens on today but thank you sweet angels of heaven: Bo and Nora are on...and Nigel and Vickers, too. Can we please have more Nigel?! What a treat! Lemme go on and start this.

OMG this MyFace thing is terrible! What is worse...I have accidentally called Facebook "MyFace" yesterday AND today. THIS IS ABSURD! I mean, I say that and people are like WTF? Ugh...damn you, OLTL. OMG...EVERYONE is talking about it today.

Shut the f*@k up! That Deanna girl has a "Ford's Auto Repair" sticker on her computer?! Really! All the way from Ohio, huh?

This Shane thing makes me ill. I'm physically nervous with him wheezing and keeled him! Dammit!

I LOVE when John McBain is on to someone...LOVE it! Ted King exudes sex...dear God.

Yay! Nora and her bronze self are on. OMG I FLOVE chocolate covered coffee beans, seriously! Delish! Rex just got a mini redemption based on this one simple my eyes, at least.

LOL....Bo looks sooooo exasperated with David 24/7. I know David is over the top but I am welcoming his humor. Mum's the word, huh? Doubt it. hahahaha! Sure enough...he has diarrhea of the mouth! STFU...he just called Nigel "Smythe!" Has anyone ever called him by his last name before? FACT: Bo MUST have a migraine or some form of a pounding headache from David. I would and I would carry around my pocket, purse, car, etc. DAMN...Renee has stopped working on the new Buchanan backdrop obviously or just said to hell with it. Can't blame her I'm sure she is tired of it. YES...Bo, guilt Nigel into the truth. You can do it, darlin'...I have faith in you!

Sass boots, Nora!!! OMG! How effin' presh is she?! I bet HBS asked to where those because I just don't see the wardrobe department giving her those to wear. Show off your legs! Good for you! God...I cringe when I hear the word "Cherryvale." Woof. I think of Colin McIver and his creepy house. Maybe it's the choc. covered coffee beans getting to me, but I do think Rex is incredibly sincere and I do want him to reconnect with Bo. HOWEVER, I'd love some more Matthew and Bo time first. But, I'd like the Rex/Bo relationship repaired. Maybe a minority opinion but still.

I'm so tired of Nate and it's not even the first set of commercials. Hell.

OMG!!!!! How effing obvious is it that that is NOT Toad in that coma!? Of course, they aren't showing him because that means OLTL would have to pay him. So that is how they stay under budget? Hey, whatever works...

You are kidding me?! How many psychos does Blair have to fall for? This is absurd...egregious...outrageous! She JUST got over Eli and now this mess with Tomas?! How cute is Blair's purse?! Yeah...I want to jump Ted King. I can't help it. Awe....I love a good John/Blair scene.

Nate to James: "Love is making you totally dopey." My jaw just dropped because I am AGREEING with Nathaniel Salinger...shut the front door! NO SHIT, Nate! Ok...I STILL cannot wrap my mind around the fact that those boys are broke as f*@k and live in that somewhat decent apartment (hell, better than Bo and Nora's) and have furniture and dress like normal kids their age. And...they have decent pots and pans. Not to mention, I think I saw protein shake mix in the background recently...that shit is expensive! This is beyond unbelievable. Good God.

I want one of Noel's desserts. They keep staring at me. Ugh! Bacon grease and suppositories stat! NuJack is on and his acting is worse today than yesterday if that is even humanly possible. When he is talking about Toad being in a coma he is saying it like "I have basketball practice after school." Or, "Can I go spend the night at a friend's house?" NO EMOTION!!!!

These asthma scenes make me uncomfortable! I want to just jump in the tv and help him. Ah! Dan-YELLA is so much better when she is not with the Ford brothers. FACT.

I would love to see what is really written on that timeline. Hell, probably their lines. I'd do that.
Bo needs a drink. Nigel fix him one! OMG...Vickers just said Step Nora and I kinda peed on myself. HILAR. Ok, can we all agree on the fabulosity (eh...just made up the word) of Nigel Smythe? He is so choice. It is such a damn shame he is not utilized more often. *Sigh* Then there is Renee...what a waste. She and Addie Cramer are playing gin rummy in the attic I'm sure.

