Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joey and Friends

Joey: "Cutter, I know it was you that took my rubber duckie out of the bathtub! Now tell me what you did with it!!!"

My title is silly, and there is really no meaning to it. If he ever had his own show, it could be called that. I was just trying to tie a title to the picture. ;)

Hump Day! Hump Day! I'm trying to go and post early (I even got to workout already...fabulous) so I can have a leisurely evening. I'm watching/posting at the same time. My friend, Heather, said I will probably need to have a glass of wine and type this since Lang is on and no Buchs. I'm out of wine. :( However, Ross' faboosh self just went out in the cold to the grocery store for me to get that amongst other things so I could type this. :)

F*@K!!! Langston and Starr in the first scenes. I just KNOW the show will suck today. Damn. Starr's hair is cute today. Wait...Starr and Lang don't see each other?! Don't they live under the same roof now since Starr left that shithole apartment that she and Cole used to live in with the stop signs and other random crap in it? Oh, and it had cinder-block walls.

The background of MyFace looks like graphing paper. It is nothing but a bunch of grids. Ugh.

"Bo Bags Bro!" I LOVE the headlines of "The Sun!"

John and Kelly!!!! Thank God you two are on to save this shitastic episode. I LOVE these two together!!! I am sure people are screaming at the top of their lungs how much they hate these two and want their beloved John/Natalie reunion but I'm fine with these two for now. ;) And...I'm thrilled to see people having sex BESIDES those STD riddled gold-diggers who are always hitting the sheets (probably unclean at the Minuteman).

Lord...Liam is adorable, too! Preciousness overload! Yes...I like Brody and Natalie, too. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marty!!!!! Ah!!!!!! Be still my heart! At first I thought, "wait who is knocking on the door at Llanfair? It's Grand Central with no security system so, by all means, just storm in whoever you are." Ooooohhhh I think I would have loved it if Marty would have just charged into the house like a crazed maniac. That would have been better. Discharged! Thank God. I've never heard a sweeter word. Wait just a damn minute....where is the doll?! Huh? Come on!

Line of the Day from Kelly Cramer: "It just seems weird that we can have storeroom sex, but that an omelet would be way too much." Love.It.

"MyFace made it so real." Sadly Starr, you're right. Nothing is official nowadays until it is on FB. Le sigh. I miss the good old days.

Hi Joey. Is snacktime for kindergarten children the same time as OLTL? I'm assuming because there is no other explanation why you are out trying to play with Cutter. Woof.

Austin Peck has been on like every damn day. And this Deanna chick. I don't know how I feel about these scenes. God...that Minuteman sign in the background is terrible. Paul Revere is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

Yep...Marty is still crazy. Word. I'm fine with her dripping in psycho sauce for the time being. I know she is trying to apologize, but she is still off her effin rocker.

I don't give two shits about Starr and James, but I swear...OLTL cannot let a couple be happy for more than 5 mintes. These two just got together and now Deanna is here to cause trouble. OLTL cannot write happiness. People can be in a happy relationship and still have drama! OLTL used to do this correctly but not so much anymore...or in years. Ugh.

"You out of control Kardashian wannabe?" REALLY?! Whoever wrote that line needs to be shot...pronto. That was dumb as hell. there are at least 99 rooms at the Minuteman since Deanna is staying in room 99. Hmmm.

Ugh...I'm so damn exhausted from Aubrey and Cutter playing each other then screwing and then scheming again. Over.It.

Soooo....Kelly and John just openly said they are using each other to have sex. I am all about honesty and being a straight shooter so good for them.

That's right, Natalie!!!!! John went to visit Marty. Eat it. Yesssssss!!!!!!!! John helped Marty get discharged!? What?! This keeps getting better. I know that he "loves" Natalie, but he will always care about Marty...fact.

Random sidenote: There is a rumor going around that the writers are changing the John/Natalie baby storyline since there has been a lot of positive feedback on John and Kelly as a couple. Hmmm.