Annnnnnd...Yeah, Nora is obviously starting to get uncomfortable. Lying by the side of the road somewhere? My ass.

God...Mr. Buchanan came back in the same clothes he wore to the office the day before? Sadly, I've done that a time or twenty when I was in college. And...went to class like that a few times. However, I have a feeling my reason for wearing them was a bit different. Le sigh. So, it's ok aren't alone! OMG...Vickers is out of control! They are whoring out "Access Llanview" huh?! Damn they mention it every episode!

LOL...that little baby's legs flying around are too cute. Dear Nate, You don't know anything about your brothers because you are about 20 years older than them. That's why. See? Reasonable explanation for not knowing about their lives in Dayton. xx, ME (your problem solver)

Gigi...pastels are for you! Seriously! UGH! NuJack explode, implode, whatevs. Just self-destruct! God, you are AWFUL! ATROCIOUS!

Oh poor Blair. Seriously. I hope this is not some phrase I use daily like "poor Vicki." Ugh. I'm afraid I may be saying this often. Can she please have a NORMAL relationship? Hell, I'll just accept a relationship that is not dangerous. The guy can be weird for all I care but just not some maniac please. It makes Blair look like an idiot when she keeps being impetuous and jumping into these whirlwind relationships with lunatics/killers/dangerous men.

OMG...that fake Toad is too damn funny.

That's right, Blair! Listen to John McPain! No more psychos! I do love Blair and John.

Nice...the machine is placed perfectly over "Toad's" head. Dear God...could it be?! Is Tomas talking to REAL TODD?! How effing awesome would that be?! It's almost too good to be true, really. Ok...I'll stop. My blood pressure is rising.

Ok...James would be fine without Nate. OMG...that baby is adorbs!

Worst line delivery ever from NuJack to Starr: "Can you seriously think about anything but Dad?" UGH! It was like "are you sure you don't want dessert?" That is what the delivery was like. TERRIBLE!

Hell has frozen over (or maybe because it is freezing here) but Rex and Gigi are NOT getting on my nerves today and I think Gigi is being a good mom. I'm fine with the Shane scenes once Gigi and Rex got there? Wait, what? What the hell is going on?! I think I'm coming down with something...only explanation.

Ah...flashbacks to those motel scenes. Kinda makes me cringe. Has Bo's desk ever had so much shit on it before? EVER.

LOL..."I had five more glares I could have used." Love it...Bo's David's best man...again! Yes! That means Bo/Vicki/Dorian are all gonna be on Monday. Whew!

Yeah...I am totally fine with the Balsom/Morasco clan today. NOT everyday. But, today they are fine. I would much rather see Shane interact with them then those shitty teens that are trying to beat his ass over his asthma. Ugh.

Jack: "What are you doing here in the middle of a school day, young lady?" Ummmm because you bitches don't go to school!!!! DAMN! I wished I went to LHS growing up. Lord, those kids run a muck 24/7. What an establishment...and such a fine example of a top tier education! Yes, I'd like a bite of that pie, too, Dan-YELLA. Hmmm she is smart like Tea. They really kinda remind me of one another. OMG that Deanna bitch is a crazy stalker!!! What is this "Fatal Attraction!?" Hide your rabbits, everyone! She is MyFace stalking in the cafe at the bar. If you are going to do this, at least be sneaky and get into the corner of a booth. Duh!

HOLY LORD! That baby has the BEST set of cheeks ever! Whose kid is this?! FACT: James is better holding a baby than Brody who like hits the kid's head. James at least holds him correctly.

Lurve Vickers topcoat. Tres chic. Nigel's accent is so awesome. So much better than the one he has to use when he plays Neville.

What in the hell is going on?! I had to rewind...OMGosh! Bo just kissed Nora. I'll be damned. Thank you. OMG...those boots are so sass! It's amazing how much they can jazz up an outfit. Awe it comes with the "I remember something..."

YES!!! McPain for the background check! Score!

Blair: get out of this almost relationship while you still can. You will thank me.

Hell, Starr will probably hang out with Ford's kid more than poor Hope. Woof.

LOL..."They have a baby?" ha! Not yet, but knowing these writers they probably will soon, Deanna. Just wait. Nice inconspicuous place to throw away the inhaler, dumbass. Where Shane's mom clever.

Is ANYONE at that damn school?! No one is EVER around!

Yeah..."Toad" gained about 10 lbs. in the tummy. Nice, OLTL. Blair RUN for the hills! Get out of there, gorgeous!

Le sigh...I love the Buchanan mansion. Hell, I'd live there over Llanfair for the security and safety alone. I'd fear for my life on a daily basis living at Llanfair. Wait...David took his topcoat off (after having it on the whole time inside) then he leaves? Backwards.

Wow...Bo just touched Nora. Is something going on? Hmmm. comes her memory. Of course. Lord...Colin McIver all over again except I'm praying she didn't kill this one. Let's hope not. If so, then I'll know it is indeed the year 2001 and not 2011.

So...we at least get the fab four tomorrow...yay! Also, I'm pretty sure Matthew is on. Let's hope he is not a big douche. WHERE IS MARTY!? Damn Damn Damn. I'm so tired of asking!

I'm so thankful my post wasn't so cruel like yesterday's. I loathe being that terrible all the time!

See y'all tomorrow or over the weekend. Just keep checking in.

con mucho amor,


  1. Blair tells John that it's "too soon after Eli." How long has it been since Eli died? And he was a serial killer. But Natalie goes after John when her amazing husband hasn't even been dead for two seconds. He didn't think THAT was "too soon"? (Come to think of it, Natalie shouldn't get too upset that John jumped in bed with Kelly so quickly. She did basically the same thing with John after Jarrod, and that wasn't a breakup with the other person lying about something so huge.) Also, when is the last time John was single? He left Blair because he still had feelings for Marty, and then he left Marty because he still had feelings for Natalie. Wtf? Basically, the moment any chick in Llanview is in danger, John hooks up with her. Maybe he and Blair will get back together now. Do you remember the last time Toad was in the hospital, about to die, and he came back from the dead because Hell meant that Dan-YELLA was going to marry McPain? Nate and John are about the same age. It could happen.

    Side note: is Jack wearing a shirt from Legends of the Hidden Temple?

  2. This episode wasn't as "sickening" as the one before, I know you are relieved !!! So, you think they switched Toads.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm.........!!
    There was def. a lot of Bo & Nora action YAY.....WE need Matthew to come back, find out about all the s#%& and grow up into the fine young guy he should be...These writers need a clue !!....I think Nu Jack's mommy dressed him in his pirate shirt for the day !!! I did also like that James handled the baby like he might have one at home himself ! AND...does there ALWAYS have to be a psycho biatch ??? Mwah, great posting from you as always, Lurve starting my day reading this <3 Krisi

  3. Nate, Starr and James scenes with the baby make me puke--MUST FAST FORWARD---are you kidding that baby should be screaming and kicking and fussing--but I guess that the Ford boys are that good at parenting that Ryder is the most content child on earth. And who is taking him for well baby visits and making sure he has his shots?? And really Inez gets to babysit but not VIcki--on what planet do the writers think we fans are OK with that?
    Love, Angry Rac

  4. I disagree with you about Rex. I'm beyond over that sappy weird relationship he had with Bo. If it goes back to an occasional buddy scene then ok. But no more sitting around telling one another how special they are to the other while Matthew is MIA. I'm over it. Past over it. Matthew has been estranged from BO for too long. Plus I think Rex is a selfish overgrown child. He needs to interact with his own age instead of his "daddy".

  5. @Desi Oh.Hell.Yes! Did you just make a "Legends of the Hidden Temple" reference?! I believe you did! I used to watch that show religiously! You are so right! It looks like one of the team shirts. Good call! summed it up. John goes after the chicks in danger. You know, I kinda like him and Blair together...*gasp* I do. Something about them. Oh, and I could go off on a tangent for days about how quickly Nat/John got back together after poor Jared. Woof.

    @Krisi Thank God the show was saved by B/N! Lord! Yes...I think they def switched Toads. Otherwise they would have shown his face and that means they have to pay him. So...say they were in his room 3 times this week and they pay TSJ about $2,500 a pop then that saves them about $7,500. I have a really bad feeling Matthew is the killer and that the writers are trying to purposely ruin him. As Desi point out above, NuJack looked to be wearing a shirt from an old show on "Nickelodeon." OMG and yes...there is ALWAYS a psycho! Personally, I'd rather see Marty going ape shit rather than this stalker Deanna. Ugh. Glad you liked the post! Thanks!