WOW...I have never seen anyone sit in that chair at the Buch mansion. Glad Cutter is finally using it. Oh...and what a surprise: Aubs is falling for Joey. Double woof. She just said she loved Cutter. And then Cutter gives an ultimatum and Joey overhears. Joey will let this slide and he will then take two steps back into pre-k 3. He cannot get ahead in this life!!!

God...another "Access Llanview" shoutout. OOC, OLTL, OOC!

Lord have mercy! How many times is Natalie gonna walk in on John and Kelly!? This is a bit much. LOL...John's rationalizing his help in releasing Marty is almost hysterical. He is back to whispering. I love it. He hasn't had Jim Daniels in days.

I rewound this twice to make sure...yes, Starr just said to Langston: "You said you can't get done anything." What? Do ANY of these kids learn English grammar skills (and phonetic skills...Hello? "impor-ent?")!? This is bananas!!! LHS and LU obviously suck.

God Bless! I have been calling this girl Deanna but it's pronounced "Dina." How have I missed this?! Ok...and I just kinda felt sorry for this poor girl since Tess just made her feel like shit. Ugh. Dammit, show.

Nice move, Lang. Immediately start playing on your phone to try and avoid Ford. We all do that. Eh...that sucks. I've been there, done that and bought a t-shirt. I do feel for you, Langston.

"You don't make ultimatums in my house." HILAR!!!! Joey, you are such a funny kid! All children are hilarious, but I think you might be the best. Damn...I think Aubrey really meant what she just said to Joey about him being everything she ever wanted. The writers will redeem her, I'm sure.

Marty is hardly on after being gone for weeks! DAMMIT!

Thank you, John, for telling Natalie that you technically covered for her with the Marty thing. That's true! It is for the best Marty is out...for many reasons! ;)

Selfish note: I have a purse just like Langston's. Cute.

I really do like Starr's hair today. Wait...James is gonna go wash his hands to do some job hunting? Huh?

So, is Rick trying to cast Deanna in a porno? Ah...yes, he just said it. Nevermind.

Kelly Cramer, you're too cute in your green!!! I LOVE the gold leaf earrings, too!!!

Tess/Cutter round 2? Ugh.

Whannnnn!!!! Marty where are you going?!

Woo hoo there was no fake comatose Todd today!!! Thumbs up! wasn't that good. Nice to see crazy Marty, though! For sure!

Previews look a helluva lot better than today! At least we get a little Bo/Clint/Vicki action...woo hoo!!!!

Later lovelies! See y'all tomorrow!



  1. Why does Natalie think she can just walk into John's apartment without knocking? I guess it's because she's used to having people do that at her home, but still. Sheesh! I wish John and Kelly were fully nude at the time instead of just about to be. That would have been even better! I really hope they rewrite the baby storyline. It's too obvious the way it is now. I wish John really would arrest Natalie for what she did to Marty. She freaking kidnapped an unconscious woman and held her at gunpoint! Oh, but that's right. When it comes to Natalie, she can get away with ANYTHING and everyone will tell her it's OK. I hate that she gets away with all these terrible things, and nobody even thinks she did anything wrong.

    Today wasn't a total wash. We didn't get Jack or Nate or Dan-YELLA, which we usually do when Starr is on.

    P.S. Maybe they can ask Henry Higgins to teach at LU? ;-)

  2. I have been withholding judgement just to be sure but YES! I am really REALLY liking Kelly and John! Hooray!! They each make the other so appealing - just one of those things you never could have predicted.

    Still getting a good chuckle out of your MyFace snafu LOL.

  3. @Desi OMG! Can Henry Higgins PUH-LEEZE come teach at LU and show these bitches how it's done?! Dear God they need the help! You're right, we normally get NuJack, Nate and Dan-YELLA when Starr is on. I was just waiting for them to hop on the screen at any waking moment. Thank God they didn't. LOL...I, too, wish John and Kelly would have been totally nude when Nat walked in. She just barges in and comes and goes however she damn well pleases...ummmm NO! I dunno if they are for sure gonna re-write it. Just a rumor, but I hope so too. It is too obvious now. I was just waiting on Marty to spit the truth out today at Llanfair but she didn't. I think they may have...hmmm

    @cri*cri* OMG I am sooooo on this John and Kelly train so you are NOT alone!!! I liked them from the beginning. It is about time Kelly Cramer have chemistry with SOMEONE on the show. Finally she does! I think John is better with her, too.

    The MyFace snafu is TRUE! Sad, bogus, lame...whatever you want to call it. It happened and I'm sure it will happen again soon. Ugh!

  4. I will say one thing in favor of nuJack. He has great acting skills. HAHA JK! I meant attire. I think Jelly is a good pairing. They are going to need to do something with Kelly if they keep Joey with Aubrey because she "really is" in love with him. But they did mention Kevin today. Do you think there could be a return? And what the heck is going on with Zane? It's like Kelly has completely forgotten that she has a son. Kinda like everyone else has forgotten that Jess has a daughter. I like the Nat/Brody pairing too. Maybe they can hook up and have ANOTHER baby together, just in time to find out that the first one was John's after all if the writers decide to go that route. Or just in time for Jessica to reappear if they decide to keep Brody as Liam's daddy.

  5. I know it bugs you when they say impor-ent because we live in Poughkeepsie NY just north of the city and that's what they say here-drives me nuts but it's the accent. Kit--en for kitten, mit-en for mitten etc.

    Love Brody and Nat too--please don't let john be the baby's dad and destroy brody by leaving him childless!!

    And here's the worst thing about Starr these days--she could testify in that custody suit FOR her Aunt vicki she knows what Tess and Ford are up to, She knows better thatn anyone how dangerous Tess is

  6. Starr's Ford love is unexplainable. So much for her love and respect for Aunt Viki.
    Too many newbies that are tied to other newbies. I don't care about Deanna or the porn stuff.

  7. John and Kelly: Yep, nothing says love and romance like "I don't want to share a meal with you but I'll screw you again in my dirty hotel room." Kelly doesn't fit in anywhere - and she's the poster child for low self esteem.

  8. I thought I was the only one who noticed the whole Dina one ever said her name, but they said it like 500 hundred times...I thought it was Dee-ANNA too...Tess destroyed her! lmao

    And I am a starting to become a really big (Kohn? Jelly?) John and Kelly fan, but when John grabbed Natalie at the end there, that was hot...that chemistry has not left at all... She is still annoying though...

  9. That is so weird, Gmail totally posted under my school account...I am going back to AOL...

  10. Lemme try and get in some quick replies at work...

    @Desi agree with the Kelly stuff. Ummmmm bringing back Kevin would make this girl a happy camper! Good God I love him so much! Where is Zane? Kelly takes the cake for being the worst mother ever on OLTL, I think. She doesn't even mention him. I dunno which route the writers are taking with the baby thing but it sounds like they may have changed their minds and now want it to be Brody's. I like Nat/Brody, too!

    @rac Gosh...I can't help it with the phonetics! I'm sure a lot of stuff out of my mouth sounds a bit thick or syrupy but at least I don't screw with the syllables of the word! So glad to have another Brody/Natty fan! Ummm Starr...Lord help me. There is a shit-ton of stuff she could be doing, but apparently James Ford is the only thing on her mind. The writers have destroyed her.

    @anonymous#1 God...I'm beyond sick of the newbies!!! The show is almost unrecognizable! I don't care about Deanna either, yet they give her a 4 year contract. UGH!

    @anonymous#2 Yeah...John and Kelly are totally using each other, but I'm okay with it. I'm sorry but I kinda like them together...ah! I agree though...her self-esteem is below sea-level at this rate!

    @YoSammity Sweet lord...I thought I had a new person posting a comment! haha! Well Samuel, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the Deanna/Dina thing. I was like...God I've been saying it wrong this whole damn time! Ugh! Tess totally ripped her a new one...ditto. Yay for another John/Kelly fan! I love them, too. Agreed...when John grabbed her their was still a spark, but for now I hope he sticks with Kelly. Hope your gmail account stops screwing with you! ;)