    @rac God, I'd love to fast forward but then I'd be selling this post short. However, I did FF a bit yesterday with the bullying stuff. Hmmm. Ugh...EVERYONE is keeping this baby BUT Vicki and the people that are pertinent to the baby's life. But, we are silly audience members and we are just okay with this. Ugh! Oooohhhh! Making sure he had his shots!? Good point! I'm sure Inez takes the baby since her parenting skills are superior. xxxx

    @Anonymous I totally understand why you disagree with me about Rex. I think I need to clarify this a bit. I think it is totally shitty what they have done to my favorite family. Matthew is NEVER with Bo and Nora (hell, he was with the two of them more when they weren't together...ugh) and Bo is always with Rex. Yes...that totally sucks. However, I don't like them being at odds right now and Rex being mopey and quizzing up Nora about when she thinks Bo will forgive him. Also, I think the writers are gonna make Matthew the killer for Eddie. Hopefully they will be shown together after that? Supposedly the three of them are supposed to have a "big story" this spring as a family but I'm not holding my breath. I hope they mend our fam but I need mopey Rex to go.

  6. I need Rex to go from Bo and Nora period. He is ruining my fave fam. He ruined those courtroom scenes last week. Those should have been awesome and they were not. Even Bo, Nora, Clint, and Viki couldn't save those with Rex acting like a baboon. His hopping on the furniture was not appropriate for the tone of the scenes. Instead of an awesome confrontation I was treated to zoo antics. Personally I don't care if I ever see Bo with Rex again. I hate them together at this point and hated all the Nora propping yesterday. I want Rex in his own story and away from them. If Matthew is the killer then I can't imagine how the character can be salvaged. I think he's a red herring unless it's a rewrite. Rachel and Nora had a story too and then she ended up in the slammer. I won't watch if Matthew is sacrificed for that vile Ford family. My favorite trio of Bo/Nora/Clint is being demolished with Rex involved. I need him out of the feud ASAP.

  7. Also LOVED Nora's boots. Damn right show off those legs, she got amazing ones, I don't know why they don't show them off more. Loser wardrobe department.

    Starr is so stupid, and disloyal to her damn family. Being all cutesy with Ryder and the Fords. Where is her loyalty to her aunt Viki? Where is her own child? Starr sucks. I want to love Starr again, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

    I don't mind if Bo and Rex repair their relationship on three conditions.
    1. I see Bo with his REAL family more than with Rex.
    2. They stop sucking up and praising each other all the flipping time, it is nauseating.
    3. Rex starts acting like an adult and gets over his daddy issues and stops projecting them onto Bo.

  8. As you said, ME, thank you sweet angels of heaven that Bo, Nora (and her sassy boots), Nigel, and Vickers were on this show. Although, I do love to look at Thomas, and I love Blair and John together!! I was sad to see them end, even though I do like Marty (I agree, where the heck is she?)!!

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that Starr will probably spend more time with Ryder than Hope, which is just sad. I could write a whole dissertation on this alone. Bottom line for me is that if OLTL is going to do a story about teen pregnancy (and since said show supposedly wants to attract younger viewers), show the reality of the situation. Starr is never with Hope. Who the heck takes care of her while Starr is out chasing after James and engaged in all of her other various shenanigans? There are very few teen parents (or even adult ones, for that matter) who have it as easy as Starr, and to me, that just sends the wrong message to younger viewers. Just my opinion, of course!!

    As for the others, James needs to get an edge or do something exciting because he bores me to tears, and Nate, I cannot even comment on because I just dislike him that much!

    Finally, I am so nervous as to where this whole Who killed Eddie Ford is going because I have a bad feeling that the killer will end up being Matthew. I guess we shall see!!

  9. I have some serious catching up to do in Llanview this weekend, but I had to say LOL LOL LOL on the MyFace snafu !!!!!!!!

    You know - I am right there with you sister - and honestly this is really not like me, but these RH teasers and the accompanying gossip have been giving me anxiety attacks! At this point, though, I am not holding out much hope for an RH appearance anytime soon.